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This is my Empires and Puzzles Hero Ranking Page. The idea is to have a single page that records the Hero Grading of all the heroes I’ve reviewed, and some other notable champions.

Notes (Hero Ranking Page):

  • This Ranking Page is based on my Hero Grades which can be found here.
  • Heroes are divided into Hero Grade groupings (Archangel, Deity Tier-1, etc.), clustered into Elements, and are listed alphabetically.
  • Heroes are graded when they first appear. That means that as time passes, they may lose value to newer Heroes, while still being graded just as highly as them. However, I do update Hero Grades and if you’re interested to see what changes have occurred, please refer to my Blog Log.
  • As of the 1st Jan 2024, I am less involved in grading Heroes, however, the Think Tank continues to provide updates.

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This post may contain speculation, personal opinion, and adult comedy. It is not advice and is solely for entertainment and informational purposes.


This page is best viewed on a wider screen.

Keys: (C) = Costume

Deity: Tier-3

The great Celestials.
Reserved for those capable of breaking the game.

Deities: Tier-3 Page

OldCynic.com: Deities, Tier-3

Deity: Tier-2

The higher Divinities.

Deities: Tier-2 Page

OldCynic.com: Deities, Tier-2

Deity: Tier-1

The lower Divinities.

Deities: Tier-1 Page

OldCynic.com: Deities, Tier-1


Archangels Page

OldCynic.com: Archangel


Warriors Page

OldCynic.com: Warrior


Meeks Page


Dawa (3-Star)

Holly (4-Star)




Boss Wolf


Morris (3-Star)


Prisca (3-Star)



Carol (3-Star)



Santa Claus

Shaarkot (2-Star)


Derric (1-Star)










OldCynic.com: Meek

Best Yellow (Holy), Purple (Dark), Red (Fire), Green (Nature), and Blue (Ice) Heroes – Empires and Puzzles

I must admit, I wasn’t looking forward to updating every. single. diety. on the site (after the recent change), but we got there in the end.

There’s still more to go; Heroes from Events, other notable heroes, and new heroes, as they arrive.

Of course, I’m sure there’ll be one or two which you might have bumped or dumped yourself, but on the whole, I think it’s a fair showing.

A lot of time has passed since I reviewed some of these heroes, and as expected, some have benefited, while others have suffered.

Cristobal, for example, lost out a little under the new system, as I considered the level of expertise and luck required to get the most out of him on Offense and Defense.

Adversely, Peñolite’s stock rose, as in time we have seen the introduction of yet more Monster Summoners. (And in anticipation of seeing many more.)

Anyway, I hope you find this page useful!

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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  1. I liked the rankings although I’m surprised Bera didn’t make the list as she is cream of the crop as far as anti-minion heroes go.

    1. Hello, thank you! This isn’t an exhaustive list. It’s a list of heroes I’ve reviewed on one page, with a few other names thrown in that people might be interested in. I’ve reviewed lots of heroes so many are here, but I haven’t gone through the entire game for this list; it’s more a resource for this site. (I will add Bera when I next update this page.)

      For a snapshot of my picks of the Best Heroes in Empires and Puzzles, please see here. (Although, the game moves pretty quickly and this is now missing a few big names since its release). Thanks for reading!

  2. I very nearly breathed my coffee in when inread Sha Ji tier 2.
    When I started playing this bear was my first healer. He remained my healer all the way to season 1 province 22, where he was being one shot all the time.
    Fortunately Melendor and Raffaele arrived at the same time to take over. So yes, I do have a soft spot for the bear.

      1. In my opinion, gaillard should have deity status. I have a pretty deep roster (e.g. 7 out of the 10 tier 3 deities). For raids I use him very frequently as his special is so strong due to the current meta.

  3. Anastasia! I truly love her since I started using her. First skill is just plain good, second one really awesome. Thanks for your review at the time 😉

  4. Good news: Great article, as expected from OC
    Bad news: I do not have any from the Celestials.

    And I thought I had one because I have Costume White Rabbit.

    On the other hand, since there are at least two or three new heroes each month, I think nobody is safe. (Well, perhaps the guys who can spend 100 pounds each month).

    Thanks for helping us, OC

    1. Hey Mig-El!

      This page is primarily made up of heroes I’ve reviewed with a few notable heroes thrown in. As you hopefully know, Costume White Rabbit is way up there on my Guest Commenters, Tobov’s, Hardest Hitters List, so he is respected… just never reviewed him.

      Plus! … He’s a Celestial, if that’s what he means to you!

  5. Tx OC – Really useful, especially your reflections (e.g. Cristobal)
    Wondering where you would place (an unreviewed ninja) – Onyx… I find him so useful to counter Taunt heroes, with Zircon an Archangel would he make a deity with you… and if so which tier?

    1. Hi Colin, he does look like a great hero. He’s actually quite similar to Hypnos. Where of course he’s weaker, is in the order of events and more specific lower charges. I do like to really review a hero before committing to this page because that way I know I’ve done a thorough job. But looking at Onyx now, I would say he sits between Deity: Tier-1/2.

      A few of my thoughts are: He’s a Ninja and that first charge on D is a problem (but excellent for O). The 2nd and 3rd Charges are really great, and together he’s a fantastic weapon.

      I won’t commit further without a proper job, but he looks like the perfect offensive/Raiding hero -just in the wrong order. And I think the machine is getting better on D. Congrats on having him! I’d love a copy. What grade do you make him?

      1. Looking at the heroes I have and use to calibrate, I would say a solid 2. Agree he is offensive geared, so not 3*, but the L1 debuff against taunt heavy defences, puts him ahead of the tier 1 Ninjas to me. Thanks for your detailed consideration

  6. Hi!
    I really enjoy your blog and the ratings, super fun to read.
    How would you rate the current Alfrike, without costume, on your Deity 1-3 scale? (I’m just gonna assume she’s still a deity 😀 )

    1. Sorry Lumpi, I thought I answered this!

      I have every reason in the world to call her a Tier-3. That’s one hell of a Special.

      She’s sooo powerful that Lord Loki owners see her as a godsend on Defense, cause they can use her Special (albeit, quicker). But, she doesn’t fit into the current Meta; there are faster more synergistic Purples on offer, and she’s V. Slow. So, it’s in Rush Wars where she shines.

      The question really is, how much do you discount for Mana Speed?

      I was thinking about the Costumed Quintus in Beta, he’ll inflict Mindless Attack (MA) on 3 targets on a Slow charge (12 tiles / 1.5 tiles less than Alfrike). He’ll be a Diety: Tier-3 if released like that. [As an aside, I think I’m right in saying that C. Quintus was originally in Beta hitting all 5 with MA … at SLOW!]

      And with Mana/Troops being what they are, Alfrike could be quicker. Also, that’s X2 more MA for 1.5 extra tiles (although Damage + other variables differ). Kullervo will do 2 MA on Ave (10 tiles).

      Ludwig might be Purple because of Alfrike, coz sticking them two together on D would be improper.

      She’s old now, but still a monster and deserves her credit.

  7. For the meek I would suggest MYZTERO. I’ve got 2 of them and never ever used them. I even can’t figure out any use case for what is by far the rarest hero in the game !

  8. Thanks for doing, appreciate the teasing apart of the Deities since you often review the most exciting new characters so there were a lot in that top tier before the split.

    I did notice that Bertulf was a hero you reviewed as a deity but didn’t make it onto this list. (He’s one I have, so I was curious which tier he’d be.)

    1. Hello Vandint, I’ve now updated Bertulf, classing him a Deity: T2. He’s an outstanding hero who punches well above his weight in some parts of the game, but he also has his limitations. I think 2 Stars is a nice fit. Where did you have him?

      1. I know redoing all those deities was quite the undertaking! Figured a second set of eyes might help with whatever fell through the cracks.

        That sounds about right, maybe only one star.

        I’m still a bit on the fence on whether him or Wu Kong are the better titan buffer. I’ve found him to be a bit too squishy so have mostly gone back to the monkey (depends a bit how much I care about other heroes’ specials landing and the risk of missing) – monkey seems on average to do more damage overall.

        But definitely a key player during tournaments when he applies, though I find myself preferring heroes that either help keep my guys alive or that pack a bigger direct punch.

        1. Definitely see value in the Monkey. Fact is, I just can’t stand the Missing. It winds me up for some reason so I completely discard him. It makes my toes curl, but if you don’t get a physical response to it, then he is a good option.

          I simply choose to live in a world where he doesn’t exist. 😁

          Thanks again Vandint!

  9. Justifying Sha Ji’s presence in Diety-2 could be April Fools Day material. 😁

    I never got to know the bear that well, unfortunately, because I leapfrogged from Sharan to Hawkmoon as my early-game healer.

    1. 😄 All I’m saying is that for a 2-Star Hero, Sha Ji is a superstar. (It also helps to illustrate the Grading System)

      … When no other Healer would join my early-days roster, Sha Ji stepped up, and that sort of loyalty means something to me.

      Thanks for visiting Nortaneous!

  10. Hi OC, I know you’re very busy and probably haven’t had a chance to go through all of the new heroes to update your excellent list here, but I would now add Dawn to one of the Deity Tiers. I’ve been using her in 3* tournaments to great effect, and have found that I’m not alone; many lvl 85+ opponents I’ve run up against have at least one of her on their lines. Her minions are a real pain for any opposition, and her ailment cleanse is a huge plus, which is why I’ve also been using her for Rare stages in quest challenges

    1. Hey Dharion, I’m a huge fan myself and was over the moon to get her. I’ve ranked her as a T-2, a fantastic hero. I’ll be able to add more heroes to this page soon, although I’m gonna try to keep it to the most valuable so it remains focused and scrollable.

      Thanks for visiting!

      1. Wow, thanks OC – I hadn’t expected you to get to that so quickly! I think T-2 is a good call. She might deserve top tier if she cleansed all status ailments and extended the defense buff to all rather than just for self and NB, or if she was fast. Thanks again and looking forward to seeing your updates here!

    1. Sorry for the later response, Yorka. Jove is easy of course. He changes the game. Silly amount of power imv. I’ve added him as D.T-3. Fortuna is a bit harder. The Dispell and premium bells and whistles make me lean towards the lower end of T2, but I would need to do some comparing before I’d commit.

      Where do you have them?

      1. Well I was lucky enough to get Jove and he’s insane. That “minor damage to all other enemies” is exactly half of his 530% damage to the actual target, so he quite often wipes the floor when he fires. The heal debuff is great too. The “-75% less mana from Special Skills for 3 turns” debuff he throws is situational I think. I don’t there are many heroes other than Xnolphod that instantly provide mana to their allies using their special skills. Not sure if it weakens the mana gain buffs from eg. Ariel.

  11. Where would you put these?
    Onatel, Black Knight (c), Lewena, Zimkitha, Ursena, Sif, Vivica (c), Freya, White Rabbit(c), Franz…

  12. Hi, is strange you dont have Milaydi, Fortuna, Erlang Shen or Myoin. Those are 4 9f my favorite caras, and Myoin is top tier in my opinion. There are YouTubers that even have Erlang Shen as the best holly héroe. Thanks for the info, i came from the L2b decision making article and is very on point.

  13. I looked for Cleopatra today since I have given her LB2 and I was shocked to see that she’s not here and you didn’t review her. Well, she deserves to be a deity. A most capable healer! Cheers!

  14. Thanks for the review. Very helpful. Quick question. If Haimdell C is a tier 3 nature hero why isn’t Lysanor also a tier 3 ice hero as she has superior stats than Haimdell C? Thanks.

    1. Hi Clay, not every hero in the game is in this countdown, mainly because there are so many.

      However, hopefully this serves as a good reference point for similar heroes. Thanks for stopping by!

  15. Hi Old Cynic. Joon C2 is pretty amazing, certainly way better than the ranking of the un-costumed version. I’m in the process of limit breaking my third and combined with Anne and Meresankh my yellows absolutely own purple tanks including Aramis and Ludwig in wars.

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