How Good is Morris? Empires and Puzzles Underwild Review

Screenshot Morris Underwild Empires and Puzzles

I just pulled Morris, an Empires and Puzzles Season 4 (Underwild) 3-Star Hero. Now, I know you’re wondering, what could possibly be so great about this 3-Star Hero that he deserves a write-up? Well, my friends, you’re in for a surprise…

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Morris’ Element, Class, Special Skills, Passives & Talents

Here are his key stats & facts.

Element: Dark (Purple)

Class: Fighter

Mana Speed: Average

Special Skills: 1) Removes all status effects and stacks from the caster. Removes even status effects and stacks that are otherwise undispellable or uncleansable. 2) Caster digs a hole and hides in it for 2 turns. 3) While in the hole, the caster can’t gain mana, but is immune to normal attacks, special attacks, and all status effects. 4) After 2 turns the caster jumps out from the hole and deals 223 damage to a random enemy. 5) The hit enemy receives the following status ailment: 6) The target can’t gain mana for 2 turns.

Passive: 1. DECREASE AILMENT DURATION ~ Duration of the first 3 status ailments this Hero receives from Special skills is decreased by 1 turn.

Talent: Revive ~ +30% chance to revive with 1 HP after a fatal attack. The revive is applied at the end of the turn.

Morris – Empires and Puzzles

Is Morris worth Levelling? (Empires and Puzzles)

No – but I’m gonna.

Take another look at Morris’ Special skills. -All those words and nothing really said.

I don’t know who was paid to put Morris together, but I’m thinking it was a kid on Work Experience… who happens to like moles.

Picture this: The kid is there at SG HQ, sitting on a beanbag next to his Mentor, writing this story out on lined paper….

‘the mole cleans himself all up and down, before digging a hole and hiding in it. Then the mole “jumps” out of the hole and yells “surprise”, then he slaps a stranger, before sniggering in the corner.’

And even more fantastic -this school project actually made it past SG development.

So what’s so amazing about Morris? Why have I written a review for him?

Because he’s my submission for the Worst 3-Star Hero in Empires and Puzzles. He does nothing.

And he does that ‘nothing’ with a mana speed of Average! Why is he Average? Why not just make him Very Slow, and call it a day?

… Look, his name’s Morris, for crying out loud.

Don’t get me wrong; I’ve nothing against the Morrises of the world. But as the name of a Hero in an Epic fantasy game?


Is Morris the Worst 3-Star Hero in Empires & Puzzles?

Morris is so bad, he’s good.

I’m sure there are players out there, who will profess to a strategy of fielding 5 Morrises for a 3-Star tournament. I can see it now:

  • Holes being dug everywhere
  • All enemies hiding
  • My Heroes start slapping each other out of confusion
  • Then 1 Morris re-appears, Konks my Costumed Jahangir in the back of his head, giggles to himself, then disappears down a hole again.

I submit that Morris does nothing of any value.

Scratch that… He makes people smile. That’s his real superpower.

Let’s compare Morris to the other contenders for Worst 3-Star Hero of all time:

HeroMana SpeedMain SkillSecondary Strike/Skill
MorrisAverageDigging holes.Makes people smile.
DawaAverage 210% to target and minor damage to nearby.Will appear at Summoning Gates when least expected.
RenfeldAverage215% damage to target.Is also a part-time Cosplay makeup artist.
KarilAverageStruck from list following a reader’s appeal.Has a talent for braiding beards.
Morris, compared with other people

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Morris, Empires and Puzzles Underwild Hero

My final thoughts:

OK, I’ve been kidding around with Morris. But when I first pulled him I was annoyed, because I wanted a Hero who actually did something. Somebody who decimated the field.

Then I read his card and saw SG have a great sense of humour. -This little mole is more than the sum of his parts.

And for that reason, I’ll be levelling Morris and will put him on my Defense team for the next 3-star tournament. That way, the opposition can have a good laugh too.

He also has a half-decent hit, after all the digging and hiding is done.

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Meek

What are your thoughts? Did I get it wrong or miss something? Let me know in the comments below.

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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  1. I actually met Morris in a past 3* tournament and he killed one of my heroes. Then again whatever hero would have been instead of him probably would have managed the same or more… And still he is better than Salmon Loki 😀

    1. Haha, maybe Salmon Loki needs a write-up.

      After publishing this post, I got to thinking about Morris’ hit for 223 damage. At first I thought, ‘that’s an odd number’ and also that it was a weak strike. But it’s really not too bad.

      As for his disappearance: I love it when heroes take themselves out of the game -one less to worry about.

      1. Morris has playability you completely miss what he does. He can only be played on the wing on defense and when his special goes off you just just cut down attackers moves

  2. He’s called Morris as a joke reference to an old (70s) British car called the Morris Minor… Morris Minor, Morris the Miner… has to be intentional.

    1. That sounds spot-on BC. Are you also available for Quiz nights?

      I really do think that clears this matter up… let’s focus your mind on something more productive:

      Apparently Stonehenge is too big to be built by prehistoric people — What’s up with that?
      What about Dark matter? What is it? Where is it?

      Where are we? Why are we?

      Thanks for stopping by BC.

  3. With Season 4’s theme seeming to be classic literature I have searched high and low for a Morris the mole and could only come up with a vague homage to “Wind in the Willows” as a possible source for this character. The auto Morris Minor makes more sense so I will be content to imagine one of these classic authors (perhaps Tolkien) putting about in one. Your review is a hoot and can’t wait to read Salmon Loki, the only hero known to be graded “F” anywhere.

    1. Thanks David. Morris Minor… Morris the Minor, sounds good to me too.

      I do need to take a closer look at Salmon Loki. I’ve got one hero left from the Tower Of Magic that I want to writeup (Nedezhda), then a quick How-to guide for reading E&P hero cards, then it’s Loki’s turn. Thanks for taking the time to read my stuff and for commenting!

  4. Nomination for the worst 3* hero: Gill-Ra, slow mana and pathetic buffs and no hitting, followed by An Windr. At least Dawa is average and hits as does Renfeld who also self heals. I’m not saying Dawa and Renfeld aren’t bad, just that the Gill-Ra and An-Windr are worse

    1. Hello JRS, I’ll take you up on An-Windr; a SLOW 3-Star’er who wants even more time (3 turns) before he gets the bat off his shoulder. Just don’t have the time in most 3-Star battles, rendering him pretty useless. And Gill-Ra is the most awful looking sick thing since Justice. I’m sure if I ever do pull her, I’ll immediately delete her, cause you can’t feed bad fish to your team; or everyone gets sick.

      Thanks for stopping by

    2. What gill-ra is my favorite tank for 3*. There is a big deference between a hero you play on offense and defense. Gill-Ra never going to make an attack team. But on 3* purple defense, what’s a better tank?

      1. Gill-Ra is an excellent dark tank! I still play her even with Maeve limit broken at +20. She is also first on the team sheet for attacks in the very fast tournaments when you are up against Ulmer, Jahangir etc and you need constant cleansing. Morris’ colleague Vollermork is quite popular in defence but I have never lost to a team fielding him. His damage is too underwhelming, so he would be my choice of a truly useless 3*.

  5. Gramps gets my vote for top ten WOAT 3*s. Even when he could do something to pitch in, he seems to be too busy puttering in the shed with his contraptions to get around to it. What’s more, I always seem to pull him in the Underwild portal. I swear if I draw another Gramps, I’m going to bite something.

  6. Je viens de l’avoir, j’ai bien ri à l’article ^^

    Greetings from Reims, France

    Translated: I just got it, I laughed at the article ^^

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