Blog Log and Responses (Empires and Puzzles)

This page will be used to provide Empires and Puzzles News, to note any changes to a Hero’s Grade, and to note any other useful blog updates.

Caveat: This post represents game-play speculation and personal opinion. It is not advice.

Why does this blog need a Log?

1. Hero Grade Revisions

While I do my best with the initial hero reviews, I can and do get it wrong. To that end, it makes sense to sometimes review, and possibly revise, a hero’s grade.

I want my reviews to be accurate, and will modify a grade as appropriate (as we learn more). That said, I certainly don’t want to re-write history.

Also, on occasion, heroes are buffed and nerfed, and I may modify their Grades to reflect those changes -As seen recently with Salmon Loki.

2. Empires and Puzzles News

On the odd occasion, there might be some interesting news from the game. And while it might not warrant a full post, it might be worth a line or two here. And that goes for improvements to the blog, too.

The Log

15/11/21Alberich review updated with his Costume.
05/11/21Blog log created
01/11/21Salmon Loki to receive developer’s buff. Hero Grade revised: was Meek, now Warrior.

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