Blog Log (Empires and Puzzles)

This page will be used to note any changes to a Hero’s Grade and any other useful blog info.

Caveat: This post contains gameplay speculation and personal opinion. It may also contain adult comedy and sarcasm. It is not advice and is solely for entertainment and informational purposes.

Why do we need a Log?

The main reason: Hero Grade Revisions

While I do my best with initial hero reviews, I can and do get it wrong. To that end, it makes sense to sometimes revise a hero’s grade.

I want my reviews to be accurate and will modify a grade when appropriate (as we learn more). That said, I certainly don’t want to rewrite history.

Also, heroes are buffed and nerfed, and I may modify their Grades to reflect those changes, as seen recently with Salmon Loki.

The Log

12/11/22Miriam & Midnight upgraded from a Deity: Teir-2, to a Deity: Teir-3.
22/09/22Erebus upgraded from an Archangel to a Deity.
16/09/22Lughaidh downgraded from Archangel to Warrior.
25/08/22Esme upgraded from Warrior to Deity following buff.
24/08/22Cao Cao upgraded from an Archangel to a Deity following buff.
19/07/22Cao Cao downgraded from a Deity to Archangel.
02/04/22Rayne upgraded from an Archangel to a Deity following buff.
16/02/22Costumed Santa Claus upgraded from a Warrior to an Archangel.
31/12/21Viscaro upgraded from a Warrior to an Archangel.
15/11/21Alberich review updated with his Costume.
05/11/21Blog log created
01/11/21Salmon Loki upgraded from Meek to Warrior following buff. – Blog Log

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