Roughian & Nurgib Empires and Puzzles HOTM January 23

Roughian & Nurgib Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Roughian & Nurgib are Empires and Puzzles’ January 2023 Hero Of The Month (HOTM), and I’ve already decided… I’m completely willing to change for her. I’ll change my clothes, my bedtime, heck, even my hairstyle, if she would just mosey on over this way.

This post may contain speculation, personal opinion, adult comedy, and human error. It is not advice and is solely for entertainment and informational purposes.

Roughian & Nurgib’s Stats and Special Skills (Hero Of The Month)

Key Facts: Fire (Red), Fast, Rogue, Legends 2023

Special Skills (Mana Scavenge): 1. Steals 50% of Mana from the target and distributes it to allies. 2. Deals 420% damage to the target. 3. The more health the enemy has, the more damage they will receive, up to 570% damage. 4. [Element Link] All Fire allies get +5% chance to dodge Status Ailments for 4 turns (can not be dispelled).

Passive: 1. MANA ON HEALTH RECOVERY ~ This character receives 5% Mana each time their health is recovered. 2. EAT MINIONS AND GAIN MANA OVER TIME ~ Every 3 turns, eats all Minions from a random enemy and gains a small amount of Mana for each eaten Minion.

Talent: EVADE ~ +20% chance to dodge direct damage from offensive Special skills.

Legends 2023 Family Bonus: 1/2/3 Heroes: +10%/+15%/+20% Defense. Bonus for 2+ Heroes: Element Link affects all allies.

Roughian & Nurgib Empires and Puzzles Hero Card Detail
Roughian & Nurgib – Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

How Good are Roughian & Nurgib? (Empires and Puzzles)

Roughian & Nurgib are so good that I would change my Main Raid Squad (MRS), to Fire hot, if I got them.

I would build a team around her, drop petals before her en route to any battle, and rename my doggy, “Nurgib”.

Roughian & Nurgib’s Passive Skills are so strong that the Season 5 bunch have unionized in a bid to prevent their release.

But I suspect they’re gonna fail, and that we will see something close to the Beta version of Roughian & Nurgib in the Wild, tomorrow.

And if we don’t?

Well, I’ll turn this Smile into a Frown on the day of release:

😍 + 😟

What does this mean? It’s not too bad but they have reduced the power of the Element Link. -I’ll explain it all in the Element Link section.

There is so much to love about Roughian & Nurgib

Roughian & Nurgib have the potential to affect most battles via their mere presence on the battlefield.

-It’s the Minion removing Passive to which I refer.

Miriam & Midnight with all the Minions (Empires & Puzzles Screenshot)
Miriam & Midnight with all the Minions

In fact, let’s check out the Passives before the main Special:

Passive: 1. MANA ON HEALTH RECOVERY ~ This character receives 5% Mana each time their health is recovered. 2. EAT MINIONS AND GAIN MANA OVER TIME ~ Every 3 turns, eats all Minions from a random enemy and gains a small amount of Mana for each eaten Minion.

So we have a nice 5% Mana boost to go along with any healing; nothing crazy, but could be enough to turn the lights on.

And then we have the pièce de résistance, the destruction of all Minions from a random enemy. And for each Minion destroyed, she’ll gain a small amount of Mana.

The upside is that this will passively occur every 3 turns, the downside is that it will only target 1 enemy Hero, and you’ll have a 1 in 5 chance of it potentially targeting the one you want.

But throughout the course of a battle, this sort of Passive Skill could be an absolute godsend.

And Roughian & Nurgib have even more stuffed into their shoebox of squeaky toys…

Mana Stealing Hero of the Month (Main Special Skill)

You might remember in my Morax review, I highlighted all the waffle found on his Hero Card.

Morax Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Well, it’s the exact opposite here with Roughian & Nurgib.

Roughian & Nurgib begins by stealing 50% of the Mana from the target and sharing it with her allies. -This is a really nice touch, if not always incredibly meaningful in battle.

If you do manage to catch a target on 100% Mana, that would mean distributing 10% Mana to each ally.

It’s more likely tho, that you’ll catch someone in the mid-range area, drawing something more like 3-7% Mana each.

As for the hit itself, we don’t need a complex table to tell us that 420% damage to a single target isn’t Meta breaking.

  • Anne will give you a guaranteed 550%, with the promise of a backhand for the rest of the opposing chumps
  • Dark Lord’s handing out 550% to whoever wants it, and
  • Erebus is conking one head for 610% on 9 tiles following his recent Buff

But Roughian & Nurgib have the potential of hitting up to 570% depending on how much health the enemy has. And that does feel like a proper whack when accurately applied to the noggin.

~And at Fast, it’s easy enough to catch ’em early.

Roughian & Nurgib (Empires and Puzzles)

All in all, Roughian & Nurgib’s a very decent Sniper on core skills alone. Let’s not forget, back in the day, Lianna (who is still used by some F2P/C2P players today) hit for 512% but did absolutely nothing else. -No overtime, no personal development projects, and no being a “Team Player” coz Jeff called in sick.

Lianna Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

And more recently we’ve seen the now infamous Balur (last month’s HOTM) who at Average hit a single petrified victim for all of 450%.

But it’s Tahir, the August HOTM, who offers a nice comparison as at Fast, he deals 350% damage to the target, which increases to 525% if the target has a Status Ailment or negative Stack.

Tahir Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Roughian & Nurgib’s Dodge Element Link (HotM 2023)

In Beta, Roughian & Nurgib had a fantastic Element Link, which consisted of granting all Fire allies (and possibly all allies with the 2023 Family Bonus) an 80% chance to dodge Status Ailments for 4 turns.

This was huge when I tested her; it was really cool and fun to dodge some of the game’s most irritating and frustrating Status Ailments.

What it meant in practice, at least in my tests, was that while you still felt the full force of an overhand right, you weren’t left with some itchy infection or game-changing illness.

Sadly, this Element Link was nerfed to high heaven before release.

While I don’t like to judge a card based on its Beta appearance, I can’t help but feel that this takes away a meaningful chunk of Roughian & Nurgib’s value.

It is somewhat understandable that they’d want to dial back on the strength of this Element Link, especially given that it could have rendered Heroes like C. Roc toothless, and severely hampered the likes of Matilda.

But to cut this all the way back to 5% means that my 200 words covering this Element Link are now much more valuable than the actual Link itself!

I thank you.

Roughian & Nurgib at the Summons Portal Empires and Puzzles

Roughian & Nurgib Empires and Puzzles – Hero of the Month January 23

My final thoughts:

Roughian & Nurgib combine to form a fantastic duo. It was a pleasant surprise to see all the bells and whistles on this Hero of the Month.

The Minion disposal is incredibly useful. -Sure, it isn’t as dynamic as we’d expect from a premium Hero, but in fairness, this is a Passive we’re talking about!

Overall, I really like Roughian & Nurgib. The order of the Special Skills is particularly good, which is another bonus for those of us who get her.

I’m going to grade highly on the principle of a very decent bit of Mana manipulation, a strong and obtainable high-end hit, and one of the most useful Passives you could get in the current Meta.

And more than that, she’s fun, fast, and dynamic.

I’d love to hear what you think.

🎉🎈Happy New Year Everybody! 🎈🎉

Graphic with words, 2023 Empires and Puzzles

Hero Grade for Roughian & Nurgib (Empires and Puzzles)

So for my grading, the question is:

Is this hero’s Special capable of/likely to change the outcome of a battle? Yes.

If not, do they still bring enough to the party to help defeat the deities? N/a.

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity★★

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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  1. As happy as I am NOT getting balur this month, so happy I’ll be getting her. If this is how the hotm will be next year they’ll be able yo make a difference. Thank you for so much fun (and interesting) reading material this year, I look forward reading your posts in the next one. Enjoy the feast this evening!

    1. We’ve had it bad for so long that a real decent HotM comes along and it’s party time 😁 Thanks for taking the time to comment this evening, here’s hoping for a fun and happy 2023!

  2. I’m so sick of Jeff calling in “sick” and then I see his Instagram posts at some fancy restaurant. That guy is a punk.
    Thanks for another great review.

  3. Im eagerly waiting for this hero to come up before doing pulls on gargoyles. I already have 6 SE feeder, i mean, Balur. Dont need another one. lol

  4. I just read this post and coz of what you wrote, broke my rule of “don’t chase”, did a 7-pull and got him! I promise not to chase ever again 🙂

  5. Which legendary heroes should I seriously consider claiming for my fated summon?

    And which ones should I definitely avoid?



      1. I think I have narrowed it down to Freya or Onatel. Which one do you think would have the most synergy?

        Freya + Alfrike + Lu Bu


        Onatel + Peñolite + Devana


        1. I just went through this, took me like a week to decide. In the end I chose Onatel (yes she’s still solid, but I also needed a Legendary Holy).

  6. Hey !
    First, thank you for your reviews, I’ve been reading them since a few months, and they really helped me. I did like 3 pulls this morning… and I got Roughian & Nurgib. She seemed like a really good and usefull hero with all the mana boosts. I came here to read your review. Now I’m even more happy about this pull. She complements my roaster very well, I’ll be able to give all the emblems to her, since I don’t have a lot of heroes of this class (Only Kelile).
    Plus, used with Ariel who boost my mana, Franz and Rayne that are already bringning the pain quite well together, and finally mama Freya, or loner Devana….or even just a second healer….this could be very interesting to test.

    Now I hope they won’t nerf her…

    I’m still not very good at building a good defense team or positioning my heroes, what position would you give her in your team, could she be used in defense or as a tank, or she’s more of an offensive hero ? It’s obvious that she got more attack power then defense, but….

    1. Hi Koudelka, thanks for reading my stuff.

      R&N isn’t a tank and if on Defense should be kept outta the way. -The Minion control needs to keep ticking over so a Sniper’s wing makes the most sense to me. If testing can prove enough speed (via her Mana tricks) then maybe a Flank on weaker rosters without better options.

      The shared Mana is a variable and therefore unpredictable on D.

      M&N will really shine on Offence where you can target the Mana victim yourself.

      Congrats Koudelka 🎊🥳

  7. Está é a primeira vez que estou comentando por aqui, (sou Brasileiro estou usando o Google para traduzir pro inglês, me desculpem pelos erros ortográficos) gostaria de agradecer suas análises e os diversos conteúdos sobre o Empires, fico muito feliz sempre que você posta algo novo, me divirto muito com o seu conteúdo, parabéns e continue com esse belo trabalho, feliz 2023!!!!!

    Translated: This is the first time I’m commenting here, (I’m Brazilian and I’m using Google to translate into English, sorry for the spelling mistakes) I’d like to thank you for your analysis and the various contents about Empires, I’m very happy whenever you post something new, I have a lot of fun with your content, congratulations and continue with this beautiful work, happy 2023!!!!!

    1. 😊 Cheers Jeon Seong, thanks for breaking cover. It means a lot to know that you enjoy the light-hearted nature of my blog, -coz that’s always the intent. Happy New Year to you too!

      Translated: 😊 Saúde Jeon Seong, obrigado por abrir o disfarce. Significa muito saber que você gosta da natureza alegre do meu blog, porque essa é sempre a intenção. Feliz Ano Novo para você também!

  8. Thanks a lot for this useful review!

    Maybe you can add some advice with which other heroes R&N can be combined best. Tetisheri might be a good match.

  9. RNG is a funny think, December was dry month even with lots of EHT and other pulls (too many), zip nada, then Jan 1 10 pull I get ….. 2 HOTM, next day I get another trying to pull for Diaochan. Why cant this be spread out ? Hope they dont nerf this HOTM, happy new year and may RNG be good to you.

  10. Hello OC
    First let me say that after Hurricane Ian I started playing E&P to distract me from all the damages to my condo. I soon found the game addictive and your reviews/comments even more necessary to continue to play the game correctly. I don’t play any other games period. I’m a nurse and I have no life lol. Anyway, I broke your rule and did a 10 pull chasing this HOM and got the bonus draw. The 10 heroes I received were Quintus, 2 Wang Yuanji, Rigard, Boldtusk, Hu Tao, 2 Zhou Yu, Jing, and Yao so all around a beautiful pull considering…I do have 302 heroes because I can’t seem to delete them for collection purposes. I had all the heroes already except Zhou Yu and I already read your review on him. Would love Erlang Shen or Xiahou Dun but that’s dreaming and I’m not chasing anymore. I get a laugh out of how R&N collect mana in the bag/purse and toss it on their allies. Some of these heroes are funny. On the other hand I find some irritating when their special goes off it covers my phone screen and I can’t seem to see the tiles until it’s done and sometimes it prevents me from the next move quick enough…hopefully you know what I mean. Wondering if you would be so kind to take a moment and answer me a question because I am curious who your favorite 15 players are in the game as of today. You can only pick five 5 star, five 4 star and five 3 star heroes. I’ll await your reply in haste. I have recently changed my team to a 3-2 blue/yellow all maxed LB and full emblems Skadi, Rhys, C Alasie, Wang Yuanji, Fenrir regular formation and I have a 4893 strength ranked 2nd in my alliance with 2534 cups and I’m currently level 38. I take your advice and always go shield/hp path over attack as I agree I want my heroes to last. You are absolutely fundamental to my decision making. Tyvm for all your time and efforts. P.S. I have a huge crush on you. 🤣🫣🤫

    1. Hey Tasha, I’m sorry to hear about the damage to your condo, I hope everything works itself out quickly. As for the crush, that’s fantastic news, -but don’t worry, I’m sure it’ll pass. 😁💕

      For my Fav Heroes? Well, it’s tough to guarantee I’ll get them all coz there are so many now, but I can offer some off the top of my head. Of course, my Ranking Page shows clearly who I think the OP Heroes are, in the T-3 listings. But as for “Favs”, something like this:

      5-Star: Raynes, M&M (she is OP, but a lot of fun too), Penolite, Kullervo, & Khepri

      4-Stars: Azmia, Franz, Anastasia, Proteus, Xiahou Dun, & Waddles (6)

      3-Star: Kvasir, C. Kvasir, Bertulf, Faiez, Shrubbear, & Dawn

      Thank you for all the support!

  11. Got this jolly pair on my first 10-pull of the month. I was thinking they will fit snuggly in the left wing on defence moving Mother North to left flank, but I’m having second guesses between these positions. What do you think, is it left wing or left flank or R&N if you still want to keep Mother North?

    1. Hi Yorka, I agree that the left makes the most sense, but I’m not a fan of MN on the flank. If it were me, I’d try MN left with R&N left flank.

      It may be that you can’t get optimal synergy with both of them at the same time. That said, in my tests, the Mana boost was hit or miss. -I mean by that, that the passive may be of more use on D and therefore the right might work.

      I wish the EL was there because that could have provided yet more Passive help.

      Anyway, I’d love to hear if you find the right fit for your D. Thanks for visiting.

      1. My other good options on the left on D would be Seshat, Tinsel or Guan Yu, but I see even less synergy with any of those. After thinking about it long enough, I guess Mother North is locked in place at left wing unless you place her next to Ludwig on left flank or something, which is a hero I don’t have yet. I guess there’s enough randomness in the game to allow for suboptimal defence groups, but I still would like my right side to deal damage and a lot of it, and R&N is not Khufu or Jove. So hard to decide what to do.

      2. Yeah, so R&N is not really that good for defence. The mana distribution doesn’t make a huge difference, but the steal is good, and in order to steal mana you can’t rely on RNG to pick a target. My other left wing options are definitely better with Mother North or Guan Yu.

  12. When it rains it pours. I’ve gone so long without a decent red, then in two weeks I get ruby, el duque and now this hotm. What’s your recommendation on which order I should go, I can’t decide.

    1. Hahaha, that’s an awesome catch. Tough call. Ruby on Offense I suspect will be a lot of fun, -and straightforward control. But all are great, just depends on what you need. Congrats!

  13. I went from red hero’s being one of my weak spots to getting ruby, el duque, and these guys within a week. I’m curious what your opinion is on the order I should follow. My main reds are Phenexa, ferant, and Elizabeth

    1. Hi, I think I answered the same Q above. All are great, El Duque is v.powerful at VF. But Ruby offers pure, clean, control. I like R&N but both would rank above her on my grading system, tho the Minion Passive is next-level. Good luck deciding!

  14. On the distribution of mana I don’t think she counts herself. So if the opponent is at 80% she steals 40% and distributes that 4 ways so 25% of what she stole by 4 or 10% of the original by 4. Either way I agree she is awesome and happy I got her on my first pull of ’23. Love the site. Happy New Year.

  15. Woo Hoo – After getting 2 x Balur’s last month I just pulled this one – as a F2P player this is awesome for me! Now I just need some others to go with her.. 🙂

  16. Happy New Year y’all!!

    I just got her and since my only decent fire hero for defence is Nadezhda – I have to ask: Is she better than Nadezhda?
    My team is
    Zhuge Liang
    Esme (no LB)
    Lu Bu

    I also have Sobek LB and emblemed, but my def doesn’t work w/o proper healer, so Esme is better than him (seems crazy I know).

    Anyway, I also have:
    (none lvled up), but I kind of feel they can’t work on def against current meta – that’s why I haven’t lvl them up yet.

    Any thoughts are appreciatex 🙂

    1. Hello, I’m currently working on a post so can’t review this now, but it’s published so maybe others can offer an opinion too!

      And Happy New Year to you.

  17. So, I got her (and her little dog, too!) at 12:03AM Jan 1. Happy durn new year to me. My reds have been woeful, (cept my girl Zagrog on titans). R&N slotted in with Lewana, Elizabeth, Russell (who’s been much more valuable as dodge is much more popular), and a lonely Boldtusk looking for a 5* healer to look up to. Pretty psyched. Got Peppermint on Christmas day-finally got a meleefighterr in dark!!-so happy holidays all around.

  18. I pulled two of them by sheer luck (I’m FTP), and I am ecstatic. It’s a shame I don’t have the rings (yet) to fully ascend Roughian/Nurgib, but from what I can tell, this is the best HotM since Jean Francois.

    Speaking of JF, I would love to see you write up an article on him. He is devastating on raid defense teams. I’ve lost more than one battle because of him, and I count myself a decent player.

  19. Hi buddy. Thanks so much for all your work. Can I give you a tease of a question re this pair. I have a mature war squad and fully broken and emblemed defence, and have just emblemed costume Alasie, even though nerfed as top Rogue hero.
    Do I now fully ascend this pair (had D’Artagnan in line for Red ascension mats) as Ihave rogue emblems growing or uncostumed Francine, whose ailment special seems so useful (or Winifred in nature slot. She ooks good but she is slow, not seeing her much and not reviewed by you) You rate Francine as Deity too, not sure if that is uncostumed as well as costumed version. What is your ranking of Wini, uncostumed Francine and RnN? Sorry for confusing post!

    1. Hi CB, I liked C. Francine a lot when she first arrived, but it’s important to note the date; Oct 2021. A lot of time has passed and a million new Heroes have arrived.

      It’s difficult to backward grade all of the Heroes based on the new Heroes who have arrived (takes too much time), but it’s fair to say that newer Heroes who earn Deity are 90% of the time stronger than those who came before.

      C. Francine is still a solid Hero. The Costume is still the weaker of the two, tho. As for who to LB, you know that I can’t tell you what to do, but if it were me personally, for Green I would take Winifred. -She’s a powerful Hero, but of course Slow. As for red, it would be D’Artagnan. -He’s quick and a pest to deal with. (Still don’t like the Cover, tho)

      Re. RnN, if the Passive looks good to you, she would be useful in providing some anti-minion cover, but it is a pity about that EL nerf as it blocks future benefits in 2024.

      Anyway, good luck with your decision! Not a bad bunch of Heroes no matter which way you go (hence the similar grades).

      1. Thanks OC. Wini’s bard mana passive would add a new dimension to teams as well. Also be fun to build a team that protects itself from the cover downside

        1. Hi OC, I know it’s a bit off RnN topic, but Wini’s bard mana is a gem. I eventually got my super attack team pre Xnolphod nerf that would load Krampus in nine tiles, Xnolphod, Krampus, Onyx, Cobalt, cAriel. I feared no taunt defence. Sadness when nerf slowed the Xnolphod boost to need another tile (I.e. 3) knocked back the win percentage
          Well I think, stress think, that with Bard passive Krampus now gets loaded on Xnolph fire. Happy day.
          Had to split the ninjas losing the dodge and counter effect, but think it’s worth it

  20. I know most of the focus is raids and war, but I am finding great Titan success with R&N. The mana steal and 570% damage is fun to play.

  21. R&N chased 300 gems and Guardian Lemur out of my summon portal back in January. My guild co-leader assessed that R&N would form a cornerstone of my offensive power in the future, and I think he’s right.
    One of the problems with my pre-R&N Fire attack team was that, even though I have 3 mana troops, my main damage dealers are a mix between Gormek, Elena, Khagan, Azlar (with costume boost) and Tahir, all supported by Boldtusk (with costume boost). Very often, they would die on the turn before they generate enough mana to fire their special.
    R&N mitigates this problem by charging just fast enough to catch an enemy hero at 75-95% mana charge while also doing severe damage to said enemy. When placed with Gormek, Azlar and Tahir on the same team, Tahir will be able to fire his special after getting R&N’s distributed mana, and because both Gormek and Azlar are fully emblemed, Tahir will often catch another hero afflicted with the Barbarian bleed damage debuff, which causes his special to do double damage. This sequence of events usually results in 1-2 enemy heroes dying and gives me just enough time to charge Boldtusk, Gormek and Azlar, and deliver a crushing blow to the opposing team, with the former also giving a small amount of mana to R&N. The cycle then repeats itself until the enemy team is defeated.
    R&N also works beautifully on solo maps when they are supported by M&M and Brynhild, with Onatel on the same team. Brynhild speeds R&N up while each minion from M&M gives a small amount of mana to R&N every turn. Against enemies with a mana bar, Onatel and R&N combined means the enemy can almost never fire their specials.
    I haven’t even mentioned R&N’s minion eater passive, which may have played an important role in the latest Minion Wars but is so subtle I never noticed it in effect.
    It took me nearly 6 months to get my R&N to 4-68, but they are already a staple part of my solo and Fire attack teams. They will only become even more useful once I have fully levelled and LB’d them.

    1. Hi Nortaneous, thanks for the detailed feedback. I’m experiencing much of the same. Incremental Healers and of course, Lord Ludwig, also work wonders with her. She’s a superstar for sure and occupies a spot on my raid squad, too. Thanks again!

  22. Hi OC
    I don’t know if you look back at comments made on Hero’s this “old” but here goes anyway.
    I have 2 copies of R&N and I couldn’t be happier about it. Well I could, I need more emblems to get them both to 20.
    On their own, they are a fantastic addition to your line up. Pairing them together in a team makes a REALLY strong team. I am experimenting currently and am finding I can take on teams 400 – 500 points stronger than mine and walk away almost unscathed.
    R&N are one of the few hero’s I would welcome a third copy off they are so useful and versatile. For HoTM they are outstanding.

    1. Hey Steve, yes! I read every comment. R&N is a superstar and I would also level a 2nd one, if I had it. I’ve picked up some other recent HotM but nothing comes close. Thanks for sharing!

  23. Hello OC,
    I made sure to read all the comments made by every one on this post, to be sure I was not being redundant with mine and I want to take note of Nortaneous’s post because I was wondering how much synergy M&M and R&N have and just how much mana they can generate for my Ludwig team. I also want to know if it can rival or can be greater than the likes of Ariel or C. Ariel.
    Right now my current defense team is in double formation:
    D. Zuri, MIRAM&M, Ferant, LUDWIG , Khufu (Caps being the exposed tanks)
    My offensive team is:
    D. Zuri, M&M, Ludwig, Khufu, and C. Finley
    All those heroes are fully emblemed. All are Limit broke except for Finley and Zuri. Khufu is double L.B.
    Besides them I have leveled, emblemed, and Limit broke Arfanias and Silvaria. Only Leveled Iris, Kara, and Francine (with costume).
    My unleved 5-star heroes are
    Red: 2 R&N, Saorise, Isrod.
    Blue, I have 2 Areax, Frida, Ariel (and costume).
    Green: 2 Viselus, Tarlak, G. Chameleon, and Zeline
    Holy: Ithar and Ureaus
    Nothing Dark.
    I figured
    What I was contemplating for the future for both my defense and offense team is to go
    R&N, M&M, Ludwig, Khufu, C. Ariel.
    I wanted to know your opinion on the matter, bc rn I have a hard time getting shop STARTED and rolling with my current teams. M&M does a great job healing the Taunter most of the time (receiving that mana regen oc), so I feel like maybe eventually replacing D. Zuri with C. Ariel who provides two things I didn’t have before on my team: constant mana for Ludwig to fire faster and boosted health. I just don’t know if the Synergy of R&N and M&M is enough to exclude the synergy of Ludwig and Saoirse or M&M and Francine. I showed you my roster bc maybe you see something I don’t. I mean after reading your Ithar post I think M&M and R&N may make more mana together than she can. Or maybe you think Tarlak should be somewhere in here. Thanks for your patience, I am just brain storming here.

    1. Sorry Azlan, but I can’t give you the full detailed answer you may be after because I would be overwhelmed with roster requests, and it takes a lot of brain work and time to consider everything.

      M&M looks great next to R&N and with an additional healer will gain even more mana. Plus the extra gen from C. Ariel. But it really depends on what level you play at (speed+power at the top end) and what your expectations are. And at the end of the day, synergy takes testing.

      I’ve tried constantly healing R&N for the mana boost but it hasn’t = success as a formula. Of course, you have some very strong heroes alongside.

      The great thing here is that all of them are great heroes, so you lose nothing in levelling them to at least 3/70 to test.

      I do have a free Facebook group where you can post this sort of question to garner a response from the growing community there.

      Hope this helps in some way!

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