Queen Guowang: War of Three Kingdoms (Empires & Puzzles)

Queen Guowang Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Queen Guowang is the latest Legendary Hero to appear at the Empires and Puzzles War of Three Kingdoms Portal, and I was a little taken aback when I first saw her this morning, so I figured I’d dust off the old keyboard and write something!

There’s loads going on in Empires and Puzzles; like the new Limit Breakers that have set Beta alight, the Wo3K is back with a new mechanism (so we’ll see how that goes), and there’s always a new monster Hero popping out of every single portal!

We’ve also got the Museum’s grand opening happening in a few days (I’ve got my tux ready, have you?).

Oh, and the new HotM is expected in a couple of days, too.

But today, it’s Queen Guowang’s time to shine, so let’s check her out!

This post may contain speculation, personal opinion, adult comedy, and human error. It is not advice and is solely for entertainment and informational purposes.

Queen Guowang’s Stats and Special Skills (The Queen’s Radiance)

Element: Holy (Yellow) Class: Sorcerer Mana Speed: Average

Journey Family Bonus for 1/2/3 Heroes: 50% chance to increase the duration of each Status Effect that is cast by the Hero by 1/2/3 turns.

Special Skill (The Queen’s Radiance): 1. Deals 330% damage to all enemies. 2. All allies get 10% Mana every time an enemy uses their Special Skill during 4 turns. Mana is received at the end of a Special Skill and will not be received if the Status Effect is removed during a Special Skill. 3. The caster gets Vengeance for 4 turns. If Vengence is dispelled by an enemy’s Special Skill, all enemies receive 525 damage.

Talent: DELAY ~ +15% chance to drop the mana generation of the enemy by -50% for 2 turns after dealing damage. The effect is applied at the end of the turn.

Queen Guowang Empires and Puzzles Hero Card Detail
Queen Guowang – Empires and Puzzles

Queen Guowang – Journey Family Empires and Puzzles

The first thing that struck me about Queen Guowang was the 330% damage to all at Average; signalling she’s all about that top-drawer stuff.

Then, the Mana Boost to all allies every time an enemy uses their Special. Wow, that’s trouble.

And finally, that new Vengeance thingy, where if you dispel her, all enemies get a massive slap-down worth 525 HP damage… just, coz.

Man O man, Queen Guowang looks like a mind-f*#k to me: You need to dispel her ’cause of the Mana but she’s threatening to slap you if you do… ~It’s all wrong.

It’s like when your girlfriend says, “Babe, I’m thirsty”, and you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

She clearly has a great capacity for synergy on Defense, where you might have to dispel a powerful Buffer (and catch her by accident or with no other option).

Defense is also where she’s more likely to come into contact with a Dispeller, allowing her to properly utilise her entire skillset.

Phenexa could also help by extending that Mana Buff.

Phenexa Challenge Festival 2 Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Check out this video by Wiamz31 Mobile Games, around the 6.20sec mark, where you can see the Mana Boosting Buff assigned and then dispelled (Hypnos), followed by Queen Guowang’s snidey follow-up letter of complaint.

Queen Guowang looks awesome.

Queen Guowang Vs. Empires and Puzzles

The tricky thing when facing Queen Guowang will be managing dispels; dispelling all enemies has long been a coveted skill, but it could now mean collecting Q. Guowang’s retaliation along with it.

As for damage, 330% to all (at 778 Atk) is top-end for Average speed:

  • Cao Cao offers 330% to all (on 788 Atk) at Slow
  • C. Killhare offers 330% to all (741 Atk) at Average
  • Sobek offers 290% damage to all (on 834 Atk) at Average
  • Hachiko deals 270% damage to all (on 834 Atk) at Average
  • Nyx deals 395% damage to all (on 795 Atk) on her Second Charge
  • Ogima deals 275% to all (on 834 Atk) at Fast
  • And Jove is simply an abomination.

Plus, Queen Guowang has the potential of issuing 525 damage on the back end.

It’s clear she’s a powerhouse, and in fairness, with all these new Fast super hitters, you’re gonna have to make Average Heroes stronger, and the same goes for Slow, -or what’s the point of having them?

We could argue over her most useful Skill; be it the slap, her Mana Boost, or the threat of significant direct damage on dispel, but we’d likely agree that together it makes her a real force on the battlefield.

Mana Boost ain’t what it used to be… Dispel No More!

My main reservation with Queen Guowang is the Mana Boost because it’s based on every time an enemy uses their Special Skills.

-It’s not a certainty, and might not happen at all.

On Offence, where you can manage things a little better, you’ll get more from this, but on D, you’d imagine the user will take it into consideration.

This does somewhat lead us back around to the option of dispelling, which as we’ve stated, does come with an unsavoury penalty.

The other thing is, on Offence, you might not want to encourage enemies to trigger on you for the 10% Mana, because depending on who it is, you might not live to see it.

But please don’t get me wrong, I’m not dismissing this Mana Boost, just considering its one-button-pressed value.

Coz, no doubt next week/month/year, I’ll be reviewing a Hero who does all of this with a guaranteed Mana Boost, not a circumstantial one.

Anyway, a great Mana Boost, but the dilemma it creates for the opposition (with the threat of slapping) may be better than the Boost itself at times.

And that threat, that 525 HP damage, could easily be triggered by players who haven’t done their homework. Unaware that dispelling another Hero will result in a near doubling of Queen Guowang’s damage output.

Alright, my fingers are cramping, let’s get this done!

Queen Guowang (Empires and Puzzles)

My final thoughts:

If you can stop enemy Buffing, with the likes of El Naddaha and Malosi, you stand a good chance of controlling a large portion of what Q. Guowang brings to the table.

Otherwise, Queen Guowang could easily prove to be too much to handle on the battlefield.

And without that control, she can form synergy with some of the most powerful Buffers in the game (is this why she’s Holy?).

Queen Guowang is gonna be a nightmare for Passive Heroes like Sif, Bennu, and incremental Healers. -As they don’t directly do anything to affect her; they can fire off as much as they like as far as she’s concerned! Mana, Mana, Mana!

Oh, and the Family Bonus will mess you up for sure: ‘50% chance to increase the duration of each Status Effect that is cast by the Hero by 1/2/3 turns.’

Queen Guowang for the Larger Roster…

Queen Guowang would be a great Hero to own, whether on a large or small roster. But it’s on a large roster, with elite Heroes around her on Defense, where she has the potential of being a particularly sticky character.

Conversely, if you’re facing a top team made up of a bunch of Fast Heroes, Queen Guowang will be rubbing her hands together in anticipation.

That said, if you’re more of a mid-tier player like me, only facing top teams when on the hunt for a cheeky #1 spot, then you might not see as much free Mana due to your generally Slower opposition.

Queen Guowang’s issue will be Speed, coz by the time she gets going, Jove is already in bed. And once she’s triggered on Defense, you might prefer to fire your Heroes rather than dispel her (although the likes of Furdinand and C2. Obakan might alter your thinking there).

Another issue we mustn’t forget is that this is a 4-turn Special which is situational, so nothing but the hit is guaranteed. ~She doesn’t innately offer any protection to Buffers.

But as for grading, the question for me is, How Much Mana are we talking about? Assuming say, 3 Heroes fire over 4 turns (for good or bad), well that’s a 30% Mana Boost.

Queen Guowang comfortably beats out the other Average Speed Hitters on my T2 Ranking list.

With a solid hit, easy synergy beckoning, and very few downsides, she’s gonna absolutely sparkle out there in the wild.

Hero Grade for Queen Guowang

So for my grading, the question is:

Is this hero’s Special capable of/likely to change the outcome of a battle? Yes.

If not, do they still bring enough to the party to help defeat the deities? N/a.

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity ⭐⭐⭐

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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  1. I want her but i realistically won’t get her. The mana boost on enemy special is potentially strong, they run mono and everyone fires at once 50% boost, the key is surviving that hit to hit back, which will favor slow heroes.
    Something like
    Her-C. Mother North/ C. Heimdall-Ludwig-Sobek-Khufu

  2. They removed the blind she applied. I am torn about this. It would have made her an even better tank option, but would also have set her up for a future nerf, so better they do it up front.
    She looks strong and fun to play with

  3. Just pulled her this morning. Very excited to start levelling her. Think she will be perfect next to Ludwig, especially in rush.
    Again, a slight nerf before release which will hopefully lead to no more nerving. Don’t think she will dominate as her mechanism is quite specific and works best in combo with other heroes.
    Only strange feature is her class – sorcerer delays mana generation, but she operates best if the enemy can do the specials. Little bit contradicting.

    1. Congrats JanG 🎉, I think I missed this comment yesterday. She would be awesome next to Ludwig, sounds devastating! Sometimes the Cards don’t make sense like that, gotta wonder if it’s on purpose or just oddly random?

      Thanks for stopping by!

      1. Small correction:
        I don’t pair her up with Ludwig, because his taunt blocks the dispell of her vengeance…

  4. Oh she hasn’t shown up. I’m more inclined to pull the other Journey hero. Cleansing his attack debuff in return for dmg makes more sense as a mechanic. Looking at Xnol who’s scared of a 10% mana boost and if all I set off all mY heros what’s the chance she’ll survive. Though her attack is badass, she doesn’t thrill me and she never did while testing her in beta.

    1. Hey Highestkiller, I get it, plus with so many better heroes en route (as is the nature of the game), it’s sometimes better to catch the next one along the line.

      Thanks for visiting!

  5. Did a 10 pulls for fun after collecting gems from museum. She popped up. I came straight to here for her review.
    Just wanna ask, which path should I go for her talent.? Attack route or shield route?

    1. Hey MIB, congrats 🎉. At 330%, she’s clearly a hitter, but yes, keeping her alive with the 4 turns in mind is a consideration. For me personally, I am defensive minded however it is more commonplace to see hitters taken along that route.

      The forum also seems a little tied on which path to take. I don’t feel it’s fair to suggest a path coz you’ve gotta live with it, but Facebook (maybe even my group), might offer a wide range of views for you to consider.

      Congrats again MIB!

      1. Thanks OC!! well, after researching, Im gonna go with my usual motto, the best defense is offense. Lol. They cant do anything if they’re dead. Hahaha

  6. I can’t find the two emblem paths for her. I wanted to look at those before I decide shield or sword. Does anyone have this?

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