Congalach Review – Empires and Puzzles (Underwild)

Congalach Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Congalach is a new Empires and Puzzles Underwild Hero, and I figure, one of the best Hitters in the game. But before we stick a Pound4Pound badge on his chest, we need to break it down…

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Congalach’s Stats and Special Skills (Spectre’s Flail)

Element: Nature (Green)

Class: Fighter

Mana Speed: Slow

Family Bonus (for 1/2/3/4/5 Underwild Heroes): Between 30% to 54% chance to spawn an Underwild Gem on board when this Hero casts Special Skill. The Underwild Gem deals 50 damage to a random enemy each turn.

Special Skills (Spectre’s Flail): 1. Deals 310% damage to 5 random enemies 2. Stack (Max 10): Each hit gives its target -9% attack.

Passive: 1. Received damage is reduced by -20% for the first 3 times this Hero receives damage from Special Skills.

Talent: Revive ~ +30% chance to revive with 1 HP after a fatal attack. The revive is applied at the end of the turn.

Congalach – Empires and Puzzles

Is Congalach worth Levelling? (Empires and Puzzles)

Yes, -This guy is awesome. I haven’t done the numbers yet, but look at it, 310% damage to 5 or 1 enemy… He’s a wrecking machine!

That’s a possible 310% x 5 against a single target…

The only negative is his speed; Slow. But that could be mitigated somewhat by Troops or Mana Heroes. Either way, Congalach’s trouble.

Congalach’s Special Skills

Congalach will hit 5 random enemies for 310% damage, -just like Alfrike does. So potentially, one straggling Hero could soak up 4 or 5 of his hits, and end up limping back to the village alone.

And along with the smacks, they’ll also receive a “Stacking” Attack ailment, reducing their Attack by 9% with each hit.

Taking the card at face value leaves me thinking this is crazy:

  • If Congalach hits a Hero 3 times, they’ll suffer -27% Attack -Until Cleansed (if possible?).
  • Congalach will hit a Titan 5 times, therefore reducing its Attack by 45%.
  • Congalach could hit the Titan again and Max out the Stack, at 90%! Titan or teddy bear?

Imagine the potential with those high-level Titans…

Heck, imagine muting some of the big Hitters on Defense… All the while, smacking the senses right out of their heads!

That said, how will the rest of us remedy this? Well, not for the first time, I’ve searched for a 5-Star Hero who can remove Stacks (in fact, “Stacked Ailments” on this occasion), and only ever found Lepiota.

But Lepiota only removes Stacks from an enemy target.

Can you think of another who removes Stacks from Allies? Please let me know in the comments below!

Basically, if you have the means to increase Congalach’s mana speed, you could reduce your enemies to mere cheap magicians, lighting up the screen with fancy colours, but unable to cause any real harm, -like a Shark without claws.

How Good is Congalach? (Empires and Puzzles)

HeroMana SpeedDamageAdditional
CongalachSlow (12 tiles)Deals 310% damage to 5 random enemiesStacks -9% attack on target
Calm PenoliteAverage (10 tiles)Deals 245% damage to all non-SummonersAll enemies get -50% decrease healing
Irritated PenoliteAverage (10 tiles)Deals 490% damage to all SummonersAll enemies get -50% decrease healing
KillhareAverage (10 tiles)Deals 300% damage to all enemiesAll allies get -20% defense
CristobalMagic 2 (12.3 tiles)Deals 200% damage to all enemiesDeals 400% damage to all enemies IF they have more than 50% HP
MilenaMagic 2 (12.3 tiles)Deals 390% damage to all enemiesDispels buffs from all enemies
RubyNinja-3 (15 tiles)Deals 370% damage to all enemiesIf you don’t know, you must read the review
Ninja-3 (15 tiles)Deals 360% damage to all enemiesWill bypass defensive buffs – Congalach comparisons

As expected, Congalach looks good in this company.

He’s not the hardest hitter, but when you think that his damage will build as enemies fall, it’s a great trade-off.

And if there’s only one Hero left?

Say “Cheese!” -They’re about to get smacked into next Tuesday.

Other Heroes with the ability to compound their damage, the likes of Zekena and Jabberwock, while quicker than Congalach, don’t have his absurd level of damage.

-Nor his powerful secondary; Stacked -Attack.

Congalach’s Passive

The last thing to cover is Congalach’s Passive:

  • Received damage is reduced by -20% for the first 3 times this Hero receives damage from Special Skills.

This is a nice defensive ability that should help Congalach survive long enough to fire off.

And while we’re on the subject, he’s also a Fighter Class Hero. Can you imagine him rising from the dead to settle the score with the back of his hand?

Congalach Review – Empires and Puzzles

My final thoughts:

Congalach only has one weakness; Speed.

But if he were any quicker, it would’ve been com-plete-ly insane.

Even at Slow, Congalach looks fantastic… the amount of damage ranges from considerable to immense (from 5 victims to 1).

But is he too slow for Defense? Not really. And when he fires off he could change the outcome of the battle. He could sway the battle in your favour. He could mute the Titan, the Monsters, and all the voices in your head :).

Congalach’s super cool.

Hero Grade for Congalach (Empires and Puzzles)

So for my grading, the question is:

Is this Hero’s Special capable of/likely to change the outcome of a battle? Yes.

If not, do they still bring enough to the party to help defeat the deities? N/a.

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity ⭐⭐

What are your thoughts? Did I get it wrong or miss something? Let me know in the comments below.

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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  1. Awesome hero, thanks for the quick review. If he really does do -90% attack on titans that would be insane! I love that he can hit a hero more than once… very interesting compared to the usual “300% to all.” He’ll probably hit one hero at least twice, and that will be close to a kill. Great for all rush wars and tournaments (too bad Alfrike will still ruin those though).

    1. Hey byzanthia, thanks for visiting! I couldn’t ignore Congalach and once I read “Stack” I was like, “Nooo way”. Still, I wrote the review with wiggle room because that’s insane, let alone the crazy accumulating damage!

  2. He is an evil yet slow killing machine!

    Against a titan or a single enemy (if the rest opponents are dead) he hits 5 times x 310%. That makes him a finisher (end of the game!)
    Also that -9% attack x 5 = -45% for a titan or a single enemy cuts in half their attack and if we have the chance for a second time (in rush wars) then it’s actually like a silencer!

    More and more I realize how important are the mana troops!
    Heroes come and go but the mana troops are a solid powerful constant one should invest on levelling to the max!

  3. I just tried him on a titan, had to use mana to get him to go off since he is only level 1. Yes, it stacks to -90 attack after two specials!

  4. He is the Krampus neutralizer. If he goes off with taunt activated on Krampus, it should just about take him out. With blue being weak against green, a sure fire way to eliminate him.

    1. Hey John, thanks for the suggestion. I don’t think she does sadly;

      * Removes all dispellable and undispellable status effects from all allies except the caster.

      Happy to be wrong if anyone has her to test, but looking at the forum, she doesn’t.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  5. If paired with Almur’s -54% elemental (green) defense down, it turns him into an even more devastating hero against blue titans. Effectively 5 673% attacks with high attack stat. I’ll take one

  6. He is a beast.
    Deals lot of damage, reduce attack permanently.
    Makes me think of *old godess* Alfrike, but he’s a bit faster.
    And like alfrike, he can change the course of the battle.

    He hopefully have weaknesses :
    The evaders (Kadilen.C, Hanitra and the others – Especially since somes can get health or minions when evading)
    The mana breakers : Zocc, the Grim’s 4stars, merlin…

    Well…that’s a lot of rare heroes..

      1. He is an anti taunt weapon. He disassembled Poor Ludwig, (Killed 1 shot, tried it twice. if he shoots at Ludwig with even a few tiles chipped away. POOF, no more. Krampus when maxed and emblem stacked can barely hold full, a few tile chips also leaves him vulnerable to 1 shot death. Wolfgang actually held out a little better. Didnt laugh by any means, but he wasnt in the red. Which is far more than his running mate could say, Black Knight has the advantage of random chance often falling his way with the damage reduction chance saving him from harm. He is the best taunt hero against Congalach based on that. Most likely to take the hits and keep coming, where other Taunt heroes are made vulnerable to congalach by their special and killed for their trouble..

        He is of course vulnerable to Ruby.

        All mortals are vulnerable to Ruby. And most Gods.
        Cosmic clouds, planet killers. And they didnt nerf her this month?!?! Costume Krampus, yeah fine. Left Pengi alone? Questionable…surely. But OK, they could explain it as Costume Krampus being to blame (Yeah right)….and lets see how it lands. But one of the 10 biggest hitters in the game, who is the biggest mana slower, and the ONLY whole team mana destroyer, and can very fast mana slow 1 enemy. She is to evil what Bunnys are to Easter.

        1. Hey TLK, I really enjoyed reading your breakdown -thanks! Congalach is top tier in my eyes, wish I had him.

          I’m not sure why they went for Krampus in the end. Maybe, their numbers indicated he was the backbone of the Xmas mob Defenses we were seeing?

          Ruby’s untouchable because she’s a ninja and you need a reason to pull with the possibility of Season 1 heroes, so… Ruby (I guess).

          Thanks for stopping by TLK

  7. Buenas compañero,lo he sacado hoy,lo subiré del tirón y lo pondré de pareja con alfrike,a ver qué hacen juntos los 2 en defensa…..

    Translated: Good mate, I took it out today, I’ll upload it all at once and I’ll pair it with alfrike, let’s see what the 2 do together in defense…..

  8. I’m currently levelling Congalach, but haven’t tested him out against a raid defense. However, I have noticed that he’s somewhat easier to summon than most other 5 stars – heck, I have three.

  9. Hi! I just got him. Happy to see your review to know that he is great. I just tried him and surprised he hit hard though he just at low levels. Can’t imagine he is max. Thanks for your hard work.

  10. Hey Cynic, thanks for your great work on your site, it’s the new go-to place for reliable, thought-through info on E&P!

    One correction on Conga’s family bonus: it runs from 30% to 54% and not 25% to 45% as you have stated. Apparently Underwild characters’ family bonuses vary from hero to hero. For my Garjammal it’s 20% to 36% depending on # of family members. Go figure.

    1. Thanks for the correction Callous, I’ve updated the post.

      I appreciate all the folk who read my ramblings! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

  11. Always good to read your reviews.

    Pair him with Xnophold so he gets the mana boost when Xno fires and he gets the increased chance of spawning underwild gems. I use him a lot on Titans and he is also a very good hero against taunters as mentioned by someone above.

  12. Best counter is LORD LOKI. He’ll copy the special of congalach and smash it to the ennemies. The GARGOYLES with their stone skin will not take the damage.

  13. This game has been generous to me in every colour but green. Rolling with 2 quenell’s, kalo, franz, and melandor for my greens. Can’t wait to max this guy out and plop him beside Ludwig for titans!

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