How Good is Faline? Empires and Puzzles Starfall Review

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Faline is a 5-Star hero from the Empires and Puzzles Starfall Circus Event. Following a recent Buffing, she’s even stronger than when we first saw her. So, if you’ve got her sitting on the bench, you might wanna take another look.

Faline’s about to frequent the top 100 a lot more.

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Caveat: This post represents game-play speculation and personal opinion. It is not advice.

Faline’s Element, Class, Special Skills, & Talents

Here’s her info:

Element: Holy (Yellow)

Class: Wizard

Mana Speed: Fast

Special Skills (Chakram Kick) 1. Deals 330% damage to the target and nearby enemies. 2. The hit enemy with the fastest base mana speed gets -64% mana generation for 3 turns.

Family Bonus: 2/3 Starfall heroes on the same team benefit from a 40%/60% chance to cleanse the Hero’s most recent dispellable status ailment at the end of each turn.

Talent: JINX ~ +25% chance to deal +15% extra damage per each active buff the enemies have. The extra damage applies to both normal attacks and Special Skills.

Faline’s Re-balancing

Yesterday, I reviewed Director Zuri, covering how she’d recently been the beneficiary of a significant Buffing. Well, Faline was in that line too, and here’s what she got:

  1. Her main strike was increased from 290% damage to 330%
  2. Her Mana generation ailment was increased from -44% to -64%
Faline Empires and Puzzles Screenshot
Faline – Empires and Puzzles

Is Faline worth Levelling? (Empires and Puzzles)


Faline was already a star, before the Buff. Now she carries more weight in her kicks and uses softer quicksand in her traps. She’s more than an annoyance, she’s a problem.

I won’t labour it, her Special is nice and simple;

  • Attack three and slow down the fastest. If all three are the same mana speed, slow them all down by -64% mana generation for 3 turns.

Makes you think about the order of your Defense and Raid teams, right? (Don’t put 3 heroes of the same speed together when facing Faline.)

Chakram Kick

Let’s break-down the minus mana generation first, because that’s easier to cover. S1 hero Little John, inflicts -64% mana generation for 3 turns on a Slow mana charge. Elizabeth’s Fiends inflict -24% mana generation, while they’re alive. Mist (who is very similar to Faline) is a 4-Star Fast hero who hits 3 enemies for 175% damage and inflicts -64% mana generation to the target and nearby enemies for 3 turns.

It’s clear, Faline’s -64% mana generation is substantial when compared with others. Now, let’s see how hard she kicks:

HeroMana SpeedHitSecondary
FalineFast330% damage to target and nearby-64% mana generation to the quickest of the heroes hit (all 3 if the same)
HannahFast215% damage to target and nearbyFiend to the face for the 3 hit
Dr. MoreauFast270% damage to target and nearby-35% accuracy for 3 turns, for the 3 hit
CobaltNinja_Mid325% damage to target and nearby85% chance to bypass Defensive buffs
Faline compared to similar heroes

Note: While reviewing these heroes, it’s important to know what order their Special skills occur in. To learn more about Hero Cards, see this post.

First, it’s worth adding that Faline’s Talent gives her a +25% chance to deal an extra +15% damage for each active buff the enemies has. So, her damage has a reasonable chance of increasing.

Looking at the list, it’s notable that Faline already hits harder than her peers. Even more than Cobalt.

Hannah may have the best Secondary here, with her 3 Fiends, but looses out on over 100% of damage.

Overall, Faline is probably better than them all, if/when she’s managed. That’s to say, she may actually be more valuable on Offense, where you can try to inflict 2 or 3 enemies with the -64% mana ailment. That said, she’s still so strong, that if you’ve been lucky enough to pull her, you’re probably gonna play her in your Defense.

On reflexion, that -64% mana generation, along with a 330% hit, could be seen as OP. She’s only a Fast speed hero, after all. Thankfully (for those of us who don’t have her), she’ll be pretty rare, as she’s a member of the Starfall Circus family.

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Faline – Empires and Puzzles Starfall Circus

My final thoughts:

Heroes like Faline always make the top 100 Defense teams because they’re Fast, and get things done.

It won’t take many hits from Faline to decimate your squad. And once she’s done kicking, your heroes will be crawling.

Faline will work well on Defense, in Raids, and may even lend a hand against Titans (because she’ll destroy it’s ability to generate mana). She’s a fantastic hero.

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity

What are your thoughts? Did I get it wrong, or did I miss something? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Faline has now become a very nasty opponent. She hits like a truck, and gives mana generation ailment.

    Just imagine pairing her with say, cLeonidas, and the party could be over before it starts…

    This is the 5* version of Mist whom I use regularly.

    1. Hey Cornelius, the more powerful these heroes get, the more I admire my Malosi. A simple and effective way to hush these monsters.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I love her and wished I had her until today. Because today I pulled her. Now I just need to decide between her, Montaga, and Leonidas (with costume). Ideally I’d have all three ascended, but I only have mats for one and they are all insanely good.

    I agree with your review. Top-tier hero. Mana speed is everything in this game, and not only is she fast, but she stops the enemy from being fast.

    1. I don’t envy you, but Motega is my favourite… and I don’t have him. I’ve been playing Anastasia in raids and she is awesome. Imagine if she were Motega. So versatile; if things need HP =Minions. Need damage =Fiends. Awesome. Anyway, ALL of them is the right answer!

  3. I love Faline too and fully ascended her. I need to decide limit break between Aouda and Faline. Both of them are nice.

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