How Good is Anastasia? Empires and Puzzles Magic Review

Anastasia Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Anastasia is a new 4-Star Hero from the Empires and Puzzles event, Tower Of Magic. And, I love her ability to defend her friends with Minions and torment her enemies with Fiends.

If you’ve read my earlier post about the new Tower Of Magic, you’ll already know that these new Heroes enjoy 2 separate Specials. The first is at a near equivalent to VERY FAST mana speed, while the second is close to SLOW.

Both of Anastasia’s Specials are useful. -The best way to think of her, is as a miniature version of Motega. Which is fantastic, because I really wanted Motega. The result is, Anastasia is one of the best 4-Star Heroes in the game, and here’s why…

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Anastasia’s Element, Class, Special Skills, Passives & Talents

Anastasia’s core data:

Element: Holy (Yellow)

Class: Sorcerer

Mana Speed: Magic

Special Skills Tier-1: Summons Grimoire Minion for all allies with 13% HP and 20% attack inherited from the caster.

Special Skills Tier-2: 1) Deals 235% damage to all enemies. 2) Summons a Grimoire Fiend for all enemies. The Fiend damages the enemy with 43% attack every turn. 3) The Grimoire Fiend absorbs healing and disappears when it has absorbed health equal to 30% of its owner’s max health.

Passive: STATUS EFFECT ON CHARGE ~ On T1 charge Special Skill, this Hero has a 50% chance to give -20% attack for 3 turns to all enemies. On T2 charge, this Hero has a 100% chance to give -20% attack for 3 turns to all enemies.

Talent: DELAY ~ +15% chance to drop the mana generation of the enemy by -50% for 2 turns after dealing damage. The effect is applied at the end of the turn.

Is Anastasia worth Levelling? (Empires and Puzzles)

Yes. As far as 4-Star Heroes go, you won’t find much better than Anastasia.

Anastasia’s Tier-1 Special (Very Fast): Cheerful Charm

Anastasia’s so badass, I’m gonna compare her with the same 5-Star, Minion/Fiend specialists, that we compared Motega to (+Buddy).

First, we’ll take a look at the Tier-1 Special, comparing Anastasia with other FAST Minion Summoning Heroes. Here’s how she stacks up:

HeroMana SpeedDamage/OtherMinion HealthMinion Attack
Very FastN/A13%20%
Very FastTarget receives +20% increased damage for 2 turns 14% 20%
BeraFastTarget receives 186 poison damage over 3 turns & can’t receive new Minions20%20%
FreyaFastAllies receive +30% Defense for 4 turns20%20%
Buddy (4*)AverageBuddy deals 205% damage to the target and nearby enemies, +Target and NB get -24% attack and -34% defense for 3 turns. (Only creates Minions for NB allies)7%10%
Anastasia compared to similar Heroes

It’s hard to find suitable candidates to compare Anastasia with because there aren’t many 4-Star Heroes who do what she does. Buddy, the Christmas Hero, is an Average-speed Hero, while Anastasia is quicker than VERY FAST.

That said, let’s look at how she stands up to the competition.

It’s clear that her Minions are just as strong as Motega’s which is saying something. Sure, they’ll lose out on the extra stats that come along with being a 5-Star Hero, but otherwise, the percentages are the same.

It’s sad that they don’t offer any buff or ailment, but it’s still a nice little barrier, to put in front of your team at the beginning of a battle. And these little Minions could rack up quickly, with Anastasia able to generate them at VERY FAST. Not a bad start.

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Anastasia’s Tier-2 Special (Slow): Cheerful Charm

Now, let’s take a look at her second tier, and compare Anastasia with some of the game’s best Fiend Summoners. I’ve also included Aodhan, who’s a formidable 4-Star Hero from the recent Slayers family:

HeroMana SpeedDamage/OtherFiend DamageHealing Absorbed by Fiend
Slow-50% accuracy to Owner 43% 50%
SenanSlow275% damage to ALL45%30%
ElizabethAverage175% damage to ALL
Fiend gives -24% mana generation for life of Fiend
HannahFast215% damage to Target & NB
Fiend gives -20% attack for life of Fiend
Aodhan (4*)Slow210% damage to ALL35%18%
Anastasia compared to similar Heroes

The big ‘N/A’ is a slight frustration, but what else could the developers do? When they were about to let Anastasia loose on the world with Motega’s dominant Fiends? (allowing for the extra stat points a 5-Star Hero would have, of course)

43% damage is awesome, and 30% health is fantastic (remember, these Fiends will absorb health equal to 30% of their owner’s max health -not the Caster’s. So in a Raid, when facing 5-Star Heroes, they’ll have the exact same struggle removing Anastasia’s Fiends, as they would Motega’s.

And the Fiends will do reasonable damage as well, they just won’t cause -50% accuracy.

Looking at Aodhan here (who is a beast), Anastasia’s Fiends are definitely better on both fronts. In fact, if Aodhan does have one weakness, it’s that a good healer could destroy his Fiends in double quick time.

Not the case for Anastasia.

Anastasia – Empires and Puzzles Tower Of Magic

My final thoughts:

Look, here’s the truth:

  • I thought to myself, “I should review one of the 4-Star Heroes from the Tower Of Magic, to see if anyone’s interested in 4-Star Heroes“.
  • After a little research and consultation, I came to the conclusion that Anastasia was indeed, the best 4-Star Magic Hero in all the land.
  • I just knew she’d be great in 4-Star Tournaments & Wars, and Heck!, she might even make a Raid team as a ‘poor man’s Motega.
  • Later that same day, I logged into the game we all know and love, approached the Summoning Gate, and did a single pull…
  • …and who should appear?

It was fate. Magical and wonderous fate…

I am that poor man.

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity ⭐⭐

This Hero was subsequently Buffed or Nerfed by the developers. Details have been updated to reflect the changes.

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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  1. Thanks! I considered her “meh” at first but upon closer inspection and after your article she should be great. Especially for those bloody battle tournaments where there is no healing!

    1. She maybe “meh” yet! But I’ll level her and update the post with the results. Maybe I was just glad to get something Magic. At the mo, there is no Fiend remover in the game- and this 4-Star drops some heavy Fiends…. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Well, i had pulled two of Ana. And wondering how talented is she. Thanks for your analysis. Ohh, by the way, i had sucessful pulled Motega, lol. Wish i could pull Melina.

  3. I am a very new newbie. I basically have 6 four stars. Gullenbursti, Anastasia, regald, Jott, Chao, and Boril. Can I play Anastasia on the wing? Or maybe flank instead of regald (not costume)?

    1. Looking at your team, I’d sit Gullinbursti down for Raids and Defense, simply because he’s slow. Gullinbursti is great for Map-Stages & Events, as he gives you double the health for the boss levels. But, I don’t think you need both healers, so maybe try teams with one or the other. Rigard is still a strong healer without the costume (and average speed). Your other option is to bench Chao. He’s not that great a sniper. Anastasia is better & also Holy. Hope this helps.

      1. Big thanks. But Gullenbursti is actually most of my offense on raids, the tile bonus helps tremendously on offense, can’t bench him. I think your right about Chao and Anastasia though. Wish I could get a bit of offense but guess I can’t complain one month and $7 into it

  4. After months, maybe a year of pulls that resulted in no worthwhile NEW (new to my and new to the game) hero’s I pulled Anastasia quickly followed by Poseidon and then Agrefena!! Not a bad way to end the year, if it takes another 12 months for another successful pull as that, I will take it.
    Thank you for the review above, it really confirmed my first thoughts. All I need now is a LOT of ascension materials and then loads of emblems – damn and blast this game!!!

    1. Congrats Steve, I’ve been playing her for awhile now and can confirm, -she’s super cool.

      I’ve played her in Raids, Wars, and just today, in the 4 Star Tournament (where she really excels).

      Thanks for visiting!

  5. The real question for me, being fortunate enough to have pulled her, is what are your thoughts on emblem path.

    I find this is my hardest choice as I advance heroes, so any and all thoughts are welcome.

    It seems that boosting attack and health with emblems will benefit minions, but she is only at 674 def (limit broken to level 75).


    1. Hey Dave, yes I went health/defense for the minions. My Anastasia has 755 sword, 773 shield, and 1655 health. But I always go Health/Defense as explained here.

      Hope this helps and thanks for reading!

  6. Hey Cynic, I don’t remember how she was pre-buff, but either your tier 2 analysis is out of date or you just overlooked her damage? You’re talking as if her tier 2 does no damage, but there’s that beefy 235% AOE hit. Maybe she’s even better than you thought? Lol.

    1. Thanks Holo, this is why I don’t like buffs and nerfs, gotta re-write everything! I’ve added it to the list. You’re right, when first released she didn’t hit. Thanks again!

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