Archie of the Springvale Family (Empires & Puzzles)

Archie Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Springvale is back again and Archie is one of two new Heroes joining the substantial list of Heroes in Empires and Puzzles.

But Archie’s interesting, in that he restricts buffs for 4 lengthy turns, and that’s the sort of bad attitude that gets you noticed around here.

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Archie’s Stats and Special Skills (Fabled Llama Ballard)

Element: Nature (Green) Class: Wizard Mana Speed: Fast

Springvale Family Bonus for 2/3 Heroes: +10%/+20% Attack.

Special Skill (Fabled Llama Ballard): 1. Deals 250% damage to all enemies. 2. All enemies are immune to new Status Effect buffs for 4 turns, receiving 150 damage for each attempted buff. 3. The caster gets -10% accuracy for 4 turns. This effect can’t be cleansed.

Talent: JINX ~ +25% chance to deal +15% extra damage per each active buff the enemies have. The extra damage applies to both normal attacks and Special Skills.

Archie Empires and Puzzles Hero Card Detail
Archie – Empires and Puzzles

Is Archie Worth Levelling? (Empires and Puzzles)

I could tell you all about how things went down in the exclusive, members-only, Beta Lounge concerning Archie. ~Like how I refused the complimentary Cognac and Cigars until the job was done. Or how we deliberated over Archie’s Attack strength well into the early hours of the morning. Or how friends were won and lost in the heated throes of debate.

I declared that Archie was El Naddaha, but to All! And that he was likely to sit on many Defenses, stifling the masses, me included.

But Archie in Beta hit for 280% and his Immunity to new Status Effects only lasted 3 turns.

None of us anticipated that his ailment would be increased to 4 turns!

And, for me, that’s the key part of his Special. 4 turns will feel like forever when he slaps you.

Like waiting for paint to dry. Like waiting to get a straight answer from someone who’s supposed to represent you. Like waiting for a bad movie to finish at the cinema after you’ve made this big effort to go!

All the while, in elite company, Archie’s mates are gonna be slapping the living daylights out of you. And there you are, begging to heal with your brand-new Jasper. Squeezing your knees together and bouncing on the spot, hoping you’ll be able to hold it in ’til you get home.

2 turns left… Nearly there.

F#%k, Jove is about to fire.

1 turn left… Please, please. Think about something else, “I wonder what the Earth will be like in 200 years?”.

0 turns left!… Sweet relief!

NOOOoooo! Everybody’s dead! What a mess.

No one will notice if I just walk into the house normally.

Archie Vs. El Naddaha and the rest (Empires and Puzzles)

Let’s compare Archie’s Status Effect control with some other E&P Heroes:

HeroMana SpeedDamageStatus Buff Control
ArchieFast (8 tiles)Deals 250% damage to allAll enemies are immune to new Status Effect buffs for 4 turns. Attempted buffs replaced with 150 damage.
Costumed Guardian PantherFast (8 tiles)Deals 285% damage to allAll enemies are immune to new Status Effect buffs for 3 turns, and get -34% defense against Dark.
HypnosCharge 2 (9 tiles)Deals 320% damage to allDispels enemy buffs. All enemies are immune to new Status Effect buffs for 3 turns
NemesisCharge 2 (9 tiles)Deals 640% damage to the targetAll enemies are immune to new Status Effect buffs for 3 turns. Attempted Mana generation Buffs replaced with -34% Mana gen.
El NaddahaFast (8 tiles)Deals 305% damage to the target & NBTarget & NB immune to new Status Effect buffs for 3 turns. Attempted buffs replaced with 200 damage.
WinifredSlow (12 tiles)Deals 550% damage to the target, chaining through adjacent enemies dealing Minor damageAll hit enemies are immune to new Status Effect buffs for 5 turns, and get -54% Attack.
OnyxNinja 3Deals 350% damage to allAll enemies are immune to new Status Effect buffs for 5 turns. Dispels enemy buffs.
IrisFast (8 tiles)Deals 325% damage to the target & Minor to NBDispels buffs from the target and NB at the end of each turn for 3 turns
WaterpipeAverage (10 tiles)Summons a Minion for all allies with 20% Attack.Minion’s hit makes their target immune to new Status Effect buffs for 2 turns, gives -30% Defense against Specials and reduces Mana by -5%. – Archie compared with similar heroes

Archie’s got 848 Atk, compared to C.G.Panther’s 804, and El Naddaha’s 828.

As a result, he’s gonna be a solid hitter. But he does fall short of that ever-so-elusive 280% super-elite mark (for Fast).

And although he sits below that range, it’s still a fantastic bit of luck for an average player to get hold of a Legendary Hero who hits as hard as this.

Good fortune, made even better by the fact that Archie is also a premier Control Hero, as seen in the Table above.

Note: His damage per attempted buff is only 150, Vs. El Naddaha’s 200.

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Archie’s Face (Empires and Puzzles)

My final thoughts:

Archie’s ailment could be completely overwhelming.

On a normal Defense, he’s gonna feel like a Deity: T-2. But when surrounded by other elite Heroes, he could easily feel like a T-3, especially if you don’t have a Cleanser on staff.

And due to his simple mechanics, he’ll be useful throughout the game.

He does have that -10 accuracy penalty for flexing, but it’s so minor that it’s nearly irrelevant.. unless you’re sitting him next to Ludwig.

All in all, Archie is a great Hero to own.

I do make him better than El Naddaha, simply because of that extra coverage, but don’t forget that El Naddaha’s got that elite Passive (50% chance to hit all enemies for 70% and dispel).

That said, in isolation, Archie won’t decimate all-comers. And for that reason, he’s gonna enjoy the same grade as El Naddaha.

In my view, Archie shouldn’t be ignored. Stop his ailment or be prepared to Cleanse it. Coz 4 turns is gonna feel like… Don’t get me going again…

What do you make of him?

Hero Grade for Archie (Empires and Puzzles)

So for my grading, the question is:

Is this hero’s Special capable of/likely to change the outcome of a battle? Yes.

If not, do they still bring enough to the party to help defeat the deities? N/a.

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity ⭐⭐

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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  1. Got him on my 4th pull. My alliance is running green or blue tanks at the moment, and I’m thinking of planting him in the middle between Tinsel and Jove.

  2. Another great review, Old Cynic! Makes me want him more (starting April 6th).

    Did want to add my main squeeze Hypnos into your comparison–maybe better comparison than Nemesis–who hits all at 320% on his 2nd charge and blocks buffs for 3 turns (2 turns on 1st charge with 220% damage, 4 turns on 3rd charge and 385% damage). No damage for attempted buffs but does dispel buffs first on 2nd and 3rd charges.

      1. Typo with Onyx’s name in the chart 🙂

        Hoping to get this great llama, but holding my summons until the Fated Summon refreshes next week.

    1. I received 5 Jaspers. That’s how messed up the odds were. Finally got Archie today. Would’ve loved Killhare. Would trade all my Jaspers for Killhare though. Like I’ve said before, I suspect the game got away from only one featured hero to 3 or more so that people won’t get the one they want. If we only waited until our favorite is featured then that means less money for the devs. So they feature 3 or more and I suspect they give even less chance for the better hero. Past couple of months with hundreds of pulls I only ever got the less desirable featured heroes: purple boar, blue metal ninja, 5 jaspers, 2 Netesphere, a dozen hotm (not a really good hotm) etc.

  3. Hmm, a very good new hero from a seasonal event ? C.Lepus is puzzled with this second effect, poor poor Lepus with only damage (but+30% more, hey !)
    Remember C.Krampus ?
    Remember Myriam and Midnight ?
    OK, I’ll keep my hardly saved EHT.

  4. You convinced me, I used my 6 tokens and of course I did not get it.
    Yesterday I had pulled Doxan, though. I guess I had used my weekly luck.

      1. I have never pulled even a 4-star from Spring season. Perhaps I will try again with the tokens I can obtain on the last day.

        I hope one of us can get it.

  5. Got him on the 1st coin.
    Got Roz today.

    Between the two of them, what do you think?

    Didn’t find a review for her. I’m suspicious about her. Maybe the 6 or 12 tiles thing.

  6. Managed to pull him but still not sold on any of the Springvale heroes with the penalty in their special. I think I’ll change my mind if they ever release a fast or very fast green legendary that prevents these self-ailments. AFAIK, only Garnet, Hathor, Grazul and Vanda are the four that can do this but they are all red and Springvale is missing a red legendary – go figure.

    1. I luckly got him on 5th EHT pull…and I pair him with Ptolemy (4* S5 healer) he actually blocked the ailment, and made him heal himself instead!!🤣🤣 I love it!

      …Awesome article as always Cynic!

    2. You’re failing to see that the penalty is nothing. Archie: -10% accuracy for 4 turns.

      In attack: The 4 turns are meant to recharge so tile damage doesn’t matter even if you’re doing full green mono.

      In defense: defense team only does the single hit that’s worth around 100-250 damage on average.

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