My Most Disappointing 5-Star Heroes (Empires and Puzzles)

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It’s hard to pull a decent 5-Star Hero in Empires and Puzzles. And sometimes, even when you think you’re onto a gem, you’re actually holding onto a big ‘ol dud.

Soon enough, reality is tapping you on the cheeks, like you just passed out.

But you deserve better. You didn’t commit a foul, break a rule, or succumb to sin. No, your only mistake was having Hope.

Now, I’m not rubbing it in, because I’ve been there too.

And this is my countdown of the most disappointing 5-Star Heroes I’ve ever pulled.

This post may contain speculation, personal opinion, adult comedy, and human error. It is not advice and is solely for entertainment and informational purposes.

3. Lianna (Disappointing – Empires & Puzzles Review)

Lianna Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Special Skills (Perfect Shot): 1. Deals 512% damage to the target.

Oh, Lianna. Where did it go wrong?

Over the years, I’ve been quite unlucky when it comes to pulling 5-Star Nature Heroes.

Costumed Kashrek was my War tank for the longest time.

Anyway, as many of you will remember, back in the day, Lianna was a superstar.

I’d face her in Raids and would squint whenever a tile brushed her quiver.

And then one day, about 6 months ago, I finally got her. She was my first Green 5-Star Hero!

As you can imagine, first thing I did was to sit her down and discuss the future. I wanted to talk strategy and tell her all the things we could achieve together…

Old Cynic: “Hello Lianna! We’re all so very excited you’ve decided to come aboard. Anything you want or need right now? Troops? A little Limit Break or something?”.



Turns out, she had heard it all before.

I was just another player with high hopes and big dreams. She was well and truly over it.

Still, I didn’t give up!

Instead, I emblemed her and took her into battle, and just like my dog when I get back from putting the bins out, I was full of anticipation…

I couldn’t wait to see Lianna slap some fool at my behest.


Sadly, in lieu of making my enemies pay, she took naps.

And that was the end of our short-lived relationship.

Lianna was yesterday’s news. I stripped her of her emblems, and she didn’t say a word.

In fact, she seemed content… almost happy about it.

And before I left her in the locker room, she finally asked for something, -the keys to the TV room, and a credit card for pizza.

I looked away before telling her where to find them.

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Warrior

2. Khiona (Empires and Puzzles Review)

Khiona Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Special Skills (Bleeding Edge): 1. Deals 372% damage to the target. 2. The caster and nearby allies get +45% attack, and a further 20% increase every time they are hit during 3 turns. 3. Element Link – heals all Dark for 4%.

Khiona. The next Real Game-changer (dud)

By the time Khiona showed up, I was well on my way to my first National #1 spot.

Things were going well and my Raid team was pure Gold;

I had Costumed Rigard running the show, and Tiburtus was his right-hand man, -I mean, as soon as Rigard increased Attack, Tiburtus brought down Defense.

Domitia took the 3rd spot, while Malosi and Bai Yeong, occupied the 4th and 5th.

Anyway, I looked at the Draft and sure enough, we had Khiona. Fantastic.

Based on the early scouting reports, she was the perfect fit.

My initial thoughts were to trial a replacement of Rigard’s Attack-up, allowing for a switch in the Team Healer.

Nope. Didn’t work.

What about benching Domitia? She’s well overrated anyway, right?


Tiburtus? Sit him down?


4-1… Bench either Malosi or Bai Yeong?


What if I bench Khiona… Will I get my cups back?


Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Warrior

1. Master Lepus (Disappointment – Empires & Puzzles Review)

Master Lepus Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Special Skills (Reckless Finisher): 1. Deals 410% damage to the target and minor damage to nearby enemies. 2. The caster gets -20% defense for 3 turns. This effect can’t be cleansed.

Master Doofus… sry, Lepus

Master Lepus is my most disappointing Hero because I was sold a Dud.

Here’s how it happened:

I was going about my business, just playing E&P and chilling.

Then one day, everyone started to get excited about ‘Springvale’. I was like, yeah, Springvale looks cool.

Then, I happened to get a few Gold coins, and everyone was like, “Man, keep those Gold coins ’cause Springvale’s coming and you can use them there”.

I was like, cool – cool.

Then Springvale appears and I go into the Portal to check it out. I look around and I’m like… that big blue fluffy one, that’s the one I want.

-He hits like a truck and looks like how I’d imagine myself… if I were a big blue fluffy bunny.


… Cool.

I take a spin and BANG! Master Lepus is mine!

WOOOOOHOOOOO, I’m king of the World! Hold me, Rose.

Soon enough, I emblem him up and take him into battle… but… well… he wasn’t as advertised. He was tiny…

And when he did actually slap someone, he got all weird, -started talking ’bout how he feels faint and needs a timeout.

I was like, “There’s no timeouts you little fluffy bunny! Fight, dog, fight!”.

It didn’t matter. In what felt like days, his strength was gone, -the next big hitter had already arrived.

Now, he’s just some bunny with a vitamin deficiency.

Needless to say, I snatched those emblems right off his chest and offered him early retirement. Which he took.

Here’s his retirement cake:


Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Warrior

Want more Master Lepus? Check out his full review!

Empires and Puzzles, My Most Disappointing Heroes

This post was inspired by a comment I received on my Analyzing Ferant post (hiya Cougar 🖐️).

It’s actually a great comment which is well worth a read, but it got me to thinking about my E&P letdowns.

It’s true, none of these Heroes would be considered the ‘Worst Heroes In E&P’, but that’s for another day.

Let me know about your Hero disappointments in the comments below.

Thanks for reading.

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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  1. Others who qualify.
    Dark – Salmon Loki (why ever) and Myztero
    Holy – Rana and Roc (the whole Sand Empire are a bit soft and unfocused)
    Fire – Natalya, more overtaken than a dud from the start.
    Ice – at a pinch Russula, all S1 have benefited from Costumes and are now relevant again.
    Nature – G. Chameleon, Yunan and Morgan

    1. G Chameleon is a champ @ mythic titans, much like Norns.
      Too niche maybe, but when you need heroes, emblems and aether, being REALLY good at one things beats being mediocre at everything.

    2. I love rana, but she’s niche. I use her in war and on raids with 3 or more healers. Definitely useful. Not a game changer though.

    1. I do not agree with Rian. He is in my attack team. Senan Caitlin Arco Rian and Saorse. These become very very fast when attack least 3 of them are in a team. 5 tiles and they fire.

  2. Sir Roosterly for me. He makes many top lists but by the time he fires the opposing tank is gone and he hits 2 enemies. Haven’t stripped his emblems yet but one day will

  3. Queen of Hearts. Her playing card minion is too flimsy to make her relevant. Either the minion needs to be toughened up, or she needs to hit much harder.

    1. I feel like she needs to be reworked. Taunt is not a true taunt if it has a flimzy minion in front taking all the damage! ALL other taunt heroes take the hits directly not a dumb minion. Ridiculous…

  4. Oh, it’s hard to pick from amongst my plethora of lackluster season 1 heroes, but I actually have to say that Guinevere might be my most disappointing. After facing her at tank in countless raids and wars, I was genuinely thrilled to draw her. I did my best to work her into the mix, but always came away wondering what did Lancelot see in her? He should’ve left her all to Arthur!
    Now, she rarely ventures outside the walls of Camelot.

  5. What did you not like about Lianna? I didn’t find a specific reason from your post. My most disappointing hero was Morgan Le Fay

    1. After years of watching her destroy teams I finally got her. But she wasn’t the same hero and the game had past her by. As someone on Reddit put it, I got the Washington Wizards MJ… it was over by then.

      There were lots of better options, and I had a few.

      So I was full of expectation on getting her, but generally disappointed once I fully levelled her.

      Also, I was playing purple/yellow and had no chance at any synergy with her, and really had no reason to pursue it by that point either.

      I know she’s really good, but sometimes you don’t get the chips in the right order and as a result, you get a different experience.

      Thanks for asking and for reading!

  6. Quintus. Even with a costume and fully emblemed is awful. They could bump his speed up to average and I still wouldn’t use him.

  7. I disagree with so many comments here.
    Yes, Lianna need a costume before she is good anymore, but paired with Frigg, Philias, Ratatoskr and Zocc… Perfect.

    Lepus is okay. I placed him with Finley, Frida, Fenrir and Aegir. Boom, dead and any blue after that is healing for me.
    Then I got Frosth and mr. Pengi and took out Lepus and Fenrir. Place them with Glenda and what ever left over I have for war and they still do good.

    Queen of hearts… Oh No… No no no… We don’t talk about QoH!
    I have a lot of hardcore teams, but if I want to be sure to win a fight, I’ll bring Puss in boots, Marjana costume, Lady of the lake, Yang Mai and QoH.
    Each of these are kind of “oh, what to pair you with?” The first help minion markers. The next is useless without other reds. The Green Lady is so sloooooow. Yang Mai doesn’t know if she wants to hit 1 or 5 and QoH just like to play martyr.
    But together nothing get past them. As soon as the red have been activated once, the opponent team will loose.

    And my most dissapointing hero is a red one. I really thought Noor would be a perfect fit in this setup. But no.
    I can’t see to find any good use with her. Nomatter who I team her up with…

    Overall it is a matter of your other heroes and how well they match each other. And some times you’ll have to wait a long time before getting a ser that match sø well (like my read minion team)

    Oh, one more thing… I don’t understand the hype over gravemaker. I got him when he was a hotm and I hate the “wait for it and then he burn the opponents a bit”
    I got that Russel guy and finally I’m using GM a bit again, but I haven’t found the perfect match yet.

    1. I love noor for map stages – Noor, Freya and Frosth walked so many stages that otherwise I’d have been beaten on. Anything else she struggles with, bless her. But her frosth enhanced minions are lethal

  8. Queen of Hearts
    I have QoH LB+20 and use her a lot. Het def up is amazing and saved me uncountable times. I agree that her minion should be beefier, especially with all these heroes that can hit through defense up buffs and the archer class snipers. They simply take down the minion and then the next sniper has free play. BUT unlike all other taunt heroes, QoH her taunt is not cleansed in equalizer war or by the cleansers.

    I have her for 2 years now as my main green sniper. She’s paired with MN, Bertilla, Franz (before him I used Balbar) and Melendor C. If Franz is activated, she can be really devastating. Now I have Soul Exchanged 20 heroes for Garjammal and Lianna will be put in my second green team, next to Almur, Balbar, Elradir and Brynhild.

    Master Lepus
    Don’t have him, don’t want him… Except for the purple rabbit, there’s no Springvale hero I really want. Their negative effects are just killing them.

    My biggest disappointments:
    Yang Mai – Eventhough I used her a lot, I now see she’s just completely underwhelming.
    Clarissa – yes, she is very fast, but she doesn’t hit very hard!
    Telluria – due to the nerving, she is simply under-performing. Always happy to see Telly in the opposing team.
    I know these are all HoTM. But they just don’t put up a good show…

  9. Im -||- close to F2P, so no matter what i see or read, gotta play what ive got, so im leveling Natalya, to join Anzogh on my roster of “wow, you leveled them?” – including Lianna:-)
    I find it is the 5* average single hitters (leonidas) & hit 3 (thorne, richard, domitia) which tend to earn most disdain.

  10. Bosswolf….

    And yes my hopes werent really that high to begin with, seeing he had been doing a constant walk of shame since his release.
    Nobody really liked/likes Bosswolf, but i figured when i magically managed to summon one in HA10 that my experience and my troops/tactics/ingenuity plus the fact the game evolved into talent/limitbreaking could make him work.. i mean i have made a MVP out of freaking NOOR!

    But fact is that even with all strings pulled i havent been able to see this poor bastard fly properly… not even in rush!.

    So, my biggest 5* disappointment is Bosswolf, and its also my biggest ingame defeat of my ego…

  11. Morgan was the first 5* I ever got from Avalon, and i bumped her to 15 emblems and left her there. Yes, she is not flashy and there are a lot of green heroes who can make mincemeat of the enemy, but there are VERY few heroes who can outlast 3 heroes by themself, and Morgan is one of them. If you love raids and war like I do, and fight till the very end, Morgan is, more often than not, going to be the last one standing, and not on a few occasions will be the sole survivor.

  12. Why has no-one mentioned Obakan?? He is stripped of emblems and may well get fed into the HA (when I EVENTUALLY get it working!).

    1. Bonsoir,

      Obakan avec ses 2 costumes est intéressant non?


      Translated: Good evening,

      Obakan with his 2 costumes is interesting, isn’t it?


  13. Jajajaja,buenas,leo vuestras decepciones y me veo reflejado,Iliana es un importante héroe en mis guerras,me gusta bastante…..todos esos héroes que hable mencionado…..los cambio por ELKANEN……,lo he usado para intercambio de almas…..ascendido al 80,porque no sirve de mucho,si lo veo en un equipo de guerra… voy a por ese fijo

    Translated: Hahahaha, good, I read your disappointments and I see myself reflected, Iliana is an important hero in my wars, I like her a lot…..all those heroes that I mentioned…..I change them for ELKANEN…., I have used him for soul exchange …..promoted to 80, because it is not much use, if I see him in a war team…..I go for that landline

  14. Captain Nemo

    Looks badass, but to get him to do 600% is hard. I would have to purposely set off an enemy to get ailments (which never a good thing in the first place). He’s fast and starts with mana and most of the time when I use him, he’s just the full charge waiting for ailments. Sigh. Kinda regret giving him the rings. What makes me mad is that Eiorra & Fluffy can do 600%+more without needing any special requirement.

    And yes, i dont have Killhare which would be a great combo for him and I didnt get Killhare from the soul exchange because i dont have enough Hero to exchange.

    1. I have Nemo at 3/70 and he will stay there for some time as I read all negative reviews. He apparently combines very well with some Springvale heroes, as they do def down to the team. But I don’t have these. And Frigg and Morell are also not ruling the world of defenses anymore as Quenell and other new OP are taking over.
      Zenobia came and conquered my heart so got the mats before him. And then Ruby came that got higher priority. Saoirse is also there, waiting at 3/70.
      And I have Lady Loki, Zagrog, Russell, 2nd Zenobia and Elena waiting as well at 1/1.
      Think I would do Saoirse first as I expect a buff, since they need to make sure the Slayer event remains sexy enough to spend money.

        1. Lol…
          My sincerest apologies for causing extra work to check my comments. I will try to refrain myself from using these words…

  15. I have to add Odin to the list followed by Drake Fong. I leveled and emblemed both over Joon because Anchor had them on his list of top heroes. Granted I’ve only been at this for 15 months, and always use them together. And for those who have mentioned Lianna, know that, with emblems, she is a one hitter 75% of the time.

    1. Uggghhh…Anchor is the worst. I don’t even have to look to know he gave even Salmon Loki a C. It’s wildly apparent he’s getting paid to push folks to spend money by NEVER giving a brutally honest assessment.
      Instead of war, raids & tourneys, he should follow oldcynic’s lead and break his critiques down into whales, C2P and F2P — and put in the actual odds of pulling from each type of summons – like Odin from Valhalla & Drake from Tavern — % chance of 5*, divided by # of 5* in each summons.

    2. Odin??? Are you serious??? He is one bad-ass hero. I have him LB+20 and he rules the world! Pure Deity hero for me.
      Even with a few yellow tiles, he does moderate damage, but especially the mana speed increase is helping me sooo much in many battles. Combine him with some average or even slow hitters or AoE, and they basically become fast or even very fast. And Odin… He just keeps going then.
      On defense, he is probably still one of the stronger heroes (not counting the newer OP-heroes).

  16. S1 heroes are outdated in general nowadays or I don’t even count them in the disappointment list.. For the non-S1 hero, below are my top 3 for each other:

    Red – Natalya, Captain Nemo, Noor
    Blue – Exeera, Misandra, Perseus
    Green – Balbar, Jade, Lughaidh
    Yellow – Ranvir, Roc, Rana
    Purple – Aeron, Zulag, Myztero

  17. I always use costume Lianna w/ Evelyn it’s one of my favorite teams and usually helps guarantee me a war victory!

  18. Neith and Quintus. Neith was my second HOTM, and I was so excited to fire her special off – she does EVERYTHING. Turns out she does just a tiny bit of everything, and none of it well. The accuracy ain’t bad, but the mana decrease is useless on offense because their mana bars will immediately get back to 100% after tiles. Absolute waste.

    As for Quintus…le sigh, I have no one to blame but myself. I read the hate, I saw the mockery, I knew the players had collectively stuffed him into the locker. But I told myself I’d give him a chance. I pulled him out of the locker, I combed his hair; I bought him fresh clothes and gave him a full 16 emblem makeover. But he refuses to produce results, and he’s just too slow to be useful. It’s only a matter of time before I remove his emblems and stuff him back in the locker.

  19. Way too harsh on Lianna. I pair her with Almur and rip through formations after three matches. Fast snipers are always useful. My heartbreaker was Jean Francois, my first red 5*. I was so excited but while he promised to set the world on fire, his lack of time zero damage often resulted in opposing heros whacking me even as they burned. Several of the season one slow heros are questionable unless you are in a rush event. The shark dude who attacks his own troops and can’t hit dark opponents is hilariously bad.

  20. Lianna gets a little bit of luster in one niche case: as a counter to Alexandrine. Several of the other Green damage dealers (Zocc, Horghall, Almur, C. Elkanen add status ailments which triggers Alexandrine’s passive.

    Lianna comes in, smacks, and sits back down!

  21. I was excited to get Lepus I maxed emblemed and LB him and I’ll never regret it he’s everything I expected him to be he held down RW for months until I got Sobek but the most disappointing I had to think about that for a minute gotta be Hannah!!

    1. Lepus is busted op. He is already op without the costume and I think the regular is better for my game play. The costume is better on defending because it hit all and bleed but the regular costume is better for me when I want to take out the annoying hero like MN.

  22. Ahhh OC, you crack me up. This comment is nothing more to remind you of how hilarious your writing is. The Master Lepus stuff in particular is comedy gold. On a different note: Would be great to have a longer list of disappointing heroes? Anyways, keep it up legend.

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