Silvaria Review – Empires and Puzzles HotM April 22

Silvaria Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

How good is Silvaria? Empires and Puzzles April 2022 Hero Of The Month (HotM). Will her assorted Special, and standout Passive, make her deserving of those ever-precious Mats?

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Silvaria’s Stats and Special Skills (Power of Flora)

Element: Nature (Green)

Class: Barbarian

Mana Speed: Average

Special Skills (Power of Flora): 1. Target and nearby enemies get -34% defense for 3 turns. 2. Deals 350% damage to the target. 3. Summons a Forest Familiar minion for all allies worth 9% HP and 13% attack inherited from the caster. 4. [Element Link] All nature allies get 10% attack for 4 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled.

Passive: 1. Resist Minion Removal. 2. Summons on Burn (when Hero receives burn status ailment, will summon a Forest minion for themselves worth 35% HP and 35% attack).

Talent: WOUND ~ +30% chance to apply bleeding from any normal attack.

Legends 2022 Family Bonus: 1/2/3 Heroes: +10%/+15%/+20% attack. Bonus for 2+ Heroes: Element Link affects all allies.

Silvaria Empires and Puzzles Hero Card detail
Silvaria – Empires and Puzzles

Is Silvaria worth Levelling? (Empires and Puzzles)

It depends on your roster.

Silvaria does a whole bunch of stuff, but nothing to a real elite level.

It’s her passive skill which initially sets her apart, but that might not be as useful as first imagined.

Is she better than Zagrog (last month’s HotM)? To me, absolutely.

In fact, they might even make a somewhat decent Defense Down-Quick-Slap! partnership.

Silvaria’s Special Explained (Empires and Puzzles)

Silvaria shows great form and technique, bringing her victim’s defense down by -34%, before slapping their lights out for 350%.

And it’s that sort of synergy seen throughout her skillset which makes her worth, much more than the sum of her parts.

Even though she only deals damage to the target, both nearby enemies will also receive -34% defense, and we definitely appreciate that, coming from a HotM.

Next, she summons a ‘Forest Familiar’ minion for all allies, worth 9% HP and 13% attack.

Finally, she offers a nice 10% attack buff to Heroes of the same element.

How Good is Silvaria’s Special?

It’s really not that bad for a Hero Of The Month, -not saying its Devana styley, but still, it’s solid enough.

It’s not elite, of course.

The fact is,

  • the defense-down (34%) really isn’t earth-shattering,
  • the hit, well Iris (the Feb 22 HotM) does more damage on a Fast charge
  • and the minions? They do look a little lightweight, at 9% HP each.

It’s true, Silvaria’s not a deity, as a direct comparison with Morel will show. However, she is still a solid Hero to work with, if you don’t have anything better!

HeroMana SpeedHitDefense-down
SilvariaAverage (10 tiles)350% to 1 target-34% to target & NB
MorelFast (8 tiles)180% to all (900% total damage)-34% to all enemies – Silvaria Vs. Morel

Since we’ve got the table out, let’s take a quick look at the minion situation:

HeroMana SpeedMinion HealthMinion Attack
SilvariaAverage9% (127HP)13%
Silvaria’s Passive35% (494HP)35%
ReubenFast5% (78HP)10%
Very Fast13% (228HP*)20%
Very Fast17%20%
FreyaFast20% (334HP*)20%
Director ZuriAverage15%22%
HuldaAverage31%11% (healing)
DevanaAverage35%35% – Silvaria’s minions Vs. Others – *with emblems

Silvaria’s minions do offer some protection, and there’s always value in that.

However, this also makes her a ‘summoner’, and therefore liable to get a hefty SmackDown as a result.

How Good Is Silvaria? (April Hero Of The Month)

My main issue with Silvaria is that she’s not a Specialist; she doesn’t do any one thing particularly well.

Still, consider this:

Reuben, who’s generally viewed as a poor Hero, will hit all 3 targets for 215% and summons a minion for all allies (with the Family Bonus) worth 5% HP and 10% attack.

All on a Fast charge.

So, what makes Silvaria so much more useful than him?

The Defense-Down!

Because even though she can’t get enough weight behind her punches to make it count (… hear, hear! To making it count 🥂), that doesn’t mean her teammates won’t.

For the right player, Silvaria represents the opportunity to get old school with a solid 5-Star, Average speed, Defense-down, HotM.

I mean, how many Defense-down, average-speed, 5-Star Heroes do you own?

My only 5-Star Defense-down Hero is, Season 1’s Isarnia.

So, yes, Silvaria’s not a Specialist.

But she might turn out to be a decent all-rounder.

Silvaria’s Passive Minion (Empires and Puzzles)

This is another area where Silvaria shines; with her passive skills.

Her first trick is, Resisting minion removal, and this really contributes to her second passive…

  • Summons a minion worth 35% HP and 35% attack on burn damage

Just look at the size of those bouncing meatballs!

But, how often do you get burnt in the current meta?

And, Is it enough to justify fielding a Hero who will only protect herself on such an occasion?

This is a great little passive, but it’s too obscure

Unless we’re about to get a boatload of new burn Heroes, then I don’t think it’s a common enough problem to be the sole reason to play Silvaria.

Viscaro has a similar passive, but his concerns the summoning of fiends for any enemy who summons as part of their Special… And that’s a pretty wide remit he has there, thus making him super useful.

Silvaria on the other hand is talking about burn damage…

…Anyone know a Hero who burns allies?…

…I’d really love a twisted fire starter at this point…

I spent a little time trying to isolate the main burners we commonly face in raids, here’s my list:


Jean Francois

I’m sure I’m missing a few, but the key point is, while this is a nice passive, I don’t think it’s a game-changer.

That said, it’s this type of odd skill which actually ends up being really useful for defeating some crazy hard Map Stage or difficult Event (like Clash Of Knights)… mark my words!

Update: Season 5 Family Bonus?

A reader has highlighted the fact that next Season’s Heroes will have Burn damage attached to their Family Bonus, and this clearly adds more value to Silvaria’s passive.

For the record, next Season’s Heroes are still in beta testing, so they may not actually appear in this form. However, here’s what the Family Bonus currently looks like:

There are 2 Family Bonuses (Sun and Moon). The Sun Family Bonus states:

  • For 1/2 Heroes: 10% / 20% chance to make a cast of -35% accuracy for 2 turns and 98 (for 5-Star Heroes) burn damage over 2 turns to an enemy who deals Special Skill damage to this character.
  • If the enemy Special Skill defeats this character, the chance is increased to 75%.

As we can see, Silvaria satisfies the criteria… and happens to have a rather large minion waiting in her pocket.

All that said, as it stands, there are only 4 ‘Sun’ Family 5-Star Heroes currently listed for Season 5.

Silvaria – Empires and Puzzles HotM April 2022

My final thoughts:

Everyone likes to hear good things about their newly pulled Hero, and I don’t wanna be the bad guy.

The problem is, I have to measure up these Heroes against the Best. Heroes like:

And, there’s no point in me suggesting that some of these recent HotMs come anywhere close to those Deities.

But, could they help you defeat the Deities?

In Silvaria’s case, there’s good reason to believe she could.

Her most potent skill is the Defense-down inflicted on 3 targets. While, the rest of her build has good synergy, which could easily be woven into a 5-Hero squad.

If I were a F2P/C2P player who pulled Silvaria, she’d likely get levelled pretty quickly.

Whereas, if I were a P2P player, she might not even get to 3/70, unless I had good reason to believe that burn damage was about to become a much more prevalent problem.

Hero Grade for Silvaria (Empires and Puzzles)

So for my grading, the question is:

Is this Hero’s Special capable of/likely to change the outcome of a battle? No.

If not, do they still bring enough to the party to help defeat the deities? Yes.

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Archangel

What are your thoughts? Did I get it wrong or miss something? Let me know in the comments below.

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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  1. Don’t really understand the 5* defense down comment unless you’re referring to HOTMs exclusively. Morel and frigg both do defense down as 5*s…

    1. I’m referring to HotM, but also the rarity of a modern Average speed defense-down 5-Star hero.

      The common DD heroes I can think of are C.Vivica and Isarnia. I’m sure there are more, but I like that Silvaria is a modern build who is going to be accessible (a HotM) to the masses.

      I will clear that up tho, and thank you for highlighting it! Thanks for reading.

      1. One of my Alliance members told me about your site,I’m grateful for your information,being Disabled not understanding E&P,really helps, so thank you for all the help understand you do,I wish I could send something, money for me is tight I will try, so thank

        1. Hello Patrick, I’m glad you like my blog and find the information useful. There’s no need to send me any money! I’m glad that players are sharing my blog because it means new people find it. Thank you for all your support!

    2. I think that‘s for those who aren‘t the moneyplayers and have maybe luck to pull out a hero of the month. So I think it‘s great, that you are so often talking to the players in the highest leagues and to those who are of course, the bigger amount, who are maybe pulling 10 – 30 heroes a month and are happy to have maybe alberich still in there 🙂
      Thanks Old Cynic for your great work for years now. Love to read your hero gradings.
      Greetings AL from timeb@ndits

  2. Im gonna try to get her. Not sure about levelling her but its always good to have than don’t. Seems decent and its great the defense down comes first before she hits it. But that summon minion upon burn is kinda hard to apply. Not really much burner in defenses nowadays. You can add Emilio to the list of main burners. Again, good hero to have for F2P and C2P. For an average speed, SG should include damage to nearby too.

    1. Thanks for the Emilio tip.

      I agree, if this hero was connected to a portal event, they’d be stronger than this. But, we gotta work with what we got, and at least that defense-down hits 3 targets. I can work with that.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  3. I just read some info on Season 5 heroes. The Sun Family Bonus…. they have 10/20% to do burn damage to enemy that deals special skills damage to them. Silvaria might come in handy for this.

    1. Hey MIB, I’m gonna go check it out… That’s a great find for anyone reading this review.

      For those reading, according to beta info, there will be 2 family bonuses (Sun and Moon). The Sun family bonus is:

      For 1/2 heroes: 10% / 20% chance to make a cast -35% accuracy for 2 turns and X burn damage over 2 turns.

      I’ll update the review as this definitely makes Silvaria’s passive more useful, as you say.

      Thanks MIB!

  4. One comment on the defense down before attack, Silvaria’s effective attack is 350%/.66 = 530%. That makes Silvaria a darn good sniper although most pure snipers are fast mana. Lianna (for example) is fast but only does 512% and has no other bonuses. If you don’t have a defense down on your attack team, this could be your hero.

  5. Hi. Do you think that she is better than Lady Locke from Pirates? I can only ascend either or.

    I also have cElk, Balbar and Elradir from which to choose. None are leveled.

    1. OK, let’s try again, and this time actually referencing the hero you’re talking about!

      LL does a fantastic amount of damage over 4 turns and cleanses the team. -I like both, the cleanse could be really useful in the current meta.

      If I had to pick out of the two, I’d go LL, because she would work well in my play-style and create new possibilities on offense and defense. So skill wise, for my roster, I’d go LL.

      As I said before, Silvaria is a nice solid hero who brings a lot to the table, but I do like the clear damage to 3, caused by LL, & that cleanse.

      Of course, please collect other opinions and congrats on getting both!

  6. I got her but she is far down the line to get lvl/love.
    I think she is a pretty good hero from first glance, ok not a go-to hero for the bread & butter raid team, but all in all a good skillset to make an interesting match.

  7. Allow me to add a note on damage dealt by this hero.

    Her special says 350%, but that would be before def down. Since first thing she does is lowering defense, her actual damage dealt is roughly 425% on yellow, dark and green heroes (blue and red get it differently, don’t need to explain).

    To say that such direct damage puts her close to heroes like Rayne on her last revised release. Well, of course R’s DoT is way more desirable than S’s -34% def, but the hero’s overall concept is not far at all.

  8. I just got lucky and pulled silvaria and telluria. Between the two who should I level and use my mats on?
    Thanks for the info

    1. Hey Charles, personally I’d go Silvaria because she’s new (power) and I love the Defense-down with the Minions. However, please get the views of your Alliance and maybe others here will also offer an opinion!

      Congrats on getting her!

  9. I did pull her 3 days ago when season V came out and I would like to think that her passive against burn dmg will come in handy. Especially with her giving def down and resistance against minion removal – I think if I pair her with Mr. Pengi, it could be an amazing combo. I hate how small the food storage is, haha. She is sitting at 4/63, would be maxed and emblemed at this point. And definitely tested with Mr. Pengi. Overall I like your review of her, I have seen many people only flaming her, so this was a good and constructive reading. Cheers.

  10. I don’t have any other green def-down heroes, so I’m extremely welcoming of Silvaria from a titan and mono green perspective alone.
    And of course your war roaster will BE Note versatile with a Green def downer

  11. I find your blog very helpful and look forward to each new entry. Am I right to think of Silvaria as a decent 5* replacement for Buddy?

  12. Again…I love this blog of yours, well done. The thing that is refreshing is you keep a stupid game review fun and interesting…and give excellent reviews. The reviews I have found are very clear and although anyone can have a bad experience with their hero in the real game…tiles can suck and they can rock a review can’t change that. Thanks & Cheers!

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