El Naddaha Review, Empires and Puzzles (Season 5)

El Naddaha Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

El Naddaha just dropped outta the Empires and Puzzles Dynasty of Dunes portal, with one hand playing the Harp and the other ready to slap anybody who so much as thinks about buffing a teammate.

-Get ready for El Naddaha’s rapid ascension to the top!

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El Naddaha‘s Stats and Special Skills (Legendary Hero)

Element: Nature (Green)

Class: Wizard

Mana Speed: Fast

Family Bonus (for 1/2) – Moon: 1. 10%/20% chance to cast -24% defense for 2 turns and 98 Water damage over 2 turns on an enemy who deals Special damage to this Hero. 2. If the enemy’s Special defeats this Hero, chance increases to 50%/75%.

Special Skills (Luring Song): 1. Deals 305% damage to target and nearby. 2. The target and nearby are immune to new Status Effect buffs for 3 turns, receiving 200 damage for each attempted buff.

Passives: On Special Skill activation, has a 50% chance to 1. Hit all enemies for 70% damage and 2. dispel the latest buff from enemies.

Talent: JINX ~ +25% chance to deal +15% extra damage per each active buff the enemies have. The extra damage applies to both normal attacks and Special Skills.

El Naddaha Empires and Puzzles Hero Card Detail
El Naddaha – Empires and Puzzles

How Good is El Naddaha? (Empires and Puzzles)

El Naddaha is the answer to all our problems… our gaming problems. You won’t find a better anti-Buff package in Empires and Puzzles.

She punches with the savagery of an elite hitter, then flexes like a Control Hero on the back-end.

-She’s the complete package.

Juliet! Juliet!

I’m not gonna lie, when I first saw her this morning at the Portal, I’m sure we exchanged some glances, -then I got ahead of myself, thinking we were meant to be and all that…

I had some Gems, which I had been holding for Underwild, but I looked at her, she looked away… I looked at her, she looked away… just felt right, you know?

Turns out, I was reading the signs all wrong.

It don’t matter tho, nothing to worry about, -I didn’t leave empty-handed. I got:

  • Azmia (who looks… A-mazing),
  • Ahhotep,
  • Scoratek,
  • Ptolemy,
  • Faiez,
  • and Rekhetre x3.

All from 12 pulls.

A reasonable collection, which will keep me busy ’til rapture.

El Naddaha’s Hit (Empires and Puzzles)

We already know El Naddaha hits hard, but we also like tables to illustrate the point, so:

HeroMana SpeedDamageSecondary
El NaddahaFast (8 tiles)Deals 305% damage to the target & NBNo Status Effects permitted for 3 turns
IrisFast (8 tiles)Deals 325% damage to the target & minor to NBDispels buffs from the target and NB at the end of each turn for 3 turns
QuenellFast (8 tiles)Deals 320% damage to the target & NBGains a +40% power boost for her next Special, with a possible top-end hit of 520% damage to 3 targets (1,560% total)
FalineFast (8 tiles)Deals 330% damage to the target & NB-64% mana generation to the quickest of the Heroes hit (all 3 if the same)
Mr. PengiFast (8 tiles)Deals 450% damage to the targetWill potentially hit another 15 times -up to 1,498% damage
Guan YuAverage (10 tiles)Deals 390% damage to the target & NBTarget and nearby get between -25% and -70% defense based on minions
PenoliteAverage (10 tiles)Deals 245% damage to allDeals 490% damage against Minion and Fiend summoners. All enemies get -50% decrease for any healing
EloiseAverage (10 tiles)Deals 270% damage to allDestroys all Minions from all enemies and they can’t get new ones.
OldCynic.com – El Naddaha compared with similar Heroes

That’s top-end right there.

I added Iris to the list because I wanted to illustrate the difference between Archangel and Deity.

Iris is highly rated by me because she helps the average player compete with monsters. But, when Heroes are actually created to really push Control boundaries, we end up with El Naddaha.

-El Naddaha doesn’t play around with buffs, there’s nothing ambiguous about it, -she simply makes the targets immune. Great stuff.

Let’s dig a little deeper into that buff immunity… I mean, that’s what makes El Naddaha so much better than what we’ve seen; this is high-level striking, combo’d with high-level Control.

Is El Naddaha Worth It? (Empires and Puzzles)

Once El Naddaha’s done slapping heads, she starts chanting the mysterious words of the ancient tongue.

-Her Egyptian spell leaves her victims immune to new Status Buffs for 3 turns, and every time some smart-ass tries to help them out, she punishes them (for 200 damage).

As a reader discovered, El Naddadha will punish them even if her own ally tries to aid them (Wilbur’s Shared Damage for example).

I don’t have to tell you, Taunters are going to feel a little inadequate around El Naddaha, along with any other mainstream buffer.

Of course, Prof. Lidenbrock has a long-standing, ‘don’t give a f~*k’ position, when it comes to Heroes like El Naddaha.

-However, the good Professor may not realise, that with El Naddaha’s speed and power, she may well have the presence of mind, to slap the resistance right out of her.

Image saying, Dynasty of Dunes Empires and Puzzles
(Dynasty of Dunes) Season 5 – Empires and Puzzles

El Naddaha’s Passive Skills (Empires and Puzzles)

Passive Skills tremendously contribute to a Hero’s overall value in Season 5.

In El Naddaha’s case, she actually has one of the lowest trigger rates, at 50%.

And for good reason… She’s already a superstar.

Still, she has an additional chance of hitting all enemies for 70% damage, and in a lovely twist of fate, the ability to remove the latest buff from (all) enemies.

For me, that second part really does turn up the dial on her anti-Buffer status.

Finally, we have the cool family bonus:

  • Moon Family 1/2: 1. 10%/20% chance to cast -24% defense for 2 turns and 98 Water damage over 2 turns on an enemy who deals Special damage to this Hero. 2. If the enemy Special defeats this Hero, chance increases to 50%/75%.

El Naddaha Review (Empires and Puzzles)

My final thoughts:

El Naddaha should prove to be a wonderful Hero who’ll really shine on Offense, where you can manage her timing and the selection of her targets.

Of course, you can add Defense, Titans, and Stages to her repertoire.

And at Fast, she stands a good chance of getting out in front of the pack and stopping any silliness, before it even begins.

I really wanted to pull El Naddaha, but ever gracious in defeat, I offer my warmest congratulations to you jammy lucky b*st#rds who did.

“Do you bite your thumb at us, Sir?”

I do! I do bite my thumb at you, Sir!

Bonus Content: Who was El Naddaha?

Get this, El Naddaha is like an old Egyptian myth where a spirit gets her kicks from trying to drown unsuspecting men.

Anyway, she’d take the form of a beautiful woman, then hang out by the Nile in a transparent dress (I’m not making this up). From there, she’d call out to any passing Gents… by name…

They’d look over, see this beautiful woman, all dipping in the Nile, and be like, alright-alright, play it cool.

But then, unexpectedly, they’d become speechless! -Hypnotized by her, and obedient to her every demand.

Thankfully, in the story, his mate “saves” him and they run off together.

If you like this sort of story but prefer a more formal tone, check out this amazing website I found. It’s called Wikipedia. -Loads of cool stuff there.

Hero Grade for El Naddaha (Empires and Puzzles)

So for my grading, the question is:

Is this Hero’s Special capable of/likely to change the outcome of a battle? Yes.

If not, do they still bring enough to the party to help defeat the deities? N/a.

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity ⭐⭐

What are your thoughts? Did I get it wrong or miss something? Let me know in the comments below.

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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  1. Don’t you mean Azmia is…Azmiazing?

    And Lidenbrock’s DGAF position can still be dispelled by Naddaha’s passive. This woman/goddess/Juliet should be spitting rhymes with Ye, Jay-Z, and Nicki cuz she’s a MONSTER.

    1. She’s a great hero, a real catch all. ..and at Fast.

      Oh, these 4-Stars aren’t to be messed with. I’ll have a couple in my Raid and Defense teams, testing them out before long!

      Sry for the short delay Holodigm, a few days busy writing, now chilling for a bit.

  2. Pulled her yesterday, im a new player and got the following 5*, what do yoy suggest as def line-up old cynic?

    Ruby, Alexandrine, Magni, lady of lake(c), ratatoskar, viscaro, guardian kong (c), seshat(c), master lepus (c), iris, zagrog, Elizebeth, el nadaha, zulag, clarrissa and athena (c)

    I dont have any 5* yellow, only have a few 4*, d andre, mist, wang yuanji, xiu li(c),hutao, gretel and the new scoratek

    Thanks for your time!

    1. Hey Dimitri, congrats! Amazing heroes.

      As for line up, it’s always a question of testing to see what works. It’s best to go with the ones you’ve got levelled as well.

      I get asked this a lot and it’s hard to find a nice way of turning down the offer, but I’d be sorting line-ups for a lot of people if I don’t. I’ll try to put together a post with my tips for creating line-ups.

      Don’t hate me!

      Oh also, check out this post — These are great tips for setting up squads (both D and R)!

  3. This is odd…its been a week or more. I havent seen her. Like even once?
    When new mega heroes come out, almost always some maniac whale gets ahold of one or 2 or 5, and before the release weekend is out, youll run into one fully level and emblem maxed, 3 or 4 days after 1st release. More trickle in for days or weeks afterward.

    I have yet to find one? Wonder why?
    I still find Malosi to be the anti special weapon of choice. Block the shooter, then you dont need to worry about who is working with him…because nobody will be.
    But she takes a backended approach. Let them get a boost…no…ENCOURAGE them to seek blessings from their mommy. And when they do, it wont work and theyll get slapped for no small amount, which is in ways worse than Malosi. At the very least its way more dramatic!

    Now I just gotta find her out there…and see how it works against my main attack team. Malosi, Ruby Ludwig Milena Onyx
    I suppose if shes not on a team with a Taunt hero beside her or with any Riposte heroes, then one could swap out Onyx for Garnet, which would be a workaround for her special. But you cant cover all bases on defense without leaving holes. Ninjas unfortunately dont self aim well on AI, so she makes defenses vulnerable..

    1. Hey TLK914, I don’t know if it’s wise to go picking a fight with her!

      Great raid team, I love the idea of Malosi in such prestigious company. Thanks for sharing.

      1. Btw now that I have naddaha I can tell you that if you have costume kage, pair with khonshu and 6 tiles you kill almost every hero in game.. if Ludwig, just use cKage and fire 3 tiles of some of your element and then khonhu and hes dead and khonsu need 3 tiles to fire again , ghost tiles and kage is on use also , c kadilen also need set of tiles to hit but they defeat together almost anyone you need to get rid off fast.. i don’t know why people won’t use them ever eaven you are in top 10 in 15 minutes 😉 btw in thinking about azmian becose you like her and I saw her used on top 20 but I defeated her like she’s nothing. I have Embled her but I’m struggling with LB or not, does it make any different than without LB, i think not but I just feel like pushing the LB many times xD yet I haven’t , i never use her anymore but maybe LB then in tournament 4* tank.

        1. Hey Khaudi, Azmia is still relevant in my raid/defense teams, but it depends on your roster. But she is also great for tourneys. I’m a huge fan, but she’s strong for my roster if you know what I mean!

  4. Her class talent is Wizard but her ears are like elves. And special is like sorcerer. Yet she is powerful than any mage heroes.

  5. Yeah finally i got this Super woman and before her i already have LB/Emblems on Khufu , Khonshu,Sobek, Horus
    And now fifth El naddaha.
    Scoratek, Junaid x 2, ahhotep
    Jarif, aqueela,Faz and pulls for all of these , in leveling third junaid btw. So pulls from portal between 150-200 so pretty good I think to get 5 legendary the beast ones , bastet now ofcourse is OP. 4* i had multiple so just food like 3*except Junaid he’s Superman really i think best 4* and 2-3 is really useful becose the heal is like 500 to all when you have 2. DMG is crazy and + passive so awesome hero = fast mana , 919 AtK does 400% DMG and yes healer too! Underrated. He’s useful in global top 10 and he shines and if u have 2 they shine more!

  6. I just finished leveling Rl Naddaha and am looking for advice on what emblem path to take. She’s pretty weak on health so I should probably work that into the mix. Any suggestions?

    1. Hey Agonizer! Well you know this is just my opinion, not advice, your roster and playstyle matter etc etc. My position (as a really cheap player without many Super-Healers) is that I need my heroes to last as long as possible. So I always go health/Defense/mana, regardless. But as she’s a hitter, you’ll be missing out on damage. It works for my playstyle, but know it’s not for everyone. Here’s a very early post about my strategy.

      Hope whatever you do works for you!

  7. Don’t agree. She is an offensive hero. So I went full attack and mana. Same for all my offensive heroes like Quenell Ruby Kullervo Seshat and many more.

  8. I note that the Moon passive has increased to 50%/75% and 75%/100% from your original review. Clearly she needed more opportunities to cast damage and make the defenses weaker. I was reviewing your guides on who next to level, so she’s going to get the focus along with Khepri

  9. What I’ve discovered recently about El Naddaha (and heroes like her) is that her second special with the percentage chance (buff removal in her case) can trigger EVEN IF she’s been suppressed by heroes like Kullervo.

    So I hit with Kullervo to stop her aggravating ability. And then she STILL strips my buffs. Argh, I say.

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