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A subscriber recently suggested that I create a section of the blog where readers can ask questions, and get my Empires and Puzzles tips. With that in mind, I’ve created this page. So if you have an E&P question, read on…

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So, how will this work? (Empires and Puzzles tips)

First, it’s important to note that I don’t claim to be an expert. Also, the information on this page (and blog) isn’t advice -just my opinion. My opinion is based on a history of F2P/C2P, so I generally won’t consider solutions that involve spending money.

We’ll only cover topics which don’t already have their own page. That way, new readers can find all the relevant information in one place. For example, I wouldn’t answer a question about Motega here, when it makes more sense to submit any questions to his own page.

There’s a Search Box in the Sidebar, so you can check before submitting.

To submit a question, simply ask it as a comment at the bottom of the page.

Each question will be numbered, so readers can comment on them and contribute to the discussion.

If you’re going to ask a question, it would be nice if you would first subscribe to my blog. Please also provide a name or calling card, and your Player Level, so I can address you in my response, and have an idea of how long you’ve been playing the game.

Finally, if you have a comment about someone’s question, please feel free to leave it in the comments below -identifying the Question number you’re referring to. And, if your information is better than my own, I’ll update the Empires and Puzzles tip accordingly.

That’s it! Let’s get started…

Empires and Puzzles Tips!

Empires and Puzzles Tips

Tips for the Hero Academy

Question 1: Which building do I convert into HA (Hero Academy)? I don’t really wish to sacrifice a farm & at the same time would like to have 1 forge available at all times. –Satish

Old Cynic’s Tip:
As you level up your Stronghold, you’ll find that 4 Forges become available (at 1, 3, 8, & 15). And if you have a Builder free, you can convert them in seconds, and at no additional cost. I used a forge for the HA and converted it back when I needed to. Now, at my level, I’m happy to sacrifice a Forge for the Hero Academy.

As the Hero Academy becomes available at Stronghold 25, you should have all Forges available to you.

Tips for levelling Troops

Question 2: Best way to level up troops? –Tom Jones

Old Cynic’s tip:
Firstly, Troops are a resource hog -a serious long term grind. Here are the steps I’d take to speed up my Troop levelling:

1. Prioritise Troops over hero levelling. That means using Food on Troops before heroes, and manufacturing Troops rather than training low level heroes.
2. Keep improving your Farms, because you’re gonna need Food for the Troops.
3. Train Troops in the Hero Academy. Do the math and work out which level provides the best value.
4. When Farming old Map stages, focus on those which offer the most Troops (I believe Season 1-8.7 & Season 3-4.5 are good options).
5. Enjoy the grind: Complete all Quests, Watch Mystic Visions, use up World Flags, and generally do all you can to accumulate resources and low level Troops.

Aegir Tips

Question 3: Please share your thoughts on Aegir. Also, where would he fit in best – Titan, Offence, Defence (Tank, Flank or Wing)? –Satish

Old Cynic’s Tip:
First, he didn’t appear in last months E&P Blog roundup list of top Defenses (he’s not currently considered a top hero). Personally, I’m not a fan. He’s more of a slight irritation when I face him.

As I often point out, I field Malosi to deal with all status heroes, and Aegir is routinely just another of his victims. Looking at his skill-set, I’m not too bothered by Group-sharing of damage, and +30% Defense-up isn’t much. The healing looks OK (odd wording, so hard to quantify without playing him), and the element link is only relevant for Titans and stacked teams. He’s a busy hero for Average mana speed, and at one time I remember seeing him a lot in Defenses. In today’s game, there are just better options (Taunt).

I’d probably play him on the Flank -on Defence… maybe elsewhere if I didn’t have anything better. As with all heroes, it’s best to move him around to see how he fares. Finally, if you’re P2P, there are many better options. If you’re C2P, he’s an OK hero. If you’re F2P…. he’s your only 5-Star, so play him : ).

Anyway, I make that your second question, so you officially have to share a post from my blog somewhere! Hope this helps.

High Titan Score Tips

Question 4: Any tips on getting those massive scores on titans. I see other players getting some pretty impressive points that seem to elude me. Thanks in advance. Cool site by the way. –Patrick

Old Cynic’s tip:
I do enjoy hitting the Titan, but I’m pretty casual about it. -So there maybe better advice found elsewhere.

I’ve achieve my best Titan scores by using heroes that can increase Attack, and reduce Defense.

Great Titan scores are all about tile damage and selecting the right heroes. If you’re a newer player, then give it time -decent Titan heroes will come your way sooner or later. But, you may never really be able to compete with P2P players for highest Titan scores.

What makes a good Titan hero?
☆ Heroes who can increase Attack, like Miki, Wu Kong, and Sergei (also, learn who Stacks)
☆ Heroes who can reduce the Titan’s Defense, like Tiburtus and Grimm
☆ Heroes who can enhance the tiles on the board, like Alexandrine
☆ Heroes who can increase Critical chance, like Malosi and Melia

I don’t have those heroes in the same color, so I have to be willing to try mixing teams if necessary (as long as I’m not weak against the Titan’s element).

Finally, you need a reasonable strategy and a willingness to use Items.

Here’s what I do:
Start the battle with a Bear Banner. They’re cheap and give me a little boost at the beginning. If things go well, I normally use more Items, if not, I back off.

I might also fire-off mana on a single hero, if I need the Special. This might be for Gullinbursti, on a high-star Titan, to give all my heroes over-life… So they don’t die! Or, it might be a Tiburtus type, if the tiles look good.

I will also use Tornados to get the board moving, if necessary (Scrolls of Alteration are also great, but expensive). And against super strong Titans, I’ve used Time Stops.

With items, if I’ve got ’em, I’ll use ’em -as long as it looks like it’s going to be a good score, otherwise, I abort.

My strategy is to create as many Diamonds as possible, and to get tiles moving, and flying into the side of Titan’s head. If I can, I always try to Stun the beast, too.

For some Elements, I’m able to get into the 80K range, for others, it’s the 30-40K range. Ideally, you’ll have five 5-Star heroes on a Mono team against the Titan. And while I can field 4&5-Star heroes, they are far from “Titan” specialist. But that’s fine for me.

My ideal line-up looks something like this:

I asked my wife for tips, since she has scores of over 100K. Her best advice was:

Have good luck.

~Which may be more valuable than what I’ve said.

Old Cynic’s Empires and Puzzles Tips

Question 5: Example Text. –Subscriber

Old Cynic’s tip:
Wisdom or lunacy.

To submit a question, simply ask it as a comment at the bottom of the page.

While I’ll try to respond in good time, sometimes it may take a day or two.

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