How Good is Malosi? Empires and Puzzles HotM Review

Limit Broken Malosi Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Malosi is an old Empires and Puzzles Hero Of The Month. He’s a dear friend of mine, and in all honesty, it’s kinda weird talking about him like this. But, it’s time to get it all out there.

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Malosi‘s Element, Class, Special Skills, & Talents

Malosi’s core data:

Element: Holy (Yellow)

Class: Barbarian

Mana Speed: Very Fast

Family Bonus: 2020 (Coming soon: 1/2/3 Heroes get +10%/20+/+30% healing. *Elemental link will now affect all allies (if there are two 2020 HotM on the same team). That’s +10% critical chance for all allies.)

Special Skills (Power Punch): 1. Deals 300% damage to the target. 2. The target cannot cast any new status effects or stacks on enemies or allies for 3 turns. 3. Element Link gives all Holy allies +10% critical chance for 6 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled.

Talent: WOUND ~ +30% chance to apply bleeding from any normal attack.

Legends 2020 Family Bonus: 1/2/3 Heroes: +10%/+15%/+20% healing. Bonus for 2+ Heroes: Element Link affects all allies.

Malosi – Empires and Puzzles

Is Malosi worth Levelling? (Empires and Puzzles)

Yes -Malosi is one of the best all-time Heroes in Empires and Puzzles.

Malosi‘s Special (Power Punch)

I was a young(er) man when I began my E&P journey. I didn’t really know how to play the game and kept losing Raids.

But good fortune brought me Malosi.

I remember it like it was yesterday; I was there, at the Summoning Gate, and Malosi must have been hiding behind the curtain. It was fun.

He jumped out, in what I now recognise to be his signature pose; with a fist hurtling towards me. I can laugh about it now.

Anyway, since that day, Malosi has always been with me in battle. No matter the odds or situation, Malosi’s ready to go.

What does his Special skill actually do?

Well, not many know this. He actually punches the victim in the temple, then he does this twisting of his knuckle thing, then the guy’s all dazed and off-balance.

And when they’re in that state, they can’t piss straight, let alone cast a Status Effect. Mind you, they’re still dangerous -so you gotta watch for any punches that come your way.

But what I really want to emphasise is, Malosi doesn’t go ’round looking for a fight. He just pre-empts stupidity. -A bit like my dog, when other dogs get to playing around him, he tells them off. Well, that’s what Malosi does.

Just before.

With a punch to the side of the head.

Like any civilized person would do.

Anyway, let’s go ahead and compare Malosi to some other Heroes. Although I warn you now, I don’t know of any other Hero in Empires and Puzzles who can stop the victim from casting Status Effects in the same way. (Let me know, and I’ll add them to the table)…

Malosi‘s Comparison (Empires and Puzzles)

HeroMana SpeedDamageSecondary
MalosiVery FastDeals 300% damage to the victim’s headDizzy feeling, like sinusitis. Pressure around the eyes. General sadness and lethargy
Bai YeongFastDeals 320% damage to the targetSlaps them senseless and unaware of present location. Victims are often seen punching the air around them
BalbarAverageDeals 300% damage to the targetSings them a lullaby
TyrFastDeals 285% damage to the targetSome real selfish stuff going on here – Malosi compared with other hitters

It seems, no matter the Raid team I put together, Malosi’s always starting Point. -He has to make the team.

And every once in a while, his punch will actually finish an enemy, and we both tend to chuckle about that. Because he’s not a hyper sniper, he’s just a team player. Someone who’s spent years learning how to protect his team from the evils of Infliction.

Malosi is the best.

Malosi – Empires and Puzzles HotM

My final thoughts:

Malosi may be one of the most valuable Raid Heroes in Empires and Puzzles. No matter your player status (F2P/P2P), Malosi will help you manage the opposition. -Levelling the playing field and giving you the chance of winning any battle.

Jean Francois, the Honourable Rigard, Krampus, and the beloved Sif, all know his name. Reliving the nightmare, they whimper in their sleep. Only to wake in a sweat of terror, at the notion of ever seeing Malosi’s crazed smile again.

And soon, Ludwig will know the taste of his fist.

And when Ludwig stumbles, as he surely must, in that last moment of clarity before the daze, one name will echo through his soon-to-be-emptied chamber once called a brain:


Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Archangel

What are your thoughts? Did I get it wrong, or did I miss something? Let me know in the comments below.

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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  1. Extremely cleaver and interesting post Cynic. That’s why I subscribed. You’ve replaced Tellygames for me (although I wish Telly would return). I don’t have Malosi as I started after he was HoTM. Is he going to be in HA10? Although I am a ways from being able to do that. Please do more of these.
    PS If you wouldn’t mind giving advice. I have regular Joon, Devana and Wolfgang, who should get the darts. Also similar question between Heimdall and C. Francine. Thanks in advance and keep up the great posts!

    1. Hello, thanks for reading and subscribing, I really appreciate it.

      To your questions, first the usual caveats: I’m just some guy who’s been playing for a long time. Not an expert. Also, depends your roster, yadda yadda.

      If it were me… and this is a really tough call, but Devana. (Links may be useful for others). Crazy as it sounds. I play her every raid alongside Malosi, and her dispel and Super-Minion, are serious business. She can also be stubborn on Defense. That said, Wolfgang is a state-of-the-art modern Superhero, so between them is difficult. -I’d really want them both.

      Question is, how are your Raids going? Do you need a dispeller? … Again Wolfgang is very strong. Go with who you like out of them, I’d say.

      C.Francine for the second for me. She’s Fast and amazing with it.

      Hope that helped, thanks for stopping by!

    2. I do both regular raiding and AW in mono. Mono is frustrating at times but I am learning how to manipulate tiles if the RNG will be somewhat cooperative. I do need a dispeller in yellow, and Devana would be the ticket. My yellow mono is Uraeus at 18, cVivica at14, Mistat 15, Guardian Jackal at 18, and Griffin only at 3 emblems. Who would you bump for Devana and then who would you bump next when I do Wolfgang?
      Just to be clear. Did you mean you would level up CFrancine in a second or did you mean cFrancine second after Heimdall. Thanks ever so much for your quick reply. I have recommended your site to my alliance in the past as a replacement for Telly and will do so again.

      1. Hey Centaur, re who to drop -I don’t know all those heroes well enough to advise. Not Vivica, as she’s your healer. Someone who does damage, I’d say. You’re gonna have to test it out to see what feels right to you.

        I mean C.Francine over Heimdall. Two different hero types, but if I were forced to choose, it would be Francine.

        And, thanks for spreading the word!

        1. Hi Cynic, thanks for your very well-written and informative posts!
          Centaur has probably figured this out by now but Uraeus and Devana don’t work very well together on the same line. I’ve found that Uraeus’ minions superimpose on Devana’s. This is a problem because Devana’s minions last longer than Uraeus’, so he ends up stepping on her toes. I like both of these heroes but they’re not really compatible on the same team.
          Thanks again and keep up the great work!

  2. He “pre-empts stupidity”….love it and it is so true. He starts fights to end bigger fights, a great hero to use against so very many heroes.

    Does the tank regen health for the team or nb heroes? Not anymore.

    Does a hero buff others? Once upon a time they did…then BAMM! Malosi!

  3. Hi Old Cynic,
    I like your reviews, and i like to ask if Malosi hit fiend summoner, will enemy can summon fiends ?

    1. Hi Witcher, sadly not. Malosi will only stop Status Effects -which includes Buffs and Ailments.

      Take Freya for example: If Malosi hits her, she will still summon a Minion for all allies, but she won’t cast +30% Defense-up for them.

      Malosi’s also useful against Alfrike, because he stops the Mindless Attack part of her Special. So, it’s not just heroes like JF and Rigard that Malosi can impact.

  4. Buenas maquina,entre debana y malosi…que ves mejor para ascender?

    Translated: Good machine, between Debana and Mali … what do you see better to ascend?

    1. Hi Dergoden, that’s a great question (Devana or Malosi?).

      Malosi is amazing, but I’d say Devana… but it’s a close call.

      Most of the time, Devana can clean up what Malosi misses. So, if you can’t catch them before they fire, Devana can Dispel after. But, Malosi is good for casters of Ailments too, like Alfrike. He’s also really quick to charge.

      Devana has the Minion, which is a tank. And also, is more useful for Quests.

      Sooo close, but if forced to choose or never drink coffee again -then I’d go Devana.

      Translated: Hola Dergoden, esa es una gran pregunta (¿Devana o Malosi?).

      Malosi es increíble, pero yo diría que Devana … pero está cerca.

      La mayor parte del tiempo, Devana puede limpiar lo que se pierde Malosi. Entonces, si no puedes atraparlos antes de que disparen, Devana puede Disipar después. Pero, Malosi también es bueno para los lanzadores de Ailments, como Alfrike. También es muy rápido de cargar.

      Devana tiene el Minion, que es un tanque. Y también es más útil para misiones.

      Tan cerca, pero si me viera obligado a elegir o no volver a tomar café nunca más, entonces iría a Devana.

      1. Gracias,así lo haré y gracias por tus consejos y publicaciones

        Translated: Thank you, I will and thank you for your advice and posts

  5. Y una gran duda existencial que tengo ….a ver si puedes echarme una mano….tengo una lepiota a tope y me encanta,y esta es mi pregunta…entre ascender una segunda lepiota,al Dr moreau y a guardiana pantera….a cuál ascenderías?los de atacar a 3,siempre me han parecido flojos

    Translated: And a great existential doubt that I have … let’s see if you can give me a hand … I have a lepiota at the top and I love it, and this is my question … between promoting a second lepiota, to Dr moreau and to guardian Panther … which one would you promote? Those to attack 3, have always seemed lazy to me

    1. I’ve referred this question to my Q&A page. Please head over to read the answer there. Thank you!

      Translated: He remitido esta pregunta a mi página de preguntas y respuestas. Dirígete a leer la respuesta allí. ¡Gracias!

      Question 6.

  6. I remember when Alfrike came out. And the general belief was, if she shoots, game over. Dont let her shoot or you will die.

    OK, mostly true actually, shes the goddess of death, and she lives up.

    BUT, assuming you occasionally see her shoot and DONT die, one then asks WHY? There are 2 or 3 heroes in the game that can Stop her from wiping out all life before her, or at least make it so you have a chance.

    Malosi is one of those and likely the most useful as he is so fast you can often use him twice and stop not only her, but some other dangerous hero as well before any of the enemy fires. (takes luck and planning and lv11+ mana troop). The other hero who can Anti Alfrike at very fast is Garnet Ninja, but she does it by blocking ailments, and brings no pain).
    Other lists seem to devalue him because of his weakish hitting, 300 is OK, it does some fair bonk. And several other review lists say hes too weak a hitter to be useful on raid teams. Ive seen him reviewed as low as a C+ because “his lack of hitting power makes him too weak in the modern game”. I think its actually the opposite, his lack of hitting power…traded for enemy special obliteration makes him invaluable in the modern game.

    His BEST use is on raid teams. Defense, ehhh not so much. Unless you can control the tiles and the aim, his special easily gets whiffed by the AI. But as you well know, when a human brain (ok, thats is kinda a loose term, with many subtle levels. Lets parse that. As all the major auto makers say in their ads, so shall it be said here, YOUR MILEAGE…AND BRAIN QUALITY… MAY VARY)…SO, when something resembling an alert awake, not entirely chemically affected human brain has the wheel…then yes, Malosi is the biggest hitter in the game because he can kneecap the most powerful heroes in the game at very fast speed(Meaning before they get a shot off!). Who cares about his 300? If the Uber-specials that others bring are erased (but they still shoot…so their mana is wasted, which in Alfrikes very slow case, hurts HER most of all!).

    I keep him and Garnet, and Onyx Ninja on my main raid team. if 1 doesnt charge, one of the the others usually does. between the 3 you can block, nullify, or prevent the enemies most dangerous specials for 3 turns thw majority of the time. add in your favorite hits 3 or 5, and any bazooka bearing sniper and it works pretty well for thump. Does have some troubles with multiple fiend/minion teams. Malosi cannot stop or affect fiend or minion bringers beyond his 300 hit. But thats not his job, and if you wanna fast kill rather than stop specials…well theres always say JOON as a speedy holy hammer.

    I tend to wanna make him A- level. When used properly (which means really never on defense… or when youve been drinking)…hes just a Hacedic Mohel dressed as a beach bum. But once he shows you his skill…
    yeah. They aint gonna threaten anybody till they recover. (Or pee comfortably, which may be even more devastating)

    1. Hey TLK, I agree with everything you say. I recently pulled Hanitra and her Dodge and health protection are working well with Malosi at her side.

      Thanks for sharing so much fun information!

  7. Hi. I have both Bai Using and Malosi. Both fully emblems. Now which one should I limit break. For are not part of defence team and I am using them in raid attacks and war and events.

    1. That’s a hard choice Wolf. For me it’s Malosi because I use him more, and that’s generally my position on LB… who ever you use the most.
      But please seek out other opinions too!

  8. A team-up I like to use is Malosi and Thor. They both hit for a similar amount of damage and charge at very fast. If you fire both together you get one really strong sniper hit, not status effects and a decent miss chance. So Frigg/Odin/Octros become much less problematic, assuming they survived a fist to the temple and a hammer to the knee.

    1. 😄 I think every new player should be issued a Malosi, so they’ve got a chance.

      He’s indispensable going forward, and works well with others, as you state.

      Thanks for commenting Kambala! And good luck with those knees!

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