E&P Mag 5: Top Defense Heroes, 2022 Sneak Peek (Jan)

Happy New Year everyone! I trust Christmas was magical? Now it’s over, let’s get back to being grumpy. I mean, the weather’s miserable, the world’s in a shocking state, and my dog still won’t bring the ball back.

That said, things are gonna be different this year, I can feel it in my bones. I swear down 🙂 … remember when people used to say that? “I swear down”.

It reminds me of my nephew, who caught me off guard the other day with, “Peaked”.

Not a Mountain Peak, no. But instead, meaning something’s bad.

At least, that’s what I think it means.

I’ve also noticed young people online referring to older people as “Boomers”. First time I heard that I was immediately offended, –although I wasn’t sure why.

Apparently, the “Boomers” are to blame for everything.

And I’d agree, if I could just rule myself out as a suspect.

Anyway, I swear down, this year’s gonna be different. -This year the magic happens… this year… this year.

“Yes, Old Cynic… but what about Empires and Puzzles?

I’ve only got 2 things on the agenda, but they’re both massive!

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2. Empires and Puzzles 2022 Sneak Peek

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Empires and Puzzles Magazine

Current Top 10 Empires & Puzzles Defense Heroes

On the morning of 25th January 2022, instead of watching NBA highlights, I reviewed the top 50 Empires and Puzzles Defense teams. Based on that data, here are the Top 10 E&P Defense heroes:

10. Bera (9 appearances)

8. C.Santa Claus (10)

8. Mother North (10)

7. Odin ↓1 (11)

5. C.Mother North (14)

5. Frigg ↓2 (14)

4. Elizabeth ↓3 (19)

3. Mr. Pengi (21)

2. Xnolphod ↑6 (22)

1. C.Krampus – (34)

Here’s last month’s list:

10. Ludwig 9. Hannah 8. Octros 7. Xnolphod 6. Odin 5. C.Kadilen 4. Morel 3. Frigg 1. Elizabeth 1. C.Krampus

Empires & Puzzles Top Defenses (E&P Mag)

January’s been another month of change.

Costumed Krampus has shaken off Elizabeth and laid claim to the throne, appearing a whopping 34 times. For the record, last month he was joint 1st with Liz, both appearing 18 times each.

But this isn’t a surprise. In fact, we’re seeing Santa’s Challenge heroes dominate E&P Defenses, and a significant reason for that is, Mr. Pengi, -who himself makes his first appearance in the countdown (at #3!).

Mr. Pengi is super OP if you can get Minions in front of your team, and the Christmas heroes are the ideal bunch to achieve the goal.

They also provide a Family Bonus which sees their Minions benefit from up to +10% health and attack.

Another bonus is, the Christmas Lot just got their Costumes, making them even stronger.

So this month, for the first time, we have Krampus, Mother North, Santa Claus, and Mr. Pengi, all in the Top 10.

And Mr. Pengi’s influence didn’t stop there. We also saw the return of Bera, -who not only creates Minions for Mr. Pengi, but importantly, stops the opposition from getting any of their own.


Xnolphod continued his climb to the top, sitting at #2. And surprisingly, Ludwig is one of the heroes who had to make way for the Christmas Lot (now sitting outside the Top 10 at #16).

Of interest, Ferant (the 4-Star Counter attacker) appeared 2ce.

What’s your view -Do you find this list useful/interesting?

Empires and Puzzles 2022 Roadmap Sneak Peek

A few days ago, SG released their 2022 Sneak Peek over on the forum.

I perused the list and here are a few thoughts…

War Of The Three Kingdoms (Empires and Puzzles)

Empires and Puzzles War Of Three Kingdoms Poster – Copyright: Zynga Games

The War Of The Three Kingdoms is pitched as a multiplayer experience with elements similar to an Alliance War, just better!

The developers plan to introduce “an ambitious new PvP format”, where participants fight as part of a “Warband”.

Each Warband will consist of 100 players, none from your Alliance.

My thoughts?

Who doesn’t like the sound of this? It’s awesome.

I love Wars, and something that builds on that type of experience is definitely a positive for me.

I also like the idea of a “Warband” and look forward to learning more about it.

Looking at the artwork for the War Of Three The Kingdoms (poster above), and also considering its name, they both remind me of the “Warring States Period” of ancient China.

It all seems like a cool idea and I’m glad to see it in development.

(For more, check out my complete guide & review, here.)

Season V (Empires and Puzzles)

Empires and Puzzles Season 5 Poster – Copyright: Zynga Games

As expected, we can look forward to seeing Season V (Dynasty of Dunes) later this year. Season 5 heroes will navigate an “ancient land full of dunes and pyramids”.

Looking at the poster for Season 5 (above) and the wording on the release details, we can expect to see heroes based on ancient Egypt.

And as with Season 4, there will be new gameplay elements, new enemies, and new maps.

My thoughts?

Based on what we saw with Season 4, I expect Season 5 heroes to be the most powerful heroes to date.

For me, it’s the new Heroes I’m anxious to see, along with any new gameplay features the Season introduces.

Soul Exchange (Empires and Puzzles Magazine)

I spoke about the Soul Exchange in my last Blog Roundup, and SG has now hinted at a February release date:

Thanks to our beta testers, the Soul Exchange is already nearing the end of its development and is set to see daylight this February.

Small Giant Games

If you didn’t know, the Soul Exchange is a way for players to trade in Legendary Heroes in exchange for another (selected from a shortlist).

Dominion Of Dragons (Empires and Puzzles)

The last thing on the list I wanted to cover was the Dominion Of Dragons.

There’s a lot of speculation about what this could be, and SG has suggested that it will revolutionise the game, stating that it’s:

“…our biggest and most ambitious update to date”.

Apparently, Dragons are coming to E&P -and I can’t wait.

My speculation on this Dragon thing is that it will be a new hero (a Dragon hero) at your disposal for Raids and Defense.

Why? Back in the days before I played E&P, I used to play a Tower Defense game, where they introduced a Super-hero to protect your team.

You levelled this Superhero separately, and he/she got stronger and stronger.

Anyway, that’s what I imagine, but I could be very wrong.

You can read all the good stuff from the Sneak Peek, here.

That’s all Folks!

Let me know your thoughts on the Top Defense list and the 2022 Sneak Peek, in the comment section below!

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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  1. Just the perfect reading materials I need right now. Can’t wait for the War of the Three Kingdoms thing. I guess there will be new heroes based on chinese warriors? looks awesome.

    With all the christmas heroes in defenses, I felt like raiding the same team over and over again. Thankfully I got lucky during black friday summon and got a Peno. He’s been splashing 490% to all most of the times. lol

    Thanks for the info!!

  2. Hi my friend. Thanks as always for all the passion you put into it and all the previews and reviews. I am very curious to savor the news that will be there. Regarding the defense heroes I am only surprised that Octros is no longer in the top 10 because I think that together with Frigg and Morel it is absolutely devastating.

  3. Ludwig is one of those heroes who doesnt work alone. He absolutely depends on his linemates to win any dance battles. Thus defense is less his thing than offense where creativity and planning are controlled and can be aimed.

    No shame in being an offense 1st hero. Malosi, the entire stable of Ninjas, Half the wonderlanders, and several others who all seem to dominate my war teams…all can say they prefer to be on offense because they die less and get to hit more and harder.
    So be it..offense you may stay!

    As with a review…there arent many Ruby’s out in the wild. If there were…Ludwig would still be in the top 10. Ruby on one side and an average speed healer opposite around Ludwig is evil. There are half a dozen 5000 teams that Ruby Ludwig Ariel usually mow down when I get up each morning. Ruby fires before them(Shes very fast 1st, fast 2nd), it pretty much ends…because after she slows the charging enemies down till Ludwig fires…Then Ruby KEEPS firing. Turn after turn. All because of Ludwig. He is simply preposterous to have next to her. Not every hero is a great Ludwig flanker. But Ruby…shows his value.

    Ive often wondered about past heroes who never appeared. There was Alfrikes Hubby…who never got a card, there was a dragon, and a few others. Surtr seemed a natural? But who is to say.

    Is it just me or is Passepartout not appreciated? He heals a pile…instant…and over time>?

    1. Hey TLK! Thanks for the break down. I make you right on the Ludwig situation and as you say concerning Ruby, he’s a viable monster on Defense.

      And surely according to that logic, it’s only a matter of time before he rules this list? Because overtime we’ll continue to see new OP heroes and every time we’ll consider their impact if sat next to Ludwig.

      Look at Congalach, a new slow OP hero who could fire off repeatedly next to Ludwig, resulting in a complete Muting of the opposition, and a wreaking ball in their faces.

      Re. Passepartout, I’m with you. His healing/defense may be slept on. Maybe it’s his element?

      Anyway, thanks for stopping by and chewing the fat!

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