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Empires and Puzzles hero grades: You can now filter all of my Hero reviews by Grade: Meek, Warrior, Archangel, Deity.

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Caveat: This post represents game-play speculation and personal opinion. It is not advice.

Why use Hero Grades Now?

On this blog, I’ve reviewed Mr. Salmon, Capt. Nemo, Devana, and Elizabeth. If you read the reviews, you’ll have a good idea of how the heroes work, and how much I like them. But there’s nothing definitive about it.

With these new hero grades, I hope to make things clearer.

What are the Hero Grades? (Empires and Puzzles)

My hero grades will be based on how much value a hero brings to your roster. And while I’ll continue to highlight a hero’s strength, these grades will be used to clearly identify a true Game-changing-Monster.

For grading, I’ll consider their usefulness in Raids, on Defense, against Titans, and in Map/Quests Stages. If a hero’s only use is hitting the Titan, they won’t be considered a Deity.

However, that won’t change how highly I’ll speak of them in my review.

Finally, hero rarity (3, 4, or 5-Star) won’t be a limiting factor. That means, 3-Star heroes can be Deities, because they’ll only be judged against other 3-Star heroes. So Morris, would be Meek. Whereas Frosty, would be a Deity.

Anyway, here are my hero grades:


The Meek is a class of hero who dwell at the bottom of the pile. They offer no real help in battle and have little value. -Although one day, they may be Buffed and inherit the earth.

Salmon Loki and Morris the Mole are Meek heroes.


Warriors are strong heroes with good intentions. However, they are mere mortals who can not stand before the gods, besides in reverence. A Warrior will persist, and may even achieve moments of Glory, but they are simply too weak. At best, they offer support to those who wield more power.

Alexandrine and Russell are Warriors.


The Archangels are righteous and protect the weak. They are formidable, and those caught napping, will be quickly dispatched. They have the power to change the course of a battle and importantly, they are the only class who can withstand the forces of the Deities. An Archangel, be they healer or fighter, has the skills and wisdom to directly oppose the gods. They are the class of whom all F2P/C2P should seek, because the gods do not often offer their favour to the poor 😂.

Devana and the honourable Rigard, are Archangels.


From the dawn of creation, the Deities have ruled with impunity. They receive divine blessings from the One (developers), and lord over all other pixels on the screen. If their Will is so, they will decimate all who dare to enter into their presence. They can sound the Dong of Defeat, in just a moments rage. These Monsters can restore a teams health, or summons a flock of Minions, or call on the Fiends -and in some shocking cases, they can do it all. You will know a Deity by the signs… that you Reroll rather than face them.

Xnolphod, Milena, and Director Zuri, are Deities.

Empires and Puzzles Hero Grades

My system is designed to be fun, but hopefully it helps you better understand how I see these heroes.

At a push, you could choose to see these hero grades as an equivalent to A, B, C, & D. But, where’s the fun in that?

Finally, this is what you’ll now find at the end of a hero review:

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity

What are your thoughts? Let me know it the comments below.

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