Cinisia Empires and Puzzles HotM July 23

Cinisia Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Cinisia is Empires and Puzzles’ July 2023 Hero of the Month (HotM) and I wanna know if this one’s worth the infinite stream of feeders required to level it.

Let’s go!

This post may contain speculation, personal opinion, and adult comedy. It is not advice and is solely for entertainment and informational purposes.


Cinisia’s Stats and Special Skills (Hero Of The Month)

Key Facts: Nature (Green), Average, Wizard, Legends 2023

Special Skills (Fury of Ash): 1. Deals 240% damage to all enemies. 2. All enemies get -60% decrease for any healing received for 3 turns. 3. All enemies receive 300 Bleed damage over 2 turns. Against Ice characters, this Status Effect becomes uncleansable and lasts 2 turns longer. 4. [Element Link] Gives +10% Mana generation to all Nature allies for 4 turns (can not be dispelled).

Passive: 1. INCREASED ATTACK PER NON-NATURE ENEMY ~ At the start of the battle, this character’s Attack is increased by 5% for every enemy that is not of Nature element. In battles with multiple waves, this effect is refreshed at the beginning of each wave. 2. RESIST ATTACK AILMENTS ~ This character has an innate resistance against Status Ailments that affect Attack.

Talent: JINX ~ +25% chance to deal +15% extra damage per each active buff the enemies have. The extra damage applies to both normal attacks and Special Skills.

Aether Power: ATTACK UP ~ +20% Attack for 6 turns.

Legends 2023 Family Bonus: 1/2/3 Heroes: +10%/+15%/+20% Defense. Bonus for 2+ Heroes: Element Link affects all allies.

Cinisia Empires and Puzzles Hero Card Detail
Cinisia – Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Is Cinisia Worth It? (Empires and Puzzles)

As expected, the Devs gave Cinisia a little buff outta the gates since Beta, increasing her attack to 240% (from 235%), her Bleed damage to 300 (from 252), and her +10% Element Link (from +4%).

Also, the Cinisia I tested was from before the Big Balance Update, and her Power Stats stood at 815, amounting to:

Atk: 873 Def: 718 HP: 1312

As opposed to the 825 we have now, which amounts to:

Atk: 883 Def: 729 HP: 1341

So what we have is a slight buff on Cinisia’s Special and a Stat buff to go along with it.

And the Stat buff highlights an important point:

That most new HotMs are gonna be more usable (and maybe more valuable), than the older Heroes who were left out in the cold following the Big Balance Update, as their Stats continue to improve while older Heroes become stagnant.

Cinisia Vs. The Average Hitter in Empires & Puzzles

Let’s compare Cinisia to a few of her contemporaries:

HeroMana SpeedDamageATK StatTotal Hit Score
CinisiaAverage (10 tiles)Deals 240% damage to all enemies883*10,596
Cx2 ElkanenFast (8 tiles)Deals 230% damage to all enemies8059,257
Queen GuowangAverage (10 tiles)Deals 330% damage to all enemies79713,150
C. KillhareAverage (10 tiles)Deals 330% damage to all enemies75712,490
C. Guardian KongAverage (10 tiles)Deals 300% damage to all enemies84812,720
SobekAverage (10 tiles)Deals 290% damage to all enemies85912,455
HachikoAverage (10 tiles)Deals 270% damage to all enemies87711,839
NyxStyx 2 (9 tiles)Deals 360% damage to all enemies81914,742
KlaernSlow (12 tiles)Deals 240% damage to all enemies7669,192
BertilaSlow (12 tiles)Deals 290% damage to all enemies71810,411
QuintusSlow (12 tiles)Deals 270% damage to all enemies74710,084 – Cinisia compared with similar Heroes.
(Total Hit Score = Atk Stat x Damage % x Number of targets)
Thanks, Tobov!

Hit-All Heroes are quite rare to get as Heroes of the Month which makes Cinisia all the more interesting.

According to my records, Klaern was the last, and that Joker was released all of 12 months ago.

And if you use him as a benchmark, well, Cinisia is gold dust.

For F2P and C2P, having a Hit-All Average Speed Hero would likely make the daily grind a little easier. It might even improve your Raid Squad and the overall mood in the locker room.

However, when measuring her up against the elite, the difference is stark.

“Hey OC, that table didn’t look soo bad!”, you might argue.

But even when compared to Average Hitters, she falls behind. And the fact is, Average Speed Hitters are largely defunct due to all those Fast Monsters running around.

It’s the likes of, Anne, Jove, Narcisa, Guardian Hippo, Bastet, Archie, and Ogima that are her real competition.

And pound for pound (tile for tile), Cinisia simply can’t compete at the highest level. But there’s life in her yet!

Cinisia and Decreased Healing (Empires and Puzzles)

The most influential Average Hitters have a great Secondary power.

And this is my main gripe with Cinisia;

-That they should have buffed the length of the Decreased Healing. Because 3-turns doesn’t feel long enough to be reliable.

Here are some other Heroes with a version of Decreased Healing:

  1. Your friend and mine: Phantom of the Opera (-40% for 4 turns at Average)
  2. The Beast that is Jove (-65% for 3 turns at Fast)
  3. My new comrade in arms, Kai (-50% for 3 turns at V.Fast)
  4. I have nothing funny to say about, Malin! (-75% for 4 turns at Slow)
  5. The highlighted, Cx2 Elkanen (-50% for 3 turns at Fast)
  6. I know there’s another one I’m missing but arrgggg… well, we have enough

My point is, Jove makes it absolutely essential that you heal after he’s let out his rage. His 550% to 1 and minor damage to the rest at 842 Atk (at Fast), sorta makes it pivotal.

Jove Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Whereas Cinisia’s not gonna create that same level of urgency.

I just think this Secondary is a little too short and too situational to be considered of substantial value. Especially as we tend to go through periods of not fielding any Healers at all!

Still, my 1 turn grievance aside, Cinisia has lots of positives to consider before coming to our final conclusion.

Cinisia at the Summons Portal Empires and Puzzles

Cinisia Empires and Puzzles – Hero of the Month July 23

A list of the Positives:

  • The Hit is very decent Vs. Cinisia’s Speed/Atk Stat
  • Bleed Damage is something to work with (300 over 2 turns, uncleansable and longer against Ice)
  • Decreased Healing can be used as a strategy to win (in some cases)
  • She has a nice Resist against Attack Ailments
  • A nice 5% Atk increase for every enemy that is not Nature (I imagine it will be 4 Heroes most of the time in my favourite activity, Raiding)… Wait, What? So plus 20% Atk in most Raids? Very Nice (that would bring her Total Hit Score up to… 12,708*! est.).
  • Synergy opportunities with other Hitters
  • Solid Stacker
  • Good Defense Hero
  • Element Link gives +10% Mana generation (likely for all when the Family Bonus goes live (with 1 other HotM))

On reflection, Cinisia looks solid.

If you don’t already have a Superstar Hitter, or you’re lacking in the Nature department, she is well worth levelling.

At the end of the day, Cinisia has decent Stats, a decent Hit, and a Secondary that if well-timed, could have a significant impact.

I think Cinisia is as good as it gets for an Average Speed, Hit-All, HotM and should be very useful in today’s game.

She’s just not gonna wow anybody.

Cinisia is not a HotM who offers some awesome piece of magic that will defeat any Team. However, she is a reasonable Hitter who should Stack neatly and could lend a hand in the epic war against the forces of evil.

Have a great month everybody and thanks for stopping by!

Please feel free to have your say on Cinisia in the comments below.

Hero Grade for Cinisia (Empires and Puzzles)

So for my grading, the question is:

Is this hero’s Special capable of/likely to change the outcome of a battle? No.

If not, do they still bring enough to the party to help defeat the deities? Yes.

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Archangel

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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  1. Interesting comparison is c2.Elkanen with 230% to all and -50% decrease healing at fast speed.

    Cinisia does a lot more for the price of being average speed

  2. Just curious if the sanctuary of gargoyles is coming this year and if so, when. Also who would you recommend most if I get any?

    1. I can’t see it on the calendar or on the forum. Sorry ROXLYN! as for hero? I’ve always liked Penolite… who really should have been a comparison here with the -50% healing for 4 turns!

      Of course, never a good idea to go into a portal looking for a hero… you stand to lose your wallet that way!

  3. The nice thing about having newer Magic and Cyclopes troops is average speed heroes are easy to move up to fast speed with little effort. Dropping the average 10 tiles down to 9 tiles is functionally the same as the fast 8 tiles as they all require 3 matches of 3 tiles each. Moving the 8 tile fast to 6 is much more conditional so fast to very fast is usually not going to happen. So, Cinisia will usually be running at fast speed with the correct troop so her value increases beyond an average hero.

    1. Very true and that does change things somewhat. Thanks for sharing the viewpoint because Hero Speed does mean different things to different people.

      Edit to add, if you’re able to play Cinisia as Fast she would look stunning. But then you’d have the problem of considering all the other Average Heroes!

  4. Can you believe the star of my alliance (spoiler, it is not me) pulled three times today and got a Kvasir, a Valen and Guardian Lemur, each one of them accompanied by one copy of this lady?

      1. I will deliver your message.
        That guy is unbelivable, he has the two masked from the last week event and reaches the number 1 in the world regularly. Luckily he is in my alliance and I do not have to face it in wars.

  5. I’m deciding between leveling Cinisia and Heimdall. I have other Hit-All hitters and overhealers so there’s no urgency from that perspective. Just on overall value, it would be great if you can give me your view. Thanks!

    1. Hello! The two heroes are so different it’s hard to compare. The question really is where do you want more depth. Cinisia has modern stats as seen above and so should sting when encountered in the wild, and she’s Average Speed which adds something. I suspect, if you didn’t already have an All-Hitter that she would be a great addition to your roster.

      If you know for sure that your big hitters are better then maybe hold out for the next Soul Exchange?

      I welcome others to share there views. Thank you for visiting!

  6. I cant believe it, a decent HOTM that i dont mind getting and level up? lol. Is SG drunk or something?

    Leonidas C2 also doing 240% to all at average speeed. with a pinch of mana cut and def down.

    Good read OC. gonna share it to my alliance.

    1. Hey MIB, thanks for sharing, it really helps! C2 Leonidas is a great benchmark. My impression is that SG are always working the numbers. Leaning as far back on the HotM as possible. But the new Big Balance Stats create a little ambiguity moving forward, coz these new HotM gotta get their bump, too.

  7. Please do a review of Serandite. She has the same healing thing of Cinisia. I really don’t like this ability, in a “not that useful” until I get hit by Jove and company, then I remember why some people love.

    My luck with ninjas continues in Covenant portals: Rubi in January and now Serandite

    1. Hi Artemis,

      The Healing Ailment has a lot of potential imv, it’s just situational and requires some big hitters to force the issue. Jove does that in one happy bundle.

      My worry here is that you could reasonably wait out the 3 turns. On the right squad tho, Cinisia could be a nightmare I’d imagine!

  8. I have: Archie, Roz, Francine without costume, Garjammal without costume, Silvaria, Lady of the Lake + costume, Lianna with costume 1, poor Telluria without emblems and being just a number.

    Viselius sitting at 3/70, Tarlak being useful at 3/70, Jade poor old Jade at 3/70, Elradir also a pitiful excuse of a hero at 3/70.

    Cinisia show up in the 1st day of the month, against all odds in my tragic history with HOTM.

    What do you think? Give her the chance or? Green was my worst color, until April when Roz, Archie came along. LOTL costume in January. And LOTL soul exchange.

    1. That’s a lot of heroes Artemis! At a glance, LotL and Archie. Archie in particular is easily a better option in most cases. Unless you have a plan for the Decreased Healing, I can’t see why you’d bother with Cinisia. Maybe as a 2nd option for Wars? Or quick Tourneys?

      As always, this is just my 2c. Please seek other views and opinions too. Thanks for stopping by!

  9. I like the review, but it is geared solely for raids.
    I run mono teams on titans and green is my weakest color. I think she will add to my punch there with attack of 1200 for tile damage, the bleed damage (against blue titan) and +10% mana generation for the entire team

  10. F2P. I just got her in my pull yesterday and I am elated. I have some excellent heroes, but I needed another 5 star green to work on, and while she certainly isn’t top tier, Cinisia’s 240% to all + bleed damage at average speed is enough to peak my interest. I’m curious about combining her with other DOT heroes who hit the whole party to do a sort of combined group pressure offense.

  11. Detailed enucleation as usual.
    I can see many sinergies with my Hurricane. She needs to be fully busted to be effective. Her Def/helath stas are poor it needs to be tuned with emblems. I’d love to test her first in attack, she could fit in the right defense team

    1. Whoa! I didn’t know if you were dissing me or simply passing the time of day :).
      “enucleation” is a new word to me. I had to Google that…

      ‘…removal of the eye from the orbit and involves the separation of all tissue…’

      Removal of something so it comes clean out…

      Anyway, great word and I agree with your assessment on Hurricane and her use. Thank you for reading.

  12. Hi! I just got her and I was wondering if her elemental link stacks with Zeline’s by any chance (since they are both identical), or do they just overwrite each other? If they stack, then I just might grab Zeline in the current fated summon!

    1. Hello! I haven’t tested this but I don’t expect them to stack. We are talking about 2 Heroes from completely different eras so never say never, but I can’t imagine they do. I would do some more digging before using up that selection on the Fated! Sorry.

      1. Thanks! I actually just received confirmation from an alliance buddy who already had Zeline : they unfortunately don’t stack… ☹️

  13. Really like her! the second best HOTM this year for me, after R&N.

    Btw I was wondering how it came and u didn’t review any of the Atlantis new season heroes. Their changing waves mana is kinda special/weird. I got Galapago from them and while his stats are amazing I wonder if he is worth it to take priority over other characters for minion wars and generally (like Bera or Eiora and Fluffy for example).

    1. She is, and was arguably deserving of a slightly better grade with the add-ons, however, I have a really useful collaboration coming up which will help us all in this area (I’ll say no more).

      As for why I didn’t review them! I wanted to, but everything is pressure over time. Also the Construct Family, and some others. I love writing this blog but when the Devs go into overdrive (or real-life happens), this has to give.

      Galapago was a dream in the Minion Meta and will be a dream again (when it returns). I remain a huge Bera fan and bar the Lunar Heroes, she’s ideal. Galapago is just another option (a very good one imv). Reversing Reduce Defense could also be handy.

      Long and Short both Bera and Galapago are great options, but being useful in different ways. Imv, there’s room for both in a well rounded roster.

      Just my 2c. Please ask around and get other opinions, too!

  14. Just got her. But probably will sit on the bench for a while until I maxed Max. Thanks for the review, will definitely level her up soon.

  15. I just pulled her too. And I am curious how she would add benefit to my existing team with greens like Cristobal, Kai, toxicandra. Do they have any synergy or should I replace Cristobal and add Cinisia in the place. Hopefully I get a reply. Thanks for the review.

    1. What in the! A reply!

      Hey Kav, Cinisia will work very well with Cristobal on Offense because he can help her apply the pressure while refusing substantial healing. She would also help Kai Off the tank or victim of choice. And Toxicandra will remove anything stopping Cinisia from getting down to business her end.

      On Defense, the other two still work whereas Cristobal isn’t ideal due to his double charge. Kai can work/offer something in the current meta even though he’s a Sniper (not ideal, but an option).

      That is to say; I would defo test Cinisia on Defense with that as the competition. Kai is OP for a Sniper, more on that here. But Cinisia is a good simple cover-all option.

      Thanks for reading!

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