My first 3-Star (Kvasir) Limit Break 2 Hero [Empires and Puzzles]

Screenshot of Kvasir with Alpha Aethers (Empires and Puzzles Pin)

Kvasir was my first 3-Star Limit Break 2 Hero, and today I wanted to share why I think he’s worth the Mats, especially since he’s currently in the Valhalla Forever Portal. In fact, I was so impressed with him that I went ahead and Broke his Costume, too!

If you’re looking for a Limit Break 2/Alpha Aether Guide and Tool, it’s right here.

I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to write this post ever since I pulled the trigger and did some testing a week or so ago.

What does Kvasir do?


Special Skills (Bee Bravado): 1. Summons a Bee Minion for each ally. The Bee Minion inherits 15% HP and 17% Attack from the caster. 2. Each hit from a Bee Minion gives the target the following Status Ailments: 1. The target receives 52 Poison damage over 2 turns. 2. The target resists new Minions for 2 turns.

Alright; let’s get to it!

This post may contain speculation, personal opinion, and adult comedy. It is not advice and is solely for entertainment and informational purposes.


Which 3-Star Hero is Worth a Limit Break 2? (Empires & Puzzles)

Here’s how it happened:

First, I Limit Broke Ludwig and told you guys about it, here.

It felt good. They gave us this awesome Hero for 15 Souls and even tho we were all acting coy at first, trying to figure out the catch, once we realised they were serious, we all jumped on it like flies on sh… No, no… like bees on honey.

So when the Alpha Aethers arrived and he got that Taunt, he was the clear front runner for me.

But then came the silence, when the Aethers were spent, and I had nothing left but all the time in the world to reflect on it.

Truth is, I’m very C2P, so it was always gonna be a long wait for more Alpha Aethers. And I’m cool with it.

In time, I managed to level a 4-Star Hero and basically turned her into a 5-Star.



And as a direct result of my intervention, her stats improved to:

Atk: 766 Def: 1003 HP: 1922


Azmia Empires and Puzzles Hero Card Small Alpha Aether

But once again, did the silence visit me.

I walked the streets in the twilight hours, avoiding the master of the simulation (the Sun) for I felt scorned.

But then I heard it, a slightly tipsy voice spouting from the other side of my office door;

“Hey Boss, give me one of ’em Alphas you got left over…”

It was Kvasir. He nudged the door open with his Staff, paused to find his balance, and then added,

“Me and my Bees are wasted down here. We could beat the Epics and maybe even control the Legends.”

He paused again before muttering,

“F#%k ’em”. -It sounded like he had coughed it out.

I told him that I’d have to think about it.

I also reminded him that the showers at our facility were free to use.

He acted like he didn’t hear me and wandered off down the hallway.

Giving Alpha Aethers to Kvasir (Empires & Puzzles)

Here’s the thing, every Alpha Aether is important and I really didn’t want to waste them on anything less than a 5-Star fighting Hero, after all, I love Raiding the most.

But I also love Tournaments, and with all those new Heroes and LB2s, well, I’ve been falling behind.

Still, I accepted that it would take a looong time to LB2 my entire Raiding Squad, Defense Squad, etc etc.

I accepted that a 3-Star might actually be the way to go.

And if a 3-Star was to be Made Up, then why not Kvasir?

After all, he could bring Minion control to the 4-Star realm, and maybe even help against a weak 5-Star team.

I pulled him in for a meeting and immediately noticed the whiff as his cape was lifted by the draft created when the door closed behind him.

“Alright Kvasir, we’re gonna do this. We’re putting a lot of faith in you, so please don’t let us down”.

He smiled his creepy smile and started digging into his pouch.

“It’s really not necessary”, I said.

“No, no. Take this. It’s a jar of honey I’ve been warming near my..”

“HEY!”, I cut him off, “Get out and take a shower!”, I instructed.

Anyway. That’s the god’s honest truth of it.

3-Star Limit Break Options – The Great Kvasir

Here’s what he looked like after the transformation:

Screenshot of Limit Break 2 Kvasir with Alpha Aether (Empires and Puzzles 3 Star Hero Card)

Lovely Stats.

Atk: 667 Def: 718 HP: 1542

Compare that with some of the 4-Star Holy Heroes I currently use:

Lady Woolerton (LB1+20E)
Atk: 726 Def: 782 HP: 1578

Mist (LB1+20E)
Atk: 790 Def: 728 HP: 1517

And here’s Kvasir in battle with his Minions:

Screenshot of Limit Break 2 Kvasir with Alpha Aether (Empires and Puzzles 3 Star Hero)
Screenshot of Limit Break 2 Kvasir with Alpha Aether (Empires and Puzzles 3 Star Hero) - Minion Stats

Look at his meaty Minions Vs. Freya’s LB1+20E (231 Vs. 340).

Kvasir now provides, as part of his service, full Minion control in 3 and 4-Star battles and in a pinch, low-grade 5-Star battles.

And I’ve been so impressed, I agreed to LB2 his Costume, too (which provides Buff control):

Screenshot of Limit Break 2 Costume Kvasir with Alpha Aether (Empires and Puzzles 3 Star Hero)

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Kvasir and his Limit Break (Empires and Puzzles)

My final thoughts:

It goes without saying, I’m not telling you what to do, I’m merely sharing my own positive observations.

This guy is so versatile, offering so much control and pseudo-healing to all (at Fast!) that he’s just a fantastic asset for those of us lucky enough to have him.

BTW, his Alpha Power is Defense Up, and for the Costume it’s Special Armor.

Have you Limit Broken any 3-Star Heroes? If so, let us know who, and if you think they’re worth the Mats, in the comments below.

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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  1. Shrubbear is another excellent 3* option and I raid against top teams with him. In essence, he’s your budget dbl LB Ludwig, buying you time before you set off the 5*s.

  2. I double broke Treevil, Bertulf and Shrubbear. I May do Dawn next. I do like Kvasir so food for thought….

  3. The first and only hero so far I did 2LB was Dawn – and she won me so many battles in all the arenas 🙂 Is kinda funny, but I often raid with her on my 3-1-1 squad – Ahmose, 2C Leonidas, Azmia, C Ariel and Dawn! Her stats (680/705/1567) and aether power (Def Up) helps her survive easily and I just love her owls! 🙂 In addition is one fun card – and to look at and to play with. I might do Kvasir eventually. But now next candidate for 2LB is Mr. Waddles (was thinking of Azmia, but… love the mindless)

  4. Deathly afraid to spend Aethers on 3*’s but maybe I’ll pull the trigger and have super sexy Tourney lineup to thwart some of my enemies…. maybe.

    1. Replying to myself becuz I’m unloved is a horrible feeling but I’ma roll with it for the sake of an update.
      I pulled the proverbial trigger and also went 2LB on Kavsir (spelled the wrong didn’t I? Oh well, I’ve got bigger problems) waiting for the next 3* Tourney to test him out. He does look sexy tho…

      1. 😁 I have no idea why but your comments keep ending up in the bin. It is rare for me to be out-and-out positive on a Hero if I have any reasonable doubt concerning their abilities. Kvasir, both Costume and Norms, are now being used in my wars. Maybe a 3rd round hit on a sticky Summoner or Caster. Very Cool.

        I hope you find the same, he’s awesome.

        Cheers BagofBoom!

  5. So I always felt that 2lb 3* was excellent, esp using those 3* that OC picked for deity 3*. U know keto, ferrand, franz, treevel etc. ok. Some of these are 4*. But you get it, those non legendary that fought like top 5* and then had to be nerfed and they still were good. 2 LB made up for nerf and more. And u could do 3 4* or 8 3* for the cost of 1 5*. End result is I have 5 3*. Betucci 100% up – he lives a lot longer for titans, 2 treevils ( think they are good as 3-55; wait for 3-60. I get 1% or 5% for tournaments. Of the 4* I 2 LB BTx2C. Yeah 1005 TPS. Think BT was good as 4-75; he is as good as any 5* that I used. And the new C is were I tend to use him. The chef costume I only LB to 4-75 (2 lb). I wanted C bonus but don’t see using that C too often. I 2LB MN and Ludwig. I think I might reset MN. MN was great as 4-85 but didn’t get as big a benefit as I hope as 4-90.
    I was thinking of the bee guy as my next 3-60. So this review was perfectly timed. Thanks OC.

  6. One thing I still like about this game is the level of customisation. In my case, I do not even use emblems on any hero below level 5, much less I would use Alpha ethers. On the other hand, if Kvasir told you directly to do it, it must be hard to refuse…
    Now seriously, it is good you can do it if you want, we all do not have to play in the same way and having this option is always good.

    Additionally, it gives us the possibility of enjoy posts like this one.

  7. I have 21 alphas and can’t decide between doing 2 legendries 1 rare or 1 and 2 epics and 5 rares

  8. Nice choice I should have considered him I went with Kinsaishi and I have no regrets 🤣🤣🤣

  9. Kvasir is one of the all time greats, and I actually like his original better than his costume. I wnet wrong with the first LB2, choosing 5* Amethist as she is one of my canons. Her 6 turns immunity to demons is not really great though so I’m thinking of dialing that back and maybe go for Krampus. (I didn’t have 15 spare heroes when Ludwig was in SE so I only have the poor men’s version.) Dialing it back though removes ALL LB, so also the LB1. That I find somewhat shitty.

    I also have shrubbear LB2, and am considering Zarola cos she’s freaking awesome. But Kvasir is also a good option.

  10. I did LB2 Joukahainen (no regrets) and two Dawns (also no regrets) – thinking about LB2 two or even three more Dawns on the long run just for laughs… But I am a madman with too much Dawns and not a great rolemodel when it comes to spending wisely.

  11. I limit broke 2 Charon, Kitty and Dawn. I am very happy with all of them. I am currently levelling Cleopatra and hope I can eventually LB2 her too. Or Ogima – tough decision and I’d be happy for any advice. Thanks.

    PS: Kvasir looks like a very tempting suggestion.. Love this guy and his costume.

  12. I’ve a real problem with LB. I don’t have faith enough in my heroes to break 3* and 4*. Not even the now old 1LB, imagine then the bright new LB2.

    But I came here today to ask you, if you have time, to make a post about synergy.

    Sun Quan and Russell
    JF and Russell

    Viselus and Domitia C1
    Viselus and Bera

    Something for c2p and f2p and turning some heroes from “just a number” to “useful” or even “very useful” in some cases.

    And also heroes that make each other strong like Bai + Malosi type of synergy. Puss in Boots + Devana or Seshat. Control heroes, longevity heroes, these type of synergy that give life to poor souls in the “did you see those new guys? We’re dead before the start”.

  13. My lb2 3* and 4* are Felton (brave musketeer) a great buff stealer at fast charge. Shrubbear (wonderland) as I don’t have any taunt hero yet in my roster. Faiez (dunes) my 3* superstar health booster but he is slow. Waqas (dunes) health reduction at the very best in 3* arena. Bertulf (wolf) needed the extra hp for titans to increase attack. And not to forget my darling ksavir and azmia!

  14. Thanks for writing this OC! It gave me pause. I was ready to 2xLB some 4* heroes to make them more useful. It would be a huge boost for me in wars, as my depth is a weakness. However, raiding is the part of the game I get to enjoy everyday, and I won’t add any 4* to my raid squads.

    For now I have Alucard and M’lady 2xLB, with Ludwig waiting for a 4* dark aether to get from 89 to 90. I will have enough for a 4th hero after I finish the pog. Another tough decision, but now armed with clarity for the decision making process! Thank you.

  15. I also decided to LB2 C. Kvasir since his minions are insane in buff-heavy events (such as Brave Musketeers; I was truly amazed when even the event buff is blocked). No regrets – his bees keep me well fed with the honey from my dead enemies. 😁

    When I get a second Kvasir, I’ll build him, emblem him defensively for his base (my existing Kvasir is emblemed defensively for the costume) and probably LB2 him as well.

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