Arfanias Review – Empires and Puzzles HotM June 22

Arfanias Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Arfanias is the June 2022 Empires and Puzzles Hero Of The Month (HotM), and he looks like a decent role player, but he’s not the Star.

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Arfanias’ Stats and Special Skills (Dagger of Shadows)

Element: Dark (Purple)

Class: Rogue

Mana Speed: Fast

Special Skills (Dagger of Shadows): 1. Deals 360% damage to the target. 2. The more mana the enemies have, the more damage they will receive, up to 550%. 3.The caster gets +75% chance to dodge Special Skills that deal damage for 3 turns. 4. [Element Link] All Dark allies get 10% defense for 4 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled.

Passive: 1. Resist Health Steal Ailments 2. Status Effect on Mana Reduction (gets +30% attack for 3 turns when mana reduced)

Talent: EVADE ~ +20% chance to dodge direct damage from offensive Special skills.

Legends 2022 Family Bonus: 1/2/3 Heroes: +10%/+15%/+20% attack. Bonus for 2+ Heroes: Element Link affects all allies.

Arfanias Empires and Puzzles Hero Card Detail
Arfanias – Empires and Puzzles

How Good is Arfanias? (Empires and Puzzles)

Arfanias is cool.

But like everything else in 2022; you get a little bit of brilliance, followed by a stipulation designed to frustrate the living

The result is a decent Hero who’s never gonna be the star of the show. He’s more the trusted sidekick, the B-side, or the wind beneath somebody else’s wings.

Screen of an Empires and Puzzles hero with half mana
Octros is nearly ripe for the Slap

How Hard Does Arfanias Hit? (Empires and Puzzles)

Let’s see what Arfanias actually hits for.

The following table compares Arfanias with some elite, and some not-so-elite, E&P Heroes.

HeroMana SpeedDamageSecondary
ArfaniasFast (8 tiles)Deals 360% damage to the target (up to 550% under the right circumstances)Caster gets +75% chance to dodge Special Skills that deal damage for 3 turns
FenrirFast (8 tiles)Deals 320% damage to the target (up to 640% under the right circumstances)Caster gains mana for each enemy and minion killed. Caster heals for 50% of the damage
IrisFast (8 tiles)Deals 325% damage to the target & minor to NBDispels buffs from the target and NB at the end of each turn for 3 turns
QuenellFast (8 tiles)Deals 320% damage to the target & NBGains a +40% power boost for her next Special, with a possible top-end hit of 520% damage to 3 targets (1,560% total)
Mr. PengiFast (8 tiles)Deals 450% damage to the targetWill potentially hit another 15 times -up to 1,498% damage
LiannaFast (8 tiles)Deals 512% damage to targetNope
JoonFast (8 tiles)Deals 468% damage to targetTarget gets -40% accuracy
MagniFast (8 tiles)Deals 420% damage to targetCaster and NB allies get +63% defense for 4 turns – Arfanias compared with similar Heroes

When I first saw Arfanias, I immediately thought of Fenrir because they’re so similar:

Fenrir Empires and Puzzles Hero Card Small

One focuses on mana, while the other focuses on health.

Fenrir’s base hit is for 320% damage, however, Arfanias manages to one-up him with 360%.

And the top end? Fenrir goes full OT (over-the-top) at 640%, versus Arfanias’ 550%.

Both of these Heroes also have self-preservation in mind, with Arfanias employing Dodge, while Fenrir gets to healing himself.

Arfanias Versus the Rest of E&P

I imagine, on average, Arfanias will hit somewhere in the region of 400%-500%. Which is great for a Fast sniper.

It’s easily in range of the best Snipers in the game (Arfanias’ top-end, that is)

But snipers aren’t exactly ruling the roost anymore, because they just don’t do enough.

I don’t consider Costumed Finley a straight-up sniper, or Rayne for that matter.

Rayne Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Is Arfanias a Team Player?

As a younger man, I used to hang out with this guy who was in my class at college.

One day we’re walking to the canteen to get a coffee. -It was like a solid 5 minutes across campus.

So, on route, we got to talking, as you do. He asks me what I’m getting from the canteen. So I tell him, “A Belgian bun” -my favourite.

Once we get to the canteen, it just so happens that this guy, my “friend”, is in front of me in the queue.

Go on, guess what he picks up to go with his coffee?

Yep, you got it, a Belgian bun.

No problem.

That is, until I reach the cake section and realise, the greedy f*#kers taken the last one.

So, you’re probably wondering, what does my cake-stealing friend have to do with the current HotM? Well, I’ll tell you:

They’re both selfish b#st*rds!

And you know what? He ate that Belgian bun right in front of me, -no qualms whatsoever.

Meanwhile, Arfanias will flex a +75% Dodge for 3 long turns, and give zero f#*ks about his unprotected teammates.

Arfanias’ +75% Solo Dodge…

+75% Dodge offers a really high chance of avoiding danger.

  • C. Kadilen offers a +45% chance to Dodge for all allies,
  • with Inari, it’s a +56% chance to Dodge for all allies,
  • with Jade (Ninja 2), it’s a +50% chance to Dodge for 3 allies, and
  • with Margaret, it’s a +30% to +90% chance to Dodge for 3 allies.

So, +75% certainly represents a good chance of getting outa… Dodge.

His Other Skills: Arfanias (June Hero Of The Month)

First, we have Arfanias’ Talent, EVADE. Meaning, he has a +20% chance to Dodge, as a passive.

For the record, this Talent shouldn’t stack with his own Dodge Special, it should be one or the other considered in isolation.

Next, we have two so-so passives: A resistance to Health theft, and an increase in Attack when mana is reduced.

And finally, we have a decent +10% increase in Defense associated with his Element Link.

While initially only benefiting Dark Heroes, when the 2022 HotM Family Bonus goes live, this should aid all allies (with another 22 HotM in the lineup).

Arfanias – Empires and Puzzles HotM June 2022

My final thoughts:

The best case you can make for Arfanias is that he has the potential of being a real menace; dancing on his toes on the outside, jabbing away, and then unexpectedly landing a heavy-handed bomb right on your chin, taking you totally by surprise.

You rub your eyes and zero in on the little scallywag, but you can’t seem to catch him. He’s just out of reach, dodging and weaving, and making you look the fool.

Soon enough, this annoying little prat has become the centre of your attention. Forsaking all else, you vow to smack the smug look right off his face.

But before you know it, you’ve wasted one too many turns, and the Real Game Changers are now ready to remind you of their existence.

You might seek repentance but to no avail. It’s too late. Is that you Congalach?

As fun as that all might sound, Arfanias is more valuable to a F2P/C2P player, who might not have better.

And, with a decent team around him, he should be able to contribute to both the Defense and Offense.

For me, the 550% hit as the ‘prize’ is a bit of a red herring.

The real value is found in his +75% Dodge. Because at Fast, he stands a good chance of charging again and again.

Giving him the ability to hit while moving, thus keeping him out of trouble until the next opportunity comes around.

Hero Grade for Arfanias (Empires and Puzzles)

So for my grading, the question is:

Is this Hero’s Special capable of/likely to change the outcome of a battle? No.

If not, do they still bring enough to the party to help defeat the deities? Yes -just.

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Archangel

Spot an error? Let me know and I’ll correct it!

What are your thoughts? Did I get it wrong or miss something? Let me know in the comments below.

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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I was the guy who took the last Belgian bun. It’s true, it was all me. I love those cakes. He was all talking them up, then when I saw one in the canteen, that cherry sitting on top, I didn’t need to think twice, I was like, “Snap!”. I didn’t even think to offer it to him. My sweet tooth took over. I was sipping sweet coffee and enjoying that sticky bun within seconds of paying, lost in a beautiful moment all of my own. If you’re reading this and think it sounds eerily familiar, please accept my sincere apologies. I grew up with 6 siblings, -Attenborough could’ve narrated our meal times.

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    1. I think he shines with c kage and khonsu for amazing tile damage and specials, two very fast and 1 fast snipers and dark

  1. Pretty good hero. He’ll hit hard, as almost everyone has mana in their bar, and the dodge is super annoying.

  2. When I tested him in beta I found him to be ok. Compared to some of the others at the time he seemed a little subdued in comparison.

    As for him being a hotm, he will certainly find his place on quite a few starting lineups… Mine included…
    Is he a game changer? Not in my opinion but he will most definitely have his uses.

  3. Got one june 1st..

    Looks to be fun for vampire cult cosplayers…
    I have him far down the list of whom to bring up..

    He has interesting skills but an achilles heal combo, wich is why i have put him on hold.
    He has the physique of a 2018 Hotm, and all of his protective value is put into 75% dodge special skills that deal damage and 20% dodge from talents vs damageing offensive skills.. (everything else is gonna land.)

    The teams of 2022 rack up tremendeous brickdamage already in 3-2 team setups, they cast fiends and often have a couple of minions up.. things arfanias have no tools to deal with.

    As you said he is not much of a teamplayer, and the only way he is gonna se action in my lines is if i at some point level him for laughs and use him at the very end of war of 3 kingdoms when the the usually benched heroes starts to get fun-invites (funvites).

    He is not bad per say, but as stated… no team player.

  4. Hi mate.
    I am considering move the emblems from Aouda to this dude. Do you think it is a good idea or it is better to keep them on her?
    Great job as usual.

    1. Arrrrgg – this is the second time I’m writing this, the app dumped me out!

      Ok, of course, I can’t advise you as I can’t replace them if you’re not happy. What I can do is say what I’d do if it were me. Also, your roster matters, so please bear that in mind. In isolation, I think Arfanias gives you more due to the dodge. He’s a real decent HotM. But remember, Aouda is a Season 4 monster designed to be better than a common HotM. She’s a monster hitter under the right conditions and, there are more overhealers on the way. You know first hand, how great she must be in raids when the stars all align. But Arfanias will probably give me more all round. Ps. I don’t like snipers generally, and Arfanias offers more than a hit. Hope my ramblings help. Don’t forget to take views from other sources too. Thanks for reading!

      1. I agree with you about the ‘snipers appreciation’. Hitting only is not enough (Sorry, Lianna I will always remember you). The issue with Aouda is, in spite she can hit very strong to overhealers when they are overhealed, but because of the same overhealing (what a nice parapgraph to read loud) probably she will not kill them and it may be too late to comeback. I think the purple vampire is more versatile. Thanks to your help, I think I am 70-30 to change the emblems when he reaches the 4.80.
        Great job, it is always a pleasure to read your entries.

  5. Arfanias is a perfect sidekick to Zocc. Zocc charges mana so Arfanias can hit hard, and Arfanias is the ensurance policy in case the enemy activates mana shield. So no, he is anything but a selfish lone wolf. In a defense team that implies putting him on the outer right Wing so he has the final hit in a round

    1. Hey W1se One, tough choice. Both look fun. Of course, noone can tell you how to use your mats and your roster matters etc.

      These 2 are so different. Do you need a dispeller? A Fast dispeller might be really useful. I use Devana and C.Roc for that, -both Ave.

      I think GP will be much more impactful, with the chance that the Element DD might find synergy. She does more general things which should be easier to benefit from. Also, who knows, maybe you get the Costume at some point.

      If you need a Killer, Arfanias may be your guy.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      1. Thank you for that! I love your reviews and all of the information you provide. It’s really helped me improve both my rank and gameplay. You da man Cynic! Can’t wait for September’s HotM review.

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