Edwin Of The Morlovia Family (Empires and Puzzles)

KNIFE! KNIFE! Edwin’s got a KNIFE! Empires and Puzzles need to regulate this numpty before he hurts somebody. He’s already sliced open his own head, -went too deep too, -looks properly confused. Put the chopper down geez, it ain’t worth it! And I ain’t trying to drink your funky tea neither!

Alright, I didn’t get nooooo sleep but I’m marching on. One step at a time.

I’ve got no choice! Edwin looks devastating. And I know I’m gonna be seeing that big thick coconut-shaped skull peering back at me over the next few months.

So I gotta call it for what it is; Ugly.

This guy is soooo ugly but still, takes the time to Perm up his hair and put in some cute Ringlets.

What in the actual hell?!

Can’t fool me, tho. -That is not the face you want following you into a dark alleyway at night.

Imagine, his sinister smirk peekabooing you from beyond the shadows, murmuring something about, “Start from the outside and work your way in”.

This post may contain speculation, personal opinion, and adult comedy. It is not advice and is solely for entertainment and informational purposes.


Edwin’s Stats and Special Skills (Hemlock Tea)

Key Facts: Nature (Green), Fast, Paladin, Morlovia Family

Special Skills (Hemlock Tea): 1. Deals 250% damage to all enemies. 2. The attack bypasses defensive buffs (including counterattack). 3. All enemies can’t get their Status Ailments cleansed from Special Skills for 3 turns.

Passive Skill: STEAL BUFF ~ When this character casts their Special Skill, they have a 50% chance to steal the newest dispellable buff from a random enemy that has buffs. If no enemy has buffs, deals 70% damage to all enemies.

Morlovia Family Bonus for 1/2/3 Heroes: +3%/+6%/+9% Mana generation.

Talent: PROTECT ~ +25% chance to get +25% defense for 2 turns after receiving and damage. The effect is applied at the end of the turn.

Aether Power: ATTACK UP ~ +20% Attack for 6 turns.

Edwin – Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Is Edwin Worth It? (Empires and Puzzles)

I googled it! [Wiki] Don’t drink the “Hemlock Tea”; that stuff is poisonous!

Edwin has some bad intent, I told you!

OK, enough hoopla, is Edwin even worth it?

Yes, he’s very powerful.

In short, Edwin is a faster Sobek.

Albeit, Edwin is of the Nature element while Sobek is of Ice.

That means that Edwin’s most likely competition will actually come from the other Nature Heroes who own the show when it comes to Fast Hit-3/All Heroes with solid Secondaries.

But I really like Edwin because he’s a fantastic Hitter who doesn’t have to worry about Counterattacks or buffed Defenses. He eliminates all stress in that area, and that really should be highly prized.

When Edwin hits, especially after you’ve gone to the trouble of employing Defensive Buffs, it’s gonna feel like a real kick in the … What’s-Yours.

Gonna feel like the sharp end of a shark running across your soft, delicate, skin.

Slicing and dicing!

Edwin Vs. Archie and Empires & Puzzles

Let’s compare Edwin with some of his competition:

HeroMana SpeedDamageSecondaryATK StatTotal Hit Score
EdwinFast (8 tiles)Deals 250% damage to all enemiesAttack bypasses defensive buffs. Can’t cleanse from Specials for 3 turns92211,525
ArchieFast (8 tiles)Deals 250% damage to all enemiesEnemies immune to new Status Buffs for 4 turns/receive 150 damage for each attempt. Caster gets done87110,887
JoveFast (8 tiles)Deals 450% damage to the target & Minor damage to all other enemiesAll enemies get -50% decrease for any Boosted healing and -75% less Mana from Specials for 3 turns84211,367
CetoChanging Tides 1 (8 tiles)Deals 320% damage to the target and minor damage to all other enemiesIf enemies use Special in the next 4 turns, they get -34% Attack, -34% Defense, and -24% Mana generation9949,542
C. Guardian PantherFast (8 tiles)Deals 285% damage to all enemiesAll enemies get -34% Defense against Dark and are immune to new buffs for 3 turns81911,670
El NaddahaFast (8 tiles)Deals 305% damage to the target and nearby enemiesTarget and nearby immune to new Status Buffs for 3 turns/ receive 200 damage for each attempt8527,795
SobekAverage (10 tiles)Deals 290% damage to all enemiesAttack bypasses defensive buffs85912,455
C. Guardian KongAverage (10 tiles)Deals 300% damage to all enemiesAllies reflect Status Effects and 115% damage back to the attacker and block negative effects from enemies’ Ice Special Skills. Dispels buffs from all enemies.84812,720
OldCynic.com – Edwin compared with similar Heroes.
(Total Hit Score = Atk Stat x Damage % x Number of targets)
Thanks, Tobov!

Edwin’s strong as an Ox.

As you can see from the chart, he’ll put out more damage than Jove (post-nerf)!

Oh, and C.G.P is a badass!

Edwin and Resisting Cleanse (Empires and Puzzles)

There are two parts of Edwin’s build that we haven’t discussed:

  1. His Ailment, which causes his targets to resist Cleansing, and
  2. His Passive that grants him a 50% chance to steal Buffs or Hit All for 70%

The Resist Cleansing looks quite powerful but, of course, will require a good bit of fortune or management to get the most out of it.

What makes it better, is that it’s non-Cleansable itself.

And there are so many Heroes who could benefit from this skill, including Edwin’s own compatriot, Matilda.

There are also the likes of Aradia, Ray, and Hurricane, and the list could go on and on…

Hurricane Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

I think Edwin’s Cleanse Resist could be annoying to face, but it is absolutely circumstantial.

As for the 50% chance to steal Passive; we’ve seen it before. It’s a great Passive, but it’s not as reliable as Sobek’s direct damage/DoT.

-It’s hard to manage and is more often than not an unexpected bonus when something really good comes of it.

Edwin’s Old Cynic Review

Final Thoughts:

I reckon Edwin is gonna be useful in most areas of the game.

His damage output is up there with the best, and he slips through Defensive buffs like they ain’t there. -Presenting a real problem when he possesses this much speed and power.

And when placed alongside some other New Wave monsters, his Resist to Status Ailments Cleansing might have you rage-quitting in complete frustration.

For me, he ranks right up there with the best of the Tier-2 gods, without breaching the threshold that delineates the fact that he could break the game.

The goal with Edwin will be to avoid the hit or heal ASAP.

-This is how most of us have been dealing with big Hitters for a while now because we no longer live in an age where you can turn the other cheek.

If Edwin hits twice, I suspect the lights will dim and the curtains will close. But he’s not alone, just the latest iteration.

Edwin will fit right into what must be considered the “Attitude Era” of E&P. -Blood, Guts, and Straight-Talking everywhere.

I’m told Morris is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the PG Era…

Hero Grade for Edwin (Empires and Puzzles)

So for my grading, the question is:

Is this hero’s Special capable of/likely to change the outcome of a battle? Yes.

If not, do they still bring enough to the party to help defeat the deities? N/a.

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity ⭐⭐

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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  1. Didn’t get him, and I might not try, as i don’t like playing heroes I don’t like the looks of. I saved tokens since last Halloween to look for a third running mate for Matilda and Alucard. Got M&M and a duplicate of Alucard. After getting porthos and a few copies of the hotm, I’ve had my best 24 hours in a long time! Thanks for such a quick review. Good luck with your summoning!

  2. I had been storing up Epic Hero tokens for a couple of months, waiting for this portal to open. I had 40 tokens to burn through.
    As soon as it opened I was in it.
    First pull 5* hero Thorne. Not bad start.
    Dross followed but then boom boom boom – Leonidas (costume), Magni, Baldur and finally Alucard. I had topped up the Fated Summons portal so got Frida.
    I missed Edwin but can’t complain, got some levelling up to do and some fodder for the next SE. Overall pretty pleased with the day.

  3. Hi again OC! Whenever I see these new monsters, my first thought is not about trying to pull one but rather about how to defend against one. In Edwin’s case, I’d probably go with Garnet. Even though she’s an old-school Ninja, she can still protect everyone from status ailments like Edwin’s on her first charge, which is faster than Fast if you get my meaning, for two turns, which is enough to buy some time. Another option would be Theobald, who reflects back nasty Nature stuff. Yes, he’s slow, but next to an LB2 Ludwig, he can be sped up while Ludwig takes the brunt of Butler Eddie’s blows. Anyway, thanks for the great review!

    1. Hey Dharion, I agree. It’s got to the point that you need some sort of positive motion before the Tank fires off, or it’s over!

      Garnet sounds great. Thankfully, Edwin’s Resist *only* lasts for 3 turns.

      Thanks for stopping by!

        1. Yes, this is the truth. My Raid Squad have become mid-carders. Tragic stuff. But you know I got them on their vitamins to make them stronger (LB2) and hopefully we can bounce back soon.

          If not, we’re all going to Hollywood.

  4. First I want to say I enjoy your posts and they’re very helpful.

    Had a good run of luck today and pulled Edwin, Alucard and the 3* Goopy. Took Frida from the FS, and Quintin from SE. Quintin is on his way to be maxed, going to be awhile before I get the other 5*s done. Not complaining.

  5. I want this guy, but I also want to save my coins for Christmas later (trying to get a Pengi or MN). Any recommendation? lol.
    Will you be doing a review on Edwin’s friend? that thicc Slow Purple hero? My friend got her and was asking for comments or review on her.

    Good read again OC. Gonna share to my alliance as per usual. cheers.

    1. Hey MIB,

      Lucinda [Slow, 470% to 3 on 865, targets get -40% accuracy and -34% defense for 6 turns, caster regens for 918 HP over 6 turns]
      I do remember using Lucinda in Beta, thinking she was powerful. The only difference I can see is the healing has been slightly reduced. Of course her output is great but is held back by her speed.

      Interestingly, C. Norns was Slow before the buff back to Ave. And at Slow, she dealt 450% to 3 on 893 (now 300% to 3 on 962 at Ave), then did her mix-match. So that’s a nice bench-mark.

      Phantom does 405% to 3 on 933 at Ave, and Hurricane 410% to 3 at 889… both with great secondaries.

      No, she’s not a current meta, super quick destroyer, but she is still very decent. Her Aether is REGEN, too. +Her Max Power Stats are (from poral) 1127/1238/2367 -So she should have survivability. She’s healing from the beginning and then self-heals on activation.

      Not a huge fan of the -accuracy as today we really need -70% at least, coz if they tag you it hurts and with my luck, they always do!

      I suspect she’ll play like a modern Khagan, but better. Back in the day Khagan would hit relatively hard for Slow and I think Lucinda’s in that same vein.

      Still, it all boils down to the level you play at, roster, and playstyle. Fact is, you have to get those tiles to fire her, but I suspect for most players, she’s gonna be a solid addition to their rosters. Most of the new Heroes are.

      As always, test at 3/70 and get other opinions!

      I appreciate the support and sharing my blog, that really helps!

      1. Thanks OC!!! that is very detailed review!! My friend would appreciate this.
        On the other note, I’ll be holding my coins. Edwin is good but Im gonna gun for Pengi (maybe he’ll got a costume too). Plus my luck have been good. 3 new event 5 stars in 1 week (usually took me months to get that amount).

        When people on my alliance ask about hero review, on top of my head, the best one is OC. Cheers.

  6. Edwin reminds me of Zarel, the 3* Slow Nature Bard hero whose special also prevents cleansing of status ailments for 5 turns in addition to a 260% slap-all. In practice, I use her more for the slap and Bard Passive, and not so much for the cleanse immunity, but it’s nice to have.

    Edwin’s special bypassing defensive buffs makes him a danger to any variant of Boril and maybe Krampus (assuming Taunt is considered a defensive buff). It would be interesting to see if it holds any water against BK’s damage-to-1 buff, but BK probably won’t feel it much anyway since he’s a Fire hero.

    1. Hey Nortaneous, good to see you.

      According to the forum, and based on other heroes with the skill, I expect he will bypass Black Knight’s Flesh Wound. But of course, I’ve not tested it so maybe someone will try it out and update us here.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Hey OC,

    I was just wondering, will be doing review for other heroes like Untold Tales, Musketeers, goblins, etc?

    I know its hard to keep up with the rate of SG keep on throwing out new heroes tho. But maybe just a very simple review and maybe grading so maybe we can have like a simple idea on how good or bad that hero is? Just asking tho.

      1. 😄 Maybe…

        It’s about time. Moreso, how much time I spend on each post while also having to service my bills/live life etc. And if I rush things, or put out shorter reviews, in general they may not be as accurate. I take a lot of pride in producing fun stuff for this blog but it’s hard to know how to put out more content without lowering the quality.

        1. i feel you man. SG introducing new heroes like there’s no tomorrow. Even nowadays I have to read the cards 1 by 1 before raiding. lol.

  8. Ive often wondered why they never had the idea of a hero skill to ignore Taunt? Ed and others with bypass D buffs can avoid the counterstrike damages, but if Taunt is to be considered defensive (Or Dodge for that matter) it doesnt apply to those aspects…alas.

    While debuff is available for such situations, having a few heroes who dont need to depend on a debuffer on the team to still stand up to Taunt and still hit all or hit a chosen target, would seem like a skill that would have some strategy to it.

    1. Hi! You’re right but I’m glad they haven’t because Taunt is one of the few things really helping me at the moment. Passives and Guardian Hippo are already punching through Taunt. But in time, I’m sure we’ll see the heroes you speak of.

      Thanks for sharing!

  9. I received Edwin and Lucinda in a 10 pull and I’m stoked. Thank you so much for your posts I always learn so much from you and enjoy your humorous dialogues.

  10. Fala meu amigo tudo certo ?

    Combinando Lucinda com Edwin na defesa, tendo tropas de mana no 23 ela ativaria como um herói mana médio? grato

    Translated: Speak my friend, is everything ok?

    Combining Lucinda with Edwin on defense, having 23 mana troops would she activate as a medium mana hero? grateful

    1. Hello Juicebox, going by the mana charts on this page, you’ll need 20% mana troops to get from 12 tiles to 10.

      So you’ll need Magic or Styx Troops to get there. But there are other factors involved in speeding up a hero, like innate bonuses found elsewhere (like Family Bonuses, Element Grid choices, and Passives). I know if you search the forum you can find more, but from a basic standpoint, and going by the information I have, +20% mana is what you need.

      I hope this helps.

      Translated: Olá Juicebox, seguindo os gráficos de mana desta página, você precisará de 20% de mana de tropas para passar de 12 para 10 peças.

      Então você precisará de tropas Magic ou Styx para chegar lá. Mas existem outros fatores envolvidos na aceleração de um herói, como bônus inatos encontrados em outros lugares (como bônus de família, escolhas de grade de elementos e passivos). Eu sei que se você pesquisar no fórum você encontrará mais, mas do ponto de vista básico, e pelas informações que tenho, +20% de mana é o que você precisa.

      Eu espero que isso ajude!

  11. Hey Old Cynic…long time reader but first time poster. I appreciate all you do for the community!

    I wanted to get your opinion. I recently had the fortune to acquire both Edwin and Frond. If you had to choose one to level, which one would you go with?


    1. Hey Mark, thanks for reading! It depends what you need. I’m a huge fan of Frond and think he’s a great deterrent against boosted healing. Edwin is a simpler hit all. I assume it was you who created the poll at the forum and I’d have to agree with the result. Frond has exciting potential but Edwin is a fantastic hit all. In time, I’d like to level both.

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