How Good is Alberich? Empires and Puzzles HotM Review

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Of all the Empires and Puzzles heroes I don’t have, Alberich is my favourite. He’s a very old Hero Of The Month (from 2017!), and is part of the Tavern Of Legends. Give me a sec, and I’ll explain why I think he’s excellent.

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Caveat: This post represents game-play speculation and personal opinion. It is not advice.

Alberich’s Element, Class, Special Skills, Passives & Talents

Here are his key stats & facts.

Element: Nature (Green)

Class: Druid

Mana Speed: Slow

Special Skills: 1) Each fallen ally has a 33% chance to get revived with 23% HP. 2) All allies regenerate 612 HP over 4 turns. 3) All allies regenerate a moderate amount of mana over 4 turns.

Passive: Alberich is soo old, he doesn’t have a Passive.

Talent: COMPANION ~ +15% chance to summon a Thorn Minion after receiving any damage. The effect is applied at the end of the turn.

Alberich HotM Empires and Puzzles Feat
Alberich – Empires and Puzzles

Is Alberich worth Levelling? (Empires and Puzzles)

If Alberich isn’t worth levelling, I don’t know who is. It was back in 2017 when Alberich was first released as a HotM, yet even now -over 3 years later, he still looks like a star.

He’s part of a very small group of elite 5 star heroes, who can re-animate their fallen allies, long after the pixels have turned to grey.

And so here are his peers; those who he calls, ‘Equal’.

Who’s The Best Empires and Puzzle Reviver Hero?

HeroMana SpeedOdds of RevivingSecondary
AlberichSlow33% (with 23% HP) All allies regenerate 612 HP over 4 turns. All allies regenerate a moderate amount of mana over 4 turns.
Slow34% (with 30% HP)All allies regenerate 609 HP over 3 turns. All allies reduce all received damage by -50% for 3 turns.
HeimdallSlow 20% (with 30% HP)Boosts all allies by 500 HP. If health exceeds max HP, it is added as temporary HP. All allies get +30% for 4 turns.
Mother NorthSlow50% (with 10% HP)Recovers 30% health for all allies. Summons a Minion for each ally (10% HP & attack)
List of 5 star heroes who revive allies

Note: It’s worth considering as we value these Revivers, that Alberich will first revive fallen allies, before providing healing. Which means, revived allies will also receive healing. Whereas, Mother North will not. She will first heal, then revive. Meaning any revived hero will miss out on her healing. For more on understanding Hero Cards, see this post.

To me, a good reviver will also provide healing. With that in mind, here’s how I rate them (#1 being the best):

  1. Nadezhda
  2. Mother North
  3. Alberich
  4. Heimdall

Alberich Vs. Mother North Vs. Heimdall

With so few 5 star Revivers to choose from (am I missing anyone?), pulling any of them would be fantastic.

I rate Mother North as the best of the bunch because when I play against her, I see clear evidence of that 50% in action. She nearly always raises someone from the dead and is personally responsible for winning many battles, that should have been lost.

That said, her revivees do seem feeble, and a slap or two away from being made… re-dead. Lucky for them, they get some additional protection from a Christmas themed Minion.

Next is Alberich, because again I see clear evidence of the 33% in action. He seems to reliably raise fallen allies from the dead. And, that new-life comes with a healthy 23% HP.

He also helps to get everyone going with his 612 HP over 4 turns (better than costume Rigard), as-well-as a moderate amount of mana boost.

However, Alberich healing over 4 turns does leave him open to Malosi’s Special strike (and other similar inflictions): ‘the target cannot cast any new status effects … for 3 turns‘. As both Mother North and Heimdall heal instantly, they’re not affected.

Finally, I rank Heimdall 3rd. That’s because I see his main skill as healing, and over-healing. Then comes the 20% chance to revive. I just don’t think I could go into battle and consistently rely upon that 20%. It may even start to feel like a bonus, if/when he actually does revive someone.

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Alberich; Ruler of the Elves

My final thoughts:

You can only get Alberich from the Tavern Of Legends event, or from the Hero Academy (level 10). And, Mother North? You can only get her from the Christmas seasonal event.

As a result, these heroes retain a high value due to their sparsity. But having seen first-hand, just how effective they can be, I’ll keep hoping to pull one of them, someday.

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Archangel

What are your thoughts? Did I get it wrong, or did I miss something? Let me know in the comments below.

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