Mother North Vs. Costumed MN (Empires and Puzzles) Review

Mother North Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Is Mother North the best Hero in all of Empires and Puzzles? What about the best Healer? No -what about the best Reviver?

In this post, I’m going to take a look at Mother North and her Costume, asking:

  • Which is best? And,
  • How does it affect her overall value and standing within Empires and Puzzles?

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This post may contain speculation, personal opinion, adult comedy, and human error. It is not advice and is solely for entertainment and informational purposes.

Mother North’s Old Cynic Review

Mother North Vs. Costumed Mother North feels like an epic face-off, let’s jump straight into it with a side-by-side comparison:

HeroMana SpeedHealingRevivingMinions
Mother North
Slow (12 tiles)Recovers 30% health for all alliesEach fallen ally has a 50% chance to get revived with 10% HP7% HP and 10% Att
Costumed Mother NorthSlow (12 tiles) All allies regenerate 612 HP over 4 turns Each fallen ally has a 55% chance to get revived with 15% HP7% HP and 10% Att – Mother North Vs. Costumed Mother North

A key difference between them is the order of their Specials.

Mother North, who’s long been criticised for her jumbled mess of a Special, does this:

  1. Heals for 30% (about 480-550 HP for an emblemed MN)
  2. then, Revives fallen allies
  3. and finally, summons a minion for each ally

On the other hand, Costumed Mother North will:

  1. Revive fallen allies
  2. then summons a minion for each ally,
  3. before finally, healing all allies for 612 HP over 4 turns
Mother North Empires and Puzzles Hero Card Detail
Costumed Mother North – Empires and Puzzles

So, who’s better -Mother North or Costumed MN? (Empires and Puzzles)

Well, the order of the Special wasn’t the only thing to change, -we also got Incremental healing instead of a single wave.

And that’s significant because it’s a status effect now, which can be dispelled.

But even so, Costumed Mother North still brings a lot to the party:

  • a 5% boost in Reviving odds (now 55%),
  • and a 5% boost in the reborn base-line HP (now at 15%)
Mother North Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

And as we mentioned above, critically, Costume Mother North does everything in the right order, to ensure all revived parties personally engage with the healing process.

For that reason, if I were forced to choose one version for Raiding, it would be Costumed Mother North, -she heals for more, and the risk of dispelling is pretty low/manageable.

While I’d also take her for Defense, it would be a matter of testing the market to see how things work out.

At the end of the day, I run 2 Heroes capable of stopping Incremental healing on Raids, and they’d both be happy to meet Costumed Mother North, over her unflinching counterpart.

But the beauty of having the Costume is, having the choice.

Mother North Vs. The E&P Universe

Revivers form an elite super-group of Heroes who dwell in the upper echelons of the Empires and Puzzles hierarchy.

In fact, over the last 12 months, while we’ve seen the introduction of a vast amount of new Heroes, only one of them has been a reviver; Nadezhda.

Thankfully, we’ve also witnessed Alberich finally getting his long-awaited Costume.

Here are the 5-Star Revivers Of E&P:

  • Mother North
  • Nadezhda
  • Alberich
  • Heimdall

And, here’s how they all stack up against each other:

The Best Revivers in Empires and Puzzles (Mother North?)

HeroMana SpeedHealingReviveAdditional
Mother NorthSlow (12 tiles)Recovers 30% health for all allies.Each fallen ally has a 50% chance to get revived with 10% HPAll allies get a Minion: 10% HP and 10% Att
Costumed Mother NorthSlow (12 tiles) All allies regenerate 612 HP over 4 turns Each fallen ally has a 55% chance to get revived with 15% HPAll allies get a Minion: 10% HP and 10% Att
AlberichSlow (12 tiles) All allies regenerate 612 HP over 4 turnsEach fallen ally has a 33% chance to get revived with 23% HPAll allies get moderate mana over 4 turns
Costumed AlberichSlow (12 tiles)All allies regenerate 548 HP over 4 turnsEach fallen ally has a 38% chance to get revived with 28% HPAll allies get +38% mana gen for 4 turns
HeimdallSlow (12 tiles)Boosts allies’ health by 500 HP (Over-heal)Each fallen ally has a 20% chance to get revived with 30% HPAll allies get +30% attack for 4 turns
NadezhdaTier-2 (12.3 tiles)All allies regenerate 714 HP over 3 turnsEach fallen ally has a 44% chance to get revived with 40% HPAll allies get -50% reduced damage for 3 turns – Mother North and the E&P Universe

All of these Heroes have the potential to change the outcome of a battle, but for me, Costumed Mother North is the standout.

Looking back, I still like the look of Nadezhda and Alberich (whose Costume has really elevated him back into serious contention).

But who’s the best in your view? Let me know in the comments below.

Mother North’s Hero Grade (Empires and Puzzles)

My final thoughts:

The Santa’s Challenge Summoning Portal is finally here, and I’m sure Mother North has been the target for a large portion of players (her Costume, only adds fuel to the fire).

Grading is simple -Both are Deities, but my personal preference goes with the new Costume.

So for my grading, the question is:

Is this Hero’s Special capable of/likely to change the outcome of a battle?

Yes, yes, and yes. Both versions.

If not, do they still bring enough to the party to help defeat the deities?


Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity ⭐⭐

Grade Revised

The base version is now a Deity: Tier 1.

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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  1. I am going to chase Mother North, within reason. I won’t do my pulls until the new POV opens so I get max value for them.

  2. Wish the rng was better. All I keep getting is frosty. On my 4th pull of him. Been playing for over a year now and only have six five star cards. I’d love to get this card but game is a money pit. People are either super lucky or they got deep pockets.

    1. Hey Dopey, chasing individual heroes is definitely an expensive hobby, especially if you have no luck (like me recently). I’ve been levelling new(er) 4-Star heroes and embracing the grind instead.

      I happened to pull a couple of Frostys myself and will be levelling a second one. Hopefully TC20 or HA10 will soon give me something more worthy. Good luck!

  3. if you had to pick one, Costume MN or Costume Alby, which would it be? I feel like this is a tough decision. Obviously MN has the edge in revive, but Alby, because of family bonus is faster, and even more so after casting once with mana boost. That 38% mana gen is no joke.

    1. Hi g8slord, I think Alberich is cool -I like the card, the character, the idea. That aside, and just a Wishlist pick? It would be MN.

      For me, much higher odds of Reviving, now a solid 15% HP on re-birth, and a big old Minion as a barrier.

      You’re right about that Mana Bonus, I completely agree. I’d love to have him, but for the job in hand, MN.

      If you were forced to pick one, who you got?

  4. Saya mendapatkan alberich kostum dalam panggilan acara bebera blan lalu bersama kostum sheshat,, 2 Hero b,5 dngan 2 kali tarikan,, sungguh suatu keberuntungan. Dan kemarin mendapatkan mother north dngan kostum jg 1 kali tarikan. Benar benar gembira karna ini akun kecil dng lvel 32

    Translated: I got a costume alberich in a show call a few months ago with a sheshat costume, 2 Hero b,5 with 2 draws, really lucky. And yesterday, I got Mother North in a costume and pulled it 1 time. Really happy because this is a small account with level 32

    1. Selamat! Sekarang Anda harus memutuskan siapa yang terbaik.

      Terima kasih telah berkomentar!

      Translated: Congrats! Now you get to decide who’s best.

      Thanks for commenting!

      1. I faced a player this week who was playing unfairly.
        Costume mom on 1 side of Ludwig at tank, and Regular mom on the other.

        I lost twice and then won the 3rd.

        In the end, I cant say as either was particularly more threatening. They BOTH revived and healed too much to deal with initially. Finally I got a good board the 3rd go round and was able to mana block them and kill 1, and fortunately the other did not revive her on her next shot…which gave me time to kill Mom 2.

        But Luck was still needed. When an Enemy Ludwig does his thing, you need luck, because prayer, skill, and firepower…wont save you.

  5. Wonderful review 🙂 Its always awesome to read and hear others to agree on the awesomeness of ones heroes. I can’t wait to get her levelled, and emblemed up.

  6. Hi friends 🙂
    You may know me by my comments about Pingui, now i’m posting about MotherNorth(C).
    She’s a great asset (and a real pain when you attack someone who has her…)
    My question is : What’s your advices in order to have the best emblem path possible.
    If i understand well the costume logic, i have to emblem her in vanilla state. And the path are followed by her costume path is that right ?
    So…where to go ? 🙂
    Thanks for your reply (you old C and peers)
    And Happy New Year

    1. My understanding is, if you want the Costume to go a certain way, follow that path on the Base version.

      So, if you want a Left node on the Costume, go left on the base version.

      I don’t have a view on which way to take her, sorry. Maybe others can help more.

      Thanks for visiting Yardman!

  7. nice to meet you.
    I am Japanese.
    I’m not good at English, but please forgive me.
    This page is very useful.
    thank you.
    If possible, I would like to ask Santa Claus (costume) to evaluate it as well.
    Thank you.

    1. Hello Samurai, welcome!

      I did touch on Santa and his Costume in the Santa’s Challenge event post, here.

      That said, I was probably being a bit harsh on him and maybe he does deserve a full break down. Please Subscribe and give me a few weeks max, and I’ll try to get it done.

      Thanks for reading. I love Japan and it makes me happy to think you’re reading from there.

  8. Hello Old Cynic!

    I am a new fan!!! Well, to be more precise, I am a new subscribed fan. I actually stumbled upon hero reviews last December, and that was after I pulled Mr. Pengi, and ignorantly thought that I pulled a dud. I was really hoping to get Mother North, and when I got the grinning flightless bird instead, I was disappointed, until I read your review–and then, I profusely apologized to the deity, who chose to be with me despite my ignorance and unworthiness (haha), for my ungratefulness and malcontent. This, however, will not stop me from pining for Mother North, and after reading your review of her, I am more determined than ever to…… (let’s not finish that lest the exponentially small chance of her descent into my roster becomes totally nil).

    Hyperbolic levity aside, I am truly thankful for finding this site. The reviews that I finished reading were not only informative, they were full of humor, as well, and they sent me to ugly-laughing almost always (and so, I vowed to only read your reviews when I am alone–I am definitely going to binge-read though!) Finally, (and I think, this is what I like most about your reviews) your reviews of the heroes of the month, especially the recent ones, do not have the same dismissive tones that some of the top-players tend to take. After reading your reviews of Viscaro and Iris, I actually felt good and lucky that I got them.

    Anyway, this reply has trespassed on your generosity long enough. I just really want thank you for your reviews, and I hope you all the success for this new year. By the way, I also watched the videos that you posted on youtube. I wonder if you are planning to make more of them. It would be nice to see more of your reviews of some of these heroes in action.

    Again wishing you good fortune for all your endeavors from Nagasaki, Japan,

    Chrestomanci (or my real name, Jonathan)

    1. Hello Chrestomanci, thank you so much, it really made my day/week/month!

      I love the fact this stuff makes people laugh and smile, -it comes from the true Cynic in me (which is the paradox).

      Thank you for all the well wishes, and I wish you the same. I do wish I was in Japan, too. It’s a place I hope to visit one day.

      Re. Youtube, I find this blog takes up a lot of time. It feels like it’s one or the other and I’ve always loved writing and story-telling, so this feels better.

      Anyway, thank you again for letting me know that I made you Ugly Laugh, that’s really awesome.

    2. I forgot to say, never Chase an individual Hero! Unless, you’re talking about HA10. It’s hard to get a specific hero because the odds are so far out there.

      1. Hello Old Cynic,

        Thank you for the reminder not to chase one particular hero. Fortunately, though, I don’t have the financial resources to embark on this very dangerous venture. This might not be very insightful, but I find that poverty is a very potent motivation for maintaining one’s self-control that is always in danger of breaking down amidst the shiny and enticing cards that this game uses to lure the weak and the easily ensnared such as myself. But yes, I intend to do what I am able to try to get MN: saving all Epic Hero Tokens, and gems that I get from VIP and other cheap deals that I sometimes buy, until Christmas for one thing, and prioritizing the building of my HA10 for another (but since it was only recently that I was able to upgraded my SH and one of my TCs to level 20, my HA10 still exists safely and perfectly in Plato’s world of Ideas, producing desirable heroes as it ought, unaware of the looming corruption it will incur once it materialized in this imperfect world–but here is to patience, and with hope, loads and loads of it).

        Anyways, let us not take more of your precious time reading my ramblings. Let me just say, finally, that I am very glad that you find the idea of me ugly-laughing awesome. That made me smile in my turn. 🙂 If you happen to visit Japan, and the circumstances are totally aligned, then I could serve as your guide, albeit a defective one. My sense of direction seems to be one of Dr. Moreau’s BLIND victims–it is blind and it resets every time I visit a place that I already visited before. But they say that Japan is a good country to be lost in, so it might not be a bad thing.

        Again, more power to you, and I look forward to reading more of your writings!


        P.S. I second samuraiGTO’s request regarding Santa Claus. He was one of the pulls that I had last Christmas along with Mr. Pengi. It would be nice to read what you think about him.

          1. Hi Old Cynic!

            I opened your blog a few minutes ago, and lo and behold! The best consolation for all the losses I had playing this game this week (I did badly on the the 3* tournaments! 🙁 ) Thank you for the review! I gobbled it up as usual, and read it again twice after that, because speed reading is not one of the talents, which I have been gifted!

            Thank you again, and like Santa, may I be able to aspire to do my tasks despite the poverty of my capacities in quietude! 😀

            Yours in a rainy Nagasaki,


          2. I got kicked out too. I meant to sit down and follow more of the tips from my recent Raid Tips Interview, but got carried away -next time!

  9. How about a review/ranking of all the 5* revivers? Include costume and non costume. There have been so many additions with costumes and Nadezdha’s buff, would be a good debate on which one gives most all around bang for the buck.

      1. Only fully leveled is Nadezhda. Regular/Costume Alby at 3/70 and Regular/Costume MN at 1-1. I used my Tonics on Quenell. Very happy with Nadezhda after the buff, the 1st charge is still weak, but is now a very viable healer and has an upside on a 44% revive with up to a 70% heal, plus 714 HOT, Plus damage down -50%, plus drop a mana stack. Not to mention the 800+ attack when emblemed for tile damge.

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