Rayne Review – Empires and Puzzles Clash Of Knights

Rayne Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Rayne is a new addition to the Empires and Puzzles Clash Of Knights family. She’s a powerful sniper, who introduces a fun fresh new element to gameplay.

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Rayne’s Stats and Special Skills (Plague Blade)

Element: Dark (Purple)

Class: Fighter

Mana Speed: Average

Family Bonus: Raven ~ 2/3 Raven heroes get 35%/50% chance to make an ailment uncleansable

Special Skills (Plague Blade): 1. Deals 400% damage to the target. 2. Target receives 1300 Poison damage over 5 turns. This effect is contagious.

Talent: Revive ~ +30% chance to revive with 1 HP after a fatal attack. The revive is applied at the end of the turn.

Rayne Empires and Puzzles Hero Card Detail

Is Rayne worth Levelling? (Empires and Puzzles)


I don’t normally like Snipers because they don’t bring enough to the party to justify a starting spot.

However, Rayne’s different, she brings an Infectious Plague to the cookout.

And it seems like a genius mechanism, which really should add a bit of fun to battle, -assuming Rayne’s on your side, that is.

Let’s take a quick look at her hit, comparing it with some of the other Snipers in Empires and Puzzles.

Rayne and the Big Hitters (Empires & Puzzles)

HeroMana SpeedDamageAdditional
RayneAverage (10 tiles)Deals 400% damage to the targetIntroduces the Plague to the opposition team (1300 over 5 turns)
SartanaFast (8 tiles)Deals 452% damage to the targetTarget receives 324 damage over 6 turns
C.DomitiaAverage (10 tiles)Deals 390% damage to the targetTarget & NB receive 324 damage over 4 turns, also dispels aliments from the caster and NB
GaillardFast (8 tiles)Deals 490% damage to the targetAll allies are immune to incoming Fiend effects and damage, and all allies are immune to new Fiends
SeshatFast (8 tiles) Deals 400% damage to the targetSummons a Minion worth 18% HP and 15% Att which can clone itself every 3 turns. + Dispels buffs from the target and NB enemies.
GarjammalFast (8 tiles)Deals 430% damage to the targetCaster regenerates 675 HP over 3 turns, which is reset if they are hit with direct damage from a Special
GefjonFast (8 tiles)Deals 500% damage to the targetSteals Minions from the target
Dark LordFast (8 tiles)Deals 550% damage to the targetReduces the duration of Target and NB buffs by 1 turn, and they receive 180 damage and lowers mana gen by -13% for 4 turns
OldCynic.com – Rayne comparisons

Rayne’s hit is a little weak for Average, but she does so much more…

Let’s take a detailed look at this interesting “contagious” Plague, then.

Rayne and the Plague Blade (Empires and Puzzles)

There’s no doubt that Rayne’s strike is solid enough, but this Plague is awesome. First, check out the damage it actually causes over 5 turns (1300 HP). That’s 260 HP per turn.

And how does 1300 damage compare with other Ailment casters?

HeroMana SpeedAilment Damage
RayneAverage (10 tiles)Target receives 1300 HP damage over 5 turns
SartanaFast (8 tiles)Target receives 324 HP damage over 6 turns
NatalyaFast (8 tiles)Target receives 700 HP damage over 4 turns
AzlarSlow (12 tiles)All enemies receive 378 HP damage over 6 turns
ClarissaVery Fast (6.5 tiles)Target & NB receive 272 HP damage over 2 turns
AgrafenaMagic x1 (5.6 tiles)All enemies receive 165 HP damage over 3 turns
OldCynic.com – Rayne’s ailment damage comparison

It completely outclasses them.

How does a Contagious Ailment work in Empires and Puzzles?

Before leaving home, Rayne soaks her sword in poison (what must Google think?). Anyway, she dabs her blade in poison before setting off, and then, in the midst of battle, she slices through her opponent’s flesh.

As her foes rally around their injured comrade, her homebrewed Plague now absorbed into the target’s blood is spattered across the nearest First-Aiders. And they too find themselves struck down.

Jokes aside, -if the target has two nearby allies, both will be infected (per turn), so the race will be on to cleanse this scourge before the whole team is beset.

And, if there’s a gap in the enemy line? The Plague will settle with its host, never reaching a new body to infest.

A reader, Xevo, was kind enough to explain: If you hit the Tank, his Poison is for 5 turns, then Flanks (when infected by him/her) will be for 4 turns, and finally Wings (when infected along the chain) are for 3 turns.

Before the recent Buff, Poison lasted for 4 turns on the Target, 3 turns on the nearby, and 2 turns if it went any further.

Oh, and Taunt doesn’t protect against it, -The Taunter and nearby allies will still get infected (if the Taunter is targeted).

Rayne and the Clash Of Knights Family Bonus

Do you remember all those crazy heroes from the last Clash Of Knights outing?

Well, they were part of the “Wolf” family, benefiting from (a chance of) Undispellable Buffs.

Rayne is part of the Raven family, and they benefit from Uncleansable Ailments.

Meaning that this “contagious” ailment, could be uncleansable if Rayne’s accompanied by another Raven family hero:

Family Bonus: Raven heroes get 35%/50% chance to make an ailment uncleansable

Pretty awesome stuff.

Rayne – Empires and Puzzles

My final thoughts:

Information is still a little light on the ground concerning Rayne, but I’m excited by the idea of spreading an ailment to all enemies over time.

It’s the mechanism which intrigues me, -representing a fresh new problem to solve in battle.

In Rayne’s case, the Poison damage is ridiculously high, and her Speed (Average) is more than quick enough to press the point home.

There’s a lot to like here, -Rayne’s definitely a Sniper I’d welcome to my roster.

Hero Grade for Rayne (Empires and Puzzles)

So for my grading, the question is:

Is this hero’s Special capable of/likely to change the outcome of a battle? Yes.

If not, do they still bring enough to the party to help defeat the deities? No.

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity ⭐⭐

This Hero was subsequently Buffed or Nerfed by the developers. Details have been updated to reflect the changes.

Grade Revised

What are your thoughts? Did I get it wrong or miss something? Let me know in the comments below.

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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  1. I suppose burn is same as ailment, but Natalya does 800 over 4 turns. None from her initial hit though.
    Happy new year!

  2. Hi 🙂 You can add Domitia costume /324 DMG per 4 turn and 390 % DMG to three enemies/ and eventually Lepiota /88 DMG per 4 turn and 158 % to one target/.
    Bb, good article, like always 🙂

  3. dont know if you mentioned it but Rayne’s ability works that way that only the target’s poison lasts 4 turns, adjacent heros’ poison lasts 3 turns, and another ones 2 turns, so if you hit tank – his poison is 4 turns, flanks – 3 turns, wings – 2 turns

  4. Dark Lord, the sniper king with his recent buff, and poison damage would be a great comp to include as well. Appreciate the content!

    1. I have a talent maxed out limitbroken Dark Lord.. with a lvl 30manatroop, and yes he is the king of sniping..
      At 1000+ attack he will smack down just about anything.. and on top of that the poison does 227 damage per turn, chokes mana and steals a tuun of buffs..

      He is amazing!

      1. Have to agree on this.

        I got Dark Lord, Xnolphod, Yunan, Elizabeth, and Ruby during my Black Friday pulls and I went straight for Xnolphod, Elizabeth, and Ruby. While I was completing them I heard that Dark Lord got a buff and I realized I had forgotten about him. I just finished him and got him to max emblems and he is an absolute beast. The massive initial hit and high (over 800) poison damage over 4 turns at fast speed is just nuts. I got Rayne and have her at 3/70. With what I heard about her poison getting negated by Dark Lord I may end up leaving her there for a while.

  5. We have seen how annoying are the wolfs. But how really annoying are gonna be the Ravens?? Poisoned by Rayne and nothing to do. Get and ailment by Franz and watch your entire team to die powerless. Really scary!
    I have pulled Eloise and Lewena. I want to get Franz and paired them on rush.

    1. Tough choice, really it’s both. Dark Lord and his Mana control would be real nice, but I like Rayne because I really like the Contagion.

      Dark Lord looks the sensible option because he does so much more. But Rayne looks a lot of fun.

      PS. Just my point of view, please consider other opinions and your roster!

    1. Hi Sidd, sorry at the moment I don’t have anything on it. I started following the new events as they came along and left the ones before, but I hope to get something for the Villains.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting!

    1. Hey EJ, this is a case of me trying to do too much. I just updated this post yesterday with the buff, but got my wires crossed with Lewena… Thanks for highlighting this!

  6. One thing, if the poison damage kills someone, it does NOT spread from that person. That will happen a lot with Rayne. She’s doing 371 poison damage per turn for me (emblemed, not lb, with lvl 15 ninja troop). Target enemies with full health and/or a couple of minions.


    I was lucky enough to get Rayne, Quintin and Eloise during last CoK event.
    However, I do agree you have to target the high-HP or minion-owning enemies. The first 400% hit is already quite heavy, with 944 attack stats at LB+20 (used mix path to keep attack slightly lower and increase survivability). This is typicall around 700-800. Then she does 386 poison damage. So if the target had already absorbed some tiles, it’s game over and you lose the spreading effect (which is great, by the way).
    Combined with Quintin and Pengi, I take down a few opponents with one charge of my heroes… Quintin to copy all damage to the overhealer, Pengi to ravage through the enemies and the Rayne to slowly finish off all…

  8. How do you know Rayne is a female? I thought he was male, but I admit I can’t know for sure because of that armor and the posing omitting most of his/her/its face.

    1. I tend to go by the SG forum when possible. This was a while ago so it’s hard to be sure, but the image may have been a contributing factor. With some heroes, we are not given a gender or the gender listed may not be the actual gender.

  9. Rayne’s abilities have changed a bit recently.

    The effect lasts for 5 turns now compared to 4 (at least the LB Rayne does). and with LB, she does the 400% Damage + 1550 poison over 5 turns.

    Can’t remember if you mention it, but even though the poison damage symbols are different (3 poison drops vs 1) a regular poison effect will overwrite the infectious poison. Found that out when combining Rayne and Jabberwocky.

    One negative I found is that ‘dark reflect’ will reflect the poison back to the party even if obtained only through the contagious effect.

    and IMO, Rayne is definitely female, you can tell by the…uummm…’classic’ female chestplate design.

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