Heimdall Vs. Costumed Heimdall & MN (Empires and Puzzles)

Costumed Heimdall Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Empires and Puzzles’ new superstar, Costumed Heimdall, is currently down at the Valhalla Portal, blowing his horn like a man possessed… or is he actually smoking something from it? Can’t tell, but what I do know is that this gentle giant just nudged Mother North outta the way to get to that coveted prize.

Is Costumed Heimdall now the best Reviver in Empires and Puzzles?

Before we get to the particulars, we gotta cover one crucial point:

  1. There’s a cheese-fest of a Christmas Matinee Movie playing in the background and I ain’t turning it off.

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Heimdall Vs Costumed Heimdall – Old Cynic Review

Let’s start with a side-by-side comparison of Heimdall Vs. Costumed Heimdall:

HeroMana SpeedHealingRevivingAttack
Slow (12 tiles)Boosts health by 500 for all alliesEach fallen ally has a 20% chance to get revived with 30% HP+30% Att for 4 turns
Costumed HeimdallSlow (12 tiles) Regenerates 672 boosted health over 4 turns for all alliesEach fallen ally has a 50% chance to get revived with 20% HP+50% Att for 4 turns
OldCynic.com – Heimdall Vs. Costumed Heimdall

Costumed Heimdall is easily superior. -Not just because of what he does, but because of how he does it.

Heimdall, with the green gems, operates like this:

  1. Boosts health of all allies by 500 HP (which can exceed max HP)
  2. then, has a 20% chance to Revive fallen allies
  3. and finally, Buffs all allies with +30% Attack bonus

Whereas Heimdall the Red, rolls like this:

  1. Has a 50% chance to Revive fallen allies
  2. then, Buffs all allies with +50% Attack bonus
  3. before finally, giving a Boosted health regeneration of 672 HP to all allies over 4 turns

That Costume is all correct. Just like how Costumed Mother North showed up.

🎄Alright. So this couple is splitting up and they’re about to get divorced! 😕 It’s all snowy outside and they’re all sad. Early days yet, but I hope they can work it out in time for Christmas. They really need a Christmas miracle!🎄

Costumed Heimdall Empires and Puzzles Hero Card Detail
Costumed Heimdall – Empires and Puzzles

Costumed Heimdall Increase Attack (Empires and Puzzles)

With the new Costumed Heimdall, we see a huge +30% bump in the Revival chance stats. There is a -10% decrease in HP for Revived Heroes, but the healing is now applied after Revival so everyone gets a piece of the pie.

However, this healing changes to Incremental healing instead of a single wave, so it’s a Status Effect that could be dispelled -Or stopped. (Where does that link go? Don’t phone in, it’s just for fun!)

We also have a nice improvement in the Attack bonus Buff with his Costume; +30% > +50%.

A +50% no caveat Attack Buff for 4 turns, on top of everything else? There’s no doubt in my mind, Costumed Heimdall is a war horse.

He will Revive the dead, fix them up, give them Boosted health, then stick a sword in their hands and point them towards the enemy, –

“It was there that you fell and were slayed! GO now and seek out your revenge! And let them endure your ever-burning sorrow!”

But I’m deffo paraphrasing there.

A Quick Comparison of some Top Attack-Up Heroes:

These Heroes give general +Attack to all allies, applied to both tile and Special damage.

HeroMana SpeedAttack BonusOther Skills
Costumed HeimdallSlow (12 tiles)All allies get +50% Attack for 4 turns.Each fallen ally has 50% chance to get revived with 20% HP.
All allies regenerate 672 boosted health over 4 turns (can exceed max HP).
AgrafenaMagic 2 (12.3 tiles)All allies get +45% attack for 6 turns and a further +20% increase every time they are hit.All allies get +54% defense for 6 turns and a further +5% increase every time they are hit.
All allies regenerate 1428 HP over 6 turns.
TheobaldSlow (12 tiles)All allies get +45% attack for 4 turns, increasing by +20% every time they are hit.Deals 405% damage to enemy with the highest HP and 260% damage to all other enemies.
All allies reflect all status effects and 115% damage back to the attacker and block other negative effects from enemies’ Nature Special Skills for 4 turns.
Guardian ChameleonAverage (10 tiles)All allies get +54% attack for 4 turns.Removes all dispellable and undispellable status effects from all enemies.
Changes the element of all enemies to the element they are strong against for 4 turns.
All allies get +36% critical chance for 4 turns.
KrampusAverage (10 tiles)All allies get +50% attack for 3 turns.Summons an Elf Minion for each ally with 10% HP and 10% attack.
The Caster gets Taunt and gets +44% defence, and a further +10% increase every time they are hit during 3 turns.
Costumed KrampusAverage (10 tiles)All allies get +45% attack, and a further 20% increase every time they are hit during 3 turns.Summons an Elf Minion for each ally with 7% HP and 10% attack.
The Caster gets Taunt and +30% defence for 3 turns.
OldCynic.com – Attack Up comparison chart
Heimdall Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

In my opinion, Costumed Heimdall is a vast improvement on the original.

Now, to face off against Mother North and the rest…

🎄I knew it! An Angel has arrived in the form of a dog. I don’t wanna spoil it for you, but this pup is showing this couple how to love again. It’s beautiful. Slowly but surely, Christmas is really starting to take shape. Thankfully, these guys have no other problems; cash and health are both A-OK. So this is deffo gonna be The … come on, say it with me… “The Best Christmas Ever!” WhooHooo!🎄

Costumed Heimdall Vs. Mother North and The E&P Revivers

Even with all the new Heroes we’ve seen, Revivers are still unique and special.

There are currently only six 5-Star Revivers (I can think of); 3 with Costumes, and another expected to join the Styx family very soon.

Let’s put them all together and find the Best Reviver in Empires and Puzzles:

The Best Revivers in Empires and Puzzles (Costumed Heimdall)

HeroMana SpeedHealingReviveAdditional
HeimdallSlow (12 tiles)Boosts allies’ health by 500 HP (Over-heal)Each fallen ally has a 20% chance to get revived with 30% HPAll allies get +30% attack for 4 turns
Costumed HeimdallSlow (12 tiles) All allies regenerate 672 Boosted HP over 4 turnsEach fallen ally has a 50% chance to get revived with 20% HPAll allies get +50% attack for 4 turns
Mother NorthSlow (12 tiles)Recovers 30% health for all allies.Each fallen ally has a 50% chance to get revived with 10% HPAll allies get a Minion: 7% HP and 10% Att
Costumed Mother NorthSlow (12 tiles) All allies regenerate 612 HP over 4 turns Each fallen ally has a 55% chance to get revived with 15% HPAll allies get a Minion: 7% HP and 10% Att
AlberichSlow (12 tiles) All allies regenerate 612 HP over 4 turnsEach fallen ally has a 33% chance to get revived with 23% HPAll allies get moderate mana over 4 turns
Costumed AlberichSlow (12 tiles)All allies regenerate 548 HP over 4 turnsEach fallen ally has a 38% chance to get revived with 28% HPAll allies get +38% mana gen for 4 turns
NadezhdaTier-2 (12.3 tiles)All allies regenerate 714 HP over 3 turnsEach fallen ally has a 44% chance to get revived with 40% HPAll allies get -50% reduced damage for 3 turns
ZandriaVery Slow (13.5 tiles)Each fallen ally has a 20% chance, plus +5% for each Holy shield on the board (max 80%), to get revived with 40% HPDeals 210% damage to all enemies.
Deals additional 20% damage per each Holy shield on the board up to 450% damage in total.
OldCynic.com – Heimdall, Costumed Heimdall and the E&P Revivers

For me, Costumed Heimdall takes the crown.

On the Class front, Costumed Heimdall is a Wizard (chance to deal +15% extra damage), so he’s not been extra lucky there. While Mother North, famously, has that useful Mana Sheild going on.

What I really like, of course, is the order of events, but even more, the Boosted healing and the +50% Attack Buff.

Only C. Mother North gives you better-guaranteed odds of Revival (at 55%) and she also spawns Minions worth about 118 HP each, but Heimdall does so much more otherwise, including, setting them (the recently dead) up for war.

Last Christmas, when the Santa’s Challange Contingent were flexing, I saw some nice Defenses which paired Mother North on the Wing with Costumed Ariel on a Flank.

And I like the idea of a similar setup with C. Heimdall, but with him being the Boosted Healer (still on the Wing, tho). -So together, they can get the team all topped up and he can take them Over The Top.

672 Boosted healing isn’t outlandish at all, but it’s solid. Esme (Ave) issues 650 in one lump sum, while Pro. Lidenbrock (Slow) does 200 straight then, 600 staggered.

Anyway, who’s the best Reviver in the game in your opinion? Let me know in the comments below.

🎄Hold up! There’s another guy. And her husband is all unshaven and pissed off about it. Man, I’m not sure about a happy ending this time, guys. They already said, “I’m not sure things are gonna work out” 🥺.🎄

Costumed Heimdall’s Hero Grade (Empires and Puzzles)

My final thoughts:

Any hero who has the game-changing abilities of Costumed Heimdall is gonna do well under my grading system.

If Costumed Heimdall does have a weakness, it’s the staggered nature of his Boosted healing, for reasons set out above. But everything else is straightforward and favourable.

Mother North has shown us that a 50% rate of Revival is the tipping point in Empires and Puzzles, where you can really start to rely on your heroes reemerging from the darkness. So, I’m more than happy to sub out the 5% (Vs. C. MN) for what I get in exchange from C. Heimdall.

Imv, the +50% Attack Buff really helps to turn him into a strong offensive threat.

Oh, and he’s got the Costume Bonus: 5% Att, 5% Defense, 10% Health, and 5% Mana.

I could go on comparing Costumed Heimdall with all the Revivers, but alas, time. That said, Zandria does deserve a strong mention coz Zandria will be the new superstar in Rush Events. But Zandria is situational, so conditions will affect what you get.

I love the simple potential of Costumed Heimdall. I know it’s not the current Meta, but if Healers and Revivers were to ever make a comeback on Defense, I’d expect to see him leading the charge.

…Picking up the fallen, giving them a toke of his pipe, and sending them back to take what was once stolen from them.

So for my grading, the question is:

Is this hero’s Special capable of/likely to change the outcome of a battle? Yes.

If not, do they still bring enough to the party to help defeat the deities? N/a.

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity ⭐⭐⭐

What are your thoughts? Did I get it wrong, or miss something? Let me know in the comments below.

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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🎄Don’t worry! They made it. He shaved and apologised. Plus, there were Christmas Bells, tears, and spinning. Lots of spinning in the snow. Then, the Angel went back to heaven and the couple stayed together. ~That was a close call, tho.🎄

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The movie is pure fiction in the state described
Images used by way of review/tutorial – Copyright owned by Empires & Puzzles: Small Giant Games

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        1. I used my free tokens with the hopes of getting this amazing costume. Instead, cruel fate gave me The Fish. It nows joins its sad half brother Mok-Arr (another hero that seems to have no real place other than vague dreams of murdering a Yellow team one day) in the queue for the Soul Exchange.

          1. It might be indeed worse luck. But at least you will use it in the exchange. My collector side stops me from giving 5 star Heroes I do not have more than once (Classic heroes are the exception, because eventually I will receive them again).

  1. Got Him!!!, Stoked that I did and I loved your review, I agree that the 5% reduction on revive chance is a small price to pay for the added benefits he gives, Now just gonna take me ages to level him up as he has to get in line behind CFrancine who I also read your review on and found very helpful in making the choice to let her go 1st. (I also have CMNorth so he can wait a little).

    1. Hey there, congrats 🎉🎊 on the awesome pull. Heimdall may have sneaked by but he’s tremendous. I pulled C. Francine recently and am currently trying to re-build my main team around her. I hope you’ve got Mats for both coz C. Heimdall’s next level.

      Wow, to also have C. MN? Lots of options. Congrats again!

  2. Costumed Heimdall seems to be the best reviver. I wish I had him, but I only have the normal version as well as Nadezhda Costumed Alby and MN naked. No reason to complain.

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