Bertulf: A Super 3-Star Hero (Empires and Puzzles Review)

Screenshot of Bertulf's Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Bertulf is a new 3-Star hero from the recent Empires and Puzzles event, Clash Of Knights. And while I was crying into my afternoon tea, because I missed out on Wolfgang, Bertulf was busy moving his stuff into his new locker.

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Bertulf‘s Special Skills & Core Data

Element: Holy (Yellow)

Class: Monk

Mana Speed: Average

Family Bonus: Wolf ~ 2/3 Wolf heroes get a 35% / 50% chance to make a cast buff undispellable

Special Skills (Magnificent Meal): 1. All allies get +100% normal attack for 4 turns. This effect can be active in addition to effects that alter attack in general. Normal attacks can have a total maximum of +160% increased power while this effect is active.

Talent: WITHSTAND ~ +30% chance to resist negative status effects.

Bertulf from Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Bertulf the Great (Empires and Puzzles)

Why am I reviewing Bertulf?

Because he’s made such a positive impact on my day-to-day gaming.

He really is a 3-Star++ type of hero.

And I did what any sane person would do: levelled him, Limit broke him, and stuck all the emblems on his chest.

Bertulf’s Special (Magnificent Meal)

So what does Bertulf do?

He increases Attack by 100%, -and it can stack up to +160%.

And, he does it at Average mana speed.

That’s it. The wonderful world of Bertulf in a few simple words.

There’s really not much more to say. I just wanted to share what I was seeing, because I’m sure there are others witnessing his badassery, too.

If you don’t have him, let me explain. This guy can be used nearly anywhere. So far, he’s helped me improve my Titan scores -across the board, no matter the Element, including Holy.

And this is a 3-Star we’re talking about.

He’s also in my Raid team for the current Very Fast 3-Star Tournament.

Bertulf’s Talent Grid Path (Health/Defense)

I took Bertulf down the Health/Defense route. The idea was just to keep him alive so he could boost the team’s offence.

I don’t have any other 4 or 5-Star hero who can increase Attack more than 50%, so Bertulf was an awesome addition to my squad.

As mentioned, Bertulf is now used in my Titan teams and is holding his own alongside 5-Star heroes from each Element. And I’m happy to report: he’s really fitting in, quickly becoming a popular personality among the other big names on my roster.

Bertulf, Sergie, and Wu Kong (Empires and Puzzles)

HeroMana SpeedDamageSecondary
BertulfAverage+100% normal attack for all allies for 4 turnsStacks up to +160%
By-UlfAverage+48% attack for NB allies for 4 turns+46% defense & HP Regen for NB allies for 4 turns. After 4 turns, it all goes bad
Sergei2nd Magic Tier+100% normal attack for all allies for 5 turnsStacks up to +160%
Wu KongAverage+185% normal attack for all allies for 5 turns (-32% accuracy)This guy makes you miss – Bertulf hero comparison

There’s a lot to cover here.

By-Ulf first: He’s nothing compared to Bertulf. But as the only 3-Star competition I could think of, he needed to be referenced.

Sergei next: Sergei does exactly the same thing as Bertulf, but does it slower (at the 2nd Magic tier). Taking him 13 tiles to charge, versus Bertulf’s 10. For the record, Sergei is a 4-Star hero from the Magic Tower.

Finally Wu Kong, the 4-Star missing monkey: This is interesting. My wife has Wu Kong fully levelled with 20 emblems. Here are his stats, side by side with Bertulf’s:

Wu Kong – SWORD 737 | SHIELD 710 | HEALTH 1172 (Defense/Health Path)
Bertulf – SWORD 587 | SHIELD 573 | HEALTH 1181 (Defense/Health Path +LB)

I imagine a standard Wu Kong (without emblems) would be weaker than my fully levelled/emblemed/LB Bertulf. And if you’re like me, and can’t stand to miss, why use Wu Kong at all?

Bertulf looks great across the board.

Bertulf – Empires and Puzzles Grade

My final thoughts:

I don’t really have any final words. I just wanted to highlight a fantastic 3-Star hero.

It’s as straightforward as you like; 1. he fires off, 2. you run a chain of tiles into somebody, 3. they disappear.

If you have him, congrats. If you want him, good luck.

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity ⭐⭐

What are your thoughts? Did I get it wrong or miss something? Let me know in the comments below.

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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  1. Been telling my Alliance… “Those of you still using the Monkey, take this one instead, just use some time stops”

        1. Hi Tina,

          There’s only 1 rule in Fight Club;

          * Never tell another player to feed a hero.

          That said, I would say you only need one Bertulf.

          Now, should you feed him or send him on a Cruise? Well, that’s for you to decide 🙂 I won’t have it on my conscience.

          Thanks for visiting

  2. Can you elaborate more on how he works with Wu-Kong? When you attack a titan, do you bring both? Or just one? Do their buffs stack? Or do they overwrite each other?

    I currently use Wu Kong for all titans, but I can’t stand the guy because of the misses.

    1. I checked on my wife’s account, because lords knows Wu Kong won’t get a locker here.

      They appear to stack.

      But not in a good way. When Bertulf fires after Wu Kong, he appears to limit the max hit (down from 185%, to 160%). I think they just overwrite each other, although both icons appear.

      I think it makes more sense, where possible, to use a 48% type attack-up, because that does stack with Bertulf.

      1. Excellent, I ramped him up yesterday before the tournament for the same reasons, nice to see I was on the money. Keep up the great work.

  3. In a world without Tarlak or Miki, I suppose that Bertulf is viable. Tarlak offers the exact same buff (+100% normal attack at Average speed) plus some minor life regen. Miki offers 130% normal buff (against creatures that have more HP than your heroes at slow mana speed), plus a 5 turn silence to the opponent (this was designed as a Titan killer, and does a fine job of it).

    Without either of those heroes in your line-up, I can see where Bertulf is a good add for Titans, and I will encourage my alliance mates to look at adding him.

    1. Hi Weston, I agree. I went out of my way not to compare Bertulf with 5-Star heroes, but it’s really to his credit that we even consider it.

      And as you say, those of us without a 5-Star Att-Buffer, who happen to own Bertulf, should really consider him. He’s been great for my Titan scores!

      Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Tarlak and Miki have the same or better effect… And of course have much higher defense and health as would be expected of their 5-star status. It is incredible/shocking that SG gave this special to a 3-star.

    With that said, remember, the damage increase only applies to tile damage, NOT your heroes’ special attacks. So this special should alter your strategy….
    1. Probably not a great hero for defense
    2. Use alongside heroes with high tile damage as you’ll be far more focused on tile damage than the damage from your specials.
    3. 3-2, 4-1, and 5-0 color matching on your offense is ideal

    1. Can he take one hit from a 14* titan after LB and going defense health route? Cause if not, might as well go attack route and use time stops to keep him alive.

  5. Hey old cynic, I hope you’ve been well. Have a question that isn’t directly related to bertulf, but kinda…
    Anyhow, titan teams, I couldn’t find a post, so I’ll ask here.
    What’s your strategy? I try to take debuff, attack up and tile damage. Problem is my red dudes that debuff (wilbur, falcon) and attack up ( boldtusk) all have low tile damage. Where do you put your emphasis to get maximum results? Debuff and attack bonus vs tile damage?
    This brings me to bertulf. Bertulf vs. Ranvir? Does the extra attack bonus outweigh the potential misses?
    If you already have a post on this, please hit me up with a link. Thanks and have a great week!

    1. OK, I can answer now. Heroes make a world of difference Nurgles. In my experience, you need heroes who can stack different Reduced Defense.

      My strongest Titan team is my Green team because I have Franz (+50 Damage), Almur (-54% Defense against Nature), Marcel (-34% Defense), and Bertulf (+100% normal attack). Those 3 and 4 Stars perform better against Titans than my other teams which consist of some reasonably elite heroes.

      As for items, I use Mana to speed up Franz and Bertulf, and depending on how the tiles go from there, I will use other stuff if I have them. My favourite items are Tornados, but I try not to waste them and only use them if it looks like I have a good board forming. Oh, and the Bear Banner to get a little extra.

      That said, I’m very C2P and don’t have many resources, so I make do. I don’t claim to be an expert also, but I’d love to hear if these tips help you in any way.

      Sorry for the delay, and thanks for reading!

  6. Hey old cynic, they certainly do help! I’m back to using Bertulf and taking a closer look at my 4*. My green team is probably also my best. Similar in style to yours but with Evelyn, buddy, franz, bertulf and heimdall.
    Too many missed tiles when using wu, or Ranvir. Just have to keep bertulf alive. Barely survives hit from 12*.
    Thanks again for shining a light on bertulf! Take it easy.

  7. Costumed Wilbur does this and a small heal, making Bertulf obsolete outside 3* tournaments. Or can you think of any reason to use Bertulf instead of C.Wilbur?

    1. this goes on the same line as “Tarlak or Miki do a beter job so why use bertulf?” well you just need to have tarlak or miki or c.wilbur to use them .. if you don’t have them, then bertulf is a good alternative

      1. I actually didn’t know even high level players are missing c.Wilbur, because I see Wilbur around all the time as a mid tier player and I got him on my 2nd Atlantis pull ever. I have since learned he’s pretty rare, so my comment was based on my lacking information. I have been using Bertulf rather than c.Wilbur on yellow mono teams for 6-8* titans because I get better results.

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