Bastet Review – Empires and Puzzles (Season 5)

Bastet Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Bastet is a new Legendary Hero from Season 5, Empires and Puzzles. And if you hate cats, you better re-roll on this one.

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Bastet’s Stats and Special Skills

Core: Dark, Ranger, Fast

Special Skills (Quick and Nimble) 1. Deals 220% damage to all enemies. 2. All allies get a +45% chance to dodge Special Skills for 3 turns. 3. Each dodge gives +5% defense stack (Max: 10).

Family Bonus (for 1/2 heroes) 🌚 1. 50%/75% chance to cast -24% defense for 2 turns and 196 Water damage over 2 turns on an enemy who deals Special damage to this hero. 2. If enemy’s Special defeats this hero, chance increases to 75%/100%.

Passive: 50% chance to 1. 70% damage to all enemies. 2. Dispel the latest dispellable buff from all enemies.

Talent: PIERCE ~ +25% chance to bypass defensive buffs when attacking. This includes counterattacks.

Bastet Empires and Puzzles Hero Card FEAT
Bastet – Empires and Puzzles

How Good is Bastet? (Empires and Puzzles)

Let’s cut to the chase, Bastet is fantastic and fun, and as long as she’s on your side, you’ll love her.

Bastet is actually one of the first heroes I’ll be reviewing that I’ve personally tested in the Empires & Puzzles Beta programme.

While that doesn’t alter my interpretation of what’s written on the card, it does bring a whole new level of dynamism to it.

The great thing about Bastet is that;

  1. You get to slap people, and
  2. You get to dodge their revenge

-it’s bloody marvellous.

Also, her Stacked Defense is so much fun and mostly undispellable.

Of course, there’s Lepiota, one of a scarce breed, who can actually dispel these Stacks. But so few players have her!

The Big Question is:

Is Bastet now the best Dodger in Empires and Puzzles?

C Kadilen and Inari on the same Empires and Puzzles Defense team
C.Kadilen and Inari in the same team!

And in my opinion, the answer is yes.

Bastet, the Premier Dodge Hero (Empires & Puzzles)

It’s great that they made the best Dodger in the game a cat… coz cats are:

  • Stealthy,
  • Ninja-like, and also
  • Parasitic vermin that shouldn’t live in close proximity to humans!

Wow, that took a sudden turn.

I just can’t seem to contain my internal rage over these perplexing bundles of fur.

I’m torn because cats make me sneeze, cough, and do a real good job of closing up my windpipe.

While Bastet is cute, wins me battles, and fits perfectly into my squad.

I’m defo suffering cognitive dissonance on this one.

If I go into a house with a cat, I immediately get clammy, break into a light sweat, endure a full-blown asthma attack, and then demand to know for the love of God where the f#*king cat is. Then normally from behind a couch, a cat will appear, audaciously purring and pretending to be all cute and what-not.

On the other hand…

If I play with Bastet on my raid team, I immediately feel excited about her firing off, beg the blue heavens for someone to take a swing, clench my fist and eyeball the tiny spot on the screen where the Stacked-Defense icon will accumulate when they miss…

…then it’s brandy and cigars all-round! And a bit of catnip for her.

Bastet's Special Skills Animation - Empires and Puzzles

Bastet Vs. Costumed Kadilen, Inari, Hanitra and the Rest

Alright, here it is. The table of all tables! The litter tray of litter trays. I give you the Dodgers:

HeroMana SpeedDodgeAdditional
BastetFast (8 tiles)All allies get +45% chance to dodge Special Skills for 3 turns. Each dodge gives +5% defense stack (max: 10)Deals 220% damage to all enemies
C.KadilenFast (8 tiles)All allies get +45% chance to dodge Special Skills for 3 turns. Each dodge summons a Minion (15% HP, 15% Att)Deals 170% damage to all enemies
C.FreyaFast (8 tiles)All allies get +36% chance to dodge Special Skills that deal damage for 4 turns.Summons a Raven Minion for all allies worth 25% HP and 15% + Bonus Minion attack (+180%)
HanitraFast (8 tiles)All allies get +45% chance to dodge Special Skills for 3 turns. Each dodge boosts health by 275. If the health exceeds max HP, it is added as temporary HPAll allies resist max health reduction for 3 turns
MargaretV.Fast (6.5 tiles)Caster and NB have from 30-90% chance of dodging Special attacks that do damage. The higher the damage, the higher the dodge. Each dodge gives 24% mana to the target. Lasts for 3 turnsDeals 150% damage to target and nearby
InariAverage (10 tiles)All allies get +56% chance to dodge Special Skills for 3 turns. Each dodge summons a Minion (8% HP, 30% Att) -which adds 7% mana to its owner each turnDeals 180% damage to all enemies
JadeNinja 2 (10 tiles)Caster and NB allies get 50% chance of dodging Special attacks that do damage for 4 turns.Deals 210% damage to all and Reduces mana of all enemies by 15% – Bastet Vs All the Dodge Heroes

The numbers don’t lie, Bastet really does hit like a moving tanker.

That’s 220% on 784 Attack, at Fast, as a Ranger (Pierce).

Costumed G. Panther gives us 285% on a Fast, but without a 45% chance of dodge.

Costumed Master Lepus does the same, and he doesn’t even have a secondary!

Bastet Special Skills Screenshot - Empires and Puzzles

Bastet, Costumed Kadilen, and Costumed Freya (Empires and Puzzles)

Playstyle and team synergy will come into the equation when comparing our protagonist with C.Kadilen. That’s because C.Kadilen will summon a Minion, while Bastet will Stack Defense.

C.Freya is just outa the box, but in terms of Dodging, it might not be her primary function. While she’s ideal for Minion-based teams, as a pure Dodger, she has to fall in line behind Bastet and C. Kadilen.

Costumed Freya only Dodges Special Skills that deal damage, however, you do get that extra turn out of her (4).

For me, the real question with C.Freya will be, does 36% Dodge offer enough protection to be considered worthwhile (when being leaned on for that purpose)? -Only time, and SG’s programming code, will tell.

Costumed Freya Screenshot - Empires and Puzzles
Costumed Freya spotted out in the Wild – Empires and Puzzles

The Reward for Dodging:

The Minions summoned by C.Kadilen are certainly substantial at 15% HP and Att. But that Stacked +5% Defense is a lovely utility, especially as not many players will have access to Lepiota, who can clear it.

So, as the battle rages on, your heroes could enjoy a vastly improved baseline Defense stat. -Up to an impressive +50% Defense.

Bastet Screenshot - Example of Special Defense Stack - Empires and Puzzles – Example of Bastet’s Defense Stack

Also, we mustn’t forget what makes these Dynasty of Dunes heroes so powerful; their Passives. And while Bastet’s Passive only has a 50% chance of activating, it’s certainly helpful (Dispel) when triggered:

  • Passive: 50% chance to 1. 70% damage to all enemies. 2. Dispel the latest dispellable buff from all enemies.

Bastet’s Main Flaw – Old Cynic Review

Bastet has one major flaw…

She’s a cat. -Just kidding.

Alright, it’s not really ‘a major flaw’, I’m just adding a little suspense.

But Bastet’s main issue is that she’s Dark (Purple).

Meaning (at least on Defense), she’ll have to compete with the crème de la crème of Empires and Puzzles to get a spot. Of course, we’re talking about Xnolphod, Hulda, Diaochan, and Lord Ludwig.

What’s up with all these Purple Gods?!

Treevil Empires and Puzzles Best 3 Star Hero Small

Notwithstanding the other Purple Defensive powerhouses: Bera, the almighty Alfrike, and Goseck!

That said, what a fantastic option Bastet is.

ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっUnrelated Ad: Check out my pick for the Best Healer in Empires and Puzzles (here)!

Bastet Review (Empires and Puzzles)

My final thoughts:

Bastet will be an absolute fan favourite in E&P, and there’s only one downside; she’s Dark (Purple).

I’ve said a lot of nice things about this cat already.

And in closing, I’ll offer no more!

Bastet hits for a decent amount and then casts a Dodge, which matches the market leaders.

And on top of all that, you get Stacked Defenses, Passives galore, and most importantly (tho whisper it because I don’t think SG know you’re spinning for cute cards), a cute cat.

Anyway, in summary. This cat? -Great. Real Cats? -Not so much.

Example of Stack and Status Ailment Defense Down
An example of a Stacked Defense and a negative Defense Status Ailment together on the same hero

Hero Grade for Bastet (Empires and Puzzles)

So for my grading, the question is:

Is this hero’s Special capable of/likely to change the outcome of a battle? Yes.

If not, do they still bring enough to the party to help defeat the deities? N/a.

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity ⭐⭐

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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  1. Did major pulls for this cat. The portal shines brightly, its purple energy!!! Its a 5 star!!! Its freaking Sartana! Lol. I guess I wont be having a cat on my purple team.

  2. I had a LOT of Egypt tokens built up, so I was able to get her and the scarab king (with some left for next month). I’m torn between leveling up for explosions or for the ultimate cuteness dodge attack. Unlike someone I really like cats, so I’m tending towa da leveling Bastet.

  3. Thanks for the discussion about the cat. Imagine Felix the cat. I would like to see a section in your review about best partners. ( What other heroes would work best or complement the hero being revieweed ).

    1. Hey Ken, thanks for reading. That is something to think about adding. I’m in the middle of a bunch of new posts but I’ll try to work that in, in future. Thanks again!

  4. Thanks for the review. C Panther can shut down Bastet’s buff if she fires first 🙂 Anyway both cats are great😻

    1. Hey Afterlife, both are great but for me it’s Bastet. Of course, depends on your roster, etc etc. also, not advice, your mats, your responsibility 😁 What are u leaning towards?

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