The Treevil Dilemma (Empires and Puzzles)

Treevil Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

There are two types of people in Empires and Puzzles; the Haves and the Have nots. And if you’ve just endured a proper slapping in this last Rush Tournament, there’s a good chance you’re a ‘Have not’.

What am I talking about? Treevil, of course.

Showing up to a Rush Tournament without him is like showing up to a Shootout with a wet fish.

I’m not saying Treevil needs nerfing; I just want my lunch money back.

I don’t even know what they’re trying to prove with this last Tournament, -I mean, a 3-Star Rush with no Yellows? That’s death on a plate.

Treevil must’ve been wetting himself backstage! He couldn’t wait to get out there and floss it up.

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Treevil’s Stats and Special Skills (Empires and Puzzles)

Core: Dark, Wizard, Very Slow

Special Skills (Archaic Dread) 1. Deals 250% 280% damage to all enemies. 2. All enemies get -54% -34% attack, -56% -34% defense, and -44% -34% mana generation, all for 6 turns.

[This hero was nerfed after this review – Details updated, although the review remains the same.]

Talent: JINX ~ +25% chance to deal +15% extra damage per each active buff the enemies have. The extra damage applies to both normal attacks and Special Skills.

Treevil Special Screenshot - Empires and Puzzles
Treevil – Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Should Treevil be Nerfed? (Empires and Puzzles)

I’m not a fan of nerfing Treevil and certainly wouldn’t want my lighthearted commentary to be seen as anything more than that.


I do like the idea of SG handing out a Treevil to every newborn player. You know, to even the playing field.

Because, like the right to learn, or the right to the Internet, surely everyone has the right to a Day 3 of the Tournament?

Failing that, and please do cover your garden tree’s ears, but maybe… and I whisper this, but maybe, we could… stump the f*#ker?

They’ve got fancy new techniques nowadays, -he needn’t feel a thing.

In fact, Treevil looks like the woken dead, a dried-up old tree captured by some evil spirit, so maybe that won’t work?

Still, I don’t like the idea of nerfing him and would rather take my losses.

Treevil Empires and Puzzles Defense for Fast Tournaments
Treevil x 5

Treevil Versus Faiez (Empires & Puzzles)

I was talking up Faiez ages ago, and I still really like him.

What does he do? He Boosts the health of all allies by 350, makes them immune to new Status Ailments, and issues them a +30% increase in Defense for 4 turns.

If Faiez manages to fire off, there’s hope.

And hope is a good thing, maybe the finest of things.

But let’s be honest here, that won’t always happen… enough.

With Treevil as Tank, he gets all the tiles and can keep firing to his heart’s content meanwhile, Faiez is left out there begging for a chance to shine.

But if you get there first, or near the time of Treevil’s big moment, well, it’s Blue Pill heaven all the way.

At least, until Treevil charges again.

But if you fail, you’re destined for a Red Pill dystopia, my friend.

Treevil Special Screenshot - Empires and Puzzles
What in the f#@k is that?

Here’s the thing, I don’t wanna brag or nothing, but…

…I’ve been pulling down Top 1% & Top 5% in these recent Tournaments, then comes around this 3-Star Rush abomination and my win rate’s been thrown all outta whack.

I know this game’s heavily weighted on luck, but call it personal intuition, or miraculously divine insight, but I figure that big glowing tree’s got something to do with it.

He took my team for everything they had, like an energy company in times of high inflation.

They came out of those battles apologizing to me like they did something wrong!

But we’ll re-group, talk it over, and live to fight another day.

If you’re reading this guys, stay strong. ✊

Treevil Screenshot - Empires and Puzzles

Treevil Review (Empires and Puzzles)

My final thoughts:

Treevil is the most devastating 3-Star Rushy in all creation.

But I actually think it’s the low health that Rare heroes suffer from which makes him so potent. And nerfing him may well just give rise to some other tiny monster.

What do you think? Is Treevil too much trouble? Or, do you already have him and so find yourself decidedly biased? 😂

It’s a joke! However, your thoughts are most welcome.

Oh, and I have a plan for next time: I’m levelling another Faiez!

What’s your strategy?

ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっCheck out my fun journey to #1 in the world.

Hero Grade for Treevill (Empires and Puzzles)

So for my grading, the question is:

Is this hero’s Special capable of/likely to change the outcome of a battle? Yes.

If not, do they still bring enough to the party to help defeat the deities? N/a.

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity ⭐⭐

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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  1. The thought of nerfing Treevil or really any 3* is something I’ve never considered but I am currently working on Treevil numbers 3&4 a second Faiez 3 noril 😂🤣🤣🤣 I’m fine

  2. I was in a Diamond arena skirmish earlier today, my team scores about 4800 points. I was up against a team that was a good 400 points lower, had 4* heroes in it plus a Treevil.
    “Ha ha” thinks I, “I can finally slap the ****er down as I SO want to do”.
    Lost the first skirmish 5 – 0. Did a rematch because hey, it must have just been bad luck right?
    No, second skirmish same 5 – 0 loss. I would love to tell you the name of owner of the team but it is written in (I think) Chinese characters so can’t even guess it.
    Treevil is a monster.
    Treevil is the one hero in all of this game I REALLY want.

  3. SGG only need to do one thing in tournaments and is to put a rule that you can have only a copy of a hero in defense- thats it problem solved

  4. I’m torn.
    On one hand, I’m absolutely with you that in 3* tournaments the meta is little more than ALL THE TREEVILS, especially in rush tournaments – he who does not bring the tree loses, guaranteed. This is bad for the game.
    On the other hand, this week has taught me that multiple Treevils bring diminishing returns, especially on offense. I put triple Treevils on my defense team this week, and brought all three of them into I believe all but one match. I was 22-6 on defense (with half of those losses in the first two hours of the tournament, before I could level my third Treevil to 3/55/20), and 16-8 on offense. It didn’t matter how many Treevils I brought to the party I was at the mercy of the board, and if the other team was able to fire Treevil and Faiez, game over. Joukahainen was shockingly worthless. Whether this is good or bad for the game though, I can’t decide.
    It’s easy to say nerf the tree from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure. But what would that actually accomplish? Yes it’s an OP hero, but from a certain point of view its diminishing returns actually punish those like me with multiple Treevils. Telluria proved SG would prefer to whittle down each special ability to uselessness rather than just eliminate one special ability altogether, and doing so would only remove those diminishing returns and potentially make the meta even MORE focused on Treevil.
    Bottom line, what’s the best move? Short of deleting Treevil altogether, I don’t know. The hero was a poison pill for the meta, and I won’t think there’s any going back. Which sucks, because 3* rush just isn’t fun anymore.

  5. I don’t have many of the crazy newer heroes, but I DO have 2 Treevils, maxed, LB, and emblemed up. And one Faiez at the same level, and one in the wings waiting to be levelled up after Noril. Between those 3, and 3 maxed, LB and emblemed Maeve and Bjorn, I was able to do some damage. I get my butt whipped in a lot of tournaments, so it felt good for a change to get into the top 5% lol. But yeah, I agree, a crappy starting Board can make Treevil grow more roots, as dead as he is, while he sits…and waits….and waits….and then gets turned into kindling.

  6. I usually do well in 3* Rush but I ran across Treevil and got slapped silly. I will be honest in saying not every team had Treevil but the others seemed to all get to fire their buffs at the same time. Hard to stand up to that kind of abuse.

  7. I don’t think they should nerf him, but he is way to op as it is now. Instead they could make some other heroes “6 tile heroes”. Like boost all s1 heroes costume bonus to 7% (maybe this will happen with a second costume anyway) and give Belith or Hawkmoon a cleanse ability. Boost s2 costume bonus to 5% and give Gill-ra a costume, her normal form will cleanse at 6 tiles then. Gato could have a monk, sorcerer or druid costume with some blocking of negative effects too, making a good striker that helps you stand up against treevil with 6 tiles. Give pixie a costume, with a similar effect as the normal version that is monk, sorcerer or druid and you will have a mind control at 6 tiles (as I believe they put event costume bonus to 5%). Theese examples would give all players some options to treevil at least

    1. Hey tobbe, I imagine they’ll continue to create new costumes but I can’t see them significantly upgrading old heroes. The whole power creep element is where a big financial reward sits. It would be nice tho. I think we’ll see more new 3-star heroes who are stronger than Treevil, it’s just Treevil was well before his time! Anyway, just my pov, but who knows! Thanks for sharing.

  8. I have 5 treevils at 55/20, put 4 in my defense along with Budatin and finished with 11 attacks, 1 loss. in attack, even my 5 treevils lost because there were no tiles and i found that he doesn’t charge up too fast even in rush. 3* no yellow rush doesn’t happen so fricking often to nerf treevil. he is the only 3* with such power so i would leave him be 😇

  9. Rush wars are a joke. 5* was ruined by Alfrike, Kalo, Mother North, Khufu. 3* used to be fun but now they too are total trash. Faiez is not a solution as getting 7 green tiles immediately only happens about 1 in 3 boards. I bought back in once but then immediately lost the next 4 fights to Treevils again so I regret wasting those 75 gems. Total garbage format now.

  10. I am not a fan a fan of nerfing, just like you. It’s no fun to see your hard earned heroes be cast down. Especially when you’ve been investing hard earned emblems and hard earned limit break materials in one.

    I have one evil tree, fully maxed and am a happy owner.


    I think, the fact that every 3-star rush tournament (not only the ones where yellow heroes are excluded), turn into these hexed wood orgies would be reason enough. I mean; apparently it is better to have 5 treevils than 4 treevils and one, any one other hero. That’s… devastating isn’t it? I mean, from all the 3 star heroes in peoples roster there are none that possibly outmatch Treevil. Bar maybe Faiez, if you’re lucky.

    But yeah. Hand off mine. =)

      1. Hey Capt. Gloval,

        I don’t really think those three heroes are gonna cut it in a trounament. Kiril is actually a 4* hero. Belith is a fine 3* healer but she removes enemies buffs, she doesn’t cleanse allies. Hawkmoon only heals damage so yeah. If you’re looking at 3* healers that may prove a little useful I’d say Faiez and maybe Helo?

        Anyhow, All Treevils have been nerfed today (Mine too! =( ) so the problem is hopefully solved now. It’s still a strong hero but maybe it won’t pay off anymore to field three of them.

        1. I had meant to mention that about Kiril (C. Kiril is on my Defense Team).

          Belith: Recovers 32% health for all Allies & Dispels buffs from all Enemies

          C. Belith: All Allied regenerate 459 hp over 3 turns. All Allies are immune to buff dispels for 3 turns

          Hawkmoon: Recovers 32% health for all Allies

          C. Hawkmoon: All Allies regenerate 459 hp over 3 turns. All Allies get +30% Attack for 3 turns

          Kiril: Recovers 28% health for all Allies. All Allies get +30% Attack for 3 turns. All Allies get +30% Defense for 3 turns.

          C. Kiril: Recovers 28% health for all Allies. All Enemies get -34% Attack for 3 turns. All Enemies get -34% Defense for 3 turns.

          I usually run all 3 in their Costumes.

          I have Candy (Heals all Allies who have less than 50% HP to 50% Health), Frosty (Recovers 25% Health for all Allies plus his Elf minions) and I just got Helo (Recovers 26% Health for all Allies, Cleanses status ailments from all Allies) and Rekhetre (All Allies regenerate 345 boosted health over 3 turns. Boosted health can exceed max HP. The Caster gets +70% defense against Dark, and a further 2% increase every time they are hit during 3 turns).

          I could make a nice team to go against Treevil that is all Healers now. 🙂

  11. And just like that, they axed the Evil Tree with a nerf on all stat lines. Makes having 3 not so fun now. Even with that many, it was all luck in 3* rush tourneys.

  12. I definitely referred to it as “the Treevil tournament” as soon as I saw that it was rush no holy. And almost every team I went up against had a Treevil. I also do, and I have Faiez, so I did okay. They do work well together and Faiez does his job to neutralize the Tree. I also really liked Aqeela in that tourney for the dodge capability. Fun times.

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