The Hardest Hitting Damage Causing Heroes in all of Empires and Puzzles! [Top 10]

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Who are the Hardest Hitting Heroes in all of Empires and Puzzles? Who’s the biggest hitter, causes the most damage, inflicts the most Pain?!

Sure, I’ve been known to talk a little smack every now and then, but somebody actually went and did the math!

And that somebody has granted me exclusive permission to share his personal stash of facts with you fine people.

So let’s do it, let’s find out who the real killers are…

MENU (Hardest Hitting Empires & Puzzles Heroes)
1. Hardest Hitting 5-Star Heroes (Best of the Best)
2. Hardest Hitting Heroes – Minimum Potential
3. Hardest Hitting when adjusted for Mana Speed
4. Most Damage Caused to a Single Target
5. Hardest Hitting 4-Star Heroes
6. Hardest Hitting 3-Star Heroes

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The Formula (Who Causes the Most HP damage?):

Firstly, a big thank you to TOBOV, who has graciously shared his own work and time with us today.

May the tiles forever fall in your favour. 👍

TOBOV’s formula gives us a general overview of the hardest-hitting heroes in Empires and Puzzles.

Here’s how it works:

First, we take a fully levelled hero’s Attack stats (before emblems) and multiply them by the percentage of the damage they deal, and also by the number of targets they hit.

Attack x Damage % x Targets = Total Damage

Of course, there are loads of variables when it comes to the actual damage received, like troop bonuses, hero defenses, buffs and ailments etc. However, just comparing the core stats and figures should provide us with a fairly decent general comparison of the total damage these top heroes can inflict.

A few notes before we start:

1. This data represents a fun side project for TOBOV. I’ve cheekily asked to share this information with you, and he’s kindly agreed!

2. This post deals with direct Special damage only. No DOT, Fiends, or any other type of damage.

3. This information should only be viewed as a general reference. There may be human error present as it concerns the collection of lots of raw data!

I hope you’re ready for fireworks! Here we go…

Screenshot of Goseck - the hardest hitting hero in Empires and Puzzles
The almighty Goseck! Empires and Puzzles

The Top 10 Hardest Hitting Badasses in Empires and Puzzles!

First, let’s identify the hardest-hitting heroes, period.

Who’s the biggest hitter in Empires and Puzzles based on total damage output?

Our first table shows absolute maximum damage under perfect conditions.

These all hit 5 enemies.

Top is #1:

(12 tiles)
700%28,315350% at full health, 700% maximum damage.
2C. Snow White803Slow
(12 tiles)
500%20,075140% minimum, +30% per removed status effect up to 500% maximum.
(10 tiles)
490%20,016490% damage to Summoners, 245% to others.
(12 tiles)
450%17,887Hits one target and chains through adjacent enemies.
(12.3 tiles)
430%17,0062nd tier mana charge – 430% damage to targets with over 50% health, 215% for less health.
(12.3 tiles)
420%16,4642nd tier mana charge.
(15 tiles)
390%16,0093rd tier mana charge.
8Snow White756Slow
(12 tiles)
420%15,876180% minimum, +15% per removed status effect up to 420% maximum.
(15 tiles)
370%15,1513rd tier mana charge.
10Guardian Owl601Very Slow (13.5)480%14,424280% minimum, +50% per dead ally for a maximum of 480%. – The Top 10 Hardest Hitters in Empires and Puzzles

*Normal Snow White with costume bonus was removed for variety’s sake (would have appeared below Milena).

OC’s Response: Legendary Heroes who inflict the Most Damage

Goseck’s a monster and we all know it. No real surprise for me, but the rest of the list is really interesting.

C. Snow White is unexpected, maybe because she’s an older hero who doesn’t come to mind as much?

Although, she does rely on removing 12 Status Effects to reach her maximum, but as TOBOV pointed out in his notes to me, Wilbur will help get her there real quick, making for a deadly partnership.

Penolite is a superstar, and Khufu is already making a name for himself.

This was a great opener, let the festivities continue!

Screenshot of Khufu - A high damage hero in Empires and Puzzles
Khufu destroying everything in sight

The Top 10 Damage Dealers – Minimum Potential

This table takes a look at the best hitters meeting their minimum potential (assuming all targets are alive).

…Out the box, who deals the most damage?

This countdown may prove a little more applicable:

(12 tiles)
450%17,887Hits one target and chains through adjacent enemies.
(12.3 tiles)
420%16,4642nd tier mana charge.
(15 tiles)
390%16,0093rd tier mana charge.
(15 tiles)
370%15,1513rd tier mana charge.
(15 tiles)
360%14,4183rd tier mana charge.
(12 tiles)
350%14,157350% at full health, 700% maximum damage.
(15 tiles)
350%14,0523rd tier mana charge.
(15 tiles)
320%13,0403rd tier mana charge.
9Lu Bu778Slow
(12 tiles)
10C. Guardian Kong832Average
(10 tiles)
300%12,480 – Top 10 Minimum Potential

OC’s Response: Legendary Heroes who Cause the Most Damage! (Minimum Potential)

Khufu leads the pack with Milena not too far behind. While the ninjas hold the mid-table.

A screenshot of Milena from Empires and Puzzles

Even at his worst, Goseck is still there flexing the Keys to the City, which E&P recently bestowed upon him.

Best Hero Damage adjusted for Mana Speed (Empires and Puzzles)

Let’s see how things fare when we fiddle the numbers to adjust for mana speeds.

Who is the real Pound-for-Pound heavyweight champion?

To gauge this simply, there’s a penalty or bonus applied for slower or faster than Average Mana Speeds. So:

-20% for Slow, -30% for Very Slow, +20% for Fast, and +30% for Very Fast.

This table is based on the maximum damage a hero can inflict when all the stars align:

NameAttackManaAdjusted DamageNo. of TargetsTotalNotes
560%522,652350% at full health, 700% maximum damage.
(as is)
490%520,017490% damage to Summoners, 245% to others.
3C. Snow White803Slow
400%516,060140% minimum, +30% per removed status effect up to 500% maximum.
624%314,882First hit 320% with cont. increase up to 520%.
360%514,310Hits one target and chains through adjacent enemies.
6Mr. Pengi803Fast
Approx. 1776%14261450% to target + multiple decreasing hits for minions (max 15) starting from 130%, approx. 1480% in total.
7C. Guardian Panther804Fast
8Thor749Very Fast
364%513,632280% to all enemies on the 3rd Cast.
9C. Master Lepus797Fast
(as is)
340%512,954180% minimum, +20% per Fire shield up to 340% maximum. – Top Damage Dealers adjusted for mana speed

OC’s Response: Legendary Heroes who Cause the Most Damage! (Adjusted for Mana)

Goseck is leading the pack again?! That guy is a nightmare!

This time Penolite takes second place, giving us more value per tile than the rest of her competitors.

Penolite Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

We also see Quenell and Mr. Pengi take seats at the table, while C. G. Panther and C. M. Lepus manage to squeeze in there, too.

Have you got these heroes? Can you feel the force, or are you not convinced? Let us know in the comments below.

Most Total Damage to a Single Target (Empires and Puzzles)

Which hero does the most total damage to a single enemy?

This should suit Snipers, right? After all, this is their specialism… right?

Again, we are comparing the maximum damage these heroes can inflict under the best possible conditions.

NameAttackManaDamageNo. of
(12 tiles)
700%55,663350% at full health, 700% maximum damage.
(8 tiles)
640%14,992320% if the enemy has more than 50% health.
3Captain Nemo821Fast
(8 tiles)
600%14,926300% minimum, 600% if the caster has ailments.
4Eiora & Fluffy786Average
(10 tiles)
(8 tiles)
6Zhang Fei848Fast
(8 tiles)
7Dark Lord801Fast
(8 tiles)
(8 tiles)
550%14,301360% minimum, 550% when the enemy has full mana.
(12 tiles)
(8 tiles)
520%34,134First hit 320% with cont. increase up to 520%. – The Top 10 Hardest Hitters in Empires and Puzzles (Single Target)

OC’s Response: Legendary Heroes who inflict the Most Damage to a Single Target

Goseck outright owns E&P at this stage.

Fenrir wasn’t anticipated because surely, most of us have discarded him due to his improbable conditions?

Screenshot of Fenrir - one of the hardest hitting hero in Empires and Puzzles

Captain Nemo’s looking strong, but hard to catch his conditions, too.

Look at Arfanias flying high! Fantastic stuff. And Quenell, again showing us why she’s so prized.

ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっUnrelated Ad: A fun interview with a F2P player with over 2 years experience. Check it out!

Top 5 Hardest Hitting Epic 4-Star Heroes (Empires and Puzzles)

TOBOV’s awesome! -He’s also furnished me with a countdown of the biggest Epic and Rare hitters, too.

This first list is a simple Top 5, showing the biggest Epic hitters, period.

All of them hit a maximum of 5 enemies:

(15 tiles)
300%10,7403rd tier mana charge.
(15 tiles)
290%10,5273rd tier mana charge.
3C. Colen771Slow
(12 tiles)
(12 tiles)
235%8,41380% accuracy, +70% damage per dead enemy.
5C. Jack O’Hare708Fast
(8 tiles)
230%8,142Hits one target and chains through adjacent enemies. – The Top 5 Hardest Hitting Epic Heroes (Empires and Puzzles)

OC’s Response: Hardest Hitting Epic Heroes (Empires and Puzzles)

Ametrine is no surprise to me. She’s been a monster hitter in my squad for some time now. C. Colen, I am a little surprised at, -a great showing for him.

Haha, Sumle is there and maybe the biggest shocker of all, C. Jack O’Hare. Don’t get me wrong, I got him and use him, but sometimes he doesn’t feel so weighty, if you know what I mean?

Ametrine Empires and Puzzles Best 4 Star Hero Card

Top 5 Hardest Hitting Rare 3-Star Heroes (Empires and Puzzles)

And here we are, my good friends.

Our final countdown of the evening, the top 5 hardest-hitting 3-Star heroes in all of Empires and Puzzles!

(12 tiles)
360%7,902120% minimum, +24% per Fire shield up to 360% maximum.
(12 tiles)
270%6,534Hits one target and chains through adjacent enemies.
(12 tiles)
205%5,48470% chance to do an additional 70% damage as a passive skill.
4Treevil434V. Slow
(13.5 tiles)
5Chick Jr.523Average
(10 tiles)
180%4,707 – The Top 5 Hardest Hitting Rare Heroes (Empires and Puzzles)

OC’s Response: Hardest Hitting Rare Heroes (Empires and Puzzles)

And Sudri sits comfortably above the rest as the hardest-hitting Rare hero in the game.

Sally is a real favourite of mine, and I can confirm, she hits like a mule. Good to see her represented.

And Treevil. The evil tree who kicks us out of every 3-Star rush tournament. It would be wrong to have any 3-Star list without including him.

Sudri Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Empires and Puzzles Hardest Hitting Heroes

Boom! Another one out the gate! Can’t stop me, won’t stop me!

I want to thank TOBOV for sharing all his hard graft with us. This stuff is pure liquid gold… No, no. I mean, the Dog’s Bollo… No, no. I mean, it’s like some uncovered secret service document, like a W*k*leak’s… leak.

You should Mirror this stuff! VPN it! Private Browser it! Don’t let E&P know what you got the transcripts! Don’t trust your phone! -They can track your fingerprints! Get an alibi! Plausible deniability is the key! I’m gonna hide this post and give everyone a secret password; only share it with the alliance members you can trust! The password is the link at the top of the browser… Go! Share it with your friends. But on the hush-hush, yeah?

A caffeine-induced sugar rush there, I can only assume.

Leaves me to say…

My kindest and warmest regards to one and all.


Oh, before you go, what did you make of it all? Share a thought in the comments below!


[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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Tables/Core Data Copyright: TOBOV
Images used by way of review/tutorial – Copyright owned by Empires & Puzzles: Small Giant/Zynga Games

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  1. Nice post, some real interesting calculations and love seeing tables like this. Only exception I have it Thor. I have him and I want to like him but he just warms the bench for me at 4.80. Whilst Very Fast, his charging mechanism is a nightmare – not like the ninjas where you select which char you want, or let it fill right up to max – No Thor has to stop after his first charge and just sit there till you use him. Then charge him once more (and watch, with little teary eyes as a huge yellow cascade just gets him to his next charge, but not over it.. His stats are a shadow of todays monsters (Zhang Fei has an attack of 848 vs Thor’s 749 for example).

    Anyway, great post and great reading!

    1. Hello Boz (and G Pac further down).
      Thor is a bit of a bummer as a hero.
      I understood from the staff’s summer Q&A that this was their first attempt at what later became the charged mana. And a failed attempt at that.
      I think the charged mana works some much better, and also, not having to stop and use the hit each time is important. I have him at 3/70 and he is way down the list on getting darts.
      At least he should have it so that after his third attack, every attack was on third power, but nooooo, he goes back to a measly target…
      At least the blind is a relevant skill for a very fast jab.

  2. Excellent as always! One edit: Costume Jack is a fast hero, not magic. That should move him up the chart.

  3. Excellent work. While the speed adjustments are subjective; it helps to paint a good picture. Of course the newest heroes are on top. It would be interesting to see where S1 stand in comparison. Thank you

    1. Hello Fledger!
      The vanilla S1 heroes are certainly feeling their age, as is the first HOTM’s and other older heroes.
      Still, some of them do okay on certain charts, especially if you factor in the costumes.

      Scarlett (with costume bonus) has the highest attack power of any 4* hero. Her special is weak, but she is great for tile damage. Costume Colen has the 3rd hardest hitting special of all 4* heroes.
      Costume Wu Kong on 8th, and Little John and Skittleskull on 10th and 11th (with C bonus)

      On 3*, Jahangir is number 8 with costume and 10 without, with regular Ulmer with C. bonus wedged in there as number 9.

      On 5*, I divide by colour this time.
      Dark: Quintus (with bonus) on number 10
      Yellow: Justice on number 9. Her costume on number 10, (which of course gets even stronger if your allies are dead, but thats not something you hope for)
      Blue: Costume Isarnia is number 9. Just a year ago she had the highest attack by and blue 5* hero (but was surpassed in damage output)
      Green: Horghall with bonus is number 7. But slow as an oak
      Red: Costume Elena is number 9, but she is actually beaten by Costume Colen, a 4* S1

      Damage is only a small part of this game of course, but to me it is fun to analyze this and realize some things I would not originally have thought

  4. Great post! I’ve grown to love the ninjas more than any other heroes the past few months. They may not be top of the line with a triple charge, but a triple charge usually ends the game, and it happens fairly often raiding with a rainbow attack team that I get an unexpected cascade and get to triple charge. And if not, the fact that I can use a single or double charge when needed gives the flexibility that other heroes at a fixed speed (e.g. Ghoseck) just don’t have.

    1. I agree!
      Garnet is my FIRST hero in any top team. Resist ailments in 5 tiles is fantastic.
      I wish I had Ruby…

  5. Thank you for your post. Will share with alliance. I’m enjoying all of your assessments and know they will make me a better player!

  6. I don´t think Thor should be in the mana adjusted list. The listed damage is not reached at very fast speed at all, but 3 times that amount of tiles, so his damage has to be reduced to 1/3.
    Or you use his first skill execution for the calculation, which is actually at very fast speed, but very low damage.
    Either way, he won´t make the list.

  7. Awesome post! I love stats 😉
    I especially appreciate the 4 star and 3 star version! Because I actually have some of those heroes haha 🙂
    Would have been nice to see mana speed adjusted and even single target top 10 for those 🙂

  8. This is a great place to start and allows one to compare emblemed and/or limit broken heroes against these stats to see where they fall in line. There are just too many permutations to create a definitive chart, especially when newer even more powerful heroes are just peeking over the horizon, but this is a very handy tool for comparison. Another awesome article and thanks for all the good work!

    1. Thanks Dave, absolutely, it’s a great starting reference point and it was fun sharing Tobov’s hard work! A couple of surprises too. Thanks for reading!

  9. Great article. Will give out some emblems at 3*and 4* level as a result. I figured the max dmg to a single target under ideal circumstances would be headed by the random multihitters Pengi, Congalach and maybe even Alfrike. Against a titan, a single boss, a taunter where all their damage is focused on one target I think they will dominate those stats.

    1. Hello OLO, you are correct!
      If there is only one target, Congalach rules supreme.
      He would hit for 12 260.
      Mr. Pengi with 15 minions would hit for 11 884
      Alfrike is all the way down to 6 590, as she has stats skewed towards defence. Still that is better than any sniper could manage. But if Alfrike fires at you, damage is hardly your biggest concern 🙂

  10. Great post again OC. Im just wondering, now that you’ve done these kind of stats. I kinda felt like something is missing. Would you do 1 specific review on the hardest hit 3 heroes? As I saw here is mostly attack all and sniper. Maybe all those hit 3 heroes deserve some spotlight too? lol. Maybe that TOBOV guy got the data on this? Im just asking. Lately I have been smacked a lot by the likes of Guan Yu , Quenell and Faline. I thought they’ll surely be listed here. sharing this post to my alliance. THANKS!!

    1. Strong 3-target hitters seem to becoming much more popular. Especially since they tend to be either average or often fast, which means you can obliterate the team very quickly

      Quenell is the queen here, BUT, that is on her second charge, if she uses 5 turns – maxing out at 12 402. Even on her first slap though, she comes in as number 6
      The other top heroes are
      Gu Yuan – 9 535
      Khagan w. C.bonus – 8 498 (yay, a S1!)
      Asterius – 8 467
      Liu Bei – 8 211
      Regular Khagan
      and then El Naddaha – 7 512

      1. Ayyy…. Thanks for the info TOBOV!! I kinda knew Guan Yu hits hard too hard. But did not expect him to actually be that hard. Looks like I gotta do some major pulls for the next 3k war. Average heroes is the new fast. Emblems +mana/magic troop, they literally charged at the same time with fast heroes with 3 matches.

        High damage hit 3 heroes is becoming more and more of the norm nowadays and also very effective for challenge events and towers and the mobs always comes in 3s.

        Thanks for the info!!! appreciate it.

  11. Thank you for the share!!! I have not posted sadly because I’m loving the raw data the completely supports the game…awesome!

  12. Thanks for the list! Of all the 5* Heroes listed I only have Guardian Owl (I hope he gets a costume soon).
    I have none of the Top 4* Heroes (Hardest Hitting ones anyway). On the 3* list I have all but Treevil.
    OC on your Bonus list I actually begin to see some I have like Scarlett, Colen, Wu Kong, Jahangir (still sees plenty of use) and I may or may not have Ulmer.
    Your color list was great as it lets me see who I have that can be worked on like Justice, c. Isarnia (about have her all finished up), Horghall (actually have the costume here) and I may or may not have Elena.

    Great fodder for thought and I always share with my Co-Leader plus I alert the Alliance to your latest posts. I hope they are reading them!
    Keep Up The Great Work!

  13. Nice info although sad to see I have only 4-5 of the mentioned heroes.

    I would just do the normalized speed part differently and calculate the damage per tile. i.e. a slow hero needs 12 tiles to charge and does 24k total therefore it returns 2k dmg per tile used to charge up (I realize this can be confused with actual tile dmg though; this is not it). That would give a more fair indication of when dmg is normalized to speed.

  14. Khufu has got me really frustrated.
    Feel a little better after reading a bunch of your stuff. Your information and take on all this is refreshing and invaluable.
    Some of the heroes that will destroy your whole team, whether it’s your cherished defense, or your hot hitters, or your main go to team, in a blink of an eye. Had made me pause to think about the 5 and 1/2 years I’ve been playing and new heroes seemingly making my heroes obsolete. It took a bit but I’ve come to the realization that the game gets better, things change, and my heroes are not obsolete, except quintus obviously 🤢🤮. Thank you!
    I couldn’t imagine gathering all this information with the dozens and dozens of new heroes that come out. Periodically. Seems like the game has doubled the amount of heroes just this year alone. I go the CP2 route . I’VE NEVER DONE A 10 PULL. ONLY SINGLE PULLS HERE. I don’t want 10 dawas, I don’t even want 10 khufus. It just seems strange to me doing a 10 or more pull . People are happy to get that one great hero but then you got nine others that you probably just going to eat, train with. Everybody has their own way of playing. There was a time you could set your sights on a hero and probably get it, now it’s a little harder to aim for one. And the resources used in trying to get that one hero I’m sure can be massive.
    My first HOTM was ZImkintha,bad spelling . I remember how pumped I was. The next month Evelyn was on the board and I picked her up too. So in the 5 1/2 years I’ve been playing I only have six heroes of the month. And of course now you can get them all anyway. I think that if you got the hero of the month when it came out, let me put it this way if you get a hero of the month outside of the month that it’s from you shouldn’t get the chain. Anyway I’ve rambled. Dig the work you have done.

    1. Hey Sidd, you’re welcome to! Khufu is having a field day (and a few others too). But I share your vibe of just rolling on. The games fun and addictive, and so long as I don’t spend too much, and I don’t, there’s no negative for me.

      I still try and build a decent Defense with my heroes, and I still try to beat elite teams. Khufu is a hot head but it is what it is.

      -tho, I would like to get a few more 5-stars. Seems to be rarer… hard to tell!

  15. I feel like Jabberwock and Zenobia should be on your list of Most Total Damage to a Single Target. With only one target left and double the damage, they hit for 600% and 640% respectively.

    1. Hello Rick!
      You make a good point.
      Those were omitted from the list as at that point you have already won the game, and to simply have the same set of situation for all.
      If there is only one opponent left, a number of heroes will shoot up the list; among them the following
      Congalach 12 260
      Mr. Pengi 11 885
      Kullervo 6 198
      zekena 6 007
      zenobia 5 273
      Jabberwock 4 650

  16. I currently have Liliana as my sniper in my raid team. If I were to replace her, who among these would be the better choice?

    Guardian Owl
    Zhou Yu

    1. That depends on many factors, as your strategy, your other heroes.
      Personally I enjoy Hansel, as, even if he is 4* and doesn’t hit that hard, he is of great strategic value due the the mindless he leaves behind

  17. How nowadays these damage works for example let’s look for 3* Bane.
    Attack 450 and it’s special skill does 300% dmg help me to understand how you do calculation because I was looking on stage bot health and defence and something didn’t work out….
    Say 450×3=1350damage if bot has defence 1000 then it will hit him on 350 is it correct?
    Question 2: if I have regular attack booster 48% how then damage works ? 450x(3+0.48)=1566 or (450×1.48)x3=1998 or it doesn’t work like that ?
    Or attack booster 48% works only on regular hits? Not special skill hits? Because in game I can see before move my attacker saying something like this 450 and then follows + say 216 in green ?

    1. Btw I will test within 2 weeks one of the 3* star snipers and will let you know results. So far I do know how only “green” number is calculated properly. I did test run with 11% attack from troops and family bonus 7% from having all 5 on the board which was calculated correct: Attack stat taken from hero ( what we see on card ) x 1.11% ( because troops in my case gives 11% attack ) x 7% ( family bonus).

      But all rest damage doesn’t fit in this formula above I will run test to see how it works to make sure it’s working correct to help people calculate damage knowing max stats.

      Btw I am testing it on Season 2.

    2. Hello Eddy!
      Unfortunatly, you assumption is wrong.
      The game calculates damage output and pits it against defence, but it is a sliding scale how much damage you then do. The higher the difference, the more effective/ineffective is the damage. There are tons of information about this on the E&P forum page.
      Also there is a small element or RNG factored into the damage you make, and the potential to do critical damage.
      Basically you cannot know for certain how make damage, or HP reduction, you will do, even if you can know what range you operate within, if you hit heroes with similar level of defense.

      What I wanted to do was simplify this and look ONLY at damage output, to be able to compare what the difference potential strength and danger of the different heroes.

      On your second question: There are many different kinds of attack up. The attack up you are referring to increases the atk, and then the Special damage is calculated afterwards, so (450×1,48)x3 as you show. Regular attack up will increase both your tile damage and your special damage. “Normal attack up” like given from Bertulf, Oceanus, and others will only increase your tile damage, and there are also “special damage increase” from other heroes.

      Hope this clarifies it all a little bit

      1. Thanks will check out forums so far I see by damage is that debuff off opponent works which is logical lowering down defence will rise up damage.
        But not clear about that efficiency when I use skill on stronger boss and weaker need to test that too.
        For example now my Balthazar does like 700 damage on regular bots but on bosses smaller amount scarring thing if I take it to more powerful boss will be disappointed spend recourses and it can not do or kill the boss fast….

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