How Good is Zircon? Empires and Puzzles Review

Zircon Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Zircon is a new 5-Star hero from the Empires and Puzzles Ninja Tower. I think he’s an interesting healer who would make a solid addition to any roster.

Let’s jump in.

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Zircon’s Element, Class, Special Skills, & Talents

Zircon’s core data:

Element: Ice (Blue)

Class: Fighter

Mana Speed: Ninja

Family Bonus: For 2/3 Heroes: 5% / 10% chance to dodge. 5% / 10% chance to counterattack with 60% / 90% damage

Special Skills (Wall of Ki):

First Mana Charge: 1. All allies’ health is boosted by 144 HP over 2 turns. 2. All allies get +24% defense, and a further 5% increase every time they are hit during 2 turns. 3. All allies are immune to buff dispels for 2 turns.

Second Mana Charge: 1. All allies’ health is boosted by 504 HP over 3 turns. 2. All allies get +34% defense, and a further 5% increase every time they are hit during 3 turns. 3. All allies are immune to buff dispels for 3 turns.

Third Mana Charge: 1. All allies’ health is boosted by 980 HP over 4 turns. 2. All allies get +54% defense, and a further 5% increase every time they are hit during 4 turns. 3. All allies are immune to buff dispels for 4 turns.

Talent: Revive ~ +30% chance to revive with 1 HP after a fatal attack. The revive is applied at the end of the turn.

Zircon Empires and Puzzles Hero Card Zoom

Is Zircon worth Levelling? (Empires and Puzzles)

Yes. Zircon’s a defensively minded, versatile, healer.

And just as Lughaidh was built on Vivica’s legend, so is Zircon -Albeit, in a ‘Ninja’ way.

Zircon’s Special (Wall of Ki)

I had to read Zircon’s Special a few times before the words sank in.

Here’s what he does:

Ninja Mana Charge 1 (Zircon’s Wall of Ki – Empires and Puzzles)

First, he’ll Boost the team’s health by 144 HP over 2 turns.

‘Boost’ simply means, over-heal, if health is already maxed.

The next part of his Special is really nice, he increases defense by +24%. Not huge, but this is only tier 1. And every time the hero is hit, their defense increases by another +5%.

While this first tier isn’t very powerful, the potential is clear.

Finally, we’re onto the part I had to re-read, over and over, again.

All allies are immune to buff dispels… an unusual Skill to have.

Well, this ‘immune to buff dispels’ is like a super button for Deities. -Because, this Skill protects buffs from all allies, not only from Zircon.

So, if Elena gives me 125% counterattack for 5 turns, Zircon will protect the buff. More worryingly, if Ludwig fires off his Taunt, Zircon will also protect that buff.

It seems, the better your roster, the more you’ll have to gain from this nice little Skill.

As for healing, Zircon is a little weaker than most. Here’s the same chart we used for Quartz:

HeroMana SpeedHealingSecondary
ZirconNinja 1Boosts health of all allies by 144, which can be added as extra HP if already full +24% defense-up (*+5%) & protects team against Buff-dispels
QuartzNinja 1164 HP over 2 turns+34% attack-up & Cleanses status ailments from all allies
Very FastRecovers 20% health for all alliesCleanses status ailments from all allies
GarnetNinja 1Boosts health of all allies by 180, which can be added as extra HP if already fullAll allies are immune to new status ailments for 2 turns
Grazul Very FastRecovers 22% health for all allies All allies are immune to new status ailments for 2 turns
ToxicandraFastRecovers 24% health for all alliesAll allies regenerate a small amount of mana over 3 turns and Cleanses all status ailments – Zircon compared to similar heroes

Ninja Mana Charge 2 (Zircon’s Wall of Ki – Empires and Puzzles)

Stage two is the same thing, just stronger:

Now we get 504 Boosted HP, +34% defense (*+ 5% if hit), and protection against dispels, over 3 turns.

There’s not much to add here. The only hero I can think to compare this to is Garnet because she also Boosts health around this speed… 400 HP.

It’s clearly a solid option, and for healing, much more preferable.

Ninja Mana Charge 3 (Zircon’s Wall of Ki – Empires and Puzzles)

For 15 titles, Zircon will give you 980 Boosted HP, +54% defense (*+ 5% if hit), and protection against buff dispels, over 4 turns.

First, the boosted health is fantastic. Garnet and Lughaidh will only give you 720 HP, while Quartz (not an over-healer) will give you 860 HP.

The buffed defense isn’t as impressive, not when we know Vivica on a Slow charge (12 titles) will give you +63%, guaranteed.

And Lughaidh, also on a Slow charge, will give you +64% (Undispellable).

But it’s the final part, the protection against buff dispels, that sets Zircon apart.

I think 4 turns is a reasonable amount of time for this buff to last, because any longer and he’d be another Monster.

But as it stands, I think he complements the Monsters.

While, I’m sure you’d love to protect the buffs from your Reuben, Khiona, and Cyprian. Zircon might be better utilized stood beside some real next-level buffers.

Zircon – Empires and Puzzles Ninja Tower

My final thoughts:

If I could create my perfect healer, it would probably be a mix of Zircon and Quartz. -I’d basically take Quartz’s Cleanse, and drop the buff protection.

That said, Zircon is a fantastic Over-Healer, with some crazy stats.

Plus he’s a Ninja, enjoying all the versatility a Ninja has (while also suffering the drawbacks).

In isolation, Zircon’s not a game-changer. -He needs somebody to protect. He needs a game-changer to watch over.

That doesn’t mean he won’t be a massive problem, firing off early in the battle, healing, and pushing up defenses.

But where the pain’s gonna come, is when he’s done that and Elizabeth is sniggering in the background, or C.Kadilen’s looking on, confused by your poor tile selection, or Sif is fidgeting with impatience, eager to remind you of why she still matters.

Zircon doesn’t scare me in isolation. It’s the team he rolls with that will count… it’s all going to come down to that synergy we’re often talking about.

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Archangel

[Off the record – Brynhild has the same Skill, ‘immune to buff dispels for 3 turns’, and in all the time I’ve played her, it never made that much difference. But then, I didn’t have any decent buffers who could really take advantage of it.]

What are your thoughts? Did I get it wrong, or did I miss something? Let me know in the comments below.

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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  1. So… Zircon and the Wolf family bonus could be a bad pain in the back!

    Veeeery dangerous and powerful… just hope the AI will shot always the Tier 1 skill! 😉

  2. I pulled every ninja except Mica and Zircon. Unfortunately. Zircon was the #1 I wanted, even over Ruby. I have a maxed Ludwig but feel his tanking skills are a bit weak because his special doesn’t prevent tile damage and he dies easily if there are yellow tiles.

    Zircon could take his place as tank, and Ludwig could go to the flank. That makes the taunt undispellable, and he would be much harder to kill with Zircon’s defense up.

    Maybe I’ll do some more pulls but I’ve already spent quite a bit trying to get him. You are right though. Zircon’s value depends on who else in your team he can protect.

  3. IIRC, the tokens for picking Ninjas are the same used also for picking Mages… who’s better? Who deserve to use gems for, in your opinion???


    1. Since I’ve been writing about E&P, every event has brought stronger heroes. First, the Slayers, then the Magic, then the Knights. And now, a crazy update for the Ninjas.

      I personally like the Magic and really wanted Motega. But there’s no doubt in my mind, the Knights are beyond Magic. And now, Ruby rules over them all. Like neo, she took the keys to hell and returned to completely change the game.

      Without addressing Odds, and just talking heroes, Ruby is Queen. And many of the other Ninjas are crazy.

      If they were all involved in a pub fight, I think the Ninjas would win. That said, I still wanna get Motega!

      Finally, just my personal pref, Not saying you should/shouldn’t pull. It’s your money/coins, your choice!

      1. I think the last payment from Zynga to SG isn’t due until until sometime Q1 2022 or something. And it’s based on the last revenue. So I have no doubt SG will release as many overpowered heroes as they can in the next few months. Making it kind of pointless to summon… but people can’t resist. I couldn’t and finally got Zircon as well this morning. Fingers crossed the heroes they release the next few months are not monstrously overpowered because it would make even recent heroes obsolete. E.g. just compare Milena and Ruby. Ruby makes Milena obsolete and she is just a few months old!

  4. First, while I don’t always agree with your reviews I appreciate the time and thought that you’ve put into them, so thank you.

    Now, while his slow heal is very strong I think we can agree that first and second charges are by far more likely to be the ones used unless you’re absolutely steamrolling the defense with blue tiles. That said, his heal numbers are VERY low. Your analysis is that his secondary skill of protecting from buff dispel compensates for this (and is better the stronger your own roster is to accompany him). Considering that he doesn’t protect from overwriting (think Frigg flipping your kiril defense up to a defense down), what defenders dispel in the current meta that you’re protecting against? Seems to me to be an answer to a question that nobody is asking. This is especially true when you consider that, as you say, the better your roster the better buff you’re protecting (Ludwig, Krampus, Sif, etc), but the better your roster the more likely you’re facing better defenses which do not currently run any dispels save for the rare Seshat or Onyx (who actually fully counters Zircon if fired first).

    1. Hello! I’ve moved this comment to its own space because I thought it was a stand-alone entry, and not in response to another reader.

      Thanks for sharing your view! It’s interesting about the Defense-up/Defense-down impact, but I can’t see where else that applies. From my point of view, I was thinking about the frustration he can cause by protecting the super-buffs.

      And not that I’m right, but more so in an effort to respond to what you’re saying: If a top team can get an edge, they’ll do better against the competition. Look at Ruby. Soon it may be just, those with her Vs. those without.

      I’m not calling Zircon Ruby, I’m saying, if they can protect one of their gods with Zircon, that could be the difference maker. And so, they can win more battles than they did before.

      While Zircon, on my team, would only be protecting Rigard… Scratch that, I wouldn’t need him because I’d be playing Zircon (So he has no buffs to protect).

      As for dispellers – I always raid with one because I have Devana. And if she didn’t work I’d be upset.

      Anyway, this is all meant in good humour. Time will tell if this guy is any use to anyone! Please counter if you wish, I’m not trying to shut you down -I appreciate the comment and your point of view!

      1. Ah, you meant for use on defense. I had assumed you meant to use him to protect Krampus or whomever when attacking. Do you really anticipate him seeing any kind of significant use on defense (aside from the first few weeks when the whales show off their 3 new ninja defenses to flex). Personally I cannot picture him being effective as a defender as you don’t really mind him firing x1 or x2 charge, and x3 charge is so slow that if it’s firing and you haven’t yet killed the other defenders you would have lost to just about any other blue in his place as well.

        1. Morning! I do mean for both, but when I’m referring to players with top-tier heroes -I’m not saying players with every top-tier hero, I’m saying players with the right top-tier heroes. Otherwise, the only question really is, is this hero a top 5 hero in the entire game or not?

          But Skills and synergy are important.

          As a F2P/C2P player, I look at these heroes as really useful, and if you look at my grading system, it’s just a measure for OP heroes Vs. Competent heroes Vs. those below. The review itself (the words) are what actually add meat to the bones.

          This hero isn’t a god in my view, but he is a very useable hero for both offence and Defense, but synergy’s important because as I’ve shown, he has nothing to protect on my roster, whereas we’d both cry if he protected Ludwig. And it’s exactly that crazy thing that makes him more valuable to players with those types of heroes.

          Imagine if I said this guy was a bum, then he made us all rage quit when we faced him!

          Ps. I’ve recently taken to playing Reuben on Raids, and it’s working for me. Why? Because all of a sudden, with Malosi at his side, he can produce Minions for the entire team. Since the HotM Family buffs, he’s been a different character on my roster. And that’s a similar argument to what I’m making here.

          Anyway, as usual, thanks for your input! Not saying your wrong!

  5. I don’t agree with you on this hero。I have 550+ 5star heros and I have “Lughaidh”and “Zircon”~~I hace tried a lot of combination,This Zircon is “Definitely” a super hero(one of the best) who protect the specials of those you call gods.
    Well,I think it’s insulting for you to give him such an evaluation “archangel” 。So please try more and learn more or spent more if you want to keep yourself to be a deity reviewer as I think.I appreciate most of your comments but not “Lughaidh”and “Zircon”!! You didn’t own it and you didn’t try it….You just guessed!!! SO Please think about it again~~best wishes!~

    1. Hello Kai-Hsiang, thanks for commenting, but wow, I can’t win either way on this one!

      He’s a god, he’s not a god 😃 Let’s find some middle ground.

      Based on your philosophy, the poor shouldn’t discuss capitalism, because they have no economic prowess… Non-gym goers shouldn’t comment on Mr Olympia, because they don’t lift. And, the ugly shouldn’t comment on the good-looking, because they’re…

      I have more than enough information to provide a little initial speculation on a hero’s given potential value. And I do so with a smile on my face, because it’s all in good fun.

      I will get things “wrong”, but the reader is always advised to treat this blog light-heartedly. I also ask the reader to let me know if I did, get it wrong, and I leave the comment section open for anyone to contribute their opinion.

      All that said, maybe we should have a featured Top 1% section. Where you (or someone else) would provide a point of view from the top? That would make for some interesting reading!

      As for getting hold of better heroes, I will put some ads on this blog, and maybe I will.

      Thanks for commenting and visiting – I do appreciate it!

  6. We’re not talking about capitalism, are we?
    This hero is very much stronger than you think, and in my tests, by putting him in the corner, he allows Lud or Sif to use their maximum and overwhelming benefits.
    Let me say it again, Zircon’s value depends on your other heroes!
    So when you have a great four-star hero, he’s just as scary, even if it’s a super four-star, like Ferant, then Zircon will make him a god.
    Good luck ,May you pull this hero Zircon, let you try it yourself.
    Again, I appreciate all the comments you made.
    I’m sorry for my recklessness, but because I think it’s for Zircon’s injustice ~ BEST WISHES ^____^

    1. Once again, I would like to express my appreciation to you, I have read every article of yours. I especially agree with you that you rate Elkanen so highly.
      As a fast Tank, Elkanen definitely deserves the same honor as Kadilen.
      Thanks for giving them a fair review of season1, another person called Anchor is so famous that he gives a lot of wrong reviews and misleads a lot of people, I often suspect that he is just writing randomly that he has never practiced or used it.(He never talked about Heros Chemistry)
      Maybe that’s why I’m so strict, sorry please forgive my words, thank you again for your contribution! Your reader. kai-Hsiang

      1. Hello Kai-Hsiang!

        I am very appreciative of having readers, especially ones so passionate about the subject matter. So thank you!

        As for Zircon, you say: “This hero is very much stronger than you think…”

        But I pointed out in my review, before any tests were done, just by reading the card, how powerful I thought Zircon was. And what his potential was. And what heroes would make him awesome! And I’ve defended him in these very same comments! 😁

        You are preaching to the choir.

        If you look at my grading system, a Deity is a hero who can win a battle by themselves by firing-off their Special skill. And if Zircon was on my team (or any normal team), that wouldn’t happen.

        So, he is as highly ranked as is possible under my system. That said, my grades are just a guide, not a pin-point measuring. Because I commit +1000 words to measuring a hero.

        Anyway, I have no issues with what you say and am happy to have somebody like you reading my blog. Please continue to have your say, because it all adds to what another person sees and learns. Everybody has a valuable point of view.

        … I’m just a guy who likes the game, has too much time on his hands…

        What you should do, is make a video of him in action and put it on YouTube so we can watch!

  7. Got all those Guys. To me the best are the gargoyles and the mandarins from the 3 King kingdoms.

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