How Good is Milena? Empires and Puzzles Magic Review

A screenshot of Milena from Empires and Puzzles

Milena is from the new Empires and Puzzles event, Tower Of Magic, which is looming on the horizon. She’s one of my favourite new Magic heroes because of her quick healing and devastating backhand, but there’s more…

If you read my earlier post about the new Tower Of Magic, you’ll already know that these new heroes enjoy 2 separate Specials. The first is at a near equivalent to VERY FAST mana speed, while the second is close to SLOW.

In Milena’s case, we see two distinctly different Special skills, morphing her from care-giver, into life taker. And in this post, I’ll be exploring her full potential.

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Caveat: This post represents game-play speculation and personal opinion. It is not advice.

(The Tower Of Magic and its heroes have not been released yet, and are subject to change).

Milena’s Element, Class, Special Skills, Passives & Talents

Here’s her info:

Element: Ice (Blue)

Class: Wizard

Mana Speed: Magic

Special Skills Tier-1: 1) Recovers 20% health for all allies. 2) Cleanses status ailments from all allies.

Special Skills Tier-2: 1) Deals 390% damage to all enemies. 2) Dispels buffs from all enemies.

Passive: MANA ON FULL CHARGE ~ On a fully charged Special Skill this Hero has a 50% chance to give 25% mana to all allies that are not of Ice element.

Talent: JINX ~ +25% chance to deal +15% extra damage per each active buff the enemies have. The extra damage applies to both normal attacks and Special Skills.

Graphic: Tower Of Magic Milena Empires and Puzzles

Is Milena worth Levelling? (Empires and Puzzles)

Yes. Here’s why…

Milena’s Tier-1 Special (Very Fast)

Milena isn’t unique in casting VERY FAST healing however, her kind are rare and hard to come by.

How good is Milena’s healing? Let’s get a chart out and compare her to her contemporaries:

HeroMana SpeedHealingSecondary
Very FastRecovers 20% health for all alliesCleanses status ailments from all allies
Very FastBoosts health of all allies by 180, which can be added as extra HP if already fullAll allies are immune to new status ailments for 2 turns
Grazul Very FastRecovers 15% health for all allies All allies are immune to new status ailments for 2 turns
ToxicandraFastRecovers 24% health for all alliesAll allies regenerate a small amount of mana over 3 turns, and Cleanses all status ailments
Milena compared to similar heroes

20% healing looks very strong compared with the others, especially at VERY FAST mana speed. And while I personally prefer Immunity over Cleansing, I wouldn’t really complain either way.

Milena is definitely as equipped and qualified as any other fast healer in Empires and Puzzles. But that’s where the comparisons end, because she can do what they could only dream of…

Cause the Suffering And End…

…of lots of tiny characters on your mobile screen.

Milena’s Tier-2 Special (Slow)

And so, if you choose to forgo Milena’s Tier-1 Special and wait for her Tier-2 to charge, you’ll unleash one of the most devastating field-wide attacks in the whole of Empires and Puzzles.

Right before your eyes, Milena will transform from Dr Jekyll, into Mrs. Hyde… From Beauty, into The Beast… From a chilled out, tea-sipping hippy, into a complete raging maniac.

And her new persona will offer no quarter, nor dwell on remorse.

Here’s how she compares:

HeroMana SpeedDamageSecondary
SlowDeals 390% damage to all enemiesDispels buffs from all enemies. 50% chance to give 25% mana to all allies that are not Ice (blue)
KillhareAverageDeals 300% damage to all enemiesAll allies get -20% defense
SlowDeals 360% damage to all enemies100% chance to bypass defensive buffs (including counterattack)
SlowDeals 350% damage to all enemies All enemies are immune to new buffs for 5 turns. Dispels all buffs from all enemies
BoboSlowDeals 320% damage to all enemiesEnemy with the highest base defense gets -60% defense for 4 turns. Enemy with the highest base attack gets -60% attack for 4 turns. These can not be cleansed.
Milena compared to similar heroes

Every time I write out Bobo’s Special, I’m impressed. He’s gotta be one of the best heroes in the game. (I know, I know -he’s slow).

Back to Milena: Her 390% is massive, especially as a versatile second option to her Tier-1 healing routine. That 390% may be the highest mass-damage Special attack in Empires and Puzzles (it’s actually a close second –Cristobal hits for 400% under the right circumstances).

The great thing about these heroes (and you can include the Ninjas with this), is that you’re always going to get something from them; If they’re dying, they’re gonna fire-off. If they’re living their best lives, they’re gonna be chilling.

Also note worthy is Milena’s Passive, which is available with the Tier-2 Special; so if you fire-off now, you have a 50% chance to give the rest of your team (assuming they’re not blues) a substantial +25% boost in mana.

The only issue I take with Milena’s T-2, is that it doesn’t Dispel enemy buffs until after her strike, so counterattack’s gonna feel like Karma, kicking her in the ass on the way out.

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Milena – Empires and Puzzles Tower Of Magic

My final thoughts:

Milena’s amazing; an angel and a monster, rolled into one.

I think she works in Raids, Defense, and against Titans: If your team is losing, she can help by healing. If your team is winning, she can help by hurting.

20% healing at VERY FAST is superb, and 390% damage to the entire enemy team is crazy.

On top of that, she’s got a great personality. What’s not to like?

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity

What are your thoughts? Did I get it wrong, or did I miss something? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Thanks, great article. I agree she’s awesome. Even if you don’t use the stage 2, it’s super powerful to have a very fast healer (I don’t have one, but my only very fast hero is Emilio and I can attest to how great it is to fire in just 3 ghosted tiles). I’d love to have her.

  2. Got her in my 4th single pull, im yet to unleash her potential but this far she is performing scary great.
    Also need to say she, along with the ninjas are faster than
    The needs a 9% manahelp via troops/talents to hit 6/3 tile/ghost, whereas the ninjas and magics start out at a 5/3 (less than 5/less than 2,5).
    She hits 200% faster than i anticipated around a 10/5 and i even filled her up to 200% with 3 ghosted + 3 regular with a lvl 11 troop (9%)

    Also noted that the 50% to give 25% mana to your non blue allies is affected by +% mana generation which makes it closer to 30% if you got good manatroops.

    This is a grade A blue hero, no doubt,

    1. Hi Cougar, thanks for the feedback.
      I had to update her this morning due to the buffing she received before release:
      20% healing now makes her the best healer on my chart (imv), and the 390% … that’s simply ridiculous.
      I originally rated her 3rd best of all the Magic heroes, but she just took top spot for fast healers and big hitters…

      Thanks for stopping by!

        1. Hello, I have a controversial view on what Path to take on the Talent Grid; I always go Health/Defense. You can read more about my view here. That said, I would suggest you consider all views, including those of your Alliance mates!

          I will add, those who go Attack for Offences heroes, may feel that some of Milena’s strength is lost, taking the Health/Defense path. But you also have the fact that she is a very good, very quick, healer. For me, it’s all about keeping her alive so that she can heal/strike.

          Dobrý den, mám kontroverzní pohled na to, jakou cestu si má Talent Grid vzít; Vždy chodím na zdraví/obranu. Více o mém pohledu si můžete přečíst zde . To znamená, že navrhuji, abyste zvážili všechna stanoviska, včetně názorů vašich spojeneckých spojenců!

          Dodám, ti, kteří jdou na hrdiny Útočení za přestupky, mohou mít pocit, že část síly Mileny je ztracena, a to cestou Zdraví/Obrana. Ale také víte, že je velmi dobrá, velmi rychlá, léčitelka. Pro mě je to všechno o tom, udržet ji naživu, aby se mohla uzdravit/udeřit.

  3. Hi Old Cynic, I just got Milena. Between Cobalt and Milena, is that Milena better? Before she get buffing, I thought both of them quite similar. But now 390% damage is quite impressive. Thanks for comment!

    1. I personally think Milena is better than Cobalt, but they’re both top heroes. 390% to all is just impressive, and her healing is fantastic. If I had to choose, I’d go Milena.

  4. I have to decide between her and Alexandrine for scopes (once I get two more which will likely take a while) This article sure makes me lean toward her. However my alliance uses blue tanks in war (Currently I run Theobald) and I’m not sure she could hold down that spot.

    1. I must admit, I have a better appreciation for Alexandrine, having now faced her in a few Raids. But Milena is clearly an Over-Powered monster :).

      Understandable though; it’s good to be a team player. I went months on an Alliance running green tanks, with only a Costumed Kashrek to offer.

      1. I think it will be Milena getting the scopes and perhaps I’ll just leave Theobald as the war tank depending on who seems a better fit of the two once all the leveling has occurred

        1. Theobald looks great, especially in Rush Wars. I have a personal preference to Milena, because she’s also likely to be useful in Raids and Defense. I hope it works out!

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