Miki: Slayer of Frost Beasts (Empires & Puzzles)

Miki Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Miki is a Bad Man! And he’s been dominating Empires and Puzzles since way back in August 2019. ~It’s crazy to think they were just handing out Miki’s back then… Like a cheap plastic toy dropping out of your box of cereals!

See, back then, when the world was flat, SG was building HotMs to last.

Miki was a work of art, in fact, he was the Dev’s greatest achievement that month! [Forum]

The month before him, in July 2019, Seshat was the HotM.

And the month after him, in September 2019, it was Grazul.

Sat in the middle was Miki, simply waiting for his opportunity to silence the naysayers (Nooo! Booo! No more! No more!).

This post may contain speculation, personal opinion, adult comedy, and human error. It is not advice and is solely for entertainment and informational purposes.

Miki’s Stats and Special Skills (Wrath of Tundra)

Key Facts: Ice (Blue), Slow, Barbarian

Legends 2019 Family Bonus for 1/2/3 Heroes: +10%/+15%/+20% Attack. Bonus for 2+ Family Heroes: Element Link affects all allies.

Special Skills (Wrath of Tundra): 1. All allies get +130% normal attack that only applies when the enemy has more HP than the attacker. Can be active in addition to effects that alter Attack in general, giving up to a maximum of +170% for normal attacks. This effect lasts for 5 turns. 2. The target and nearby enemies get Silenced for 5 turns. 3. [Element Link] Gives +4% Mana generation to all Ice allies for 4 turns (can’t be dispelled).

Passive Skill: 1. RESIST SPECIAL SKILL BLOCKING ~ This character has an innate resistance against Status Ailments that block Special Skills.

Talent: WOUND ~ +30% chance to apply bleeding from any normal attack.

Aether Power: ATTACK UP ~ +20% Attack for 6 turns.

Miki – Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Miki – No Nonsense, No Talking; Only Blissful Silence

I was enjoying my daily dose of propaganda when the resulting cognitive dissonance started to get the better of me.

So I decided to turn off the TV and get on with writing this post.

I’ve been meaning to expose Miki to the newer E&P community for some time now, as I’m sure the older players are already well aware of his greatness.

But with my luck, this guy will show up in the next Fated Summon or Soul Exchange, before I’ve managed to get in any yappity-yap.

And there’s a lot to cover because he’s sooo effective!

Miki putting everyone to Sleep - Empires and Puzzles
“Zip it” – Miki

I started playing Empires and Puzzles in January 2020, so Miki actually predates me.

And since you’re unlikely to see him on Defense, you might never know what you’re missing.

Here’s the thing, Miki’s easily a Deity: Tier 2.

Even now, in 2023.

There, I said it, now let me prove it…

How Does Miki‘s Special Skill Work? (Empires and Puzzles)

Miki does two jobs:

  • Buffs normal attack by +130% (when your enemy has more HP than the attacker), and

(You can see why he’s considered a great Titan Hero)

  • Silences the target and nearby enemies for 5 turns, -which is an eternity in today’s game.

If you don’t know what “Silence” means, it’s a Status Ailment Effect that stops the inflicted soul from firing off their Special Skills.

Instead, they just sit there, waiting…

for 5 (!) long turns

…and then, if they’re not already dead, they finally get to fire off.

And it’s both of these Skills together that make Miki so effective on Offence.

Amazingly, Miki also has an innate resistance against Status Ailments that block Special Skills. Meaning, that even if you try to stop him, you might not succeed.

Miki is so powerful at times, it feels like he’s Lording it over the entire field.

No matter who the competition is, they often become befuddled when facing the man wearing tusks for shoulder pads.

Here’s Miki in the last Rush Tournament, completely owning the show:

Miki screenshot of Silenced Heroes - Empires and Puzzles

And those are some fancy Heroes…

But 2019 don’t care, apparently.

And this is him from earlier today, in the Bloody Battle Tournament:

Miki - Bloody Battle Tournament
See him all lit up? It’s about to get awfully quiet

And it’s true, Miki can be effective without a Mana Booster, but with one, he becomes near unstoppable…

Miki and Ludwig - Empires and Puzzles
The Bromance of the Ages

Miki‘s Weakness Vs. Empires and Puzzles

Mortimer, the 5-Star Hero from the Beach Party Event, will Silence 3 enemies for 3 turns, at Average Speed. Absolute top drawer stuff, especially when you consider the rest of his build.

But as an alternative, Miki is awesome.

In my experience, Miki can completely subdue the opposition, while providing the extra oomph required to plough straight through them.

Of course, there are weaknesses to Miki’s game, just like with any Hero:

  1. He’s so old that he still has a Cassette-Head Cleaner somewhere in the house
  2. This guy was doing the Running Man at his junior school dance
  3. He wore a Shell Suit, [Amazon] for real, for real… looked in the mirror before leaving the house and everything
  4. And that means his Power Stats are lame!
  5. Oh, and his Attack Boost is conditional and adversely impacts his performance away from Titans

Miki is an old Hero. Look:

Atk: 712 Def: 778 HP: 1275

And here’s Linus, the sprightly new 4-Star Hero just released today:

Atk: 692 Def: 677 HP: 1226

But even with those limits in mind, Miki’s still a Hero capable of changing your fortunes.

So if you happen to luck out and pull him from the Hero Academy (10), the Tavern Of Legends, or the Super Elemental Portal (Ice), don’t be down in the dumps about this circa 2019 Hero, instead, celebrate ’cause you just pulled a goodun.

And who knows, maybe one day we’ll see him in the Fated or Soul Exchange… We can but hope.

Miki - Screenshot of 1% in Empires and Puzzles Tournament
Miki’s Just Rewards… ~Wish this loot was buffed a little

Miki Empires and Puzzles – Hero of the Month August 19

My final thoughts:

Miki Slayer of Frost Beasts Empires and Puzzles Hero

I’ve been highly impressed with Miki and his versatility.

Sure, he’s not a new monster, and I’m not saying he can beat them all.

However, he has it within his grasp to be a superpower.

Of course, he’s absolutely in his element when stood eyeball to eyeball, across from a Titan.

But he also makes for a powerful Raider, Stage and Tournament Hero, too.

And in 2023, Miki may be more valuable than ever, having survived into the age of enlightenment and witnessed the creation of the Mana Gods.

Because with their help, he can quickly Silence his enemies, no matter how strong they profess to be.

And then…

And then…

Welcome to Tile City, Baby!

Hero Grade for Miki (Empires and Puzzles)

So for my grading, the question is:

Is this Hero’s Special capable of/likely to change the outcome of a battle? Yes.

If not, do they still bring enough to the party to help defeat the deities? N/a.

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity ⭐⭐

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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  1. Fun to read a review about An older Hero for once!🙂. I don’t come across him very often anymore but indeed he still is a very good one to have (which i don’t). I was Lucky enough to pull shar’khai , purple 4star with untold Tales, and for titans i think he’s a better option now with the +attack he has, combined with mana boost (sometimes). But then again miki still has his sound of Silence going on, but then in the ‘Disturbed’ version😁

  2. Such a funny coincidence that I managed to pull him today from the super elemental summon. On my third pull no less. Been waiting for him ever since I started playing.

    1. Wow – that’s crazy. I didn’t think they released more than 2 copies of him per calendar year! You are very lucky. I forgot the Super Elemental Portal… Thanks Yorka!

      1. Yes indeed. Getting a specific HOTM from the legends summon is nearly impossible since the rate is so low. And he is so good that I don’t think he would be worth anything less than 20 souls if he was ever featured in Soul Exchange. As for Fated Summon, it would be very difficult to come up with a balanced set of heroes comparable to him if he was ever featured there.

        1. You are right, but we can’t publicly announce that this hero is simply too strong for the Fated… Let’s wait till everyone’s got a copy first 😄

          Yes, 20 Souls. But going by the last couple, I’m not sure. Anyway, Congrats on getting him.

          The thing I wasn’t expecting was his use away from Titans… Especially with Ludwig beside him.

  3. I have had Miki for five years, one of my first 5*, and happy to see him acknowledged/praised in your review! I use him on most of my Titan teams and now good to know he is great teamed with Ludwig. I have been looking for comrades for Ludwig, thanks!

    1. Hi Tina, yes, it’s the Silence… It can mean complete control under even normal conditions. Of course, they’re both slow, so a nice supportive team around them would help (and some tiles).

      I’m not saying it’s a guaranteed win or anything, but definitely worth playing around with as you have both levelled.

      Thank you for visiting!

  4. Thanks for the very interesting post, OC! You’ve actually solved a bit of a mystery for me. I’ve run across Miki on defense a few times and had always wondered why he silenced himself when attacking. Was this some sort of pre-springvalean penalty? As it turns out, 1) I’d never read Miki’s card carefully and was unaware of the silencer feature, and 2) I almost invariably run C. Guardian Kong against any blue offensive nuisance, so my Kong was firing off first and then reflecting Miki’s silencer back on him. Duh! In any case, now that I know more, I’d love to have Miki – I’d always wanted him for my Ice titan team anyway; I run C. Triton and C. Grimm in that role and they do pretty well but Miki would be even better

      1. Yep, hoping more tournament opponents have gone with mono Ice this week – I’ve already taken out two 5xBlue teams today in a matter of seconds (which is why it’s kind of a bad idea to go mono on defense in the first place as far as I’m concerned).

  5. I was lucky with one of the HA10 retrains awhile ago and he came to my roster. Been loving him on my red titan team and rush wars and tournaments so I totally agree with the grade you’ve given him.

  6. It’s so awesome that you review an older hero! I hope you will be doing more of them. For a lot of players the newly released cannons are so far out of league anyway. So thanks!

    I am one of the lucky people that owns Miki and he has been a gamechanger for my blue titan team. Even at 3-70 he owns the big bullies. He, together with cAthena and Alexandrine (I know stats are against my judgement but I prefer her over Jott) demolish red titans for fun.

  7. can they put Miki in the next SE? Im using Shark-Hai for now but it definitely lack the oouuufff factor when not able to go mono on titan. If not, at least a 5 star ice elemental defense down like King Arthur or Frida. My blue team for red titan is so sad. Lol. Nordri still being comissioned to do elemental def down on 14 star titan. 1 hit, poof. He’s dead.

    1. There’s a lot of commentary and requests over on the forum for Miki in the SE or Fated but doubts also, because he’s so strong. Would they make another, modern, Miki? Titan scores would go up if they did it. We live in hope!

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