Suzuna Empires and Puzzles HotM May 23

Suzuna Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Suzuna is Empires and Puzzles’ May 2023 Hero of the Month (HotM), an unconventional HotM, offering unique skills that are usually reserved for the elite.

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Suzuna’s Stats and Special Skills (Hero Of The Month)

Key Facts: Ice (Blue), Fast, Cleric, Legends 2023

Special Skills (Easy-breezy Aura): 1. Cleanses Status Ailments from the caster and nearby allies. 2. Caster and nearby reflect Status Ailments and negative Stacks for 3 turns. 3. Caster and nearby regenerate 600 HP over 3 turns 4. [Element Link] Recovers 4% health for all Ice allies for 4 turns (can not be dispelled).

Passive: 1. RESIST FIENDS ~ This character can’t receive Fiends. 2. RESIST HEALING AILMENTS ~ This character has an innate resistance against Ailments that affect healing.

Talent: MANASHIELD ~ +35% chance to resist any negative mana status effects or effects that prevent the use of Special Skills.

Aether Power: DEFENSE UP ~ +20% Defense for 6 turns.

Legends 2023 Family Bonus: 1/2/3 Heroes: +10%/+15%/+20% Defense. Bonus for 2+ Heroes: Element Link affects all allies.

Suzuna Empires and Puzzles Hero Card Detail
Suzuna – Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Suzuna’s Surprise (Empires and Puzzles)

First off, the only difference I’m seeing from Beta is the Element Link, and thank goodness for that.

Now Suzuna recovers 4% health for all Ice allies for 4 turns, instead of that pointless Ailment Dodge we’ve been seeing with the others.

Still, on paper, Suzuna can be a tough sell.

After all, in isolation, she’s easy to pick apart:

  • She only helps 3 Heroes (herself included)
  • She only reflects back for 3 turns
  • She only heals for 600 HP

And in truth, I was trying to get her a cheeky Buff in Beta; asking for a small amount of healing first, followed by the incremental 600 HP. Or adding a small increase in Defense for the Heroes that she affects.

But it doesn’t really matter because what we have here is a very useful Hero.

When you look at her Special, and the order of it, you’ll see exactly why Suzuna is useful in the current Meta.

Let’s break it all down, starting by taking a look at her more luxurious rivals.

Suzuna Vs. Empires and Puzzles

There are so few Heroes in Empires and Puzzles with this ability that we can review their Special Skills without requiring an extensive table.

First, here’s a reminder of what Suzuna brings to the table:

Fast (Easy-breezy Aura): 1. Cleanses Status Ailments from the caster and nearby allies. 2. Caster and nearby reflect Status Ailments and negative Stacks for 3 turns. 3. Caster and nearby regenerate 600 HP over 3 turns 4. [Element Link] Recovers 4% health for all Ice allies for 4 turns (can not be dispelled).

Furdinand Vs. Suzuna

Furdinand Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Average (Bark of Protection): 1. Cleanses status ailments from all allies. 2. All allies get +63% defense for 4 turns. 3. All allies share received damage with each other for 4 turns. 4. All allies reflect Status Ailments and negative Stacks for 4 turns. 5. All allies regenerate 732 HP over 4 turns.

This may be the last time I refer to Furdinand, if he is to be sent for the snip. Let’s list his elite skills Vs. Suzuna’s rather budgeted copying. -Highlighting where she fails to meet the mark.

  • Cleanses first, just like Suzuna ✔
  • Increases Defense by a massive +64% for 4 turns
  • Shared damage
  • Reflect Status Ailments ✔
  • Healing 732 (Vs. 600)
  • To ALL allies for 4 turns ✗ ✗

Suzuna is a poor variant of Furdinand.

Hawthorn Vs. Suzuna

Hawthorn Empires and Puzzles Hero Card Small

Average (Medicinal Fumes): 1. All allies regenerate 672 Boosted health over 4 turns (can exceed max HP). 2. All allies receive a moderate amount of Mana over 4 turns. 3. All allies reflect Status Ailments for 4 turns.

The comparison isn’t as distinct here, but as we can see, Hawthorn offers boosted healing and the lifeblood of the game, Mana. Oh, and he also reflects for 4 turns.

Milady de Winter Vs. Suzuna

Milady de Winter Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Slow (Masterful Manipulation): 1. Deals 385% damage to all enemies. 2. The caster regenerates 918 HP over 6 turns. 3. All enemies reflect Status Effects Buffs to a random character on the opposing team for 6 turns. 4. All allies reflect Status Ailments to a random character on the opposing team for 6 turns.

Milady de Winter is more of the same, offering a different skill set, however, a much more potent mixture.

Kitty Vs. Suzuna

Kitty Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Average (Flowers of Kindness): 1. All allies regenerate 450 Boosted health over 3 turns (can exceed max HP). 2. All allies reflect cleansable Status Ailments they would receive to a random character on the opposing team for 3 turns. 3. The caster gets +30% Defense for 3 turns.

And finally, Kitty, a 4 Star Hero from the Musketeer Family. She’s quite similar to Suzuna, although is lacking the ever-so-vital Cleanse.

I can’t think of any other Heroes matching the profile, but this will suffice, I think.

Before we move on, go back and check the Speed of all these Heroes, and then reflect on Suzuna again… She’s Fast!

How To Use Suzuna (Empires and Puzzles)

Suzuna has two main functions she can perform at any given time.

First, she can simply act as a basic classic Cleanser and Healer, like Rigard, or Pro. Lidenbrock, or she can do more by reflecting some of the game’s most potent Ailments back.

The key to her value is found in the order of her Special:

  • First the Cleanse
  • Then the Reflect Buff
  • Then the Healing

On Offence, where you can control the timing of her Special, I’ve found her to be of great use, especially by protecting key members of the Squad against the likes of C. G. Panther and Cupido.

Cupido Love Conquers All Special Skill Empires and Puzzles

And while Suzuna is a weaker, more downtrodden version of her elite counterparts, I was impressed by the protection she could offer to the likes of Ludwig.

She can also present an offensive threat against powerful Ailment-driven teams.

Of course, there are core issues here, mostly concerning the fact that she only covers 3 Heroes.

But with so few Heroes who actually offer the ability to Reflect Ailments and Negative Stacks, in honesty, picking up Suzuna as a HotM can only add to the depth of a F2P/C2P roster.

And in future, I expect to see more destructive Ailments in E&P, and so in turn, expect to see Suzuna’s value improve over time.

Suzuna’s Build, Passive, and Element Link

The main difference I can see from Beta is the change in the Element Link as mentioned above.

And that’s fantastic news for Suzuna because now she’ll heal all Ice Heroes, and potentially, ALL Heroes (when the Family Bonus goes live), for an additional 4% each turn, for 4 turns.

So, that’s an additional 16% healing over 4 turns, -which is close to what Milena will be left with after the Big Balance Update.

As for the rest of her Build, we see that she can’t receive Fiends, -a powerful bit of protection given Suzuna’s core skills (meaning, Fiends can’t influence her or take her healing).

And also, Suzuna resists Healing Ailments. -Again, ditto, x2, as above.

Ha! And her Cleric Class gives her a +35% chance to resist negative Mana effects and effects that prevent the use of her Special Skill. -Just what you need from a Hero capable of Cleansing her closest confidant(/e)s.

Finally, her Aether Power is Defense Up (by +20% for 6 turns).

On paper, Suzuna doesn’t look fantastic, but I would try her out. If you’ve got an elite version of this type of Hero, then you know what’s what.

But otherwise, run her Unleveled/low level to see how it feels. You might be pleasantly surprised (as I was).

Suzuna Empires and Puzzles – Hero of the Month May 23

My final thoughts:

In my view, the goal of a good HotM nowadays is to achieve Archangel. The days of getting monsters seem to be well and truly behind us.

The question is, Can this Hero help me be competitive?

A secondary question for me is, Can I use this Hero to complete Maps and Stages?

And the answer to both is, Yes.

Suzuna has a short window (3 turns) in which to operate, so timing is crucial. And she’ll only cover 3 Heroes; however, she presents a unique and scarce set of skills. And she does it all at Fast.

I’ve gone from being underwhelmed by Suzuna to not wanting to grade her too low, as I expect she’ll be a great Hero for the teams she finds synergy with.

As always, thank you for reading! Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Hero Grade for Suzuna (Empires and Puzzles)

So for my grading, the question is:

Is this hero’s Special capable of/likely to change the outcome of a battle? No.

If not, do they still bring enough to the party to help defeat the deities? Yes.

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Archangel

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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  1. Unfortunately, you are right about the level of HOTM. We will not see characters like Hel or Alberich, who have stood the test of time. A couple of years ago I was very happy after pulling Raffaele and Clarissa, but if I pulled them now I think I would not level them up.

    However, I think their strength might be on stacking heroes from the same year and give them bonus. It will never be like Telluria and Vela level, but something good can result.

    Thanks for the analysis, mate.

    1. Imagine getting an Alberich as a HotM! I checked, and he’s from 2020. And the problem with trying to use these old HotM, especially after the Big Balance Update, is that they’re gonna feel like 4-Star Heroes.

      *Stats from the forum.
      Alberich – Atk: 725 Def: 741 Hea: 1277
      Suzuna – Atk: 791 Def: 753 Hea: 1435
      Furdinand – Atk: 782 Def: 828 Hea: 1462
      Furdinand (BBU) – Atk: 821 Def: 867 Hea: 1577

      R&N was a really good HotM, but they are rare. Anyway, thanks for stopping by!

      1. Alberich is from 2017 actually, I would say is the second or third HOTM. With the big update they will also update the costume bonus, so I hope his stats will not be too outdated and outclassed. Especially because he is my favourite heroe.

  2. To me when 2023 bonus is out next year, and she gets some new bonus and also elemental link to all (pair with another 2023) , she seems to clearly more useful than Aino or Ariel which are too vanilla

    1. That is a lot of healing and it would be a trick to heal all via the EL and then to have further healing for the nearby allies. I like it too.

  3. I don’t mind getting her. I don’t have enough legendary Heroes so she’s a good addition (actually any kind of legendary, I want them). But I’m not going to chase her as I still have Tinsel and Alasie for levelling up. Still have to earn more telescopes.

    1. No, I wouldn’t chase her either but I’d be pleased to pull her. I’m running short of projects so E&P need to send me a decent 5-Star soon! I’ve got 2 TC20s running to collect old Heroes for the Soul Exchange. Thanks for visiting!

      1. Guess what, I got her. 🙂

        Which means I will have Alasie, Tinsel and Suzuna competing for the materials and resources.

        So if I may ask you, who would you prefer to get the mats first who will have a good synergy to my team below….?

        I have Milena, C. Magni, Loki, Alexandrine, and Frosth/Thorn/Richard who I’ve been using as my mono team in raids. Thanks!!

        I’d say that my blue team is my strongest as compared to other mono color teams I have.

  4. Hi, amazing review on her. I have Ariel 3/70 (non-costume), which one you think it’s better to level up? Both of them are cleric and ice, so definitely can’t level them up at the same time.

    1. Hi Ray, Ariel was the standard bearer in e&p for the longest time. ‘Til this very day, if you so much as look at her the wrong way, someone might try and check you on it.

      Nonetheless, the key difference is 3 Hero help Vs. All Hero help. It’s the team around these Heroes that’s gotta influence that decision. For example, if I’ve got a 3-Healer, I would leave Devena out in the cold coz she’ll look after herself.

      Also, non-costumed Ariel has the Cleanse in the wrong place and also doesn’t possess the Reflect, which adds value to Suzuna.

      That said, Ariel is the more straightforward, one-button-group-healer that will make Maps and Stages much easier. She also increases Mana gen.

      So both have their strengths.

      Of course, no one can tell you who to spend your resources on but hopefully, my chin-wagging helps in some way.

      I would also ask your alliance buddies for an opinion. And if anyone else wants to chime in with a POV, please do!

    2. I would look at your roster, do you already have a decent healer that heals all? then you could go for suzana, if not i’d definetely take Ariel. Even with all the new powerful healers she still does her job and helps the others with her mana gen. I still use her (on lb1 her stats are also pretty good) in my nr 1 blue war team.

      1. I’ d pick Ariel as well. When I was doing raid at 2900+ trophies, I still encountered Ariel… With her mana boost, I can see why the Elites still use her.

  5. Thanks for your honest review. Personally I didn’t think she should do the self and nearby thing in beta, and I said so.
    If she had been allowed to cover all allies she would have been the poor man’s version of dear old Furdinand.
    And at fast would have been a contender for your deity rating instead of archangel.

    1. Hey Cornelius, thanks for reading. When I first saw your comment I thought it was on my most recent Sorrow post. I was like, “what, Archangel?” 😁 I think it’s a decent trade (3 covered but with Reflect) for what E&P appear to be aiming for. I got her and will be levelling her soon enough.

  6. I have just pulled 2 Suzunas…
    Shall I keep them both?
    In a certain formation they will protect all heroes. Not just 3.
    Any advices?
    Thank you.

    1. Hey Ovidius, I answered this late last night but I went to check something, returned, and the text in memory had disappeared. I was like, “WHAT IN THE F!”.

      Anyway, I’m in the same situation and considering it. I’ll be checking out the Soul Exchange for a better option, but if I can’t get anything decent then I may level the second Suzuna (after testing the 1st again in-game). That said, I am very C2P and never get new 5*s, so have little to lose byway of Mats.

      I do like the Family Link with both (2024/Ice Stack) however, we must remember that even 2 Suzuna’s wouldn’t make 1 Furdinand! And, it would take 2 of her to create the coverage of one premium Hero; therefore taking a spot from another Hero.

      Still, I like the idea at Fast and if something better doesn’t present itself, there’s a chance I will.

      If Suzuna gave Boosted Healing, it would be a no-brainer for me, but I actually don’t think there’s enough going on here to merit it for most players.

      -I wouldn’t encourage levelling two just for the sake of it, —unless you really have nothing else going on or see solid potential for synergy.

  7. Can work next to thunderclap? She reflects the dispelling too? (Weak spot of thunderclap). Have both unleveled and i’m thinking in the sinergy

    1. Suzuna does not protect against Dispels sadly although she does Cleanse. Check out my Thunderclap review Comment section for more ideas on synergy.

      1. Thanks. Your reviews are truly usefull and i apreciate the information.
        I’m pretty new at the Game (8 month, lvl 47), so your page has been a great help.

  8. She chased a C. Proteus out of my Atlantis Summon gate yesterday. I’m glad to have her even though I have no resources to build her yet.

    I think she’ll get along with M&M and R&N (whom I both own) reeeeaaaallllllly well.

  9. Lurking for the year I’ve been playing, first time commenter here. Thanks for all of the help you provide! Just pulled her as a bonus draw, so I ran over to find out about her. It looks like they dropped the health regeneration to 390 🙁

    1. Hey Daisy Dukes, this is a great question. What’s the answer? Coz I’ve considered it too! 😄

      The speed is nice and she’s definitely underrated (in that she does offer something useful in the right line-ups).

      I confess, I have a second that I haven’t disposed of or levelled. But it’s something I’ve considered; running two on the Flanks and being able to really fortify the entire team at Fast…

      I suspect it would be too passive; that giving up the spot for a second Suzuna would give up another Controller or Attacker. If I didn’t have anything else to do, no other Heroes to level, I’d do it just to find out.

      But the game’s been more generous than expected and I’ve always got something seemingly more beneficial on the go.

      Anyway, in summery, it’s not a crazy notion in my view, but expensive in time and resources to prove.

      I may get to 3/70 just to test her out. I imagine only smaller rosters would even consider it?

      What are you views Daisy? Have you done any testing?

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