Reuben’s Redemption and the HotM Family Bonus

Reuben Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

I remember how unimpressed I was when I first met Reuben. He looked like he hadn’t slept in years, took everything so seriously, and there was this cabbage stench which lingered, long after he left.

Still, he was a new hero, so I gave him time to settle in.

It wasn’t long after his arrival, in an admittedly overzealous move, that I fully ascended him. Hell, I planned the after-party myself.

But before I knew it, reality was slapping me in the face like a… soggy piece of cabbage.

See, my Cup points were evaporating into thin air, and when I searched for the cause, it was clear; it was Reuben.

It was time to pull him aside, to have a word -to accept that I had been foolish, and to let him know that I’d be releasing him from his contract.

Well, I couldn’t do it.

Yes, Reuben was a dud, a complete failure, an utter waste of space… but he had tried sooo hard.

On top of that, he was a loner.

Nobody on the team really spoke to him, and I felt bad for the guy.

Anyway, I dropped him from Raid/Defense and we agreed he could see out his contract. Then maybe, down the line, he could move over into a coaching role or something.

And that’s where we left things. Then, about a month ago, everything changed.

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Reuben Empires and Puzzles Hero Card Detail

Reuben’s Redemption (Empires and Puzzles)

One day out of the blue, Reuben requested a meeting which of course, I obliged.

He explained that he had been practising his skills mid-week when something extraordinary happened: When summoning a Minion, everybody present got one, not just himself and Boldtusk (drill instructor), as expected.

Well, as you can imagine, this changed everything.

The first thing I did was to run a few tests back myself, just to verify his claims. And sure enough, it was true.

It was Malosi! Somehow, his presence was triggering the extra minions.

I knew then and there, Reuben was reborn. I told him to stop cleaning the other hero’s trainers after practice, and instead, focus on getting himself back into Raiding shape.

I don’t think you’ll find anyone happier than I was. Reuben’s a great guy, he’s just had a bad run of things.

Since then, he’s been coming out on Raids -heck, he’s even got a full set of Emblems on him now!

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer bloke. And just before Christmas, too.

Reuben‘s Special Skills with the HotM Family Bonus

Since the introduction of the HotM Family Bonus, a few of my heroes have notably improved. But none more so than Reuben.

Here’s his core info ~Note the Element Link:

Element: Fire (Red) Class: Cleric Mana Speed: Fast

Family Bonus: 2020 (1/2/3 Heroes get +10%/20+/+30% healing. *Elemental link will now affect all allies if there are two 2020 HotM on the same team)

Special Skills (Occult Redemption): 1. Deals 215% 260% damage to the target and nearby enemies. 2. All allies get -50% reduction to damage from status effects. 3. [Element Link] Summons a Minion for all Fire allies worth 5% HP and 10% attack.

So now Reuben will summons a respectable Minion for the entire team worth 5% HP (which is 78 HP) and 10% attack.

And Stacked, three are worth an extra 234 HP. -Not earth-shaking, but still enough to absorb a few solid hits.

Let’s take a quick look at Minions:

HeroMana SpeedMinion HealthMinion Attack
ReubenFast5% (78HP)10%
Very Fast13% (228HP)20%
Very Fast17%20%
FreyaFast20% (334HP)20%
Reuben’s minions Vs.

I must admit, Reuben’s minions do look sickly in person, but they contribute to a meat barrier which protects the team, so it’s all good.

On top of that, let’s not forget he hits 3 targets for 215% 260% (Devana hits three for 255% on Average) and he also reduces damage from status effects by 50%.

And he does all of that on a Fast charge…

Reuben – Empires and Puzzles HotM

My final thoughts:

Reuben’s from the 2020 Hero Of The Month Family, and I’m fortunate to also have Malosi and Bai Yeong from that same class.

And it’s Malosi, who plays alongside Reuben, also contributing his Elemental bonus to the entire team: A 10% chance of Critical damage for 6 turns.

All that said, Reuben isn’t a superstar, he’s a poor 5-Star hero who was made better, by a twist of fate.

And the point of this post?

To get you to check your roster for any hidden gems you might find. Because every Reuben deserves another chance.

Since we’re here, why not grade him? For me, he’s a top-end…

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Warrior

Side note: I didn’t know Reuben’s Special was called ‘Occult Redemption’ when I named this post, ‘Reuben’s Redemption’. Spooky stuff (or suggestive programming).

What are your thoughts? Did I get it wrong or miss something? Let me know in the comments below.

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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  1. Ah, nice post!

    I’ll try to do the same with Uraeus and Russell (Minions and +heal)… or Hanitra if i’ll be able to pick her!


      1. Sorry for the off-topic, but i really wait for your opinions/articles about Hanitra and Viscaro (Jan2022 HotM).

        Many thanks!!!

  2. Thank you for mentioning Ruben, I am also concerned about the bonuses of new HotM hero families ~
    I used Zeline and Zimikitha , with a combination of dual attacking、dispelling、cleansing and recovering 4% health for the team for 6 turns, relying on the Elemental Link! It’s great to team up with others like SPRINGVALE FAMILY.
    I’ll take Reuben out of my locker even though he only gives -50% status effects, I’m willing to see what I can do with him! ~Appreciate your comments!

      1. Technically, you could also include another poor 5*, Noor in this group. Although she’s slow, her minions are beefy, and while she summons them for the entire team, she would benefit from the family bonus and add in her Element Link, which is 24% defense. a full 2020 HOTM team could be very interesting!

  3. The elemental link for HotMs is a nice touch. I don’t have Reuben but I do have Zocc, Bai Yeong and Raffaele so I do have the benifit of their buff. What makes it special for me is the fact that Raffaele is already a good healer, and it looks like this buff boost his healing even more.

  4. Now, being charitable, I can understand a player’s sentimental attachment to any given hero for any given reason. Sometimes it was their first hero, and sometimes it was a hero that often pulled them from quicksand, but it seems in this case, which is fairly often the case, it’s clinging with all your might to a bridge that someone sold to you for very little.

    Let’s be honest. Reuben’s not a great guy. He has clearly eaten several babies, smells like sulphur, and does not care about christmas, he cares about purifying your soul with hellfire. Those minions are not coming from a place of harps and fluffy clouds, those are netherspawn. (Is that a lighter in his hand? Am i mistaking his fiery gaze for something it’s not?)

    1. 🤣 Well, I didn’t purchase a bridge, and the King is not naked. What’s the link then (because you’re right, there has to be something)? -It’s the odd shield he wears on his back. It reminds me of an artwork I once saw, refined as I am.

      As for the item in his hand, which appears so precious to him? I’m pretty sure it’s a Cross -I tell you, he’s a reformed man! He’s also covered in confused symbolism, and his Special is called: Occult Redemption…

      Finally, I don’t think it’s fair to hold his smell against him any longer (soap doesn’t wash off Undead). -He needs to see Constantine… or a chemist.

  5. Great review, I would never have picked up the significance of the family bonus without it.
    I’ve always found Reuben’s speed useful in my red raid team but now I have to rethink it’s structure if I’m to include one or two 2020 HotMs.
    Choices are: Glenda, JF, Noor. JF is probably the best fit but still not sure the improvement warrants his inclusion at TG1 (too many wizards). Noor stuck at 3.70 and never likely to ascend. Glenda is TG15.

    1. Hey John, it’s definitely worth a play around with different combos to see what works. With my current Roster, I can’t sit Reuben down. However, as a couple of other 5-Stars come on line, he may make space. But those team-wide Minions are nice.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. Played Noor, JF, Reuben, Nadezhda and Elizabeth.
    I was really surprised how Noor not only held her own (3.60) but really contributed.
    Reuben’s and Noor’s minions together are formidable. I may have to rethink Noor’s ascension, she is currently 5/5 for rings.

  7. In my team, Reuben is now dating with Clarissa, and tey make a pretty nice couple. I use them in defense, with the +30% defense against special from Clarissa (very fast) and the minions from Reuben (fast), my team increased really his survivability!

  8. I’m such a noob sometimes, the other day I was using him and couldn’t figure out why all my heroes were getting the minions. By the way I have to thank you for this post I started using Reuben with and all 4star team for raids and I’m crushing much stronger teams than myself and that’s with having him at 3/70. I’m not going to make that jump and max him!!

  9. Its good to see some redemption for the old bugger, popping out minions at fast speed is not bad at all, especially if everybodu gets one.
    Mr.Pengi for one gets more thunderfish from that.
    However there are some stiff competition for the priest/cleric tokens som i am yet to grant him any real power.

    Good post/lots of heart 😉

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