How Good is Nadezhda? Empires and Puzzles Magic Review

Screenshot of Nadezhda from Empires and Puzzles

When Nadezhda arrives on the Empires and Puzzles’ shore, from deep within the Tower Of Magic, she’ll seek to dethrone Mother North as the best Reviver in the game. Nadezhda’s a defensive powerhouse who might have you hitting the “REROLL” button, every time you see her.

If you read my earlier post about the new Tower Of Magic, you’ll already know that these new heroes enjoy 2 separate Specials. The first is at a near equivalent to VERY FAST mana speed, while the second is close to SLOW.

There’s a nice synergy between Nadezhda’s 2 Specials, and in this post I’m going to dissect them and try to ascertain their true value.

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Caveat: This post represents game-play speculation and personal opinion. It is not advice.

(The Tower Of Magic and its heroes have not been released yet, and are subject to change).

Nadezhda’s Element, Class, Special Skills, Passives & Talents

Here’s her info:

Element: Fire (Red)

Class: Cleric

Mana Speed: Magic

Special Skills Tier-1: 1) The target and nearby enemies receive 116 Burn damage over 2 turns. 2) If the caster dies during the next 2 turns they are resurrected in the beginning of their next turn with 32% health. All status effects are removed when the caster dies.

Special Skills Tier-2: 1) Each fallen ally has a 34% chance to get revived with 30% HP. 2) All allies regenerate 609 HP over 3 turns. 3) All allies reduce all received damage by -50% for 3 turns.

Passive: HEAL ON FULL CHARGE ~ On a fully charged Special Skill this Hero has a 50% chance to recover 30% health for all allies that are not of Fire element.

Talent: MANASHIELD ~ +35% chance to resist any negative mana status effects or effects that prevent the use of Special Skills.

Graphic: Tower Of Magic Nadezhda Empires and Puzzles

Is Nadezhda worth Levelling? (Empires and Puzzles)

Yes. Nadezhda raises the dead, heals the sick, and defends the weak.

Nadezhda’s Tier-1 Special (Very Fast)

It’s worth noting, Nadezhda has a VERY FAST Special, as-well-as the Big Reviver show stopper. So while the other 5-star Revivers are sitting around, eating biscuits and drinking tea, Nadezhda’s busy hustling…

What does the Special do? Let’s just say that all of your enemies will notice a slight burning sensation in their loins, and this discomfort will cost them 116 HP over 2 turns.

It’s not much, and in all honesty, it’s a bit out of place. But the rest of the Tier-1 Special makes more sense:

  • If Nadezhda dies during the next 2 turns, she’ll be resurrected with 32% health, and
  • All of her status effects will be removed when she dies.

This Tier-1 Special is all about keeping Nadezhda alive, and it’s a luxury other 5-star Revivers simply don’t have.

That said, her personal Rebirth is only possible for 2 short turns, so timing is everything. But again, this is better than Alberich’s Tier-1 Special…

Nadezhda’s Tier-2 Special (Slow)

First, let’s compare the Revivers:

HeroMana SpeedOdds of RevivingSecondary
Slow34% (with 30% HP)All allies regenerate 609 HP over 3 turns. All allies reduce all received damage by -50% for 3 turns.
Mother NorthSlow50% (with 10% HP)Recovers 30% health for all allies. Summons a Minion for each ally (10% HP & attack).
AlberichSlow33% (with 23% HP)All allies regenerate 612 HP over 4 turns. All allies regenerate a moderate amount of mana over 4 turns.
HeimdallSlow 20% (with 30% HP)Boosts all allies by 500 HP. If health exceeds max HP, it is added as temporary HP. All allies get +30% for 4 turns.
A list of 5 star heroes who revive allies

Note: It’s worth considering as we value these Revivers, that Nadezhda will first revive fallen allies, before providing healing. Which means, revived allies will also receive healing. Whereas, Mother North will not. She will first heal, then revive. Meaning any revived hero will miss out on her healing. For more on understanding Hero Cards, see this post.

Mother North is currently my pick for best Reviver in Empires and Puzzles. Her 50% is the Standard against which all other Revivers must be measured.

Nadezhda’s 34% does represent a solid chance of Rebirth; enough to rely upon when standing in a field littered with the bodies of your fallen allies. And her healing is substantial too, at 609 HP over 3 turns. But it’s her -50% reduction in all damage for 3 turns that makes her stand out when compared with the others.

That’s a -50% reduction in damage while receiving 609 HP over 3 turns.

Still want more from her? How about a crazy Passive attached to her Tier-2 Special: A 50% chance to recover 30% health for all non-Fire heroes.

That’s Mother North’s level of healing…. as a Passive.

Imagine that, you’re laying the smackdown, backslapping tiles all over the place, diamonds are forming and triggering left, right and centre. Then, when all the pretty colors stop flashing, you pause and look up. Nadezhda’s Teir-2 is charged and she fires-off. Boom -she raises 2 from the dead, sets up incremental healing (609 HP/3), creates a defensive wall (-50% damage), and then finally the Passive triggers: 30% healing in one whack for the rest of her Rainbow team. You look back to the board… and Rage-quit.

Even Nadezhda’s Talent is pulling in the right direction: A 35% chance to resist any negative mana status effects or effects that prevent the use of her Special Skills. So Malosi can jog on… at least 35% of the time.

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Nadezhda – Empires and Puzzles Tower Of Magic

My final thoughts:

There is an elephant in the room: How will her Specials work when she’s on defense? Mother North is in her element when left to it, but how will Nadezhda behave when she’s peppered with tiles? I suspect she’ll keep firing that Tier-1, just like a Ninja would. And that behaviour does effect her overall value.

As it stands, if I could be gifted either Mother North or Nadezhda, I’d pick Nadezhda. And I guess that boils down to the fact that Nadezhda gives me more; Because she’ll try to keep herself alive, and also because she’ll do more to protect the team against damage.

Nadezhda has a lot of moving parts, however, she could become one of the most sought after heroes in E&P.

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity

What are your thoughts? Did I get it wrong, or did I miss something? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Nedezhda certainly looks like she is more valuable than Mother North. I realise every hero (except that darn Salmon) has their best place in a variety of instances, but Nedezhda seems like someone I’d have with me all the time. That survivability is great.

      1. I have just seen a notification in my emails for version 41 where they say the the Tower of Magic will launch as soon as all players have updated to the new version.

          1. No problem,
            I truly hope that this tower event is not going to be a repeat of the Ninja tower. As to the coin, or token for the event I’m still not sure if the Ninja coins are going to be doing double duty, or if there will be a new one. I did read something on the forum but I could not find out what will happen in regard to this.

          2. In all honesty, I have no intention of completing all the levels (it’s reported as being 25 Normal levels, followed by 50 Hard levels). I just can’t see I’ll have the time. But I am really excited about the new Magic heroes. Re the coins, I saw the same. It would make it simpler to go with the same coins, but the designers do have a great theme to work with (Magic/Fairytales), so may have gone all-out and created new coins.

          3. I don’t think I would be able to complete even the first 25 levels yet. My 5* heroes are not yet maxed, so I have to go as far as I can with my 4* heroes. Fortunately many of them are sorcerers and druids so at least there is a bonus available for my heroes.
            As for the coin, I think it may very well be something new if they did go all out on the event. They do seem rather serious about getting the event out.

          4. I’ve just checked my inventory and found the new “Tower” coins as they are called now. So they actually did change the coins and they will be doing double duty. It seems they are rather serious about the “tower” events.

          5. All I got for my pains were Rokkamush and Poppy, neither of whom I had.
            Tell me, what are your thoughts on Rokkamush? I read somewhere that if he is paired with Wilbur that his 50% miss rate is ameliorated somewhat. Is this true?

          6. Unlucky! Still, it’s something. Re. Rokkamush, I can’t be dealing with 50% accuracy heroes at all. I really hate them so couldn’t tell you how to mitigate it. Well, I mitigate it by not playing them!

  2. Thanks for the review, OldCynic!

    I did 10 single pulls on tower, 9 x S1 3* and my final pull Nadezdha! Leveled to 3.70 already (I routinely hoard food, ascension materials and fodder heroes for occasions such as this). I have rings, so I’ll ascend to max once I’ve shuffled some recruits around to extract food from my TC12. I have no Alby or MN, so this is my first reviver hero.

    nitpick: ‘sought after’, not ‘sort after’. Keep up the great reviewing work!

    1. Redrobyn, congrats. I had 3 pulls and nothing!… Well -Anastasia (4-star), who will now get her own review.

      These Magic heroes look great in my view, even better than the Slayers (& the Slayers are awesome). I’d love to know how it goes with Nadezdha once fully levelled -it’s the -50% damage I’m interested in.

      Nitpick away. I carnt beleve it was siting their four so long. THANK YOU!

  3. Thank you! I have maxed her and emblemed up to 14. Considering stealing emblems from Kunchen +15. I have Sif on centre raid defense with double formation, and now Nadez on wing, so they both provide the same effect. Haven’t tested her too much on offense yet, but will see how it goes during the weekend.

    1. Thanks for the update Redrobyn. I saw a video with her and was blown away by how strong she looks. The -50%, with healing after reviving… awesome.

      I hope she gets you some extra cups on Defense.

  4. hmm Atomos 5 turns Tyr 4 turns same like Cillian to resurrection ….. She is only 2 Damn SG are u Blind?? — to less… min will be 3 and more burn or DOT same like Gravemaker… I hope balance will be like Circus Dr Zuri — she will be fixed

    btw I go her and testing for a while – she is the weekest card from all the new Wizards 🙂

    1. Hey Nostradamus, I believe you’ve commented before so I published this comment… although it’s not entirely clear what you’re saying.

      Is it that, 2 turns for the Tier-1 Special are simply too few to be effective? And that Nadezhda is the worst of the Magic heroes? I’d love to know because I don’t have her, so first hand experience is definitely welcomed!

  5. Any idea how the magic charge will work on rush wars? I was lucky to get her. Can’t find any info for rush. She’s sitting at 3/70 until I figure that ou. Great review!!

    1. Hey Fledger, I recently used Anastasia in a rush war and I wish I took count. I remember thinking, this is deffo faster than a normal Raid speed. Anyway, sorry I can’t help. Maybe someone else will come along with something!

      1. Just found out it’s 6.5 tiles per charge. So slower than regular. As with the Ninjas. Makes no sense since the first charge is not that great but that’s how it is.
        Thanks for the response!

  6. I kinda agree. I find that both Alberich and Heimdall resurrect more consistently than she does despite what the card says. Her Tier 1 is a joke, especially with the continual power creep. She need to be tweaked.

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