Costumed Misandra Review (Empires & Puzzles)

Screenshot of Costumed Misandra Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Costumed Misandra just Moonwalked outa the Empires and Puzzles Atlantis Portal and she’s looking pretty cool. But how does she compare to the other Mindless Attack monsters?

In this post, I’m gonna cover a lot of ground, but I’m also going to present all of the Mindless Attack Heroes for your careful consideration.

This post may contain speculation, personal opinion, adult comedy, and human error. It is not advice and is solely for entertainment and informational purposes.

Costumed Misandra’s Stats and Special Skills (Ipu Drum Chain)

Element: Ice (Blue) Class: Rogue Mana Speed: Fast

Lagoon Family Bonus for 2/3/4/5 Heroes: +3%/+6%/+10%/+15% Attack.

Costume Bonus: 3% Attack, 3% Defense, 6% Health, 1% Mana.

Special Skill (Ipu Drum Chain): 1. Deals 280% damage to the target. 2. Has a 42% chance for additional hits on random enemies up to 3 times. Additional hits deal minor damage. 3. Hit enemies automatically cast Mindless Attack on a random ally when Mana is full at the start of a turn during 3 turns.

Talent: EVADE ~ +20% chance to dodge direct damage from offensive Special skills.

Costumed Misandra Empires and Puzzles Hero Card Detail
Costumed Misandra – Empires and Puzzles

Is Costumed Misandra Worth Levelling? (Empires and Puzzles)

The first thing I noticed with C. Misandra was her 280% hit. -For a new Hero, she hits like a HotM.

But it’s all an act.

Just like some viral video of somebody learning the hard way, Costumed Misandra plays coy, throwing a questionable right hook.

-You take it squarely on the cheek, wipe the area with the back of your hand, and then display a cheeky smirk…

Next thing you know, you’re hazy as f#*k and you’ve lost all equilibrium.

Henched over now and holding your stomach, you look across and see the unexpected; light flickering off the knuckle duster she’s sporting.

-That ain’t Queensberry!”, you shout out.

“Jimmy, Dan, you guy’s alright?! I’m all f*#ked up over here.”

But there’s no response; coz they’re dizzier than you.

A shadow engulfs you as all of Misandra’s mates get to stepping with confidence in your direction.

“Jimmy. Dan. … I’ll be seeing you on the other side.”

Alfrike Max Health Reduction Empires and Puzzles
Alfrike demonstrating Mindless Attack

Understanding the Numbers Behind a 42% Chance Mindless Attack (Empires and Puzzles)

Costumed Misandra is a Fast Hero who inflicts a 3-turn Mindless Attack (MA) on her victims.

For me, and I guess most of you, Mindless Attack is the most devastating Ailment in the game.

It really is a full stop to most battles. And the more enemies you can inflict, the more likely proceedings will be drawn to a close.

But do you really understand the numbers behind a 42% chance?

Sure, a mathematician might talk about “Proportions” and “Whole Numbers”. But I’m not willing to do any of that. Instead, I got this bit of science for you:

This is Poppy. I’m sure you saw her this morning in the 3-Star Tournament.

Poppy Empires and Puzzles Best 3 Star Hero

She’s interesting because her Special holds a 42% chance of tagging up to 3 additional victims; same as our protagonist. I lined her up this morning to best illustrate the hopes and dreams held within 42% and this is what she did…

When thinking about similar 5-Star Heroes, Yang Mai (the 2021 HotM) comes to mind.

Yang Mai is Fast, hits for 280% damage, and has a 50% chance of hitting additional enemies, up to 4 times.

And no one takes her seriously at all!

I don’t think 42% is enough to bank on unless Costumed Misandra’s facing my team. In which case, I’m sure she’ll slap away until she’s entirely spent!

-If you can calculate the precise odds of her hitting all 4 targets, feel free to share your skills in the comments below.

Update: Check out the first comment. Holodigm was kind enough to lend a hand with some numbers.

C. Misandra will likely hit 3 targets 17.5% of the time and 4 targets 7.5% of the time. On average, it’s reasonable to expect her to hit 1.67 times per Special.

Thank you Holodigm!

Costumed Misandra Vs. the Other Mindless Attack Heroes

Here’s the illustrious table, pitting Mindless Attacker against Mindless Attacker:

HeroMana SpeedDamageMindless Attack (MA)MA TurnsOther
Costumed MisandraFast (8 tiles)280% to the targetTarget & 42% chance of up to +3 random enemies (up to 4)3Additional hits deal minor damage (140%)
HohenwerfFast (8 tiles)450% to the targetTarget (1)*4Fiend stealing 30% max-health/
Explodes after!
BubblesFast (8 tiles)480% to the targetTarget and shift to another enemy if triggered within the 4 turns, resetting the duration4The target gets -44% Defense for 4 turns.
KullervoAverage (10 tiles)300% to the target & 470% to a random enemyTarget and random hit enemy (2)3MA is uncleansable and lasts 2 turns longer against Dark Heroes
ZoccAverage (10 tiles)300% to the targetTarget (1)3Increases the mana of target by 50%
Waddles (4-Star)Fast (8 tiles)365% to the targetTarget and shift to another enemy if triggered within the 3 turns, resetting the duration3
Quintus Cx2Slow (12 tiles)300% to target & NBTarget & NB (3)4
AlfrikeV. Slow (13.5 tiles)200% to hit targets5 random enemies3Reduces max health of hit enemies by 224 (up to a min. 30% health) – Costumed Misandra Vs. the Other Mindless Attackers

*= Linked to Fiend attachment.

Considering Costumed Misandra (Empires and Puzzles)

In the last year alone, we’ve seen 5 new Mindless Attack Heroes. Whereas, Alfrike is from way back in 2020.

Screenshot of Alfrike Valhalla Empires and Puzzles Review

It’s given me time to consider how to grade them, because I really favour Mindless Attack as a skill and am therefore likely to overvalue them on occasion.

Also, at the moment it’s rare for a Mindless Attack Hero to have a significant secondary. However, we all know this will change over time.

For now, I’m happy that if a Hero inflicts Mindless Attack on 1 enemy (Hohenwerf), then that’s a Deity: T-1.

For 2 enemies (Kullervo), it’s Deity: T-2.

And for 3 and above (Quintus Cx2), it’s Deity: T-3.

Not much accounting for Speed at the moment, because up until now, the slower the Hero, the more Mindless Attack they tend to inflict.

Of course, someday soon, we’re likely to see a Hero who hits all enemies with MA at Average, produces 60% HP Minions, and reflects Status Ailments back for 5 turns. ~But we can only discuss a Hero based on what we currently have in front of us.

And where does that leave Costumed Misandra and her 42%?

After all, she’s not guaranteed to hit any more than one single target.

[For the record, Kullervo is my personal favourite Mindless Attack Hero.]

Screenshot of Kullervo using his Special Skill

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Costumed Misandra (Empires and Puzzles)

My final thoughts:

I happen to think the Power Creep is moving rather swiftly at the moment and figure we’ll be seeing lots of new monsters over the coming months.

In fact, the new Ninjas (if anything like Beta) will be sure to blow you away in a couple of days.

As for C. Misandra, she’s not in their league, although, will mean different things to different players:

If you’ve got a stacked roster, she’s not likely to impress.

Whereas, if you’re F2P or C2P, Costumed Misandra is gonna feel like a superstar.

Imagine me, back in my early E&P days, pulling Malosi. All of a sudden, I had a Hero who could stop some of those crazy Status Buffs that were being used with impunity.

Well, Costumed Misandra is a step beyond.

A guaranteed way to stop C. G. Panther, M&M, and Anne. ~With the chance of stifling 3 others, too! A truly elite Hero for those without rockstar rosters.

Even more on C. Misandra!

Sadly, C. Misandra only hits for 280%, with a diminished value to additional slaps. And while that’s pretty solid for an old-school, pre-warp, Control Hero, it’s not much for 2023.

As for fielding her on Defense, it’s gonna be a bit of a gamble (is the glass half full or half empty?). And based on Yang Mai’s 50% example, most of us wouldn’t be too concerned.

That said, Yang Mai doesn’t have Mindless Attack behind her blows and is therefore pretty forgettable. -But I bet you’ll remember where you were the first time Costumed Misandra opens up a can of whoop-ass on you.

Costumed Misandra could easily be a Deity: T-3 if she fired off and caught just +2 more enemy Heroes.

But she’s simply too unreliable; the only thing we know for certain is that she’ll get 1. And at 42%, I suspect she’s designed to fail more than she succeeds.

Still, I’d like to award her an extra half Star to account for all her locked-in potential. Please add the half Star yourself, as you scroll past her grade below.

Before you go: Who’s your pick for the Best Mindless Attack Hero?

Comments will now close after 30 days due to bot spam, so please let me know soon!

Hero Grade for Costumed Misandra (Empires and Puzzles)

So for my grading, the question is:

Is this hero’s Special capable of/likely to change the outcome of a battle? Yes.

If not, do they still bring enough to the party to help defeat the deities? N/a.

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity★★

As for her NON-Costumed state? Around the Warrior mark, I’d say. But when she goes off, it’s gotta be a sight to behold.

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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  1. As someone who got Misandra early and used her a lot, her OG version is pretty fun and goes off more than you’d think. My roster has grown considerably since getting her, but adding MA would be wowee-weewow, and I’d SERIOUSLY consider adding her back to the main team…if I got her. But let’s be realistic lol.

    As for percentages – She’ll hit at least two 42% of the time, at least three for 42% of those second , and four for 42% of those third hits. Applying that, she’ll hit 3 ~17.5% of the time, and hit 4 ~7.5% of the time. Adding/averaging that out, you can expect her to hit 1.67 times per special. Which feels right from personal experience.

    I’m with in probably putting too much weight on MA, but I’d probably rank her at a T-2. When she goes off, she goes OFF.

    1. Hey Holodigm, thank you for the numbers work. It was around what I was thinking but looks fantastic all squared up on paper. I Wouldn’t argue over the T-2, and I know she’d be a great addition to most rosters. Thanks for taking the time!

    1. Hi Yorka, I do prefer Kullervo for a number of reasons including his strong double slap, and x2 Mindless Attack, all for 10 tiles. + a bonus 2 turns against Dark. Also, no luck to worry about (well, a little on the second tap). He’s deffo more established for D as well.

      Still, C. Misandra has Speed over him.

      If you’re trying to subdue a Tank above all else, Costumed Misandra is calling. But then you also have Hohenwerf, Bubbles, and …Waddles.

      Thanks for stopping by

  2. I agree with you, Mindless Attack is a great skil…
    *Checks his roster and notices he has 0 heroes able to cast MA*
    Cough, cough, Mindless Attack is overrated as hell.

    Fun to read, as usual, OC.

    Did you see the Gamma and Delta aethers? It confirms my fears, break the limits already broken is coming and will continue.

    1. I caught that too and am not happy either. That’s the problem with Costumes already; all this levelling. Now a new limit break? We’ll see, but won’t make much difference to my lot, they get turned away at the top 50 gate nowadays. Tho Malosi’s found new belief with Ludwig around.

      Thanks for reading Mig-El!

      1. Thanks to you for this hard work.
        I hope at some point E&P recognises your efforts and gives you a copy of each hero they release.

  3. The low hit percentage might be a blessing in disguise. Bubbles’ shifting mindless attack is freaking awesome, but the hit is so hard it’s probably 50/50 whether or not the enemy will survive long enough to bat that beach ball around. I have a similar issue with Rayne, but the last buff/nerf for her was a BUFF, trust me. Still have to play it right, because the first victim has to be able to tank her hit and a first round of poison damage or it won’t spread. Fun fact: a single gargoyle, while being immune to poison damage, is apparently a carrier of the recessive poison-vulnerable gene as they do act as a vector to spread Rayne’s poison to their neighbors.

    Appreciate your hard work!
    P.S. I know you can’t get to all of them, but Xenda has been working out extremely well for me. Thought Erebus was gonna for sure get my next fire aethers, but now idk.

    1. Hello! I hope you don’t mind me changing your handle. I can’t have a convo with the other on superstitious grounds!

      As for Xenda Vs. Erebus, first congrats on the Heroes. Both are great. In isolation, 1 against the other, I’d personally take Xenda. 250% to all at Ave is OKish, but add about 215 HP per turn for 4 turns (by my dodgy math), then the mana steal that’s gonna make em swing round again real quick. And it makes for a great attacker.

      Of course, Erebus is a super-sniper now since the buff, deals crazy damage, and offers solid Minion Control. And given the state of M&M, I can see the appeal. -Both have nice Passives too.

      Really, it’s all about your roster and what you need. Full-out War = Xenda | Minion Control and crazy Sniper = Erebus

      I’m not sure my rumblings have helped but that’s all I’ve got. Thanks for visiting!

  4. Thanks for such thorough, thoughful analysis, as always. Wanted to chime in as a VC2P player who has Misandra (no costume). My only non-s1 blue 5s are Misandra and Raffaele, and my maxed Misandra sits the bench in favor of Richard and Grimm (no costumes for either). That 42% RNG limiter is a killer. It *feels* more like 12% to me, and she doesn’t hit hard enough to be impactful. The MA piece of her costume special is great, and if I ever get it, I’m sure I’d use her more often, but all I would expect out of her is a single hit, like a 5* Hansel. At 42%, I have to think of any secondary hits as a nice bonus, rather than something I can rely on. Thanks again.

    1. Thanks for the input Xyfell, I agree re the 42% and the idea that additionals are a ‘bonus’. Still a very good Hero, just more measured.

      Thanks for reading, I always appreciate it.

  5. Thanks for another insightful post OC. I’m now pairing Kullervo with Ludwig, and although it’s not as devastating as Khufu + Ludwig it’s pretty good because I can usually get Kullervo off to give Ludwig time to do his thing. With Heimdall on the other side it’s a successful attack team. Not quite as good on defence as my mana troops aren’t that high so K or L can get wiped out early.
    Support your appreciation of Kullervo as top MA hero definitely.

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