Limit Break 2 / Alpha Aethers: Guide & Hero Power Search Tool (Empires and Puzzles)

Text with Hero: Limit Break 2 Guide and Aether Power Tool - Empires and Puzzles

Limit Break 2, “the Second Limit Break”, or Alpha Aethers; whatever you call it, the fact is, you can now level up your Empires and Puzzles Heroes another Pink chevron.

I won’t lie, I tend to use this blog as my own personal reference guide, and that’s just what I did for this post.

Hopefully, in making something useful for me, it will also prove useful for you.

This is a jump link to the Aether Power section I’ll be using the most. Followed by a Hero Aether Power Tool, where you can find the Aether Power for all 5-Star Heroes in Empires and Puzzles.

As for the full guide, please read on!

This post may contain speculation, personal opinion, and adult comedy. It is not advice and is solely for entertainment and informational purposes.


Empires and Puzzles Limit Breaker 2 (Alpha Aethers)

Alpha Aethers, or Limit Breaking 2, is simply an extension to Limit Breaking, which I covered a while ago, here.

The main difference is that this new second level comes with its own powers, called Aether Powers.

You will need to max out your Hero’s first level of Limit Break before you can unlock the next (Limit Break 2).

How many levels can you increase a Hero’s stats by? Another 5 levels. So, a 5-Star maxed Limit Broken Hero on level 85, can now be increased to level 90.

When you Limit Break a Hero for the second time, they’ll receive an additional initial Boost in their stats. Then, as you feed/level them, their stats will increase based on their rarity:

  • 3* Heroes (Rare) will receive an initial Limit Break 2 Boost of 8.7%, and each additional Advanced level will increase their stats by a further 2.8% (per level).
  • 4* Heroes (Epic) will receive an initial Limit Break 2 Boost of 5.2%, and each additional Advanced level will increase their stats by a further 1.9% (per level).
  • 5* Heroes (Legendary) will receive an initial Limit Break 2 Boost of 5.2%, and each additional Advanced level will increase their stats by a further 1.75% (per level).

By the end of all this levelling, a 3-Star Hero will stand at 122.55% of increased stats, a 4-Star at 114.46%, and a Legendary at 114.05% (excluding emblems, costume and troop additional stats).

Currently, Limit Breaking can not be undone.

These numbers were obtained from PlayForFun’s post on the forum. Thank you!

Empires and Puzzles Limit Breaker Requirments (Alpha Aether/Limit Break 2)

The second level of Limit Breaking will use new Alpha Aethers. These Alpha Aethers are not Element specific, unlike the other Aethers.

The new Alpha Aethers can be obtained from the Mirage of Omega Quests, Rare Wanted Missions, Rare Titans, Alliance War Chests, Mystic Visions, and the upcoming Arther Summons and Alpha Tresury Quests.

This is the Alpha Aether 2 reward I got today from a Empires and Puzzles Elemental Chest
My recent Green Element Chest rewards

You’ll also need some of the other Elemental Aethers, I (3*), II (4*), or III (5*), along with the Alpha Aethers to unlock Limit Breaker 2.

Here’s a chart showing the current cost of unlocking the 2nd Limit Break:

Rarity ClassAether IAether IIAether IIIAlpha Aether
Rare (3-Star)11
Rare Costume11
Epic (4-Star)513
Epic Costume31
Legendary (5-Star)105110
Legendary Costume51 – Limit Break 2 Aether Requirements

Levelling your Hero after unlocking the 2nd Limit Break will require further materials including Food, Iron, Ascension Materials, and more Elemental Aethers.

Tomes of Experiences can be used to apply 1 full level without the need to use food, iron, or experience, although it will still require Ascension Materials.

A List of Empires and Puzzles Limit Break 2 Aether Powers

Upon maxing a Limit Broken 2 Hero, you’ll unlock their Aether Power. Aether Powers are bonus Buffs that are activated at the start of each battle.

In map or quest battles with multiple waves, the Buff is applied at the beginning of each wave.

These effects are dispellable.

Each Hero will be assigned one of these Aether Powers. I’ll provide a full list of Legendary Heroes and their assigned Aether Powers below, but first, let’s have a look at what they do:

This page is best viewed on a wider screen.

Aether PowerEffect
Ailment ImmunityImmunity to new Status Ailments for 6 turns
Ailment ReflectReflects cleansable Status Ailments they would receive back to a random enemy for 6 turns
Attack Up+20% Attack for 6 turns
Boosted RegenRegenerates 300 Boosted health over 6 turns (can exceed max HP)
Bulwark+15% Defense and a further 1% increase each time they are hit during 6 turns
CounterattackCounterattacks 60% of the damage received for 6 turns
Damage Reduction10% reduction of all damage received for 6 turns
Defense Up+20% Defense for 6 turns
Dodge+20% chance to Dodge damage from Special Skills for 6 turns
Fiend ResistImmunity to new Fiends for 6 turns
Gamble+60% Attack with -20% accuracy for 6 turns
Heal Increase+50% increase for any healing received for 6 turns
Knight’s Endurance15% chance to drop any received damage to 1 for 6 turns
Mana BoostReceives a small amount of Mana over 6 turns
Rage+15% Attack and a further 1% increase each time they are hit during 6 turns
RegenRegenerates 420 health over 6 turns
ReviveResurrected at the beginning of the next turn with 1 % health, if the Hero dies during the first 4 turns. All Status Effects and Stacks are removed when they die.
Special Armor+40% Defense against Special Skills for 6 turns
Special BoostSpecial Skill deals an additional +30% damage for 6 turns
TauntGets Taunt that prevents enemies from using Special Skills on allies for 3 turns
VampireHeals 100% of dealt normal damage for 6 turns – List of Aether Powers (Empires and Puzzles)

Empires and Puzzles 5-Star Hero Aether Power Tool (Limit Break 2)

This is the section I really wanted for me.

It’s a list of all the 5-Star Heroes in Empires and Puzzles and their personal Aether Powers.

I’ve sorted the Heroes into alphabetical order within Element groups to make it easy to find your Hero.

Use the tables below to skip to the grouping containing the Hero you’re interested in. Costumed Heroes will be identified with (C) or (C2) after their name, so just search for their name.

5* Dark Heroes

A – DE – KL – PQ – Z

5* Holy Heroes

A – GH – LM – RS – Z

5* Nature Heroes

A – EF – KL – QR – Z

5* Fire Heroes

A – DE – IJ – QR – Z

5* Ice Heroes

A – CD – KL – QR – Z

All 5* Dark Heroes Aether Powers: A – D

Acidfire: Attack Up

Aconia: Fiend Resist

Aeron: Defense Up

Aeron (C): Special Armor

Agrafena: Defense Up

Alfrike: Damage Reduction

Alfrike (C): Ailment Immunity

Amethyst: Fiend Resist

Anubis: Special Armor

Anubis (C): Dodge

Aramis: Heal Increase

Arfanias: Attack Up

Bastet: Fiend Resist

Becky: Attack Up

Belladonna: Defense Up

Bera: Defense Up

Bera (C): Bulwark

Boss Wolf: Mana Boost

Cecilia: Attack Up

Chakkoszrot: Mana Boost

Charon: Attack Up

Clarissa: Dodge

Dark Lord: Attack Up

Darkfeather: Defense Up

Deadboot: Attack Up

Diaochan: Attack Up

Domitia: Attack Up

Domitia (C): Special Boost

Domitia (C2): Dodge

Domitia (C3): Attack Up

Dr. Moreau: Attack Up

Dr. Moreau (C): Special Boost

Dreadstar: Attack Up

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All 5* Dark Heroes Aether Powers: E – K

Eros: Attack Up

Farrah: Dodge

Freya: Regen

Freya (C): Special Armor

Gastille: Attack Up

Goretooth: Attack Up

Goseck: Regen

Griffex: Regen

Grimble: Special Boost

Guardian Panther: Attack Up

Guardian Panther (C): Special Armor

Hannah: Fiend Resist

Hawthorn: Attack Up

Hel: Attack Up

Hel (C): Special Boost

Hulda: Special Armor

Hulda (C): Ailment Immunity

Hurricane: Attack Up

Jabberwock: Attack Up

Jabberwock (C): Special Boost

Jett: Attack Up

Kageburado: Dodge

Kageburado (C): Counterattack

Karnov: Counterattack

Kemeny: Attack Up

Khepri: Fiend Resist

Khiona: Special Boost

Khiona (C): Special Armor

Khonshu: Special Boost

Killhare: Attack Up

Killhare (C): Defense Up

Knave of Hearts: Dodge

Kunchen: Defense Up

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All 5* Dark Heroes Aether Powers: L – P

Lepiota: Special Armor

Lepiota (C): Special Armor

Louhi: Attack Up

Lu Bu: Fiend Resist

Lucinda: Regen

Ludwig: Taunt

Luna: Ailment Immunity

Madame Giry: Fiend Resist

Malicna: Special Boost

Marie-Therese: Mana Boost

Marie-Therese (C): Heal Increase

Medea: Attack Up

Mok-Arr: Rage

Mok-Arr (C): Counterattack

Morax: Special Boost

Mortimer: Attack Up

Myztero: Bulwark

Narcisa: Special Armor

Nyx: Damage Reduction

Obakan: Counterattack

Obakan (C): Damage Reduction

Obakan (C2): Vampire

Obakan (C3): Counterattack

Odile: Defense Up

Ommodus: Regen

Onyx: Attack Up

Peppermint: Special Boost

Phantom of the Opera: Attack Up

Phorcys: Taunt

Phthonus: Mana Boost

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All 5* Dark Heroes Aether Powers: Q – Z

Quartz: Defense Up

Quintus: Mana Boost

Quintus (C): Special Boost

Quintus (C2): Ailment Immunity

Ramona: Attack Up

Rayne: Vampire

Rochefort: Attack Up

Salmon Loki: Bulwark

Salmon Loki (C): Ailment Reflect

Sargasso: Revive

Sargasso (C): Regen

Sartana: Dodge

Sartana (C): Rage

Sartana (C2): Damage Reduction

Sartana (C3): Dodge

Scath: Defense Up

Senan: Fiend Resist

Seshat: Attack Up

Seshat (C): Dodge

Set: Mana Boost

Shacklebolt: Attack Up

Sneferu: Regen

Tenebrae: Attack Up

Thoth-Amun: Revive

Thoth-Amun (C): Bulwark

Turgruk: Attack Up

Tweedles: Boosted Regen

Ultrox: Damage Reduction

Umbria: Fiend Resist

Ursena: Bulwark

Ursena (C): Rage

Uthragan: Defense Up

Victor: Vampire

Victor (C): Attack Up

Viscaro: Fiend Resist

Voidstar: Defense Up

Xie Zi Jing: Counterattack

Xiong Shanjun: Heal Increase

Xnolphod: Special Armor

Xnolphod (C): Defense Up

Zulag: Ailment Immunity

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All 5* Holy Heroes Aether Powers: A – G

Akkorog: Attack Up

Akkorog (C): Damage Reduction

Anne: Defense Up

Aouda: Attack Up

Aouda (C): Special Boost

Bai Yeong: Rage

Caitlin: Attack Up

Celidana: Special Armor

Christine Daae: Counterattack

Cleopatra: Attack Up

Constance: Attack Up

Dabria: Special Armor

Delilah: Defense Up

Delilah (C): Defense Up

Devana: Defense Up

Director Zuri: Special Armor

Drake Fong: Attack Up

Drake Fong (C): Special Boost

Eloise: Vampire

Ephyra: Dodge

Erlang Shen: Attack Up

Eset: Attack Up

Faline: Attack Up

Furdinand: Attack Up

Gilligan: Regen

Gongniu: Boosted Regen

Grilka: Taunt

Guardian Elephant: Special Armor

Guardian Gazelle: Ailment Immunity

Guardian Gazelle (C): Heal Increase

Guardian Owl: Mana Boost

Guinevere: Bulwark

Guinevere (C): Special Armor

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All 5* Holy Heroes Aether Powers: H – L

Hachiko: Regen

Hanitra: Damage Reduction

Horus: Dodge

Horus (C): Special Boost

Inari: Attack Up

Inari (C): Special Boost

Ironmaw: Attack Up

Ithar: Attack Up

Jana: Attack Up

Jasper: Defense Up

Jasper (C): Boosted Regen

Jequn: Counterattack

Joon: Dodge

Joon (C): Damage Reduction

Joon (C2): Ailment Immunity

Joon (C3): Dodge

Jove: Special Armor

Justice: Defense Up

Justice (C): Special Armor

Justice (C2): Special Boost

Kara: Taunt

Kullervo: Attack Up

Kullervo (C): Rage

Kushanku: Ailment Immunity

Laohu: Heal Increase

Lazara: Dodge

Lemonwood: Dodge

Leonidas: Counterattack

Leonidas (C): Damage Reduction

Leonidas (C2): Ailment Immunity

Leonidas (C3): Counterattack

Livia: Regen

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All 5* Holy Heroes Aether Powers: M – R

Malin: Counterattack

Malosi: Rage

Matilda: Defense Up

Meg Giry: Defense Up

Meresankh: Attack Up

Mica: Special Armor

Motega: Fiend Resist

Musashi: Attack Up

Musashi (C): Rage

Neith: Attack Up

Nemesis: Defense Up

Norns: Special Boost

Norns (C): Ailment Immunity

Odin: Attack Up

Odin (C): Special Boost

Ogima: Defense Up

Onatel: Damage Reduction

Papyros: Special Armor

Penolite: Attack Up

Persa: Attack Up

Poseidon: Attack Up

Poseidon (C): Special Boost

Prof. Lidenbrock: Heal Increase

Prof. Lidenbrock (C): Special Armor

Queen Guowang: Fiend Resist

Rana: Counterattack

Rana (C): Defense Up

Ranvir: Gamble

Rhys: Attack Up

Roc: Dodge

Roc (C): Damage Reduction

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All 5* Holy Heroes Aether Powers: S – Z

Shimmerscale: Attack Up

Sif: Ailment Immunity

Sif (C): Damage Reduction

Sir Roostley: Special Boost

Tang Sanzang: Damage Reduction

Thor: Attack Up

Thor (C): Special Boost

Thunderclap: Taunt

Topaz: Special Boost

Uraeus: Special Boost

Vaishali: Damage Reduction

Vivica: Defense Up

Vivica (C): Special Armor

Vivica (C2): Heal Increase

Vivica (C3): Defense Up

White Rabbit: Attack Up

White Rabbit (C): Special Boost

Willow: Ailment Immunity

Winnie: Defense Up

Wolfgang: Attack Up

Xavier: Attack Up

Zandria: Regen

Zekena: Dodge

Zhang Fei: Attack Up

Zhuge Liang: Fiend Resist

Zora: Damage Reduction

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All 5* Nature Heroes Aether Powers: A – E

Ahmose: Revive

Ahmose (C): Boosted Regen

Alberich: Defense Up

Alberich (C): Special Armor

Archie: Attack Up

Archie (C): Special Boost

Arco: Defense Up

Athos: Defense Up

Atomos: Rage

Atomos (C): Bulwark

Augustus: Heal Increase

Balbar: Attack Up

Bertila: Regen

Boom & Fang: Damage Reduction

Cinisia: Attack Up

Congalach: Attack Up

Cristobal: Special Boost

Daroga: Dodge

Desmond: Boosted Regen

Edwin: Attack Up

Eiora & Fluffy: Attack Up

Ekanite: Attack Up

El Naddaha: Damage Reduction

Elkanen: Special Boost

Elkanen (C): Attack Up

Elkanen (C2): Counterattack

Elkanen (C3): Special Boost

Elradir: Attack Up

Enigmo: Ailment Immunity

Evelyn: Attack Up

Evelyn (C): Special Boost

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All 5* Nature Heroes Aether Powers: F – K

Februus: Regen

Ferrus: Ailment Immunity

Francine: Attack Up

Francine (C): Special Boost

Frigg: Attack Up

Frigg (C): Special Boost

Frog Prince: Regen

Frond: Regen

Galapago: Defense Up

Garjammal: Rage

Garjammal (C): Regen

Garten: Damage Reduction

Gelert: Attack Up

Ginger: Regen

Grace: Attack Up

Green Knight: Attack Up

Gregorion: Attack Up

Gregorion (C): Rage

Guan Yu: Special Boost

Guardian Chameleon: Damage Reduction

Hammertusk: Attack Up

Haulstone: Defense Up

Heimdall: Heal Increase

Heimdall (C): Bulwark

Horghall: Defense Up

Horghall (C): Special Armor

Horghall (C2): Damage Reduction

Iku-Turso: Attack Up

Jade: Regen

Kadilen: Defense Up

Kadilen (C): Special Armor

Kadilen (C2): Attack Up

Kai: Fiend Resist

Kingston: Attack Up

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All 5* Nature Heroes Aether Powers: L – Q

Lady Locke: Revive

Lady Locke (C): Attack Up

Lady of the Lake: Special Armor

Lady of the Lake (C): Heal Increase

Leadria: Defense Up

Leafwhisk: Defense Up

Lianna: Attack Up

Lianna (C): Special Boost

Lianna (C2): Dodge

Lianna (C3): Attack Up

Liu Bei: Damage Reduction

Lughaidh: Special Armor

Ma’at: Defense Up

Ma’at (C): Damage Reduction

Margaret: Attack Up

Max: Defense Up

Mistweaver: Defense Up

Moonflower: Damage Reduction

Morgan le Fay: Bulwark

Mother North: Defense Up

Mother North (C): Special Armor

Myoin-Ni: Heal Increase

Nogu: Attack Up

Peridot: Attack Up

Phileas Fogg: Attack Up

Phileas Fogg (C): Rage

Prince Siegfried: Counterattack

Qinglong: Special Boost

Queen Anne: Taunt

Quenell: Attack Up

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All 5* Nature Heroes Aether Powers: R – Z

Ratatoskr: Defense Up

Ratatoskr (C): Bulwark

Relius: Regen

Roz: Defense Up

Sha Wujing: Ailment Immunity

Silvaria: Special Boost

Smarttongue: Ailment Immunity

Snowball: Ailment Immunity

Spartoi: Fiend Resist

Staintongue: Defense Up

Tametomo: Attack Up

Tarlak: Counterattack

Tarlak (C): Ailment Immunity

Teddy: Ailment Immunity

Telluria: Bulwark

Telonius: Defense Up

The Hatter: Ailment Reflect

The Hatter (C): Counterattack

Toxicandra: Defense Up

Vainamoinen: Attack Up

Verus: Attack Up

Viselus: Special Boost

Winifred: Regen

Xandrella: Defense Up

Xiamara: Ailment Immunity

Yunan: Mana Boost

Yunan (C): Boosted Regen

Zeline: Attack Up

Zeline (C): Special Boost

Zocc: Attack Up

Zuni: Attack Up

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All 5* Fire Heroes Aether Powers: A – D

Alucard: Vampire

Amber: Vampire

Anzogh: Special Boost

Aradia: Counterattack

Ares: Defense Up

Ares (C): Heal Increase

Asterius: Bulwark

Azlar: Rage

Azlar (C): Bulwark

Azlar (C2): Boosted Regen

Azlar (C3): Rage

Baldur: Heal Increase

Baldur (C): Boosted Regen

Barkley: Ailment Immunity

Black Caesar: Revive

Black Knight: Knight’s Endurance

Black Knight (C): Taunt

Blossom: Regen

Bonecrusher: Special Boost

Brimstone: Attack Up

Captain Kestrel: Revive

Captain Nemo: Attack Up

Captain Nemo (C): Special Boost

Cardinal Richelieu: Fiend Resist

Carmenta: Ailment Immunity

Chomper: Special Boost

Cinderella: Heal Increase

Cleaver: Rage

Cookie: Ailment Reflect

Cupido: Attack Up

D’Artagnan: Ailment Immunity

Daemon: Attack Up

Domiventus: Attack Up

Doxan: Attack Up

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All 5* Fire Heroes Aether Powers: E – I

Ebba: Regen

El Duque: Counterattack

Elba: Damage Reduction

Elena: Regen

Elena (C): Damage Reduction

Elena (C2): Ailment Immunity

Elizabeth: Fiend Resist

Elizabeth (C): Counterattack

Emilio: Defense Up

Erebus: Special Boost

Flip: Defense Up

Fulvia: Counterattack

Garnet: Attack Up

Gefjon: Attack Up

Gefjon (C): Special Armor

Gestalt: Defense Up

Gravemaker: Dodge

Gravemaker (C): Counterattack

Grazul: Defense Up

Guardian Kong: Rage

Guardian Kong (C): Regen

Hammerclang: Special Boost

Hathor: Attack Up

Hathor (C): Defense Up

Hohenwerf: Rage

Hornfel: Rage

Hypnos: Special Boost

Ignazio: Defense Up

Ilmarinen: Attack Up

Isrod: Ailment Immunity

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All 5* Fire Heroes Aether Powers: J – Q

Jean Francois: Counterattack

Khagan: Special Armor

Khagan (C): Mana Boost

Khagan (C2): Counterattack

Khagan (C3): Special Armor

Khufu: Regen

Kravekrush: Rage

Lasalle: Counterattack

Lady Loki: Defense Up

Lady Loki (C): Damage Reduction

Lewena: Vampire

Lodius: Defense Up

Madhammer: Attack Up

Marjana: Attack Up

Marjana (C): Special Boost

Marjana (C2): Dodge

Marjana (C3): Attack Up

Mitsuko: Special Boost

Mitsuko (C): Attack Up

Nadezhda: Defense Up

Natalya: Dodge

Natalya (C): Attack Up

Neema: Ailment Immunity

Niki: Regen

Noor: Mana Boost

Norman: Knight’s Endurance

Oceanus: Attack Up

Octros: Counterattack

Octros (C): Attack Up

Otis: Rage

Pepperflame: Attack Up

Phenexa: Defense Up

Puss in Boots: Defense Up

Puss in Boots (C): Special Armor

Queen of Hearts: Taunt

Queen of Hearts (C): Boosted Regen

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All 5* Fire Heroes Aether Powers: R – Z

Ray: Ailment Immunity

Red Hood: Defense Up

Reuben: Rage

Rocket: Fiend Resist

Roughian & Nurgib: Special Boost

Ruby: Defense Up

Russell: Special Boost

Santa Claus: Mana Boost

Santa Claus (C): Regen

Saoirse: Attack Up

Sekhmet: Counterattack

Serandite: Defense Up

Skargremar: Counterattack

Sparklight: Attack Up

Sun Quan: Defense Up

Tahir: Special Boost

Tetisheri: Revive

Timothy: Heal Increase

Torben: Attack Up

Tyr: Attack Up

Tyr (C): Dodge

Ukkonen: Regen

Vanda: Vampire

Vanda (C): Damage Reduction

Vanya: Regen

Xenda: Attack Up

Xiaotu: Attack Up

Xiwangmu: Defense Up

Yang Mai: Special Boost

Zagrog: Regen

Zarga: Special Boost

Zaria: Attack Up

Zenobia: Attack Up

Zenobia (C): Counterattack

Zimkitha: Attack Up

Zimkitha (C): Special Boost

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All 5* Ice Heroes Aether Powers: A – C

Adalinda: Fiend Resist

Aegir: Special Armor

Aegir (C): Ailment Immunity

Aino: Defense Up

Aino (C): Bulwark

Alasie: Attack Up

Alasie (C): Special Boost

Alexandrine: Defense Up

Alice: Attack Up

Amphitrite: Fiend Resist

Anzia: Damage Reduction

Areax: Regen

Ariel: Defense Up

Ariel (C): Attack Up

Armel: Counterattack

Athena: Attack Up

Athena (C): Special Boost

Atlanteia: Dodge

Azurite: Attack Up

Balur: Attack Up

Bennu: Regen

Bobo: Rage

Bubbles: Attack Up

Camilla: Defense Up

Cao Cao: Regen

Cathal: Attack Up

Cel: Regen

Celimene: Attack Up

Ceto: Attack Up

Chang’e: Ailment Reflect

Cinnamon: Defense Up

Cobalt: Special Boost

Crystalis: Damage Reduction

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All 5* Ice Heroes Aether Powers: D – K

Esme: Heal Increase

Exeera: Boosted Regen

Fenrir: Rage

Fenrir (C): Special Boost

Finley: Revive

Finley (C): Attack Up

Firmin Richard: Attack Up

Fizzcoil: Attack Up

Fortuna: Fiend Resist

Frida: Attack Up

Frosth: Defense Up

Gaillard: Special Boost

Ghealach: Dodge

Gladius: Attack Up

Glenda: Attack Up

Grimsteel: Defense Up

Guardian Hippo: Fiend Resist

Hetespheres: Defense Up

Hetespheres (C): Heal Increase

Himeros: Attack Up

Iris: Damage Reduction

Isarnia: Regen

Isarnia (C): Special Boost

Isarnia (C2): Regen

Jolt: Dodge

Kabeiroi: Defense Up

Kettle: Special Armor

King Arthur: Attack Up

Klaern: Mana Boost

Krampus: Taunt

Krampus (C): Dodge

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All 5* Ice Heroes Aether Powers: L – Q

Lord Loki: Special Armor

Lord Loki (C): Special Boost

Lysanor: Heal Increase

Magni: Attack Up

Magni (C): Special Boost

Magni (C2): Rage

Magni (C3): Attack Up

Mariol: Heal Increase

Master Lepus: Attack Up

Master Lepus (C): Special Boost

Matrera: Special Boost

Miki: Attack Up

Milady de Winter: Defense Up

Milena: Damage Reduction

Miriam & Midnight: Defense Up

Misandra: Attack Up

Misandra (C): Special Boost

Miss Ethel: Attack Up

Misty: Attack Up

Morel: Defense Up

Morel (C): Bulwark

Mr. Pengi: Defense Up

Nautica: Dodge

Nine-Headed Beast: Regen

Odette: Dodge

Oniwakamaru: Heal Increase

Passepartout: Special Armor

Passepartout (C): Defense Up

Perseus: Attack Up

Perseus (C): Defense Up

Pophit: Attack Up

Porthos: Attack Up

Quinn: Counterattack

Quintin: Vampire

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All 5* Ice Heroes Aether Powers: R – Z

Raffaele: Defense Up

Rian: Defense Up

Richard: Attack Up

Richard (C): Special Boost

Richard (C2): Rage

Richard (C3): Attack Up

Rumplestilskin: Gamble

Rumplestilskin (C): Counterattack

Russula: Attack Up

Russula (C): Rage

Satori: Damage Reduction

Skadi: Attack Up

Skadi (C): Special Boost

Snow White: Defense Up

Snow White (C): Defense Up

Sobek: Defense Up

Sorrow: Defense Up

Starwalker: Attack Up

Suzuna: Defense Up

Tethys: Attack Up

Thalassa: Heal Increase

Thanatos: Attack Up

Theobald: Regen

Thorne: Special Boost

Thorne (C): Attack Up

Thorne (C2): Counterattack

Timius: Dodge

Tinsel: Attack Up

Tremor: Defense Up

Ulius: Fiend Resist

Vela: Attack Up

Waterpipe: Attack Up

Zappa: Dodge

Zengar: Rage

Zircon: Heal Increase

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      1. You are absolutely right.
        Will you update the list with the upcoming heroes? They are launching like 10 heroes each month…

  1. I am so torn on what to do, but I just can’t make up my mind. Ludwig. Anne. Arco prof L. Xnolphod. Or cupido. I know you prefer to give the facts and have people make their own choices but I really value your opinion. Current def is alucard. Diaochan. Arco. Anne. Mr pengi. My attack is prof L. Quenell, Ludwig, Fortuna, alucard. I’ve been grinding since they released these, please help with a suggestion

    1. Hey Mill Nye, you’re right in that I don’t like to tell people what to do and won’t here either! I would say to pause, just chill for the time being. Wait for the right Hero to jump up at you. There’s no rush but you are limited by the number of Alpha Aethers you have.

      You mention a bunch of high-end Heroes and that is a problem in itself for you. Find them in Raids and try them out. Also, things may change and be balanced in future, so time may be on your side!

  2. Something useful to point out that you may want to add in here is that while these buffs are dispellable, they are not overwritten by opposite ailments. So you can have defense up from your limit break buff, and then get a defense down ailment at the same time (which is kinda weird). Not sure whether or not they are overwritten by similar buffs though.

  3. That’s quite plenty of work, dude! Thanks for that. One thing i’ve noticed is that you put (accidentally, i guess) Sargasso & Thoth Amun on Light heroes list instead of Dark. Just for record 😉

  4. Thanks OC! I’ve been looking for something like this for the last week. Wanted to know what Milena, Leonidas costumes, and perseus costume aether powers were . Considering Alucard as vampire is a useful seeming power. Also considering 3 epic heroes like Franz, Kalo, and the fire 3-kingdoms lady with defense down. We’ll see, waiting for now…

  5. I’ve been wondering if someone would make a find-by-name tool instead of having to go through the list power by power in the forum post, so this was a great find today and I let my alliance know how to find it.
    Thanks for all the work to make this, it’ll be visited often in the future!

  6. Many thanks for the work. My thought in that (as I broke Ludwig who is more valuable in offense now in my eyes) best approach for ally should be: check which heros are tanky by nature… Check their abilities (as I do see defense up bulwark and maybe damage reduct and some other due to support tank best / lasting time 4 to 6 rounds) and look up which of them you have in the ally… Break the ones you have most in ally… (I do still support mono or 2 color tank approach although I really enjoyed your post of multi color tanks earlier..) what are your thoughts on that?

  7. Hello OC,
    Thanks for the work of the last few years, I always eagerly await the new posts to cheer me up.
    I’ve found Ludwig to be a bad choice on a limit break to use as a tank. What’s the point of taunting him if I’ve already eliminated him with the tiles before I can use my specials. It makes more sense to rely on defense or life increase.
    Keep it up and greetings from good old Germany

    1. Hi Bommel… So same experience in Ludwig as I had…. BUT on offense he is now even more dominant… I love him… Try rainbow team (with 30 troops each hero normally then) and force as many cascades the first 4 turns you can… Ludwig normally will stand 2 to 3 def heroes fyering of their special… And now it’s up to you with 2 to 4 loaded heroes… Rainbow und 2nd break Ludwig on offense is such a nature force…

  8. Nice work on the post, I’ve gone for xandrella for my second limit break, I’ve noticed you haven’t reviewed her yet she is an ice slaying goddess and Ludwigs taunt drawing her first shot is a bonus as she will then target every ice hero after!
    she seems an absolute weapon so far my cups are in safe hands

  9. I’d like to know who you’ve decided to use your 2nd limit breaks on? I’ve done Ludwig and Charon, but I spent some money and can now do two more. I’m not going to give you my full roster, I’m just interested in what you’ve done for yourself, although I’m really considering using one on Anne.
    Your website is super valuable, and is the first place I go to research new elements of the game, including heroes, events, strategy, etc. I wish there was a way to support you monetarily. Your info is great, but it’s your writing style that really keeps me coming back. Thank you!!! Scott

    1. Hi Scott, thanks for the support, I really appreciate it. There’s no need, I’ve got ads on the website and that’s enough.

      I’ve only LB2 one 5-Star Hero; Ludwig. And he’s about to take a haircut with the Big Balance Update. In fairness, I got to test him in beta and took a particular interest because I had him.

      The only other LB2 I’ve done is Azmia. She is by far the best all-round 4-Star Hero I have. It was an easy choice, she sits on my Defense and I live above 2750 at the moment.

      I did get a few extra Aethers from the free spins and that’s how I did Azmia. -I have 1 more left but I’m saving it to hopefully get more to level a 4 or 5 star later.

      There you have it. That’s everything.

      I would like to level my Raid Squad of course, and my D. And some 4-Stars to experiment with. But there’s no way that will be happening anytime soon!

  10. Trying to use an Epic Tome of Experience to take someone from 89 to 90, and it’s saying I will also consume a 3*, 4*, 5* Ether and a Mystic Rings.
    Did this change with an update before this originally posted?

    1. Hey Billy, I can’t recall a change but it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. I’ve tried to check and can’t find anything besides the original information on the forum so I’ve updated the post to remove that section.

      If it wants Mats in-game, than that’s how things stand. Thank you for letting me know!

      If I find anything more I’ll return and update the post and this comment.

    2. OK, it looks like there was a change and it came in version 58, applied with the Big Balance Update. I’ve updated this post to reflect that:

      Tomes of Experiences can be used to apply 1 full level without the need to use food, iron, or experience (although it will still require Ascension Materials).

  11. Always a great read & a ton of help!
    Advice on who to double limit break question.
    I have Vivica, Lord Loki (neither costumed) Frida & Lianna (all costumes) in the running.
    The 4 heroes are all maxed out & I’m struggling to decide who to give my 10 (of 11) aethers to.
    Thanks in advance.

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