Empires and Puzzles Limit Breaker Explained

Image of Boril's Limit Breaker button in Empires and Puzzles

Empires and Puzzles recently introduced hero ‘Limit Breakers’, creating the opportunity to add more levels, to what was previously a maxed hero.

This post will explain what Limit Breakers are, how apply them, and what resources you’ll need. I’ll also give you my view on what heroes you should Limit Break.

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What’s Empires and Puzzles’ Limit Breaker all about?

Limit Breakers, also known as Advanced Hero Levelling, is a new feature which lets you increase the value of an already maxed hero.

How many levels can you increase a hero’s stats by? +5. So, a 5 star maxed hero on level 80, can now be increased with Limit Breaking, to level 85.

When you Limit Break a hero, they’ll receive an initial Boost in their stats. Then, as you feed/level them, their stats will increase based on their rarity:

  • 3* heroes (Rare) will receive an initial Limit Break Boost of 5%, and each Advanced level will increase their stats by a further 1.54% (per level).
  • 4* heroes (Epic) will receive an initial Limit Break Boost of 3.2%, and each Advanced level will increase their stats by a further 1.03% (per level).
  • 5* heroes (Legendary) will receive an initial Limit Break Boost of 2.9%, and each Advanced level will increase their stats by a further 0.92% (per level).

(please note, these stats are pre-launch and may have changed slightly)

By the end of all this levelling, a 3 star hero will stand at 113.34% of increased stats, a 4 star at 108.63%, and a Legendary at 107.61% (excluding emblem, costume and troop additional stats).

How do you Limit Break your Hero?

After you max a hero, the LEVEL UP button will now read, LIMIT BREAK. Hit the LIMIT BREAK button, and you’ll be taken to another screen which will show you what materials are required:

Screenshot of Limit Breaker Button in Empires and Puzzles
Limit Break button and required materials

Hit LIMIT BREAK! again and you can begin levelling the hero for another 5 levels.

Empires and Puzzles Limit Breaker Quests (Aether)

A new resource was created especially for this Limit Breaking feature called, Aether. They are like special emblems that are used to Limit Break a hero.

Each element class (Holy, Dark, Fire, Ice, Nature) has their own set of Aether. So, you’ll need Holy Aethers to Limit Break Devana, for example.

There are also 3 levels of Aethers, indicated by a I (3*), II (4*), or III (5*).

Aether III, the type needed for 5 star heroes are of course, the rarest.

Here is a chart showing the current cost of Limit Breaking a hero:

Rarity ClassAether IAether IIAether III
Rare (3 star)5
Rare Costume1
Epic (4 star)205
Epic Costume3
Legendary (5 star)35205
Legendary Costume5
Limit Break Aether Requirements

Finally, you can get these Aethers from the new Limit Break Quests (Mirages of Omega), War loots, and Raid tournament loots.

Limit Breaking Costumed Heroes

Costumed heroes must be Limit Broken twice: once for the hero, and then additionally for the costume. If you don’t plan on using the costume, there is no benefit in Limit Breaking the costume (just do the hero).

Which Empires and Puzzles Heroes should you Limit Break?

Of course, it’s entirely up to you.

I’ve taken the position that I’ll always prioritise heroes in my Defence, and Raid, squads. Although, I don’t have enough Aethers to Limit Break them yet!

After completing the first Mirages of Omega quest and receiving Ice Aethers, I choose to Limit Break Gunner, with 3 star Raid Tournaments in mind.

It is highly unlikely that I’ll Limit Break any of my 4 star heroes, because I just don’t use them enough to justify it (Rigard aside).

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Sources: E&P, Guvnor’s post on the SG forum
Images used byway of review / tutorial – Copyright owned by Empires & Puzzles: Small Giant Games

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  1. Hi, unfortunately %-s numbers are not accurate.
    I just counted, that 3* has different % per level depends on stat
    Attack – 1,55% (or 1,54)
    Defense – 1,35%
    Health – 1,25%

    1. Hi Bob, thanks for the information. I obtained the stats from the SG forum, where members were going over the numbers based on the information available. I’ve had a check back, and the numbers in this post are the same as are still published over there.

      Perhaps they are based on heroes without emblems? Which could account for the discrepancy between the three. But maths isn’t my strong point!

  2. I have limit broken 2 costume Kiril, will do the same with 2 costume Melendor and 3 costume Rigards

    I mostly do 3-2 attacks with a healer on each color, and these 3 do: attack up, def down and damage protection

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