Soul Exchange (Empires and Puzzles) February 2023

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Empires and Puzzles February 2023 Soul Exchange is finally here, and it looks like we’ve got a strong field of competitors this time around. Let’s go ahead and check em all out.

In this post, I’m gonna do my best to identify the best Heroes in each Tier; with #1 being my pick for Best!

That said, this Soul Exchange, more than any other, is really about what you need; what areas in your roster need strengthening.

Before we start, please consider sharing a link to this post with your alliance or on social media. It really does help.

This post may contain speculation, personal opinion, and adult comedy. It is not advice and is solely for entertainment and informational purposes.


Empires & Puzzles February Soul Exchange

Let’s quickly cover some House Keeping:

Giving up 10, 15, or 20 Heroes in exchange for 1 is always gonna be a big decision, so please get other opinions, too!

There’s a lot to consider, including your current roster.

For example, you might not have a great 5-Star Ice Hero but might already have a solid 5-Star Holy Hero. So, it could make more sense for you to exchange for the Element you’re weak in, rather than doubling your already strong Holy range.

There’s also the real danger of overstretching for that top-tier Hero, and completely depleting your reserves.

Please note, I’m not judging your picks, we’re just talking here. There’s no wrong or right, so please don’t walk away feeling like you’ve picked the wrong Hero.

Finally, I don’t mind folk disagreeing with me. That’s the whole point, to get opinions from all sides.

All Heroes: Soul Exchange, Empires and Puzzles February 2023

OK, here we go. All of the Heroes currently up for grabs in the February 2023 Soul Exchange:

Screenshot: All Heroes in Empires and Puzzles Soul Exchange February 2023
Soul Exchange Hero List – February 2023

Please note, due to the immediacy of the Soul Exchange, my opinions are off the cuff and without the same detailed research I would normally conduct for my other reviews.

Tier One (10 Heroes) – Soul Exchange, Empires and Puzzles February 2023

The 5 Heroes on offer in exchange for 10 Legendary Heroes:

Tier 1 Heroes in Empires and Puzzles Soul Exchange February 2023

Alright, Tier One.

It’s definitely stronger than what we’ve seen before for this tier. They (the Developers) seemed to have worked out that decent ex-HotMs are the way to go here. -At least, this time ’round.

My view remains the same regarding this Tier; it’s almost always better to forgo it and simply wait for the next Soul Exchange so you can pick up a Game-Changer type of Hero, instead of a mid-tier type of Hero.

Nonetheless, as mentioned, all of these guys are solid and useable…

#1. Grace (Soul Exchange Heroes)

Screenshot of Grace Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

If you saw my Christmas Post, you’ll know I rated Grace as the second-best HotM last year, and I’m happy to stand by that opinion.

Her potency isn’t really based on her Taunt Control, it’s actually her strong hit and Defense Ailment.

Add to that, her Element Link protects against Fiends.

That said, I chalked her up as an Archangel, as are Arfanias and Tahir (these two are hard to separate, but Arfanias’ 75% dodge is fantastic). And that’s where I would also probably rank Guinevere if I were reviewing her today.

That leaves Alexandrine, who I’ve never really been that impressed with, but who might fit into the right roster.

So for me, it would be Grace, followed by either Arfanias or Tahir, followed by Guinevere (20% Mana reduction is great and in 1953, folks woulda wet themselves, but that’s half a turn for Jove today). And lastly, Alexandrine.

Anyway, a very respectable opener for 10 Souls, this time out.

Tier Two (15 Heroes) – Empires and Puzzles Soul Exchange February 2023

The 5 Heroes on offer in exchange for 15 Legendary Heroes:

Tier 2 Heroes in Empires and Puzzles Soul Exchange February 2023
  • Dark Lord
  • Akkorog
  • The Hatter
  • Queen of Hearts
  • Alice

OK, Tier Two is weaker than we saw last time when we had Ludwig here for only 15 Souls.

It’s more of a mid-tier-mixed-bag. They’re all reputable, just not one shining, game-winning, superstar, if you know what I mean?

I really struggled with who was #1 in this tier. I have Malosi who comes with me on every Raid and is able to catch most things The Hatter would feed off before we even got there (besides Furdinand, which is why I rated him so highly).

Also, The Hatter is Average Speed, so you really need to get the timing right when using him. That said, his Skills are enduring and won’t be eroded by time (like his Stats will).

#1. The Hatter (Empires and Puzzles)

The Hatter Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

I recently tested Lord Loki Mark 2 (Costume) in Beta and it was ridiculous fun.

There’s something about stealing a Special Skill… It’s like skipping breakfast and lunch coz you’re going to a party where you intend to eat enough to hold you over for at least 3 days.

Like you’re being especially smart and sneaky, yet not necessarily immoral.

The Hatter is similar with his Stealing of Buffs that have already been Cast. He will deliver a reasonable slap to the target and minor damage to nearby enemies, -at least for when he was first released (c.1973), and steal all Buffs from all Enemies and randomly distribute them to his allies.

However, as I learned from Lord Loki M2; when there’s nothing crazy to steal, the Hero loses some of their value. And I can see that with The Hatter.

Don’t get me wrong, against some Heroes, The Hatter is gonna be the bee’s knees, but against others, he won’t register much at all.

Of course, there are some monsters in the game already who The Hatter looks crazy against, and there’s even more to come. Just check out these 2 YouTube videos:

  1. The Hatter Vs. Furdinand
  2. The Hatter Vs. Taunt

Playstyle is relevant as with anything; in my case, I try to form one elite Raiding Squad that can beat all comers, rather than having to switch out Heroes according to the team I’m facing.

And that’s my big reservation with The Hatter (alongside his Stats).

If you’re happy to switch out Heroes then The Hatter is an awesome piece to have in the locker room.

It’s worth noting that The Hatter is a timeless Hero who will improve with every new monster Buffer they create.

#2. Dark Lord (Soul Exchange Heroes)

Dark Lord Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Dark Lord is a premium sniper who was Buffed a couple of times, if memory serves me, to get him here.

Now, I know I’ve never sung the praises of a Sniper before, but Dark Lord hits so hard, he could knock somebody right off their perch. Just check out the HotMs in Tier One; they all need the stars to align to meet what Dark Lord is doing on the regs.

Plus, he has Mana Control, as well as some Poisoning over 4 turns, for good measure.

However, this isn’t like Ludwig last time, at least not in my view.

Meaning, I would still strive to obtain a Tier Three Hero if I could. -Unless you’ve already got the synergy worked out and one of these (Hatter/Dark Lord) represents the missing link.

#3. Queen Of Hearts (Empires and Puzzles)

Queen of Hearts Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Queen of Hearts has a large fan base, and I can see why, but for me, there are better options on this list.

I’ve never had a problem dealing with Queen of Hearts when on Defense, and that’s without any proper Minion Control.

The issue with her, and all the new Minion Summoners now, is that a bunch of anti-Minion Heroes were injected into the game to deal with M&M (pre-Nerf) and Waterpipe, and they will run havoc all over Heroes like QoH.

Also, her Minion is pretty weak, at 16% HP.

I still think she has a place, especially on Attack where you can layer her Minion, but overall, the other two Heroes above excite me more.

PS. She beats out Akkorog coz Taunt is still Taunt and she does hit, too.

15 Souls? -If you’ve got a plan. I wouldn’t get her simply on a Wing and a Prayer.

#4. Akkorog (Empires and Puzzles)

Akkorog Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

I’ve always liked Akkorog on paper; he’s unique and might actually be the cheeky outside bet here.

What am I talking about?

Well, there was a time when top Defenses were set up in such a way that their position and order were relevant to their strength.

A prime example would be Mother North on the Left Wing with Ludwig beside.

If Akkorog could’ve brought Mother North to the fore, or simply got her away from Ludwig, he could have significantly impacted the battle.

However, the game’s not like that anymore. The current Meta, in my view, consists of the Tank of the Moment (or 2 of them), surrounded by quick Hitters, all made possible because some new elite Heroes simply do so much.

Point is, Jove, Anne, Bastet, G. Panther, G. Hippo, and Hathor are all gonna fire regardless of where you position them.

And that’s not to mention the new Ninjas.

Still, Akkorog hits hard and may confuse the opposition into submission, but I still wouldn’t pay 15 Souls for him.

#5. Alice (Empires and Puzzles)

Alice Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Alice isn’t bad at all and could be part of a great Ice Stack.

But the others are more interesting and game-changing.

We can see what she does but I can’t see any reason to burn 15 Souls on her.

Tier Three (20 Heroes) – Soul Exchange, Empires and Puzzles February 2023

The 5 Heroes on offer in exchange for 20 Legendary Heroes:

Tier 3 Heroes in Empires and Puzzles Soul Exchange February 2023

Finally, the big boys and girls! This Soul Exchange has been interesting, -I mean, Kara, a HotM in the big leagues?

I’ve always suspected that there’s a large dusty book, the type your teacher used to read from in Primary School, sitting on a desk at SG HQ. And in that book is a list detailing the power and value of every Hero in the game.

-If you look at the way this top tier is laid out, I feel they’re basically telling us who’s the most valuable.

Of course, we’re gonna change the order a little, but only for one Hero:

#1. Milena (Soul Exchange Heroes)

A screenshot of Milena from Empires and Puzzles

I had a lot of fun writing my Milena review back in… wow, back in Aug 21. How time flies.

Nothing has really changed besides the fact that she’s now well-established as one of the best Heroes in the game.

We all know of her limitations on Defense, -but she’s always well-behaved when I see her.

That said, if you’ve got 20 Souls to exchange, there’s a good chance you’ve already got some of these Heroes on retainer, but for my purposes, considering them in isolation, she’s the one for me.

#2. Arco (Empires and Puzzles)

Arco Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Arco’s a fantastic Healer who actually made it onto my countdown of the Best Healers in Empires and Puzzles back Aug 22.

However, it’s all the anti-Minion Heroes that I mentioned earlier, that concern me most with Arco (even tho his Minions don’t do the Overhealing themselves).

Of course, I’m not dogging on Arco, he’s a real top-drawer Hero. I’m simply justifying my reasoning for having Milena above him on my list.

That said, there are so many areas of this game where Arco will shine; in Raids, Defense, Tournaments, and Stages, he’s a powerhouse for sure.

And, I don’t feel he’s had a real chance to shine yet, as so many new Heroes appear so frequently that it’s more of a game of Catch-Up than of squad building.

Not that it takes a lot to find Synergy with Arco (Summon Minions!), and surely the Fiends are coming to bust up E&P any day now?

Again, this choice comes down to what you need; your roster, your strategy, your plans, etc. -This is simply how I see the Heroes from my point of view.

#3. Lewena (Empires and Puzzles)

Lewena Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Lewena is a monster hitter; powerful and fast.

Add to that, she blocks Talent activation, and you have an elite top-of-the-line hitter on your hands.

There’s really not much to say except, if you need a great Fire hitter, she’s calling.

#4. Kara (Soul Exchange Empires and Puzzles)

Kara Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Kara has done quite well for herself, eking out a superb reputation as a solid Taunter.

Taunt at Average Speed is the holy grail, well, Oniwakamaru aside. And Kara does a very decent job of delivering a near-premium service from her budgeted HotM lineage.

Still, it’s a hard call to give up 20 Souls for an ex-HotM unless you have a clear strategy for using her as part of your current roster.

I do think this is expensive and would have liked to have seen her in the Mid-tier range. But Taunt is a game-changing Skill, and maybe the boss was like, “nope, -get 20 Souls”.

#5. Quartz (Soul Exchange Empires and Puzzles)

Quartz Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Quartz is the last Hero on our list and in my view the worst. Especially when you consider Milena is going for 20 Souls, too.

I hope they don’t decide to Buff him after this SE, but either way, for me he’s the weakest member of this group.

He’s basically C. Regard, flexing as a Ninja, with 5-Star Stats. But nothing he does is overkill or crazy, -just pretty standard stuff.

He will have a use on Offense with that quick Attack Buff and early Cleanse, but when standing next to the others on this list, it’s hard to get excited about him.

Empires & Puzzles Soul Exchange (February 23)


Please feel free to share your views or your own listing in the comments below. I’m sure it will help other players stopping by.

Oh, and tell me who you picked!

Anyway, that’s a load of writing from me, which I hope you found useful in some way. I never claim to be right, I only share my opinion, which is as failable as any other.

If you picked up a Hero today, congrats! 🎉🎊🥳 I hope they prove to be everything you require!


[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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  1. Great breakdown as usual OC. I’ve got my eye on Milena but there is a slight wrinkle:

    I’ve got 19 heroes who are basically multiples of heroes I’ve already got who can easily be sacrificed on the Soul Exchange alter, however my only options for the 20th hero is to sacrifice either costumed Perseus, costumed Master Lepus, or Tarlak, all unlevelled.

    Which do I sacrifice…or do I leave it. Your wisdom would be welcome.

    1. 😄 This is crazy talk! I can’t tell you who to burn, it was hard enough going through the Soul Exchange!

      Plus, all the Heroes you mentioned are badasses who don’t deserve to be burnt: C. Perseus, C. ML, and Tarlak (who is helping me no-end with Titans) are all awesome.

      In honesty, if it’s down to those 3 then maybe it’s worth skipping it for you. I can’t tell you which way to go, but I like the Heroes you’ve listed.

      Sorry Leeks. Personally, I’ve burned a Standard Levelled Season 1 for a Soul Exchange before, but nothing I would/could regret.

  2. I am taking no one since I don’t have enough for the 20 hero tier.

    Arco is interesting with how different anti-minion heroes work, he is weak against ones that destroy minions regardless of health but the minions are strong otherwise so even using someone like Guan Yu with defense down based on the number of minions or Xiaotu with disabling their ability was still hard to break through, ended up needing to retry with a mono fire team to kill him off early.

  3. It was really fun reading. I should be working but, hey it’s Friday and nobody really cares.

    Did you pick one, OC? Or you would have wanted, but did not have enough souls?

    I like Arco the most, because I am kind of weak on green, but a few weeks ago I created a wishlist. I will only exchange for those heroes, it is difficult to gather so many heroes to exchange, so I will hold my horses and wait. Eventually some of them will be available.

    1. Hahaha, the boss has already gone home?

      I didn’t pick up anyone this time; my roster in is no position to make a move. I got Ludwig last time out and am happy with that decision. Arco is a stud and I’d happily take him too.

      That’s a great idea on the Wishlist. It’s so easy to get carried away and cook everyone for one Hero!

      1. At least it worked for me. I was about to cash for Arco, but then I thought that if they just offered Quarts, they might offer Ruby soon (the other on my list are more recent, I do not see them this year) and I do not want to regret spend the heroes I will not have when Ruby is available.

  4. Funny how perception is from person to person as I felt this was a weaker SE than before, especially the last one. Most of the heroes on the 10 soul tier are fairly recent Heroes of the Month and, as such, were probably already in a lot of rosters. Out of four accounts between my wife and I, three of them only had enough dupes to exchange 10 and all three accounts already had these heroes so, next time? My other account has tons of dupes (and no roster space to mention) so it was off to the 20 soul aisle for me although I already had Arco, Kara and Milena on my team. Having good purple healers Lewena was my choice by default and am very satisfied with her blocking special activation and hitting all enemies at Fast Mana. Looking at her card that is up in the wiki she shows Average Mana so it appears a buff had happened and looking at her review here that is definitely the case. Woo hoo faster is better. All the leaked previews had Alberich instead of Grace and I wish they had kept him in there as I would have exchanged for him on all three of the aforementioned accounts but maybe they re-evaluated his soul worth and will add him back in next time. Thanks for the awesome reviews, snide remarks, comedic evaluations and general overall awesome info and opinions. I think you have taken over the premiere spot for E&P reviewers on the web so Congrats!

    1. Hey Dave, I realised there’s some contradiction in my evaluation for this SE; mainly I felt overall there was a good balance on offer, especially the lower tier, while accepting, there are fewer out-and-out Superstars.

      I saw the Albreich list as well and was tempted to write the post then, but E&P has shown me many times in the past; they will change it up on a whim (and my cynical mind wondered if the list was a plant anyway, -they read the forum, they know the score! 😁)

      I’m grateful for the support, I’ve learned a lot since I started writing about E&P and without being cheesy, a lot has come from you guys, so cheers!

  5. I always enjoy your reviews, and it’s nice that you take this time to write great stuff about heroes! I think it’s the weakest soul exchange up to now…I would mainly bother for Dark Lord or Arco (but don’t have that many spare heroes).

    It is better to wait until some of the next SE puts a real beast there, like Jove or one of the crazy Egyptians.

    Btw I d love to see a Tyr costume review of yours!

    1. Hey Greg, thanks for reading.

      Jove would be awesome in a SE but I don’t know… Those guys are so OP it would be crazy to see them on the list.

      I was tempted to write a review for C. Tyr, he did deserve it. I’ve just been covering quite a lot and it was all timing. He is fantastic, a massive improvement over what he was before.

      Thanks again, I appreciate the support!

  6. I took Tahir for 10, because I need the speed badly for my red mono team. I keep getting all the slow ones from the Training Camp, and so that is my main concern-CTP. Thanks for all the posts-I love them and share your site with everyone!

    1. Congrats Cassandra, he’s a solid option for sure. You’re right, speed is so important, even more than before.

      Thanks for the support and for sharing my blog, I always appreciate it!

  7. Thank you for your review. I have Milena so thinking about Arco or the red hitter. I have Octros, so not sure I need her?

    1. Your reasoning sounds solid; a bit of duplication going on there with Octros and Lewena. Speed is relevant and her guaranteed slap is nice. I guess if you were completely stacked on the roster, nudging the reds forward might help. But Arco could simply boost the Nature options and offer a different angle.

      Of course, I can’t say which way you should go, but I get your thinking on picking Arco, who is, a fantastic Hero.

  8. Good breakdown as always. Despite agreeing with the hero ranking, I chose Quartz. Definitely not the best choice if you’re looking for bang for your Buck but he will fill a needed hole when it comes to purple healers. Especially with the super elemental challenges.

  9. Was kind of bummed with the selection this time around. I already had Arco and Milena and the remaining top tier heroes didn’t really appeal to me. Out of the two I was recommending Arco, who seems to get more use in raids and wars than Milena for me. Fiends are a growing force in the game and I find there currently aren’t many heroes that can deal with Fiends.

    I ended up taking Dark Lord, as I am low on decent fast mana Purple Snipers. Not a superb hero but he fits a need for me and should come in handy for raids and wars. I was kind of Hoping Ruby was going to make an appearance. Happy to have a little more in roster right now, it was getting pretty tight.

    1. Hi True North, Dark Lord is a great sniper; he always lays the smackdown when I’m facing him. But yea, you’ve already got the special Heroes among this lot -maybe next time.

      Thanks for sharing!

  10. OC! Excellent read as usual. I didn’t nab anyone either. I gave up a good bit for Ludwig. In addition to some decent Dupes, fully leveled Elena and Liana were tossed onto Ludwig’s summoning pyre. Anál nathrach, orth’ bháis’s bethad, do chél dénmha. (Old Excalibur movie fans know this quote)
    Anyhow, he’s a blast to use.
    Question I have is interplay with Milena. You mentioned that you don’t like her on defense. Is that because of the inconsistency associated with “magic” speed mana?
    Do you know if Slayer and Magic speed heroes wait to be fully leveled when under Ludwig’s influence? Hope this question makes sense.
    Take it easy and have a great weekend everyone!

    1. Hey Nurgles, I tested Anastasia next to Ludwig and she only got the 1 tier for the 100% boost. She was a lot quicker, but it doesn’t seem to be the same value as if it were a standard Mana charging system.

      Thanks for reading and stopping by. Have a great weekend, too!

  11. Thanks for the great review, OC!!! Grabbed Ludwig last SE and he seems to have a lot of synergy. Now I am trying to decide if I should pop for Tahir, or wait till next SE. Red is by far my weakest color (Santa, zimkitha, noor and season 1 heroes only), whereas I have heroes waiting to be leveled for every other color. Tahir looks cool, but kinda feel like I might do better with more heroes next time up.

    1. Hey Koosh, if it were me, I’d wait.

      If Albreich were among that group, as thought beforehand, then that’s a different thing (for 10 Souls).

      Tahir’s a decent Hero, but me personally? I’d wait for better.

  12. Hey.great review,like always…i always dreamed about milena but now i have dillema 😉
    I have Perseus Costume,Adalinda LB ,Sobek LB,LoLo LB,Krampus Lb,Ariel,Iris 2×Russulas,Fenrir and unleveled Thanatos,Isarnia 2C, so can i really need Milena?i have 7 scopes
    Second pick Arco…
    My green team is Lou Bei LB,congalach LB,Kingston,MN,Sylvaria,Kadilen C,Elkanen C,Grace,
    and have enough materials and some friends to Gargoyle Freya(unleveled)Papyros(unleveled),Liu Bei,Noor(unleveled)Krampus,Sylvaria
    3 option
    The Hatter
    Tempty for fun
    I need space in my rooster so this is my dillema.greetings

    1. Hey THRASHER, I can’t tell you to pick Milena! That’s too much on my shoulders and that’s why I wrote this loooonnng post 😁, to say what I thought of the Heroes in isolation. Milena’s quite unique but deciding to pull the trigger on an expensive Hero in the SE is part of the game. Gotta consider all the info, your roster, and your play style, and go one way or the other.

      I’d love to know what decision you come to. Thanks for stopping by!

      1. “…Milena’s quite unique but deciding to pull the trigger on an expensive Hero in the SE is part of the game….”
        You have absolutely right!!!
        ARCO is fantastic healer and with a minions is ABSOLUTE of HEALING but MILENA is ABSOLUTE of ANNIHILATION sooo my Nadezdha now have a SISTER!

  13. I was waiting impatiently for this Soul Exchange, Old Cynic. Of course, I got Milena. She’s almost done now, used her today at the war and she’s a blast.
    Thank you for the articles regarding E&P. Discovered the site recently and I learned some stuff

  14. Based on your assessment I went with Milena, eating up 2 Baldurs in the process. Really looking forward to using her when she’s leveled up but alas ascension material for me in rather scarce.

    Ok another note, wasn’t sure where to ask this question, not sure if you have a general forum, so apologies for putting the question in this one. I think I have a decent team of green heroes to fight blue titans – Gregorian with increased critical chance, Almur and Silvaria for nature and general defense down, Franz to increase damage, and Zocc for mana control. So far they’ve helped me to get an all time high of 260k damage on maybe a 9 or 10 star- I know we don’t hit 14 star ones but it was still exciting nonetheless. I’m thinking of tinkering with it and may replace Zocc with maybe Tarlak with his increased attack and or Ratatoskr with the increased attack on shields. Was wondering if Tarlak, Gregorian and Ratatoskr would be synergistic? So would attack up, increased critical chance and shield attack up all work together? Since my ascension resources are scarce I wouldn’t want to waste time on a hero if it wouldn’t work! My team as it is does pretty well but wondering if these other heroes could make it better.

    Thanks for reading. And thanks for what you do, all the time you spend on this website… your advice is very much appreciated!

    1. Hi DL, thanks for reading. Yes, Tarlak is epic for most Titams, his 100% Att-up is fantastic and will synergise as far as I can see. ~They all appear to work together in my experience with my heroes, that said, you can test them all on a map stage in-game to confirm first-hand. Ratatoskr would be good, but for him, you need the tiles on the screen. Assuming you’ve got them, he’s a great option to have, especially as he also offers solid healing.

      It was great to see Tarlak in the Fated Summons; finally have a better option than Bertulf now!

      Thanks again DL!

  15. If Alberich had remained on the list, I would have taken him since LB +19 Gramps remains the only proper reviver in my roster (Anton’s revive on a x2 bar doesn’t count since it’s unreliable). While Grace is nice, I have defense ailments/buffs mostly covered with Ptolemy and 2x Caedmon with the costume bonus, so she didn’t appeal that much to me.

    Instead, I went up one tier, which required me to burn all my spare and unbuilt non-spare S1 heroes, and narrowed my choice down to The Hatter and Dark Lord. After asking around a lot, I picked Dark Lord.

    Hatter’s definitely useful, but I have a number of nature snipers on my hero roster that can somewhat cover him (2x Caedmon again for buff/ailment control, Peters to silence, Lianna for raw damage, Elkanen/Kadilen for multi-hit). Meanwhile, I only have two proper direct hitters on my dark roster (Obakan without his costume and LB +19 Ingolf). My main dark offensive team still relies mainly on tile damage as well as Cyprian’s counterattack and Proteus’s mana stall. I need a better hitter, and Dark Lord falls squarely into that category.

    Besides, I like Dark Lord too much. 🤪

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