The Best HEALERS in Empires and Puzzles [Top 10]

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Who are the Best Healers in Empires and Puzzles? It’s a simple question with quite a complicated answer, and after days of brain-crunching, I’m ready to share mine.

Please remember, this is my personal opinion, based on my Hero grades and the criteria set out below.

Also, I’ve already reviewed many of these Heroes, so if you’re looking for a more serious take, please check out their individual reviews (which I’ll also link to).

Before we start, please share this post with your game buddies and alliance!

This post may contain speculation, personal opinion, adult comedy, and human error. It is not advice and is solely for entertainment and informational purposes.

My Criteria for Selection (Empires and Puzzles):

  • This is a search for the best Healer. -That means, a Specialist healer may rank higher than Xnolphod for the purposes of this list, even though he would rank higher in a Best Heroes list.
  • To be considered for this list, healing must be a part of your primary function.
  • Healing adds value. The more you heal, the more I’ll value you.
  • Pseudo-healing will count, but not in isolation, -so Summoners will not make this list if they or their Minions do not heal.
  • Mana Speed Vs. The value returned will be pivotal to my assessment.
  • Extra Skills beyond healing are highly prized, just not as much as the actual healing.
  • Hero Build (Balance), Fear factor, Coolness, Defense Team-ability, Synergy, Usefulness, and Self Esteem, all matter.
  • And for the record, this list was published on 02/08/2022, so that’s the cut-off date!

This is about finding the healer who brings the most to the table.

If you think I’ve missed the real Best Healer in Empires and Puzzles, let me know in the comments below!

Ladies and Gentlemen, smoke ’em if you got ’em coz we’re going in! Here are the Best Healers in Empires and Puzzles!

The Best Legendary Healers In Empires and Puzzles

#11 Milena (Bonus!)

A screenshot of Milena from Empires and Puzzles

Special Skills (Restoration and Annihilation): Tier 1 Mana: 1. Recovers 25% health for all allies. 2. Cleanses status ailments from all allies. Tier 2 Mana: 1. Deals 420% damage to all enemies. 2. Dispels buffs from all enemies.

Milena Breakdown (Best Healers in Empires & Puzzles)

Why has Milena kicked off this list, and not say Ratatoskr?

Ratatoskr’s cute ✓ (it’s true), he heals for 44% on an Average charge ✓ (yep), and he has ancient scrolls to help him find all the hidden nuts ✓ (awesome!).

But today more than ever, players are opting for Heroes like Milena as their ‘main’ Healer, because they know they’ll get a secondary use out of her.

In Milena’s case, it’s a tier-2 Special that releases Hellfire in a can.

Milena’s first-tier healing Special is charged (as standard) in just 5.6 tiles, -that’s the weight of a newborn baby!

It’s nothing!

And for that, you’ll get 25% healing for all allies, a very handy Cleanse, plus a 50% chance at a 10% mana boost to all allies.

-A quick Cleanse to see off even the worst itch (looking at you Rayne).

To get that sort of coverage faster than Very Fast is nothing short of remarkable.

In addition, she possesses one of the most devastating wallops the Earth has ever seen, and that’s the type of combo all Player dreams are made of.

🩹 Best Healer Mana Speed Vs. Reward: 5/10

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity

Want more Milena? Read her full review here.

#10 Lady Of The Lake (Empires and Puzzles)

Lady Of The Lake Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Special Skills (Magical Sword): 1. Recovers 42% health for all allies. 2. Summons a Magical Sword Minion for the caster and nearby allies with 14% HP and 15% attack inherited from the caster. 3. The Minion removes 10% mana from the target when it hits them.

Lady Of The Lake Breakdown (Best Healers Top 10)

I’ve always loved the Lady of the Lake, from the first time I set eyes on her…

…She was busy cheffing up some chumps, slapping them every time they tried to mana-up, and I have to admit, I thought it was pretty cool stuff.

But then one day I realised something shocking; she was actually a bit of a bully.

See, when things are going well and she’s got numbers on her side (you manage to kill one or two enemies), she gets all lippy, pushing her way to the front, and stifling the life out of what’s left.

But when things are challenging, she allows herself to get lost in the commotion. You fire her off her, but nobody’s home.

Truth is, Lady of the Lake is a substantial healer, giving you a wonderful 42% of healing. And when you add in the potential of her oppressive Minions, you have no choice but to rate her highly.

But she’s a Hero who’s better at the end of a winning battle, than the type capable of turning a losing one.

So yes, she’s a healer with the most magical of twists, but we must remember, she has her limits.

🩹 Best Healer Mana Speed Vs. Reward: 6/10

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity

Want more Lady of the Lake? Read her full review here.

#9 Toxicandra (Best Heroes in Empires and Puzzles)

Toxicandra Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Special Skills (Accelerated Growth): 1. Recovers 30% health for all allies. 2. All allies regenerate a moderate amount of mana over 3 turns. 3. Cleanses status ailments from all allies.

Toxicandra Review (Top Healers in E&P)

‘The Doctor’ from Star Trek: Voyager is my favourite TV Doctor.

Much like the Next Generation character, Data, The Doctor is a modern-day Pinocchio. Both Data and The Doctor are computerised instruments made so well that they cross the hazy line that separates computer Output from sentient life.

As beautiful as all of that may sound, and much as it seems like I’m heading somewhere with this, it’s important to note, I am not.

Toxicandra is a fantastic healer, banging out a full-on 30% healing to all allies on a zippy Fast charge.

In addition, we get a nice bit of mana, but more importantly, we get a Cleanse.

Toxicandra beats Milena in this list because she doesn’t mess about with two Specials, she simply maintains her focus on healing the squad.

Of course, the Cleanse is in the wrong place, but overall, for her Speed and solid healing, it’s a very compelling package.

🩹 Best Healer Mana Speed Vs. Reward: 6/10

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity

#8 Mother North (Empires and Puzzles – The Best Healers)

Mother North Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Special Skills (Super Porridge): 1. Recovers 30% health for all allies. 2. Each fallen ally has a 50% chance to get revived with 10% HP. 3. Summons an Elf Minion for each ally with 7% HP and 7% attack inherited from the caster. Or Costumed.

Mother North Breakdown (Best Healers)

Mother North features in my countdown of the Best Heroes in Empires and Puzzles, so there’s no question she’s a top Hero.

However, if we lean into the Health Care aspects of her contribution, she doesn’t quite own the show.

But even if we completely disregard her Reviving, we still get a very reasonable 30% healing (or 612 HP over 4 turns) for all allies, and a lightweight Minion (10% HP) to keep them company.

Problem is, Mother North can’t guarantee that you’ll be born again, there’s only a chance of that.

So taking everything into consideration and applying my quirky ‘Best Healers’ equation to the problem, I make sweet old Mother North 8th in my countdown.

Unlike Lady of the Lake, Mother North excels when you don’t.

When the battle is nearly lost, that’s when she’s frothing at the mouth and itching to go.

And while she’s the perfect companion when your back’s against the wall, she doesn’t quite offer the same bedside manner as the other Healers on this list.

🩹 Best Healer Mana Speed Vs. Reward: 6/10

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity

Want more Mother North? Read her full review here.

#7 Aino Review (Empires and Puzzles)

Aino Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Special Skills (Summer Carol): 1. Cleanses status ailments from all allies. 2. Recovers 40% health for all allies. 3. All enemies get -24% mana generation for 4 turns. Against Nature characters, this status effect becomes uncleansable and lasts 2 turns longer.

Aino Review (Best Healers in Empires and Puzzles)

It’s an odd thing, to put together these Top 10 countdowns of fictional characters.

~You argue with yourself a lot.

Why not so-and-so, or that one? Or her, or him?

Meanwhile, the brain’s in full problem-solving mode, trying to evaluate fantasy, as if reality.

Don’t get me wrong, the process is a pleasant distraction from what I’d otherwise be doing (moaning about the state of the World).

But what I mean is, I see you Ariel and I feel your pain. Costume, too!

I tried to get you in here but I gotta go with my heart.

Aino comes at you Correct; she Cleanses first, then recovers 40% health, then slows enemy mana generation by -24%. Plus, there’s some bonus f*ckry for Nature Heroes to boot.

That’s a masterful package for an Average charge.

I’ll accept, one might prefer +24% mana generation for all allies, or a moderate amount of mana, but I prefer to slap away unhindered by the knowledge that there might be backsies.

Ariel and Costumed Ariel could have made this list, and if so, they would have been about here. But for variety’s sake, I picked my favourite from that bunch. So Aino, it is.

🩹 Best Healer Mana Speed Vs. Reward: 7/10

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity

#6 Arco (Empires and Puzzles – The Best Healers)

Arco Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Special Skills (Gargoyles of Redemption): 1. Replaces all Fiends on all allies with Gargoyle Minions. 2. Summons a Gargoyle Minion for each ally worth 30% HP and 20% attack. 3. All allies get a health boost of 75 HP per Minion owned.

Arco Review (Best Healers – Empires and Puzzles)

Arco is simply ridiculous.

I faced him recently in a raid and it was madness. I took my turn, went to sip my coffee, looked back, and his entire team had nearly double the health!

There was another summoner on his team and between them, they had set up more meat than a butcher’s shop.

On top of that, Arco got all coy and I couldn’t touch him for 4 turns.

A complete menace.

So why, if he is sooooo powerful, isn’t Arco #1 on this list?

It’s the fact that his healing is predicated on Minions. So if you can stop the summoning, you can stop the healing.

Truth is, his value in the current game is hard to quantify. But also, his potential and usefulness are nearly unequalled.

Basically, if you have a Hero like Bera, you might be able to completely mitigate Arco.

But if you’re removing Minions after the fact, Arco’s still gonna heal.

He’s a remarkable Hero who really presses the question:

What’s your Minion strategy?

🩹 Best Healer Mana Speed Vs. Reward: 8/10

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity

Top 5 Healers in Empires and Puzzles!

#5 Hulda (E&P Best Heroes)

Hulda Empires and Puzzles Hero Card Screenshot

Special Skills (Pet Larva): 1. Summons a Larva Minion for each ally with 31% HP inherited from the caster. The Minion recovers 11% health for its owner at the end of each turn. 2. The Larva Minion gives +24% mana generation for its owner as long as the owner has Larva Minions. This effect can not be dispelled. 3. The Larva Minion gives +54% defense for its owner as long as the owner has Larva Minions. This effect can not be dispelled.

Hulda Breakdown (Best Healers in Empires and Puzzles)

Hulda is a monster and completely deserving of this spot in her own right. However, it’s the nature of these things to explain the thinking behind placing her above Arco, after all, both are pretty similar.

There are a few points that influenced their positions on this list. The first was a Poll I conducted on my Facebook group.

The question was, ‘How Do You Manage Minion Summoners In Raids?’.

I wanted to understand how players were stopping these monster healers (Hulda and Arco), specifically to learn if their reliance on summoning was, in the wider sense, a weakness.

What I learned was that 13% of the votes in my tiny Poll, went to Costumed Gormek and Viscaro. Next came:

  • Penolite and Bera at 12%
  • ‘Brute Force’ at 10%
  • Grimble at 9%, and
  • Eloise at 8%

The impression I was left with was that many players do have a Minion solution (beyond ‘Brute Force’), even if it wasn’t an optimal solution.

Meaning, Arco and Hulda do indeed have a drawback; their reliance on Minions.

Looking back at Hulda, she narrowly surpassed Arco on my list because:

  • She heals for a shocking amount and it’s ongoing (as connected to her Minions)
  • Her Minions are seriously plump (a whole 1% more than Arco’s)
  • All allies get +54% Defense and +24% mana for the lifetime of her corn-fed Minions, and
  • You can’t inflict Defense-Down, or Mana-Down on any of her allies while they have her heavyset Minions attached (undispellable)

It’s the impact she has across Defensive specialities that beat out Arco to this prized position.

But both of these Minion-based healers excel in most parts of the current game.

🩹 Best Healer Mana Speed Vs. Reward: 8/10

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity

Want more Hulda? Read her full review here.

#4 Xnolphod (Best E&P Healers)

Screenshot of Xnolphod hero in Empires and Puzzles

Special Skills (Ancient Enchantment): 1. Recovers 32% 40% health for all allies. 2. Alters the power of all Dark shields on the board. When attacking enhances to give +37% more mana, when defending, weakens to give -30% less mana. 3. Increases the mana of all allies by 20% 10%.

[Xnolphod was buffed/nerfed after this review – Details updated, although the review remains the same.]

Xnolphod Breakdown (Empires and Puzzles)

Alright, this list has got a whole bunch serious. But, how else do you explain the ‘why’?

Like, why the hell is Xnolphod so high on a Healers countdown?

Because, Mana is to health, as Breath is to life.

Beautiful! Bravo, bravo! Encore, encore! OK, let me think…

Mustard is to burgers, as cheese is to feet.

Oh no. I lost it.


It’s true tho, just as Mother North is as good as the broken soul she restores, so is X-O-Pod as good as the Hero he hurries along.

Xnolphod will heal for a respectable amount (32%), increase the mana in purple tiles, and boost the mana of all allies by 20%.

And that mana boost could save them from serious harm, which they would otherwise suffer!

I didn’t wanna drop this bombshell on you, but as any good doctor knows, ‘prevention is better than the cure’. Boom!

Jokes aside, a wonderful combo which really does keep your allies in good health.

🩹 Best Healer Mana Speed Vs. Reward: 8/10

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity

Want more Xnolphod? Read his full review here.

#3🥉 Diaochan (Best Healers in Empires and Puzzles)

Diaochan Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Special Skills (Lady’s Charm): 1. Recovers 35% health for all allies. 2. Summons a Lackey Minion for the caster and nearby allies with 16% HP and 25% attack inherited from the caster. 3. Each time a Lackey Minion hits an enemy, it steals a random dispellable buff from the enemy and gives it to its owner.

Diaochan Breakdown (Best Healers Countdown)

I’ve always been a ‘right or wrong’ type of guy. There’s very little ‘grey area’ with me.

But as I’ve got older, I’ve tried to round my edges a bit, -tried to ignore what I can’t change, and tried to find me some inner peace.

After all, we all fail.

But Diaochan is just taking the f%cking p*ss. Every time I see her and those bloody Minions they got somebody else’s s#*t in their hands.

What the hell type of gameshow is this?!

This ain’t no way to bring up kids!

Here’s how I deal with all the things that irritate me, so I can keep my Zen:

  1. Don’t listen to politicians ✔️
  2. Frequently exercise to get those good hormones ✔️
  3. Slap Diaochan’s Minions on sight ✔️

Joking aside, I think Fagin’s a fantastic healer, providing a hefty 35% healing to all allies on a Fast charge. On top of that, he’ll summon 3 Minions which are reasonably stout and incredibly sticky-fingered.

And at Fast, he’ll be teaching their replacements before you know it.

🩹 Best Healer Mana Speed Vs. Reward: 9/10

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity

Want more Diaochan? Read her full review here.

#2🥈 Prof. Lidenbrock (Empires and Puzzles)

Prof. Lidenbrock Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Special Skills (Glorious Grace): 1. Cleanses status ailments from all allies. 2. Boosts health of all allies by 200 HP. If health exceeds max HP, it is added as temporary HP. 3. All allies’ health is boosted by 600 HP over 4 turns. The effect duration is reset if the target receives status ailments.

Prof. Lidenbrock Breakdown (Top 10 Healers in Empires and Puzzles)

Here we are, at the business end of this presentation.

Yes, Prof. Lidenbrock is second! It was tough but statistically, #1 is slapstick absurd.

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you anything about this super-healer (Lidenbrock), but I’ll give you some highlights:

  • She gets a 20% mana boost at the start of each battle, which is why it feels like she ALWAYS fires off!
  • Her healing can become a never-ending loop of giddiness because it starts again when a Status Ailment is inflicted, and
  • She Cleanses FIRST! No Malosi, sit down! The only way to stop her is to dispel after the fact.

As we know, a Cleanse is a crucial part of any Emergency Medicine. After all, you can’t properly heal a patient if you don’t remove the diseased rat currently clamped to her neck. No!

That said, it’s the algorithm looping chaos which ensues after she’s fired which makes her so good.

Most of the game, I’m trying to stick a dirty little Status Effect on your person, all the while, she’s using that as an excuse to keep healing. What an a#s*hole, right?

🩹 Best Healer Mana Speed Vs. Reward: 9/10

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity

#1🥇 Director Zuri! (The Best Healer In Empires and Puzzles)

Screenshot of Director Zuri from Empires and Puzzles

Special Skills (Director’s Blessing): 1. Recovers 65% health for the ally with the lowest remaining HP. All other allies recover 42% health. 2. Summons a Clown Minion for each ally with 15% HP and 22% attack inherited from the caster. 3. Cleanses status ailments from all allies.

Director Zuri Breakdown

The Hero Card I’ve used for Director Zuri is old and out of date.


Because she’s been buffed twice already, -and fool me once, shame on me, ..

no-no, fool me once and shame on you

Look, I’m not taking another picture!

How much memory SG think I got? This ain’t Google up in here, I ain’t got servers at my disposal.

Director Zuri is a little boring and certainly doesn’t have the same quirky potential as some of the others on this list. For example,

  • Arco could very quickly double the health of all allies
  • Prof. Lidenbrock could create a never-ending loop of healing
  • Hulda could summon a swarm of Minions that become impenetrable, and
  • Diaochan could steal all your hopes and dreams

But to get those things, more than a few things need to go your way.

Director Zuri, on the other hand, first begins with superior healing, earmarking 65% for the straggler in the group. That’s enough healing to make even the mighty Goseck blush.

Next, she heals the rest of the squad for 42%… -That’s Slow Mana Speed level of healing right there.

Then, she summons a decently chubby Minion for all allies, worth 15% HP each, and then finally, she Cleanses everybody.

And there aren’t many ways to stop her. You might lose the minions, but even that’s unlikely.

She even has a Family Bonus that gives her a 50% chance to dispel her most recent ailment at the end of each turn!

And she does all of that on an Average charge.

Why is Director Zuri my pick for the Best Healer in Empires and Puzzles?

  • Her emphasis on healing and pseudo-healing (and it’s powerful at that)
  • There are only a few ways to hinder her (she’s reliable and consistent)
  • She Cleanses
  • Director Zuri is to healing, what water is to fish
  • And since this is a Healers list, she tops it!

🩹 Best Healer Mana Speed Vs. Reward: 11/10

Here’s to you, Director Zuri! 💐🎉❤

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity

Want more Director Zuri? Read her full review here.

ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっUnrelated Ad: The Biggest Hitters in Empires and Puzzles!

The Best Healers in Empires and Puzzles

That was tough!

Fact is, you could argue one over the other all day long.

I mean really, have you seen Arco go at it? Hulda? We all know Prof. Lidenbrock and Diaochan. Also, what about those not on the list like Passepartout, Garnet, Grazul, Alexandrine, and Vivica?

Oh, and then there’s that crazy Healer currently in Beta called Thanatos. ~Part of the new Styx Family. He would probably own this list if he were here:

X1 mana charge (6 tiles): Recovers 30% HP for all and gives +24% mana regeneration for 2 turns.

X2 mana charge (9 tiles): Recovers 40% HP for all and gives a 15% mana boost.

X3 mana charge (12 tiles): Recovers 65% for all allies, gives a 30% mana boost to all allies, and gives +40% mana regeneration for 4 turns!

I’m content with my list and happy to start the conversation

Please feel free to share your own list in the comments below. You can give me a Top 3, if that makes it easier!

The great thing about this game is, it’s all really situational. Conditions, rosters, gameplay, and luck, can all influence the outcome of a battle.

Anyway! Over to you!

If you can, please share a link to this post somewhere, thank you!

Want more, Best Of E&P? Find them all here.

Spot an error? Just let me know and I’ll fix it.

Want more Empires and Puzzles? Click here.

If you’ve made it this far, maybe you’re willing to come a little further…


Copyright (decoration images and text):
Images used by way of review/tutorial – Copyright owned by Empires & Puzzles: Small Giant Games

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  1. Nice! I was hopong you would make a list of top healers 😊. Since I don’t have zuri I really hate her. Most of the time she destroys my ‘i’ m winning this one! ‘ feeling when she sets off. But I would always put ariel in here, I know you chose differently but she’ s been a top healer for so long now. Would you consider making a list of 4star healers as well? Also curious about your thoughts on those. Fun reading, as always!

    1. Hey Duende, thanks for reading! Zuri does revitalise the entire squad right? Ariel needed a mention and would’ve held that position had it not been for the very similar and more to my style, Aino. I’m sure I can do a 4-Star list in future but will admit, these big countdowns take ages! 😂

      Thanks for reading, it makes it all worthwhile!

  2. Great analysis as always! I would make an argument here for Zircon (not top five certainly, but at least honorable mention). When I first pulled him, I was pleased but not over the moon – kind of like “Oh, cool, a 5* overhealer! I’ll be sure to get to him soonish.” But now having played with him for a while, I’ve realized his value. One problem with incremental healers is that their healing can be dispelled in mid action by the likes of C. Vivica, Sabina, Caedmon… the list goes on and on. Not the case with Zircon, though. He puts on the healing and locks it down for the entire duration with immunity to buff dispels for two, three, or four turns, depending on the charge. On top of that everyone gets extra defense, which not only becomes stronger every time they’re hit but also can’t be dispelled for the duration (and have I mentioned that he overheals?). I wouldn’t use him on a D team because I don’t generally trust the AI to make the right judgments with charge-mana type heroes, but he’s a fantastic addition to any attack team. In fact, he saved my bacon more than once in the last Ninja Tower

    1. Thanks Dharion! Zircon is a great healer, he deserves the mention. That’s been the problem with the Ninjas as a whole but you make a solid case for him. Thanks for reading!

    2. I’ve had Zircon sitting on the self for months, passing him up for other heroes, but you make compelling case for leveling him. One can never have enough healers. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Dharion.

      1. You’re welcome Abehjha, I still don’t run Zircon on defense, or any heroes with multiple-charge specials for that matter, because the AI is rarely smart enough to take full advantage of their skills, but on offense along with an attacking status ailment cleanser like Guardian Kong or C. Francine, he’s a huge asset in wars. Glad to have him.

  3. Since I have NONE on your list (I am unfortunate in that I draw 3* Heroes most of the time) here is who I have and who I rely on…for now.

    c. Vivica
    c. Hawkmoon and c. Belith
    c. Kiril
    c. Sabina & Sabina sans costume
    Greymane (only heals himself)
    Sharan (I keep here just for 3* clean-up where they left 2 on field)
    Sonya (for cleansing status ailments)
    Gormek & Boldtusk
    Triton (All Allies get +27% increase for any healing received for 4 turns)
    Gullinbursti (Boosts health of all allies by 260. Boosted health can exceed
    max HP)
    Gill-Ra (cleanses status ailments)

    And I think this is all but as phone battery is dead I cannot check. 🙂

    No Ariel here either

  4. Good assessment as always, these are a struggle I’m sure but you do a good job with your justification. I have #10-7 plus Zircon and c Viv who I love along with Ariel Heimdall, Gradzul, Alexandrine and Passepartout…it’s a solid post, I hate the rest because they are killers and I don’t have them! I do believe Zircon on offense is a superstar if you pair him with L of Lake or Heimdall.

  5. Not 1 red 5* healer on the list and very few in the whole game. Garnet would be the best, I guess, followed by (in no particular order) Anzogh, Ares, Emilio, Grazul and Puss in Boots (sorry if I missed any others). I do have Grazul and Emilio but Graz heals very little and E’s healing is conditional. I am hoping for a shot at Phenexa during next week’s Challenge Festival 2 as she seems on par with some of these others on the list. Lots of great healers in all the other colors and am just wondering why red has so few? Fingers crossed. Another great article!

  6. Thx as always for your insights.
    One, I would like to mention… Azmia. I use her in my green/blue team. Even though she I a 4*, the heal is handy and, accompanied by the counterattack, makes her, (to my mind), a brilliant hero.

  7. I have only 5* healer is garnet.. I took her with other healer who heals 40% mostly 4*.. Than wait till garnet charges and gives overhealing.. In today’s meta.. Overheating gives me some time to charge other heroes and I can take down heiress with 5100 team power. Garnet is very good support heroes and for me she is 5*.. Don’t forget she resist all status ailments. Sad she cannot be in your list due to valid reason as stated in post.

  8. I’ve been reading your blog for awhile but rarely comment. Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your analysis and writing capabilities. Best online presence for E&P goes to….Old Cynic. Thanks for the balance of fun and fascinating. Carry on!

    1. Cheers AllThumbs, I get a kick outa writing some silly stuff and am only too happy that others enjoy it as well. Thanks for your support and for reading!

  9. Congratulations on your posts, they are quite entertaining and useful.
    Although I adore the Lady of the Lake, I think Ariel surpasses her.
    Ariel charges at average speed and gives the whole team a mana boost; In addition to this, she is a Cleric class that sometimes saves you from being affected by your mana.
    Lady of the Lake, she is more controllable; being a slow charge and the possibility of affecting her mana; her minions are not heavy, that is, they do not cost too much to be eliminated and this is without counting the large number of anti-minion specialist heroes that the game has (Devana is my favorite against the lady).
    Thank you for cheering us up with your humor.
    I apologize if my writing is not correct; English is not my native language.

    1. Not at all EJ, you make a good case for Ariel.

      I do agree that Ariel/C Ariel would likely rank higher than LotL – I probably didn’t do a good enough job of explaining that in the Aino section. But I accept your view! Thanks for sharing it, and thanks for reading!

  10. Y’all sleeping on Nadezhda. Her x2 can change the board in one move. 15% passive healing, plus 714 for each ally over 3 turns while blocking 50% of ALL damage? Not to mention all deceased allies have a 44% chance to revive with 40% health?! Then add the 15% and 714 on top of that and they can be back at 100% in just a couple turns

  11. Where is c ariel?!where is garnet?! Lotl in front of them – thats crazy lol

    Those are the prime healers beside toxi + zuri + hulda + xnol

    Best healers for offense – generating mana or a mana boost for other team members to be ready to fire sooner is soooo important

  12. Do you have, or know of, a list of the “overhealers?” (That’s the name I see used for them more frequently, but there may be a better one) I know Kashhrek, Sanngrior, Gullinbursti, c. LotL but I’m sure there are a lot more. They seem to be adding new heroes faster all the time and I gave up trying to keep up.

    Thank for the great posts!

    1. Hey Tom, welcome! Sorry, I don’t. As you say, back in the day Overhealers were rare. Now it seems every second passive is a health Boost 😁. Thanks for reading!

  13. hi, my favorite is Passepartout , i’m disappointed he didn’t make the top 10, when he does his magic i feel immortal, but GJ and THX 😉

  14. Thanks Old Cynic for al your contributions which contain a lot of humor and in-depth, well-founded analyses and arguments.

    Your reviews really give direction to my choices!

    I can largely understand the top-10 healer list as you describe, but what abount this considerations?

    First: in a world with more and more heavy damagers, healers which can exceed 100% HP are increasingly important.
    GARNET: broken 818/960/1715, gives at 3rd tier 720(!!) HP. And she has a second benefit. In need of prevent status ailments, the 1st tier at very fast suffices as well.
    HEIMDALL (even though I mainly use him in raids): broken 756/1072(!!)/1644 gives a huge HP boost. Moreover, the att+ 30% and 30% resurrection chance can’t be ignored (especially with manaboosters like Ludwig and Xnolphod on his side).

    Second: you do pay attention on mana-influencers like Xnolphod (my personal favourite nr. 1) and Diaochan. What about Ariel (costume)?

    I look forward to your ideas about them.

    Aurgelmir (The Saga Continues.)

    1. Hello Aurgelmir!

      First Ariel. I think she’s fantastic and somewhere on the site someone asked me to put together a Defense team of any heroes I could choose. C. Ariel was in that team. But we’ve moved on and Aino, while not giving mana to my team, will slow the opposing team. Just a personal preference. (I used to love Little John when I first started playing). The new healer on the way in the Challenge Festival 2 will probably top them both.

      Heimdall is great, just too slow without mana gods and his revival rate in the field seems too low.

      Garnet, yes she is great. I guess that’s the point with all these heroes; when you get to the top 15/20, one could argue either way.

      I’ve made my choices with hand on heart and am able to accept that I might be wrong. I’m no expert after all, I just play a lot! And share my views on this blog.

      But my goal is not to pick what I think the community considers the top 10. To try and ‘get it right’ according to the popular view. What’s the point? Better to give my honest opinion and have conversations, like this one!

      Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts! It adds to what people find when they visit these pages! And thanks for reading.

      1. Thanks for your thoughts.
        Fortunately in the end it’s all about personal experience and believes. And, every hero is depended from one another.
        For me, i hate Heimdall is slow, but with Ludwig and Xnolphod on his side, hé is a monster for sure.
        Saying this, it would be a whole new chapter in reviews if Heroes are no longer be rated alone, but in relation/ synergy with other Heroes.

        On topic, did you consider Nadezhda?


        1. For all who agree with Director Zuri as number one, she is rumored to be appearing in the soul exchange.

          1. I wanted Zuri but needed a hot green so I went with Quenell but I do have MN Heimdall Ariel Viv C and Garnet. I use MN on my war Def but I think Heimdall is the most useful all around healer there is getting through levels he’s ridiculous I cannot get enough he is timeless.😂😂😂

  15. someone leaked next SE again and if true she will be offered in 12 days on SEIII
    and I could actually get her but my problem is that I have quite a lot of heroes and too few attackers.

    These are all the heroes that allegedly will be offered:

    10 Souls :

    Khiona | Ranvir | Lady Locke | Natalya | Raffaele

    15 Souls :

    Senan | Aouda | Zeline | Capt Kestrel | Theobald

    20 Souls :

    Onyx | Director Zuri | Quenell | Asterius | Morel

    I was wondering why Asterius would be 20. Do you think he’s that good at avg. speed? Any thoughts?

    1. Hey there, thanks for sharing!

      re. Asterius I agree but they can pick and choose whoever I guess. And yes, I agree also that it’s best to go for someone who fits into /or makes team synergy.

      I would like to write a post on the next Soul Exchange as I did the last (hopefully!), but Morel might be a tad pricey at 20. But again, it depends on who you have on your roster and what you need. Can’t wait to see the published list in the Soul Exchange… soon enough!

      Thanks for stopping by!

      1. maybe pricey but so many people in top100 still have her on their def. Although it would make sense if you have the rest of the team OP AoE heroes. I don’t – so not thinking about her at all. But Quenell maybe worth considering. I could get all the emblems from Devana and LB her too. Only issue is that I would have to get rid of C.MN from my defense and I’m not sure I would survive without her 🙂

  16. I was fortunate enough to pick up director zuri, limit breaking now. Question: I’ve got season 5 galore: sobek, khufu, el naddaha and khepri. I’m tanking zuri for sure, but which formation would you suggest? I’m thinking reverse double because I have khepri’s defense at 989 and khufu’s at 962 or something like that. Or would you suggest another formation, possibly standard?

    1. Hey Wulfgar, from what I see there’s a lot of smart money on Standard or Reverse, but personally I’ve been rocking Double for a long time and find it works perfectly with my defensively minded… Defense. My Defense Teams post, and #1 Leaderboard post, both share my strategy. Congrats on the awesome haul of heroes 🎊🎏🎉! A lot of fun to be had.

      1. Thanks! Yeah, I think I can make her tanky enough for standard…cool beans. Love your blog, I’m always recommending articles to my alliance mates.

  17. Dear Old Cynic,

    Recently E&P finally introduced the Bards. They made Rhys a lot stronger comparee with the bèta version, and made him a semi-healer.

    Do you think he should be in the top-10 list?

    For the Lucky one who draw Rhys, is ZURI stille a target with the soul exchange?

    1. Hey Aurgelmir!

      I like Rhys a lot, much better than the Beta version. But the healing is pretty low as mentioned from my test, which leaves the attack up and Cleanse. I wouldn’t put him on my list, but I can understand why others might.

      Rhys has a lovely Passive and is the right colour to oppose X-o-pod, and actually ends up doing a lot of stuff for one hero, which opens the door to a lot of possible synergies.

      I don’t think anyone should chase a hero on my say so, the hero has to be worthwhile to you, to your roster. So no, don’t chase Zuri unless she makes sense to you!

      This blog should be a starting point/early point of the convo, not the end.

      In short, Rhys may fit into your team, and be more beneficial to your team, than Milena, Hulda, or Zuri.

      Would he be in your Top 10?

      1. Hard to say… Of course I don’t have every healer, but i am sure they do play a keyroll in warraids. I prefer to select 1,5 healer every flag (so Rhys is very acceptable, like Wolfgang or Milena for example).

        For now my army is protected by
        Xnolphod, Kunchen, Rigard (c), Sabina (c)
        Vivica (c), Rhys, Wolfgang, Gullin, Woolerton
        Ariel, Alexandrine, Milena, Kiril
        Mother (c), Heimdall, Ratatoskr, Melendor (c), Brynhild, Kashrekk (c)
        Garnet, Boldtusk, Shale.

        Of course I would give the green Gargoyl, Hulda, Diaochan and Zuri give a warm welcome, but In not sure, they are really necessary.

  18. Nu personal favorite

    1. Xnolphod
    2. Diaochan
    3. Hulda (purple again)
    4. Nadezhda
    5. Green Gargoyl
    6. Garnet
    7. Mother
    8. Milena
    9. Gullinbursti
    10. Heimdall

    1. Thanks Aurgelmir, really insightful!

      The problem with a category countdown is you lose some of the nuances you get from a defined Top 10. With this list, I’m focused on a generic Healer, trying to place some value on the moving parts but more focused on Healing.

      So, a hero like Mother North who I really value doesn’t fair as well as she otherwise would.

      Also, if you face Xnolphod in top 100 raids without a Holy-based team (my fixed raid squad is 3/2 Yellow strong), then Rhys might look a better proposition. It’s all about teams.

      But that’s the beauty of this game, there are so many variables!

      1. Absolutely true! It’s all about personal favor and synergy with other Heroes.

        I think you bring a lot of solid argumentation for your point of view.

        Most important Idea against your list looks like the underrated value of healers which exceed maximum HP. They are the only option for realize zero-pointers at wars and they are been able to give a huge HP buff.

        ‘Half healers’, should also be considered as A-rated healers because of their other functions.


        1. 😀 We’re on the same page with that! The half-Healers, well, I could have won or lost with the inclusion of Milena on this list, but that’s clearly a nod to Wolfy too.

          But the OverHealers, yes, that is absolutely fair. When I review this list with the criteria I set, I could have been kinder to OverHealers. But the deal is done and I’m happy to live with my mistakes. (I would make this blog impossible if not).

          1. Certainly true!
            For me you are definitely a heavyweight in terms of reviews, with good arguments and a lot of humor!

  19. Hey OC,
    Agree with most of your comments. I however personally would put Arco much higher. He has the disadvantage of the minion dependency, that is correct, but he has the crazy advantage that he first turns fiends into minions… and then heals based on the new number of minions. During raids, I generally let Elizabeth, Hannah or other fiend summoners fire first, and then I activate Arco. Bam! 5x 75hp extra… Combined with Pengi, this becomes a really nice attack team. The two of them also take me easily through many event stages.

    1. Hey JanG, you’re right, Arco is full on crazy stuff! It was tough trying to put them in order and I can accept your arguments. Thanks for sharing and for visiting!

  20. Busted my ass to earn 2 Free Underwild summons and I got 3* Helo both times. My Co-Leader once again got the 5* Hero of the Month.
    This is getting frustrating as I need someone like Director Zuri or Ariel.

  21. Hey old cynic, I just got guinevere out of the convenant portal. (of which I can’t play the event because I still have vers 50 in Belgium 🙄). Do you think she still deserve a place in a holy team? Specials look great but stats are a little mediocre with all the new héroes flying around. Oh, fun fact: from now on all belgian players should become f2p since all in app purchases have been blocked because of some New law. Wondering how that will turn out..

    1. Hey Duende, I saw the thing about Belgian on the forum… interesting stuff. I wonder if there’s been a sea change or if it’s just localised?

      You have to let me know how the Free to Play thing goes, maybe in a year or so! 😄

      Re. Guinevere, she looks more like a thorn in the side, than a real problem. The Mana control’s real nice, a 20% haircut could be useful. The Rigard level of healing is OK, but it’s a pity the DefenseUp is only for Dark (and only Caster and Nearby).

      She’d probably be a useful hero for a lifelong F2P, but I don’t know what you’re rocking. Personally, I’d test that 20% Mana cut first (X-O-Pod?), see if I like it, before committing any mats.

      Thanks for reading Duende. I once visited Bruges, it was awesome. I ate so much chocolate and drank so much local beer. You probably live nowhere near there, but there you have it.

    2. ** To be clear, I’m not a fan of Guinevere as a general hero. Unless you have a plan for her (anti-Dark or a team synergy in mind), I wouldn’t prioritise her personally. That said, in about 6 months, you might REALLY need a new project to work on as you are now F2P! Just my 2c **

      1. Haha, I used to be c2p, but have been f2p for 9 months already now so for me it doesn’t change much and I don’t really xare. Even as c2p you just aren’t able to keep up with the big Guns on the field. And I like playing the game but I have peace with just playing on my level. To each his own ofcourse. Spending money is, something everyone has to decide for theirself, no judgement here. As for guinevere, I still, don’t know. I already have lidenbrock, d’andre and gullytheboar si I don’t really see how she could replace any of them. Except for the manareduction she doesn’t Rattle me that much. Just wanted to check if you could convince me otherwise. And oh, I live in ghent, the more beautifull versión of bruges, which is really nice as well. 😉 And in Belgium Every City is close to another one. It’s pretty small in the countrysize versions😅. Next year holidays in Wales and Schotland, looking forward, to that! Thanks again for your opinión.

        1. And by the, way, I heard talk the, law can become International, which then would include the Netherlands and such. Also curious how this will turn out and evolve. I know some (paying) players who are becoming nervous, and are very dissapointed🥴🤓

  22. Vivica

    Con sus 3 atuendos es bastante estupenda para cualquier equipo defensivo u ofensivo

    Translated: With her 3 outfits she’s pretty great for any defensive or offensive team.

  23. If you can only choose one, which of these healers do you think is worth leveling up?

    Wang Yuanji


    1. All are great but do different things. It’s really about what you need. It’s between WY and V unless you have the White Wizard. V is a great allrounder, WY is gonna be solid in the coming Fiends war, and the WW for Dispel. Good luck in making your decision!

  24. Today the empires released the best 4star healer in the game imho: annabelle: heals for 45 to 65%, dispells buffs ánd status ailments, steals a buff or deals damage. And all at average. Saved up 21 tokens for this event: pulled 16 s1 3stars, 4 s1 4stars and her. Very happy with her, but Very dissapointed in general!!! Sg has never been good in odds but this is getting ridiculous

    1. Hi Duende! Sorry about the lousy pulls. I’ve had a torrid time too but today got C. Francine from my 7 pulls -the way it goes right? Congrats on Ana-Belle, she does look awesome. At least it’s something, and easy to level!

      1. I’m happy for you, at least someone ‘s got her. She was my main reason why I saved up the coins😊. But i’ ve got two more chances with the ones I get from the event. Gotta stay positive😉 (and shed tears silently, the bitter type ones)

  25. Hi!
    I recently started E&P and found your site. It’s super helpful: thanks! I hope you can help me with a question/issue that arose when using an overhealer: is there a limit on overhealing? It seemed during a map stage that around 200%, my heroes stopped getting additional HPs.

    Thanks so much!

  26. Missing a point on LoL. There is a costume and she is a sorcerer class meaning she has potential to buff herself whooping 9% in mana speed. Me with 14 level wizard troop have her running at effectively average speed. I have her paired with Silvaria and they charge at exactly same time. Bonus is that Silvaria minions provide extra shield for her swords prolonging their life couple of turns

  27. Happy enough to have ALL of them maxed, some fully LB, Some fully emblemed, some both full full. Hence it all depends on you strategy use or roster. For instance my current defense team is full gargoiles : Gaillard Arco Goseck Peñolite El Duque. Awesome. Arco does the job, same as Wolfgang in my Knight team.

  28. IMHO, looking at who I have, Heimdall Wolfgang Quartz Zircon Ariel deserve consideration. And amog those I don’t have, I would suggest Garnet and Cleopatra (IMHO the current best). And also Nadezhda.

  29. What up Cynic? Just a quick Q: Where do you place Celidana (Oct HOTM) in this list? Doing twice as much healing (overhealing) than Gullinbursti, along with her additional defensive buffs, she just seems pretty darn good

    Additionally, with all of these new and powerful heroes coming out like clockwork, being able to do enough damage to one and two shot entire teams, I feel as though Vivica has regained some utility, whether you use her +def buff or -def debuff or even if you go with her costume 2, which does a fair amount of overhealing herself @670 but also adding a -att (39%) debuff in addition to a dispel, Vivica with all
    costumes and now a classic family bonus seems like she is versatile enough that she belongs on the list again.

    What do you think of these things? Thanks in advance Brother, keep up the fantastic work we all love it! 👍 Cheers!

    1. Hey Crowcaine! It’s fair to say I’m a fan of Celidana’s strong points, but I don’t think she’d make this countdown.

      That said, if you can link her up with Arco/Esme, I think she’s so much better, of course.

      Vivica is a powerhouse, and I agree that some of these older heroes with blanket powers are becoming relevant again. Especially with new X2 Costumes.

      In honesty, these posts (big countdowns) are a real labor of love coz they take sooo much time to create. It’s not just the writing, -it’s the thinking 😁, coz I can’t just say ‘this hero’s the best current Healer’; I’d get shot down!

      I do hope to update the list or create a new Healers list in 2023.

      Also, I try to cover all the new OP heroes coz when I don’t it’s too easy to forget about them! Anyway, I do think the X2 Costumes need respect, but there’s also a bunch of crazy Healers on route via Beta, and they would be in contention, too!

      Thanks for stopping by and for the support!

  30. Great post shows updates as of October 2023, but ai think you need to rewrite the entire list. It’s not a discussion when all top defenses in the game have Myoin-ni and you can’t have Cleopatra and Hathor misisng from your list. Sha Wujing as a killer healer is also missing. I understand your original list was created in 2022, but ai don’t understand what updates you did recently that didn’t include all of those new heroes and more. BTW. Love all your posts.

    1. Hey Maximus! Nooo, sorry for the confusion. I’m always updating posts for formatting or figures here and there to keep the site working properly… especially with the Hero Grading project on the go. So no, this is old with a cut of date back in 2022.

      I also allow readers to see the Updated Date because it’s sometimes helpful (although, clearly not this time!)

      Thanks for the support and reading my blog!

  31. I agree with this list. I’ve been playing for about 5 years and am just now, at long last, tapping into the forums and online stuff about the game. I went searching for info on Grimforest summon (I want Frog Prince!,) didn’t find anything, so started searching out good 5* healers to replace Kiril or put a green healer in there in place of the low-defense Lianna, and found this.

    I don’t even bother fighting Zuri – that’s an automatic and assumed re-roll!

    I think that, as of 11/2023 or whenever she first was put out there, Dunes summon Cleopatra has to be high on the list, if not #1. There is more to it than this, but I’ll drop one thing about it: +65% health recovery for all allies. Yowza.

    My apologies if you’ve already posted this elsewhere. I love your content by the way!

    1. Hey Erik, thanks for the support! This is an old list but the Healers are still very good, right.

      There would definitely be a new no.1 today, I think. Thanks again!

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