My first Limit Break 2 Hero (Empires and Puzzles) Who’d You Pick?

Test says, My Choice for Empires and Puzzles Limit Break 2

Today, I wanted to share which Hero I decided to Limit Break and a simple strategy for getting the most outta them. I also wanted to know who you picked and why!

I’ve also written my own Limit Break 2 Guide, and it includes a helpful table and tool showing all 5-Star Aether Powers.

If you’re interested in another comprehensive guide, be sure to check out the forum where PlayForFun has created this!

Back to today, and the Hero I decided to Limit Break 2…

This post may contain speculation, personal opinion, and adult comedy. It is not advice and is solely for entertainment and informational purposes.


Why did I Limit Break the mighty Ludwig? (Empires & Puzzles)

My Limit Broken 2 Ludwig Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Beta is a proper mind-f#%k.

I’m tellin you; there’s a conflict of interest between game balance and my personal roster.

I’m dealing with moral dilemmas, the likes of which school could never prepare you for!

Here’s the thing, when we were testing these new Aether Powers, it was really hard to remain impartial and offer my opinion based on the Meta.

-One issue for me was Ludwig, who initially had 6 Taunt Turns as his Aether Power.

When I tested him, 6 Turns felt like an eternity.

My inner voice was saying, “Just tell them it’s balanced, so they give your Ludwig 6 Turns of Taunt!”.

But man, all those years of Religion can make it hard to lie. I need a proper running start with that stuff.

Anyway, I returned to the Beta Lounge, hoping no one was sitting in my favourite chair that’s by the large window over-looking the garden pond, and I was all like, “Nah man, best we don’t let Ludwig walk out like this. -He’s gonna f#%k everything up”.

OK, Why Ludwig, Still… After the slight reduction?

The tactic I was alluding to above isn’t some grand piece of Rocket Science, but I’ll explain it anyway:

4 Turns of Taunt is enough to trigger most of the Quick Hitters (looking at you Jove).

Now, I don’t wanna talk ill of somebody, but Jove is a grade-A pr&#k, and we all know it. Feels good to finally say something.

Anyway, while it won’t work every time, it seems to work about 70% of the time for me.

Basically, you walk into Battle with Ludwig’s Aether Taunt switched on. Next, you Slap all the tiles you can at Jove and any other big Hitter (ideally a 3-hitter or an All-hitter), and then?

~You simply let them have at it.

Just let them swing away.

Just let go and let the universe take control.

We only hurt ourselves by holding onto pain. It’s true.

Here are some examples of Ludwig and his Aether Taunt Power:

Showing a Limit Broken 2 Ludwig Taunt Vs Jove - Example 1
Jove being a D#%!

Here, I’ve run tiles into Jove. Forcing him to fire off and hit Ludwig. Simple enough.

Showing a Limit Broken 2 Ludwig Taunt Vs Jove - Example 2
Jove… being the bully that he is.

And the jerk couldn’t help himself!

But Ludwig is built for this stuff. Mine has over 1100 Shield and near 2000 Health. And check out his Talent…

Talent: PROTECT ~ +25% chance to get +25% defense for 2 turns after receiving and damage. The effect is applied at the end of the turn.

Here’s another example:

Showing a Limit Broken 2 Ludwig Taunt Vs Attackers - Example 1

Leonidas (Cx2) is another one with an attitude problem.

Showing a Limit Broken 2 Ludwig Taunt Vs Attackers - Example 2

In my opinion, Ludwig is ideally suited to take advantage of this Aether Taunt Power, especially on Offence.

I’m not saying that you can win every Raid with him, but he does offer an additional strategy for dealing with all these silly quick slappers out there.

And there’s nothing better than Taunting for 4 Turns while collecting the tiles he needs to fire his own Taunt. Pretty cool stuff.

Who Should You Limit Break, again? (Empires and Puzzles)

For me, Ludwig was always going to be my first choice because the Taunt adds a layer of early functionality to an already powerful, yet slow, Hero.

-None of my other Heroes could offer the same level of practicality with their Aether Powers.

Of course, there’s more to it, like the additional Stats your Hero will receive when gifted the Limit Breaker Mark II.

That said, my opinion is the same as it was for the first Limit Breakers; pick Heroes that you already use and love. Heroes that you Raid with, that sit on your Defense, and that you have fun with.

At the end of the day, unless you’re willing to pay (and I believe they will be in their own Summoning Portal), it’s gonna take a long old time to Limit Break your entire Raid or Defense Squad.

So for my part, I’ll be Breaking my favourite, most useful Heroes. Heroes that get a lot of playtime, especially my beloved Raiding Squad of try-hards.

This is the Alpha Aether 2 reward I got today from a Empires and Puzzles Elemental Chest
Already being rewarded in my Elemental Chest

Ludwig and his Free Aether Taunt (Empires and Puzzles)

My final thoughts:

Well, we all knew it was coming, and now it’s here.

The future is upon us.

As I say, I will write another more guide-y post with that quick-glance detail, but I wanted to post this today!

That said, feel free to have your say on:

  • The Hero you picked to level (and their Aether Power), or
  • The impact of the second Limit Breakers on the game.

The floor is yours!

If you can, please share a link somewhere, and thanks for visiting!

It’ll be summer soon, thank goodness. I could use some sun.

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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  1. Gave LB2 to Xiaotu because I use her heavily. She’s my wild card! Although Queen Anne is almost finished now (lvl.83) I’m winning raids much easier because of her and I think she deserves an LB2 too.

  2. Hello Old Cynic,
    Ludwig or El Naddaha ? El Naddaha or Ludwig ? He or she ?
    I hesitated for a long time and I have choosen El Naddaha.
    But my next BL2 will be Ludwig.
    I needed a good hitter before a good defender.
    When I look at the defenses of the best players, I tell myself that Ludwig was surely the best solution…

    1. 😄 Ludwig or El Naddaha, tough choice. I can’t see what El Naddaha got re. the Aether Power, I’ll have to find out. But those extra Stats will be needed soon!

  3. After looking at my LB heros, I LBx2 my Kara too.
    The goal of a taunt hero is saving your team from hard hitters: starting with taunt you can had 4 turns where you hard hitters aren’t going to die. Maybe Kara die early (no resistance vs specials), but is her job: Sacrifiying for the team.

    Next are Dawn, Bertwulf and Rekethere…for just one alpha aehter.

    1. I agree. I’m not too concerned about losing Ludwig in Raids, but on D he may be more vulnerable as the atk’er (not willing to type out attacker apparently) can get the Sniper going… But that’s a threat anyway.

      Thanks for sharing Cris!

      1. My pick was Ludwig also.
        .. but guess what?
        .. my defense team in today’s war, was for the first time a one attack looser. (say it bad luck???)
        .. and also…………
        (sorry for my terrible English)

        1. Maybe not, there is discussion on the forum about the Defense implications. I’m testing different options as we speak. No worries about the English, and thanks for reading!

    2. Hi Old Cynic, thank you for writing these! I was wondering, I’m only a few months in and don’t have enough materials to even fully ascend a 5* yet and only have a couple 5s so far. Do you think I should go ahead and LB 2 some of my 3*s for now? I use Dawn and Faiez alot and thought maybe I’d have more aethers by the time I finally can do 5*s! Thank you! 🙂

      1. Hi FairyLuna, if you don’t have the mats then it does make sense to go with what you got. If possible, I’d aim for a really solid 4-Star. Do you have one?

        I do say it will take a long time to level a Defense Team, but for us long-term grinders, it won’t be too painful (I imagine!). Aethers will start appearing as loot so it shouldn’t be a make-or-break moment.

        Anyway, I would level as high a Hero calibre as I had that was available and useful to me -ie, I had mats for. But also, consider saving some for later.

        Thanks for visiting FairyLuna.

        1. Thank you so much for the reply and helpful advice! The best 4*s that I have so far besides season 1s are Azmia, Junaid, Mist, Scoratek Proteus, & Gadeirus w/costume. They’re not fully leveled yet but I’m working on them!

  4. I love my Louhi and I limit break her… I use her in my defense, in my first attack team, in titans, tournaments because she does everything… First dispel buff, hits all enemies and defense down them… The other reason is I was having the proper mats for phew heroes and especially purple (I have Ludwig too but no fully emblemed and limit break him yet)

  5. I pair Ludwig with Heimdall and Kullervo but I’m worried a couple of big slaps at the beginning will take Ludwig out before they get their mana boost from his own special. More manageable on offence true, but am I better giving the aether bonus to Heimdall and increased heal to start with?

    1. It’s a tough call. Ludwig will get that early slap, especially mine, as that’s what I’m hoping for. I still hope to try out different line-ups to offer him more support. I used to play him with Esme, which I’ll try again.

      I would say try and face a LB2 Ludwig and Heimdall in Raids or via an Alliance Match; see what’s on Youtube, FB, Reddit, and the Forum, so you can satisfy yourself on the best option. I was a huge fan of the Taunt for Raiding in Beta, and still am.

      Thanks for sharing!

  6. I go with Sekhmet! He is my best hero and I use him a lot! And I think with second LB he can heal more and by my test his healing is at least +120 more without any defense down or attack up! My next project will be Ludwig of course.
    Thanks for your great attitude.

  7. I picked Anne. The reason is first Anne is a great offensive hero, and second I also use her in my defense, LBx2 will make her sturdier as the special skill is %20 up for 6 turns.

    1. Anne is already strong even as a single tank believe it or not due to her power. With 2nd LB she’s going to rule the world. I know she’s not supposed to be a tank but I faced her on classic formation without 2nd LB and she was a big problem even fighting with mono

  8. I’m thinking of 2xLB normal Krampus (with costume bonus) over M&M, who is already 1xLB. Krampus had a spot on my raid defence before pre-nerf M&M came along; now it seems appropriate to restore him to his former glory. I’ll need double the ice aethers but it seems worth the effort to get them.
    Regardless, I’m in no real rush to 2xLB any hero in particular – the 5* heroes only started rolling in for me about 2-4 months before I pulled both Celidana and M&M last year, so I’m still occasionally left wanting on regular 4* ascension materials.

  9. I don’t have Ludwig. I chose Wolfgang. It was a no brainier. He’s on my defense team and main offense team. He does a fair amount of damage and also boosts the health of allies. Keeping him alive longer and boosting his offensive number has the biggest effect for me.

  10. My dilemma is whether to break a single 5* which would be Ludwig or Waterpipe, or three 4* OP heroes, effectively making them competitive 5* heroes. Probably Kalo, Azmia and Li Xiu 2nd costume. You make a good argument for Ludwig though……

  11. I will start by saying I’m free play and don’t have a deep roster. I gave mine to Cx2 Khagan. The simple fact of it is that with the costume set he can be a sniper or an area hitter and either way he is a defensive buffer. He is on my defense, he is quite often used on offense and he is fun to use. I almost went with Kai but he isn’t nearly as durable or versatile. I’m looking forward to seeing how he does with aether power. That may take a couple weeks.

  12. Did Ludwig. Was contemplating on Arco too, but Ludwig is one of my 2 tanks. As c2p I have limited roster -none of those new superOP heros and Ludwig is game changer even without 2nd LB. Besides, I was lucky enough to have mats for him so at the end of the day they introduced 2ndLB he was at lvl 90 . Until everyone will have 2nd LB (and eventually whales will have all attacking heroes at 2nd LB), he’s already making a difference. My win ratio on def is about 70-80% which is a lot considering my roster (Nadezhda Ludwig Arco Zhuge Liang Sobek at reverse formation). My max troops are 23 (2x for avg heroes).
    Anyway he was offered at 15 so obviously many people got him in SE as me and all of them (especially c2p) will 2nd LB him eventually…

  13. I’m considering saving it for costume Krampus. He goes back to having dodge, which is basically why they nerfed him in the first place.

  14. Hi OC.
    I was afraid the would ask too many 5-star aether to unlock the 2nd LB, therefore I had the limits broken for only 5 heroes. With all information I broke 5 more (to have a total of 2 of each element) and Ludwig is not among them, but you made a solid case here. I will put myself in a very reflective frame of mind.

  15. deciding between ARCO, 2c Obakan (war tank, missing 1alpha) and the Hatter. Hatter is old and weak, but often the only way to play against strong players.

  16. I chose Cathal. He is already a handy hero for defense and for raids. I haven’t reached 90 yet, so the jury is still out on this choice.

  17. If you were to redo your ranking for best heroes would Ludwig now be no. 1? Any other taunters not on the list who would make it to the top 10? Thanks!

    1. Tough question. No, he wouldn’t be #1; there are so many proper OP Heroes out there. But I am enjoying my LB2 Ludwig. I like the gorilla Taunter I saw in Beta called Thunderclap, he’s awesome.

      As for any in the top 10? There’s no way I can answer that without doing the math coz people will be calling me out on it forever! That’s why I have to zero in on a hero at a time and not get carried away grading anything on a whim.

      I like the Average Speed Taunters but as someone who runs Malosi, none do enough on D to terribly worry me, and that would impact my grading.

      Anyway, thanks for visiting!

  18. Hi, love reading your thoughts on heroes and strategy. I have Ludwig, Milena, Hathor, Guan Yu, Ruby, Zagrog and Costume Drake Fong ready to be LB2 and I’m having trouble deciding. Ludwig does seem like the smarter and safer choice but Hathor and Milena are enticing me as well. Even Guan Yu looks good. Help me please. Make my mind up for me. I’m stuck.

    1. Hi Justin, sorry for the late response. I’ve been working on a tool for the LB2 which I hope people will find useful.

      Too many variables, including those which pertain to your personal style of play.

      If one doesn’t jump up at you, pause and let time pass until it becomes clear.

      I’m sure we’ll get more free Mats (Alpha Aethers) in time so it shouldn’t be make or break. But as I said above, who are you currently using/enjoying/getting results from? If nothing looks great, just wait til you’re happy with your choice!

  19. Hi OC,

    Love your humour and wit.

    I made a defensive choice and 2LB my Furdinand.
    Talent grid also full. His stats are now:

    Attack: 1010
    Defence: 1123
    Health: 2001

    I really love Furdinand but wonder whether I should’ve 2LB Anne instead.
    What do you reckon?
    -Karthnard (Aussie Empire)

    1. Hi Karthnard, I’m a huge fan of both. I imagine you’ll wanna LB2 both in time and Furdinand is a fine choice to start. Plus, it’s done!

      Also, it’s not like you had those 2 but decided to LB Justice 😁

      Congrats and thank you for reading my blog, I appreciate it!

  20. I been following and using your post since I started playing…THANK YOU!!!! My 1st was Lugwig Think Khufu might be my 2nd

  21. I went with Alfrike.
    She’s basically my only pure damage game changer. I considered Mama North just to help keep her aloft longer to potentially keep everyone else standing upright, but staying alive rarely means much if you can’t remove those monsters in front of you.
    Alfrike is already a beast when she’s able to pop off but now with extra survivability her chances of helping us toward victory increase greatly which is all I want.

  22. Might I also say… I didn’t realize exactly how expensive it was going to be to get them to that next max level… using those extra rare mats was a gut punch not easily recovered from. Hope it will be worth it!

  23. Hi Old Cynic,

    I run into a dilemma since the 2LB introduced. I have both Ludwig and Queen Anne. You have covered all the goodies for Ludwig and all my clan mates agree with you. However, none of them pulled Queen Anne and after reading their skills, I think Queen Anne (if anyone lucky enough to pull her) is stronger/better than Ludwig abit:

    Here what I understand about Queen Anne:
    – She taunts for 6 turns (same as Ludwig)
    – She self-heal 918 hp over 6 turn (cancel out all/part of damage received)
    – All allies get +65% defense
    – All allies get +44% mana gen (herself includes) ==> this mean the whole team can have their mana gen speed reduce 1/2 :O

    Please let me know what do you think.


    1. Hello Yolo, you make very good points about QA and she’s even stronger since I reviewed her. That heal is crazy tanky.

      There are so many Heroes in the game now, with many top tier, that sometimes it comes down to who you got. LW was a trend setter and became widely available via a SE so he’s the one in the public eye. But QA looks ridiculous now and as you have her, and attest to her strengths, I’d say go with what you know.

      You have both and she is clearly stronger to you. You play her more than LW as well (I assume) which is another reason to go with her.

      I haven’t gone back to properly regrade the musketeers, but they all look awesome and QA is a monster. I hate to talk out of turn without allowing time to properly compare all the details, but +65% Defense all round, mana regen, and self healing. Hard to argue against that.

      But don’t forget LW will generate mana for nothing!

      Good luck deciding.

  24. I chose Ludwig… it was hard not to, lol.

    This may sound strange to many… but my second one (whenever that comes) will probably be Noor. When she’s next to Ludwig (with Pengi on the other side)… well, that’s one of my favorite setups. And this would improve her minions from 491 hp to nearly 600, plus starting with mana boost? Drool.

  25. Thanks for the excellent write up! I chose Oniwakamaru for similar reasons. He can get up an undispellable taunt in just 5 tiles and the boosted heal aether power is awesome for him. Plus he’s my luckiest pull and I like his artwork a lot 🙂

  26. My current top hero is Hathor. So I lb2-ed her. At 5.90 she has 985 attack, 1135 defense, 2117 health. Boosting fast people’s health (and hers 🙂 ), she keeps things going for a long time 🙂

  27. I personnaly chose Anne. She is just he best killer on my roster and I use her in my defense as tank. At fast, if she goes off quick enough she can decimate the entire opposite team. For my second I am hesitating between Ludwig, Bastet and El Naddaha.
    Ludwig was my first ever 5* and he made me won countless battles I would have lost if it wasn’t for him.
    He will probably get the next 10 alpha ether I get just because he is so dear to my heart haha

  28. Hey old cynic, apparantly I lissed a few emails of your posts! I am doubting between lidenbrock and quintín, Both i use often. Don’t have any of the New powerhouses but waiting for one of those seems a little meaningless

  29. Hi OC.
    I’m a F2P player so I don’t have many quality heroes to choose from. So I chose Hypnos. It is excellent for attacking already at
    2x Mana Charge. He often attacks first, also dispells and thus prepares the way for others. I would also like LB2 on a tank, but Freya without a costume is not the best.
    But I am very satisfied with Hypnos.

  30. I went with Ludwig for the same reason you mentioned OC, but it was a tough choice for me. I was very close to upping El Duque to get the counter attack aether power.

  31. Hi OC, I nearly went with Ludwig as well and I think he’s an excellent choice. However, after quite a bit of thought, I chose Anne. The main reason for this was Equalizer Mode in wars. I switch Ludwig out of my D teams for those, but I always have Anne on defense, regardless of the mode. I’ll probably LB2 Ludwig next, though.

  32. Dear OldCynic, thanks for your worthy opinion. Interesting that you mention both my top spots for limit break 2 – but I wish you gave a comparison! That is, does Jove give enough to be a contestant go Ludwig in terms of usefullness, to limit break 2? I was considering taking him, simply because he seriously rocks! But I can’t deny, what you say about Ludwig is making me hesitate…

    1. Hey Ariakas, I think Jove is one of the most OP heroes in the game. The idea of improving his stats yet further is a great idea.

      Re. Ludwig, his LB2 significantly alters his use which is fantastic for a slow hero. My position is, I will lb2 my most used heroes and make my way round as mats become available. The question is, who’s more important to you?

      Thanks for reading!

  33. How about urseana… I know the Atlantic hero are old and not over powered like the new ones , but I do like the x4 family defense 20%. I don’t have other great options for defense. Maybe Ariel , vivica, Cristobal , lady o lake , or newly acquired Elizabeth

  34. I semi retired from the game and came back. I don’t have Lud so my first 2xLB was Arco with stats of 1010, 1143, 2051. He’s changed my defense and questing has become a breeze. For my second 2xLB I don’t know who to choose all costumed: Seshat, Richard, Azlar, Kadilen. Non costume Cleopatra, Lady of the Lake, Freya? No clue. None of them are exciting outside Seshat for me

  35. I used my first on Krampus, second on Hawthorn. They are a great pairing to start off with imo. Not sure what I’m going to do for my 3rd yet.

  36. No question Ludwig best choice, what I am really surprised didn’t happen was purple tank didnt get less popular everyone threw Ludwig in as tank. Ludwig is not a problem at tank at flank real big problem. Especially now with the harder hitters Ludwig only needs to boost one character with that mana blessing to wipe out a board, in my opinion Ludwig is probably better at wing than tank. Next to a sturdy big hitter

  37. Hallöchen würden Sie Uraeus oder Onatel Ether geben?

    Translated: Hello, would you give Ether to Uraeus or Onatel?

    1. No -Not the second limit break (which is what this post is about).

      Depending on your roster, I might give Uraeus the first limit break.

      Looking at the forum for stats, and Onatel just looks too old for investment.

      Translated: Nein – nicht der zweite Limit-Break (um den es in diesem Beitrag geht).

      Abhängig von Ihrem Kader gebe ich Uraeus möglicherweise den ersten Limit Break.

      Wenn man sich die Statistiken im Forum anschaut, sieht man, dass Onatel einfach zu alt für eine Investition ist.

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