Tavern Of Legends: Tips & Heroes (Empires and Puzzles)

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Tavern of Legends, the Empires and Puzzles event, happens to be my personal favourite. Not only is it the most interesting challenge in the game, but it’s also an opportunity to grab an old Hero Of The Month (HotM).

In this post, I’ll cover the event rules, give you my best tips for completing the Quest, and also list the HotM we can expect to see.

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MENU (Empires and Puzzles Tavern Of Legends)
1. Quest Rules
2. Tips for Completing the Quest
3. What Coins are used at the Summoning Gate?
4. A List of Heroes Of The Month (HotM)
4. New HotM Family Bonus (updated)

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Tavern Of Legends Quest Rules (Empires and Puzzles)

The rules for Tavern Of Legends are simple, and genius:

  • You can only use each Hero in your roster once.

This simple rule makes the event incredibly engaging because the challenge is to try and complete all 10 stages without running out of good Heroes to use.

Also, as the stages progress, they get more difficult; the first stage is the easiest, and the last stage is the hardest. So, the logical goal is to save your best Heroes for the last stage, but that’s easier said than done.

For example, say you use Boldtusk for the first stage, you then can’t use him for any other stage. -Even if you fail to complete the stage!

Imagine having to re-do that level, but now with Boldtusk (and his 4 teammates) gone. You’ll have to replace him with another Hero, a Hero that you were likely saving for a later round.

Let’s say it’s Rigard. How will you beat the later round if you use up Rigard now?

And that’s the beauty of Tavern Of Legends.

Tips for Completing Tavern Of Legends (Empires & Puzzles)

The Tavern Of Legends Quest can be a real challenge if you don’t have +50 levelled Heroes. That’s why I put this guide together, sharing how I beat the Quest as a new player.

First, get yourself a screenshot of the latest Quest guide. This is a list of all the Hero bosses for each stage, so you know what colors (or ‘elements’) you’ll be facing. The SG forum (Oct 22 guide) is a good place to check, or Facebook, or Reddit.

With that by your side, here’s my strategy:

To begin with, play the early stages with the weakest possible team. I still try to complete the first stage using only Feeder Heroes (1-Star and 2-Star Heroes).

Next, I sprinkle in a few 3-Star Heroes, alongside yet more Feeders! And with each stage, ensure my team is comparable to the recommended team strength. That means, while my team strength may be lower than the recommended, I am at least aware of what it should be, and I’m satisfied that I can win with the team I’m fielding. -Because a loss now, would impact the overall result.

An important thing to remember is, once you’re through the initial stages, you’re nearing the point of no return (depending on the depth of your roster). Once you’ve committed a few good Heroes, any loss thereafter might result in total failure to complete the event.

Next, I play 3-Star Heroes alongside 4-Star Heroes.

Then, 4-Star Heroes with 5-Star Heroes.

And in the end, I’m hopefully left with my best 5 Heroes, who can handle the final stage bosses.

In this way, you slowly increase the strength of your team, while hopefully equalling the increase in difficulty.

What if you don’t have many 4/5 star Heroes? Then you have to manage your expectations. You should set yourself a reasonable goal, and try to achieve it.

You might not be able to beat stage 10, but hopefully, you can win enough Legend Coins to get a free spin at the Summoning Gate.

What Battle Items should you take with you?

It’s better to use Battle Items than it is to risk defeat. So here are a few items which could really make the difference:

TIME STOP – All enemies lose 100% mana and have their normal attack delayed by 3 turns.

MIRACLE SCROLL – All Heroes are revived and get 400 HP.

TORNADO (or similar item) – For when you want to shake up the board and charge some mana, without missing a turn.

HEALING POTION – This can be useful for making sure there are no early round slip-ups.

MANA POTION – Ideal for when you need your Hero to fire off at the start of battle.

What Coins are used at the Tavern Of Legends Summoning Gate?

Legend Coins and standard Gems are both accepted at the Tavern Of Legends Summoning Gate.

Screenshot of Tavern Of Legends Coins for Summoning
Gems and Legend Coins

It will cost you 100 Legend Coins for one pull at the Gate.

And, if you complete the Tavern Of Legends Quest, you’ll receive 220 Legend Coins for your troubles.

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Tavern Of Legends: Hero Of The Month (HotM) List

Just so you know, all Heroes Of The Month are 5-Star Heroes, although the Summoning Gate is also populated with the usual fare of basic Heroes.

Ex-HotMs are added to the Tavern Of Legends event around 11 months after their initial release (the list below is based on that premise):

JanNatalya + COnatelVelaBertilaViscaroRoughian & Nurgib
MarDelilah + CFridaTelluriaMalicnaZagrog
AprAeron + CAnzoghMalosiFrosthSilvaria
MayAlasie + CMargaretClarissaYang MaiKara
JunHel + CGravemaker + CRanvirRaffaeleElradirArfanias
JulAthena + CGregorionSeshat + CNoorDevanaKlaern
AugAres + CDrake Fong + CMikiZoccChakkoszrotTahir
SepMusashiKhionaGrazulBai YeongAlexandrineGrace
OctAlberich + CAegir + CKingstonZulagRussellCelidana
NovThoth-AmunZimkitha + CNeithGlendaBalbarMorax
DecPerseus + CEvelynGrimbleReubenHanitraBalur
Tavern Of Legends – A list of prior Heroes Of The Month

I’ve ended the list there as Roughian & Nurgib is currently shown in the portal. That said, you shouldn’t base any Summoning strategy on this list, instead please check in-game for up-to-date facts.

New Hero Of The Month (HotM) Family Bonus

The new HotM Family Bonus is now active for all Heroes born before 2021.

These bonuses really elevate Heroes, making them more useful in a quickly progressing game. Here’s what we have:

2017 HotM Family Bonus

  • 1-2-3 Heroes from the 2017 class receive +5%, +10%, or +15% mana generation
  • Elemental Link will now affect all allies (if you have two 2017 HotM on the same team (this is massive))

2018 HotM Family Bonus

  • 1-2-3 Heroes from the 2018 class receive +10%, +15%, or +20% defense
  • Elemental Link will now affect all allies (if you have two 2018 HotM on the same team)

2019 HotM Family Bonus

  • 1-2-3 Heroes from the 2019 class receive +10%, +15%, or +20% attack
  • Elemental Link will now affect all allies (if you have two 2019 HotM on the same team)

2020 HotM Family Bonus

  • 1-2-3 Heroes from the 2020 class receive +10%, +15%, or +20% healing
  • Elemental Link will now affect all allies (if you have two 2020 HotM on the same team)

2021 HotM Family Bonus

  • 1-2-3 Heroes from the 2021 class receive +10%, +15%, or +20% critical chance
  • Elemental Link will now affect all allies (if you have two 2021 HotM on the same team)

2022 HotM Family Bonus

  • 1-2-3 Heroes from the 2022 class receive +10%, +15%, or +20% attack
  • Elemental Link will now affect all allies (if you have two 2022 HotM on the same team)

2023 HotM Family Bonus

  • Coming soon – Jan 2023

Empires and Puzzles, Tavern Of Legends Review

Tavern Of Legends is a fantastic event which I hope is replicated in the future. I actually think new players get more out of the Challenge than seasoned players like me. Because the fun is in actually trying to beat the Quest, with a limited roster.

Once you have +50 levelled Heroes, it gets a lot easier. But maybe the developers could add another level, just for experienced players like us?

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  1. Thanks, very useful. These old HOTM heroes are probably the hardest to get… there are so many of them and even if you pull one with what is it, the 1.3% chance for a 5-star, then it’s still only going to be 1 in 39 that it’s the hero you want.

    I’d really like Gravemaker as I think he is still stupidly overpowered, but realistically it’s going to be impossible to ever pull the hero you want from this event unless you do thousands of pulls 🙁

    1. Yep, that is true. But I expect to have 2 or 3 free pulls which will be enough for me. It’s just a punt at the end of the day.

      I do enjoy the Quest challenge, and if I get anything from the Summoning Gate, well that’s a bonus.

      Good luck with your next pulls!

  2. Is there a reason you wouldn’t recommend folks to find the pictogram of what bosses are at the end of each level? You are laying out the foundation for them to plan but leaving out that someone invariably posts these to E&P forums, Reddit, etc. where they can then plan their color stacking and or hero specials around the bosses at each level to give them an extra edge. I’d also add that Revive and Miracle scrolls and Time Stops can help you turnaround a potential loss and turn it into a win, which helps greatly since heroes can only be used once.

    1. Hi there, I did recommend that they get themselves a screenshot of the guide, and also link to the main post over on the SG forum -it’s near the top. Regards the items that are useful, you are right that I should list a few, which I’ll do now. Thanks for commenting!

  3. I think that it is also important to have your Hero Academy maxed as you can also get past HOTM there as well.

  4. Man, would I love for there to be more stages. I have ascended ALL of my 3* and 4* heroes. So I usually don’t even get to use all my 5*s in this event, either, because I run out of stages first.

    But I can see how a lot more stages could get frustrating for new players.

  5. Wow, shows how little I’ve been paying attention to my team. I didn’t realize they changed 2018 bonus from healing to defense. Not very happy about that at all. I level broke Evelyn and Zim to help my defense team out with a little extra healing. Bummer…

    1. Hahahaha, easily done. They change loads and I wouldn’t be surprised to find parts of this site out-of-date. But hey, what can you do?! Defense is cool too… don’t give up on Evelyn and Zim. Good luck NurglesGift.

  6. There is a new event coming at the end of August, “Covenant of Champions”, that looks to be in a similar style as “Tavern of Legends”. It is still in Beta so nothing is set in stone, details on the forum. Already I have seen significant changes take place in the few days it has been available for perusal. Enjoy!

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