Empires and Puzzles Troops: A Complete Guide

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1. What are Troops?
2. Attaching Troops to Heroes
3. What Impact do Troops have?
4. Mana and Mana Troops
5. Levelling Troops

Caveat: This post contains game-play speculation and personal opinion. It may also contain adult comedy and sarcasm. It is not advice and is solely for entertainment, and informational, purposes.

What are Troops in Empires and Puzzles?

Troops are a mechanism used to enhance a hero’s core stats.

Here’s an example of an Empires and Puzzles hero with a set of 1-Star Level 1 Troops assigned:

Screenshot of Malosi with Troops Stats with a 1-Star, Level 1, Troop attached
Malosi with a 1-Star LVL 1 Troops (Monastic Rogues)

And here’s the same hero with a set of 4-Star Level 15 Troops assigned. Spot the difference?

Screenshot of Malosi with Troops Stats with a 4-Star, Level 15, Troop attached
Malosi with 4-Star LVL 15 Troops (Monastic Battlemages)

You’ll see that the Battlemages Level 15 Troops offer no Health bonus whatsoever. And that, Malosi’s Health is actually greater with the Rogues Level 1 Troops, which give a +4% Health bonus.

However, his Attack, Defense, and Mana Generation, have all improved with the Level 15 Troops.

Troops can improve a heroes stats in the follow areas:

  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Health
  • Healing Bonus
  • Critical Damage
  • Mana Bonus
  • Bypass Defensive Buffs

Each Troop set has up to four of these buffs (1 and 2-Star Troops only have three buffs).

The image below shows three examples (top to bottom) of different Troops and their bonuses.

Screenshot of Troop Ability Icons
Example of the symbols used on Troops

The top 4 icons represent: Attack, Defense, Health, and Critical damage.

The middle 4 icons represent: Attack, Defense, Healing Bonus, and Mana Bonus.

The last 4 icons represent: Attack, Defense, Healing, and Bypass Defensive Buffs.

As you Level-up your Troops, their four core buffs will also increase in value.

3 Types Of Troops (Updated to include Magic Troops)

There are currently three distinct sets of Troops to obtain and Level. The first are Standard Troops, which can be found routinely in the Epic Troop summoning portal. This grouping includes Mana Troops.

Screenshot of Mana Troops in Empires and Puzzles
Example of Mana Troops

Standard Troops may enjoy any of the buffs listed above, aside from the ability to Bypass Defensive Buffs, which is exclusively reserved for the second type of Troop; Ninja Troops.

Ninja Troops are only obtainable when the Ninja Tower event is on.

Screenshot of Ninja Troops in Empires and Puzzles
Example of Ninja Troops

The third type of Troop is the recently introduced Magic Troops, which accompany the Magic Tower event.

Magic Troops are expected to be highly sought after, as they offer a high rate of Mana Bonus (5% higher than standard Mana Troops).

Magic Troops offer:

  • +22% Attack
  • +16% Defense
  • +22% Healing
  • +20% Mana

Where are my Troops!?

All Troops are housed in your Barracks, which is also where you upgrade them.

Screenshot Troop Barracks in Empires and Puzzles
Screenshot of the Troop Barracks

You’ll need to be at Stronghold 10 in order to build Barracks. As you Level-up the building, the maximum possible Level of your Troops, will also increase.

Here’s how it works:

Barracks LevelMaxTroopLevelCap
2Level 10Level 7Level 5Level 3
4Level 15Level 11Level 6
6Level 20Level 12
10Level 30
Barracks and Troops Explained – Empires and Puzzles

How do I Attach Troops to my Heroes in Empires and Puzzles?

Screenshot of Malosi with Troops Attached before battle
Attaching Troops – Empires and Puzzles

In the prep screen before any battle, you’ll see your team of heroes lined-up. The A.I will automatically pair a set of Troops to your hero, as seen above.

When selecting heroes for battle, the A.I will always automatically pair them with the highest possible set of Troops.

The best Troops will always go with the first hero you add to the line-up. If you’re using more than 1 hero of the same element, the second best set go to the next hero you select, and so-on. -Until the line-up is complete.

If you want to change the Troop for another, simply tap the Troop you wish to change and your selection of available Troops will appear. You can now tap on another Troop to assign them to your hero.

There are some restrictions though:

  1. Troops are linked by Element. That means, you can only link a Blue set of Troops, with a Blue hero.
  2. In Tournaments, you can assign up to 4-Star Troops to 5-Star heroes, up to 3-Star Troops to 4-Star heroes, and finally, up to 2-Star Troops, to 3-Star heroes. Elsewhere in the game, you can attach Troops however you like.

What Impact do Troops have?

What quantifiable impact do Troops actually have?

Here’s what they do again, but this time we’ll go a bit deeper:

  • Attack – This will increase the Attack stats of the hero.
  • Defense – This will increase the Defense stats of the hero.
  • Health – This will increase the Health stats of the hero.
  • Healing Bonus – This improves how much a hero heals from Specials and Items.
  • Critical Damage – This increases the chance that a hero will do Double the damage.
  • Mana Bonus – This increases the speed at which a hero generates mana.
  • Bypass Defensive Buff – This will create a probability that the hero will bypass Defensive buffs when attacking.

Some other useful notes:

Attack: Ninja Troops have the highest Attack buff, and they’re the only Troops which allow the hero to bypass Defensive buffs.

Mana Generation: Mana Troops are highly sought after because they speed up the time it takes for your hero to charge their Special Skills. This is a vital ability in battle because the faster your hero charges, the more likely you are to be victorious.

Multiple Troops: If you like to play a Mono team, ideally you’ll have a Levelled set of Troops for each hero. That means Levelling multiple Troops of the same color, because Troops can only be assigned to one hero at a time.

2-Star/3-Star Troops: It’s also worth levelling at least one set of 2-Star Troops for 3-Star Tournaments. That might give you the edge over the competition. You can also do the same for 3-Star Troops for 4-Star Tournaments.

Mana Explained with Charts for Empires and Puzzles

The following table will illustrate how mana generation works in Empires and Puzzles. First in isolation, and then with Troops.

This is the most important table – showing Standard mana generation for all Mana classes:

Mana SpeedTiles to Charge
Ninja 15
Ninja 210
Ninja 315
Magic 15.6
Magic 212.3
OldCynic.com – Mana Speed Chart – Empires and Puzzles

This next chart shows the value of the Mana Troops bonus:

Mana Troop LevelPercentage Mana Bonus
Mana Troop Bonus – Empires and Puzzles

And this final chart shows the impact of fully Levelled Mana Troops on the Standard mana charging times. This gives you an idea of the maximum bonus available:

Mana SpeedTiles to ChargeWith Level 30 Troops
Mana Troops Vs Standard Charge – Empires and Puzzles

While there are other ways to further increase the Mana speed of your hero, these methods fall outside the scope of this guide. For reference, these methods include hero Costumes, the Talent Grid Path, hero Special Skills, and use of Battle Items.

Levelling Troops in Empires and Puzzles

In order to increase the stats of a set of Troops, you need to ‘Level’ them. This means, feeding lower Level Troops to the ones you want to keep (just like Levelling a hero).

Screenshot of Levelling Troops page in Empires and Puzzles
Example of a Troop selected for Levelling

But before you begin, make sure you Lock your Troops, just as you would an important hero. Locking a set of Troops will prevent them from being Fed to other Troops. To find the lock option, click on the ? in the top right corner of the Troop.

Where do you get Troops?

You can obtain Troops from the Free Daily Spin (the silver coin) at the summoning gate. These Free Spins normally produce 1, or 2-Star Troops, which are ideal for Feeding to higher level Troops. But, you also have the chance of pulling 3-Star Troops here.

To obtain the best 4-Star Troops, you’ll need to use a Golden Troop Coin (a reward from Chests or other Loots), or pay 200 gems, and spin at the Epic Troop Summoning Gate.

To obtain Ninja Troops, you have to wait for the Ninja Tower event to appear. Then you’ll be able to try and summon them at the same Epic Troop gate.

Finally, you can also get Troops by training them in the Hero Academy (see below), or as a reward for completing Stages.

Troop summoning odds & Levelling Tips

Here are the current odds for Troop summoning:

TroopFree Daily Spin*Epic Troop SpinNinja Troop Spin
2-Star 15.7%0%0%
3-Star 1.7%90%85%
4-Star 0%10%10%
Troop summoning odds – Empires and Puzzles

* Note: The Free Daily Spin does not add up to 100% as it also includes 1-Star, 2-Star, and 3-Star heroes.

Troops and the Hero Academy

The Hero Academy is a powerful building which allows you to train Special heroes and Troops.

You can train Common Troops (1-Star), Uncommon Troops (2-Star), and Rare Troops (3-Star). You can also re-train Epic Troops, just like you can Legendary heroes.

Training Troops can be expensive:

1-Star50800503 Daggers
2-Star 103K1005 Arcane Scripts
3-Star 151K1505 Tall Boots and 5 Scabbards
4-Star N/a
Cost of training Troops in the Hero Academy

Levelling Troops

Troop Levelling requires a significant amount of Food, so upgrading your Farms is crucial to making progress.

The higher the Level of the Troop your Levelling, the more Food it cost to feed them. For example, feeding a 1-Star Level 1 Troop to a 4-Star Level 13 Troop cost 77000 Food.

Whereas, feeding the same 1-Star Level 1 Troop to a 4-Star Level 1 Troop, only cost 11000 Food.

If you want to speed up your Troop Levelling, here are a few tips (taken from my Empires and Puzzles Tips page):

1. Prioritise Troops over hero Levelling. That means using Food on Troops before heroes, and manufacturing Troops rather than training low Level heroes.
2. Keep improving your Farms, because you’re gonna need Food for the Troops.
3. Train Troops in the Hero Academy. Do the math and work out which level provides the best value (See above for help).
4. When Farming old Map stages, focus on those which offer the most Troops (I believe Season 1: 8-7 & Season 3: 4-5 Normal are good options).
5. Enjoy the grind: Complete all Quests, Watch Mystic Visions, use up World Flags, and generally do all you can to accumulate resources and low Level Troops.

Empires and Puzzles Troops Guide

I’ve learned so much about Empires and Puzzles since deciding to blog about it. And that’s because people like David have shared their knowledge and experience.

Hopefully, this post will prove useful for the wider E&P community.

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  1. Hey! Congrats for the article – it is the best explanation of troops I’ve seen around.

    I would just detail a bit more on training/ retraining troops from hero Academy, as it is extremely important.

    I’d also maybe include some recommendations on the ratio of food cost/ experience gained per troop. For example, I decided not to use 1* troops to upgrade level 11+ 4* troops as it’s too inefficient food wise. I usually use the 1* to get the 4* troops to level 11 and then I use 2* troops to get to level 17. I am still on my way to level 17 though 😀

  2. Good article, I’m sure lots of newer players find troops confusing. I know I did.

    For healing troops, it’s my understanding that also affects healing RECEIVED. I’m not 100% sure but I asked that question elsewhere recently and was told that. The way it’s written implies that troop is only useful for healers: “improves how much a hero heals from…” but I believe it’s also for healing received.

    PS you disabled copying/pasting, which is annoying as I have to re-type the description rather than just copy/paste. I doubt people will steal content, it’s just a game article.

    1. Hey byzanthia,

      Are you saying, it improves how much a Hero heals when firing off their healing Special? As I’ve written it, and understand it, the Healing Bonus only works on healing received for the hero it is attached to -in isolation. I am happy to be corrected though.

      Regarding copy/paste, sadly people have and will steal content for a number of reasons. While I can’t stop this, I can make some effort to protect it. I may change my position in future and appreciate the impact it has on normal users.

  3. Very good article, man!

    I have a question for you all: when (or for which heroes) is better to equip Ninja Troops instead of Mana Troops???

    I’ve never seen a Youtube video in which Ninja Troops were used, so my question is still in my head!


  4. A question on which lower level troops to add to 4* and 3* heroes for tournaments. I know that when adding emblems to heroes you recommend defense/health for all the right reasons imo. What about for 2* and 3* troops? Should we add troops focusing also on defense and health or use the opportunity to add some additional attack? Thanks!

    1. Hi Centaur! To be honest, when I first started levelling 2/3 star troops, I just picked the one I liked the look of… It was a long time ago.

      If I were to start again, I’d prioritize health/defence. I love to see the impact of my low level troops in a 3-Star Tournament.

      As it stands, I have a mixed bag, but I do try to keep levelling them so overall I’m happy.

  5. I know that I am a bit thick on this issue, can you possibly explain the healing bonus. Is it referring to an increase in the amount that a healer provides other heroes on the team, or is it meaning the amount that individual hero receives from any healing function?

    1. Hey Cyeeyore, I’ve never dug into it, but I’ve always assumed the bonus is for the individual hero… or you’d only need to use that type of troop once -on the healer.

      Happy to be corrected, but that’s by view!

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