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Not sure what a Tank is? What about FFA? Don’t worry, I’ll explain everything in this Empires and Puzzles Terminology & Jargon Buster!

I’ve gathered all the in-game slang chat I could find, and populated it into this A-Z listed reference guide.

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Empires and Puzzles Dictionary of Terms (A to Z)

3/70 – Level 3/70 is often used to describe the maximum level a hero is levelled to. It’s a key stage because beyond it, Final Ascension Materials (Mats) are required. As Ascension Materials are rare, only the best heroes are considered worthy of them, leaving many others abandoned at level 3/70.

Alt – Alternative account.

Auto (Autoing) – Pressing the AUTO button and letting the CPU complete a map or Quest stage.

BBS – Be Back Soon.

Buff – A Buff is an in-game improvement, normally granted by a hero through use of their Special skill. The term ‘Buff’, can also relate to when the Game developers increase the skills, or stats, of a hero.

BRB – Be Right Back.

C2P – Cheap To Play. Players who only occasionally spend money in the game.

Cups (or Trophies) – Cups and Trophies refer to your in-game Raiding rank. You can find your Cup number by hitting your avatar and checking the number under the tab, Trophies.

DiscordDiscord is an external social media application used by Alliances to communicate with each other.

DOT – Damage Over Time.

Dropping Cups – The act of reducing your Trophies Raiding score. This can be achieved by fielding a weak Defense team. A person will drop cups for numerous and varied reasons including (but not limited to), 1. Making Raiding easier so that they can complete the PoV faster, and 2. Because they have abstained from the conflict of competition on moral grounds.

Double Tap (Double Tapping) – Hitting the same team twice in a row during a War: If you attack a team and lose, you might be tempted to jump back in and seek revenge. However, this is frowned upon in larger Alliances. It’s called Double Tapping, and you are encouraged not to do it. Why? Firstly, to leave scraps for weaker players to clean up. This means your Alliance can be more efficient. Secondly, good judgement can evade you under the red mist of War. It’s best to step back, calmly re-evaluate the situation, and choose a different target where possible.

E&P – Empires and Puzzles.

F2P – Free To Play. Players who don’t spend any real money in the game.

Farming – The act of re-playing past levels to collect resources.

Feed – The act of using low-level heroes (1 and 2 star) to level-up higher grade heroes.

Feeders (or Feeder heroes) – 1 and 2 star heroes routinely used to level-up higher grade heroes.

FFA – Free For All. Normally referring to War, when players are invited to play however they want.

Flags – Flags are tokens that allow you to play different parts of the game. To complete World map stages or Quests, you use World Energy Flags. For War, you use War Flags. For Raids, you use Raid Flags. For Titans, you use Titan Flags, etc.

Flank – An in-game reference for the heroes positioned directly beside the centre hero. The centre hero is called the ‘Tank’.

Flask’ing a Titan – The act of using a Titan flask to get more hits on, and to kill-off, the Titan.

Friendly – Friendly battles are available to members of the same Alliance. You can battle an alliance member by selecting them from the Alliance Members board, and clicking on Battle in the Alliance box on the Player Info pop up.

Hero Class – There are 10 Hero Classes: Cleric, Barbarian, Fighter, Wizard, Druid, Monk, Paladin, Ranger, Sorcerer, and Rogue. ‘Hero Class’, refers to the Class of your hero.

Hit – A word to describe using a flag in War, or on a Titan.

HotM – Hero Of The Month. Each month a new hero is released as a Bonus Draw. You can find info for the current HotM in the banner at the top of the Summons screen. Devana was a recent HotM.

HP – Health Points.

IGC – In Game Chat.

LB – Limit Broken. Usually seen before the name of a hero, like this: LB Quenell. See here for details on Limit Breaking a hero.

LineLine is an external social media application used by Alliances to communicate with each other.

OP – Over Powered. Referring to a hero who is seen as too strong and in need of a Nerfing.

Opt Out – If you don’t want to, or aren’t able to, participate in the Alliance War, you can ‘Opt Out’ via the War screen.

P2P – Pay To Play. Players who choose to spend real money in the game.

Player Level – In your Player Profile, you’ll see your in-game name, icon, and Player Level. Your Player Level grows as you play the game more.

PB – Personal Best score.

PoV – Path Of Valor. A ladder reward system that gives you resources for completing tasks, like waving at someone in your village or killing a number of Titans.

PvP – Player Vs. Player.

Rainbow Team – When you play a team containing all 5 colors (elements). Learn more about Color Stacking here.

S1, S2, S3, S4 – Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, & Season 4.

Sniper – A hero who targets one enemy.

Nerf – When developers reduce the stats, or skills, of a hero. Also known as ‘Nerfing’.

Mana – Mana is a substance required to make magical things occur. This is what heroes use to fuel their Special skills.

Mana Speed – This is a reference for how long it takes a hero to charge their Special skill. There are 5 speeds: Very Fast, Fast, Average, Slow, and Very Slow.

Mats – A shorthand expression for Ascension Materials (which are required to level-up a hero).

Merc (Mercing) – If you have Titan Flags left, but your Alliance’s Titan is already dead, you could go ‘Mercing’. This is the action of travelling to different Alliances, and helping them take out their Titans.

Mono Team – When you play a team containing only 1 color (5 heroes of the same element). Learn more about Color Stacking here.

Mystic Vision – The name given to external advertisements that you can watch for a reward.

Stacked Team – A team of either 4-1, 3-2, or 2-2-1. Learn more about Color Stacking here.

SG – Small Giant (the makers of Empires and Puzzles).

Tank – An in-game reference for the hero positioned at the centre of the 5 in a team.

Whale (or Wallet) – A player who spends large amounts of money to obtain the best heroes.

Wing – An in-game reference for the heroes positioned on each outer edge of the team.

Empires & Puzzles Jargon Explained

It took me a while to workout what a lot of this terminology meant, so I figured it might be useful for somebody else. Nothing earth shattering, but now you don’t need to pretend to be hip, and with it.

What are your thoughts? Did I get it wrong, or did I miss something? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Good list! However:

    “Wallet – A player who has lots of money to spend on the game.”

    Shouldn’t that be “whale”?

    1. Hey there, thanks for the comment. I’ve also had some input from Reddit concerning the definition of a Whale. As a result, I’ve re-written that section and made ‘Whale’ the primary. Thank you!

  2. My family uses these terms for “feeder” heroes:
    We personally have not fed any 5* heroes, yet, but I image that one day we may feel the need to!

    1. I had to Google a few of those, and the Capybara looked pet worthy. That’s a lot of words for Rodent, how did you discover them all? Thanks for the insight.

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