The Best 3-Star Heroes in Empires and Puzzles [Top 10] Updated

Best 3 Star Heroes in Empires and Puzzles

With so many amazing 3-Star heroes in Empires and Puzzles, it proved a difficult task, simmering them down and isolating the absolute best.

The selection pool was massive and simply ridiculous, but I’m reasonably happy with the result.

This list has been updated to take into consideration many of the new heroes recently added to the game.

If your favourite isn’t here, please feel free to make a case for them in the comments below.

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This post may contain speculation, personal opinion, and adult comedy. It is not advice and is solely for entertainment and informational purposes.


For ref, this Top 10 was last updated: 12/04/2022

Empires and Puzzles Best 3-Star Heroes

My criteria – I was looking for heroes that are:

  • Great for new players (who might actually need them for Raids and Stages)
  • Great for completing Quest Stages quickly
  • Great for standard tournaments
  • Great for Rush tournaments
  • and great against Titans

I wasn’t too interested in Power stats. So, a Season 4 hero couldn’t beat out a Season 1 hero, just based on Power stats alone. This list is all about abilities and usefulness.

Finally, if I included a summoner, it was less likely that I would include another summoner elsewhere. That was to reduce inclusion based on my personal preference for a particular skill set.

Anyway, here we go….

#11 BONUS! Bauchan (Empires and Puzzles Review)

Bauchan's Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Special Skills (Goblin Fury): 1. Deals 105% damage to all enemies. 2. Reduces the mana of all enemies by 20%. 3. All allies get +24% mana generation for 4 turns.

Bauchan is a Knights of Avalon hero, who really isn’t as scary as he thinks.

He took this spot due to his meticulous mana control; reducing the mana of all enemies while increasing the mana generation of all his allies.

It’s a simple and effective little trick.

-After all, these 3-Star heroes scrap like my dog and his bunny, and before you know it, it’s all over!

But not necessarily with Bauchan…

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Archangel

#10 Frosty (Empires and Puzzles Review)

Frosty's Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Special Skills (Joyful Backup): 1. Recovers 32% Health for all Allies. 2. Summons an Elf Minion for each ally with 7% HP and 10% attack inherited from the caster.

In my view, Frosty was the best 3-Star healer in E&P before the nerf.

He’s still a badass, and he knows it, -just check the pose.

But his minions were nerfed and he lost a little of his edge.

Here are the positives:

* He heals all allies for a solid 32%,
* He summons a minion worth 7% health and 10% attack.

Problem is, the minions feel really lightweight now and seem to disappear if so much as a strong breeze comes their way.

His old minions were worth 109 HP (10%), and now they’re only worth 74 HP (7%). -For the record, Kvasir’s minions are worth 142 HP.

Also, with all the monster 3-Star heroes out there now, a Cleanse would really come in handy, but Frosty just doesn’t have that skill.

Regardless, Frosty is still useful in many parts of the game.

For Stages, you can have 3 minions in front of every hero before meeting the Boss. And, in Wars, he’s perfectly capable of assisting with a clean-up and offering good support on the battlefield.

He’s a great hero overall, but he’s in danger of slipping out of these here, Top 10.

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Archangel

#9 Sally (Empires and Puzzles Review)

Sally Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Special Skills (Piercing Sabre): 1. Deals 270% to the target. 2. The attack chains through all the enemies who are adjacent.

Sally’s a new hero from the Challenge Festival event.

Her Special is awesome and particularly devastating in Rush tournaments.

The goal when using her is to try and hit an enemy target who has another hero besides them.

If there’s a break in the link, then Sally will stop hitting, and instead start repeating, “Ahoy, Ahoy”, followed by any swear words she might know.

Her main weakness is her mana speed, but she still fares reasonably well in normal tourneys.

A fantastic hero to own.

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity

#8 Gunnar (Best 3 Star Heroes Empires and Puzzles)

Gunnar's Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Special Skills (Spirit Link): 1. All allies share received damage with each other for 5 turns. All allies get +63% defense for 5 turns.

Gunnar was around before the dawn of time. Before the beginnings of the World. Before the formation of the Planets.

He is the oldest hero in Empires and Puzzles, and yet still, he appears in the best 3-Star Defenses.

I really like Dolgoon (a similar hero), but while his first-tier Shared-Damage Special only lasts for 3 turns, Gunnar’s will last for 5.

Gunnar’s a hero more than capable of winning a battle.

And while others may copy him, he remains the Gold standard.

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity

#7 Sudri (Empires and Puzzles Review)

Sudri Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Special Skills (Burning Shields): 1. Deals 120% damage to all enemies. 2. Deals additional 24% per each Fire shield on the board, up to 360% total damage.

I want my countdown to fairly reflect the best heroes in the game, and that’s why I keep it up to date and revise it as required.

Sudri has earned his way onto this list through hard work and determination.

In 3-Star tournaments, he will sit in the wings, waiting for his opportunity to strike, and normally when he does, it effectively ends the battle.

-And that ferocity deserves to be acknowledged.

Simply put, Sudri will hit all enemies for up to 360% damage, depending on the number of Fire tiles on the field.

Fantastic stuff.

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity

#6 Poppy (Best 3-Star Hero in Empires and Puzzles)

Poppy's Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Special Skills (Ricocheting Bolt): 1. Deals 300% damage to the target. 2. Has a 42% chance for additional hits on random enemies up to 3 times. 3. Additional hits deal minor damage.

Poppy’s got quite the reputation, and for good reason.

She’ll hit first for 300% damage… then, there’s a good chance, she’ll do it again. And again… And again… She’s simply formidable.

While her ‘additional’ hits are only worth 150% each, it’s still awesome.

In the best-case scenario, Poppy will hit off 4 times, totalling 750% damage -Huge.

And while there’s only a 42% chance to make those extra hits, in my experience, fortune does seem to favour her.

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity

Top 5, 3-Star Heroes in Empires and Puzzles

#5 Helo (Empires and Puzzles Review)

Helo Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Special Skills (Healthiest Catch): 1. Recovers 32% Health for all Allies. 2. Cleanses status ailments from all allies.

Helo is an uncomplicated elf-thing. He puts a fish on his head and runs around with it all day. But behind the smiles hides a pivotal skill; Cleansing.

Helo has gone up in my estimations because he heals for a solid 32%, and also cleanses all allies.

The truth is, the 3-Star Killers on this list can all be handled by Helo and his carefree skill base: Healing and Cleansing.

And, that’s why I’ll be putting Emblems on my Helo, real soon.

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity

#4 Maeve (Best 3 Star Heroes Empires and Puzzles Review)

Maeve Empires and Puzzles Best 3 Star Hero

Special Skills (Stalling Assassin’s Blades): 1. Deals 260% damage to the target and nearby enemies. 2. The target and nearby enemies get -44% defense for 3 turns. 3. Stack (Max 10): The caster gets +5% mana generation. 4. Stack (Max 10): The caster recovers 5 HP each turn.

Maeve is a 3-Star hero from the Slayers Of Fell Shadows event. She looks fantastic and that’s because she hits like a truck, and leaves her victims with their defenses down.

At one point, I was actually considering Costumed Isshtak, precisely because of his Defense-down skill. -It’s a powerful ability which is hard to come by in the 3-Star realm.

260% to all three targets is a shuddering thought, and then to leave them defenseless, is shocking treatment.

All you need is for another heavy hitter to follow in her wake, and it should be Game Over.

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity

#3 Kvasir (Best 3-Star Hero Review)

Kvasir's Empires and Puzzles  Hero Card

Special Skills (Bee Bravado): 1. Summons a Bee Minion for each ally. The Bee Minion inherits 15% HP and 17% attack from the caster. 2. Each hit from the Bee Minion gives the target the following status ailments: 3. The target receives 32 Poison damage over 2 turns. 4. The target can’t receive new Minions for 4 turns.

Kvasir is a Season 3 hero, who is actually the reason why I became so fond of 3-Star heroes.

Yes, he looks like he’s on a bit of a sugar high. Or, is it the bee venom, passing through the Blood-Brain Barrier?

Either way, Kvasir looks … Unstable, and unkempt. But it’s cool because apparently, the bees obey the whiff of his odour, and at the outstretching of his arm, will line up in a defensive formation in front of his friends.

Not only that, but the bees actually have the ability to stop the enemy from making their own minions.

And that simple skillset makes Kvasir great for Stages and tournaments -As long as you’re not against the clock.

It’s fair to say, Kvasir is getting on in age, but his solid minions and ability to stop opposing minions, are ageless.

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity

#2 Treevil (Best 3-Star Hero in Empires and Puzzles)

Treevil Empires and Puzzles Best 3 Star Hero Small

Special Skills (Archaic Dread): 1. Deals 250% 280% damage to all enemies. 2. All enemies get -54% -34%, -56% -34% defense, and -44% -34% mana generation, all for 6 turns.

[This hero was nerfed – Details updated, although the review remains the same.]

Treevil is a brand new hero from the Challenge Festival event, and he’s simply ridiculous.

In a 3-Star Rush tournament, his Special signals the end of the battle.

Watching his mana level rise is like waiting patiently for your own demise.

His Special is pure destruction. First, a heavy blow of 250% to all enemies, followed by ailment hell: -54% attack, -56% defense, and -44% mana generation, all for 6 turns.

When he’s done, there’s nowhere to go, but home.

And if you have him on your roster, he’ll be useful elsewhere too, just be prepared to throw a few Mana Potions at him.

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity

Want more Treevil? Read his full review here.

#1 Bertulf (Best 3 Star Heroes Empires and Puzzles)

Bertulf's Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Special Skills (Magnificent Meal): 1. All allies get +100% normal attack for 4 turns. 2. This effect can be active in addition to effects that alter attack in general. 3. Normal attacks can have a total maximum of +160% increased power while this effect is active.

Bertulf is a hero from the Clash Of Knights event.

I recently reviewed Bertulf, highlighting his greatness, because he’s simply epic.

To get the full picture, please read that review. Because whatever I say here, won’t do him justice.

The fact is, this 3-Star hero can boost normal attack by 100%. And he will stack for up to 160% damage.

If you don’t have another significant Attack-up option, or if you’re tired of missing with Wu Kong, then Bertulf’s your guy.

He’s obviously amazing against Titans, but he also does a solid job on Map/Quest Stages, where he can speed up a round by slicing through the opposition, like a hot knife through jelly (you wanted butter, right?).

I recently included Bertulf as part of my Raid team in a 4-Star tournament, -he’s just so useful.

No other 3-Star has his ability. There is no competition. He is a 4-Star hero, masquerading as a 3-Star.

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity

Empires and Puzzles, the Best 3-Star Heroes

That was even harder than anticipated, -and yes, there are so many heroes missing.

I personally had high hopes for Vollermork, but he’s proving to be a bit of a dud on my squad. But what about Nordri, Grevle, Gramps, Bjorn, and even Melia?

I had to simmer it down to 10 and also tried to limit repeat/similar abilities for variety’s sake. So forgive me if your favourite hero is missing.

But before you go, what does your top 10 look like?

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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  1. Thanks for the analysis. I do sorta feel like a top 10 is almost a bit too exclusive, I’d like to see a few more heroes, although I do understand the amount of time and effort it takes just to get to the point of narrowing down a top 10, so don’t hate me for wanting some more.

    What I’d really like to see, however, is a top 10 of the 4* heroes. Do you plan on doing that one anytime soon? Cheers.

    1. Hi MC, it’s a difficult thing to narrow it down 10, but it’s also an opportunity to have a bit of fun. I will be doing more of these post, so a 4-Star list will materialise. But first, there are a few reviews I have to write.

      Thanks for visiting and reading!

  2. I like combining Maeve an Noril for the family bonus, along with Gunnar-clone Kailani to keep them alive. Especially on the three star rush tournaments.

    Poppy is another one I’ve wanted to level but just have been busy leveling other heroes.

    1. Sounds like a solid team, and Poppy is definitely a superstar. I always look forward to 3-Star tournaments, but the stronger your team going in, the harder the battle! Still fun tho.

      Thanks for sharing your team!

      1. I use Maeve,Kvasir,Bjorn,poppy..and it depends,sometimes arman,sometimes Volermork,sometimes Gramps as fifth…and it works perfectly…after Maeve and Bjorn, battle is practicly over

  3. Nice analysis!.
    I always thought the lower tier tournaments were the foremost pinnacle of use, atleast for the 3* bracket.
    Everything else (events) i tend to forcefeed with damage sharers like Gunnar, or 4* Wilbur and lots of perishables like arrows, axes, bombs and dragon attacks to get good rating.

    That being said: In the PVP-tournaments 3*/rush i have recently found a bit of a goto fav hero, and that is Oberon.C.. i even went full throttle on him just to explore his usefulness, i.e Limitbroken, Full talent, and close to max troop, and i can say he is an absolute monster.
    647’631’1281 out in the field and does a 510 poisondamage over 3 turns.. uncleansable.
    in the lineup with jahanghir, arman, oberon they pump out 266damage/turn.. that is an annoying feature to meet in rush tournaments 😉
    (last two spots is Gunnar and Gramps for def/rebounce)

    1. Cheers Cougar. I love 3-Stars Tournaments too, though they rarely end well. Playing today’s round got me thinking about this list….. I could revise it 10 times and still think… What about him/her!

      Good luck with your Tournament!

  4. Hi,

    I’ve built my roster from the ground up, so I must have at least 20 of the 3* at +20 and quite a few limit broken. I also think I have all 3* heroes, including all costumes. In last weeks tournament I ended in place 101, so just outside the leaderboard list. The point I’m trying to make is that I’m more focused on 3* and 4* than on 5* and at a competitive level.

    In this context, I’m asking my question.

    Just what are you doing with Shrubbear to find him the 2nd best 3* hero? The only use case I’ve ever found for him was to use him as a green tank in extra fast tournaments where red heroes are not allowed.

    I have since stripped him of emblems and never use him anymore. When I meet him in tournaments, I colour stack + bring Edd who stops his buff and/or a dispeller and bar a terrible board Shrubbear is toast. Since the rest of all your 3* heroes listed are some of the best ones, I must be missing something.

    What do you do with Shrubbear in attack that makes him so useful? Or any other situation where he adds such high value?



  5. Hi OldCynic,

    what if you had to choose S1 heroes only (apart for Gunnar, he’s already in)?

    I cannot decide between Karil and Valen (i have both costumes) and if Jahangir is worth maxing (for 3 stars tournaments only).

    Again, thx!

    1. As with everything else, the newer heroes definitely overpower the older ones. I have Karil with his Costume, but haven’t bothered with Valen. But I have Defense-down with C.Isshtak.

      At my stage, with x2 – x5 3-Star options, I won’t level S1 3-Stars. Maybe with Costumes.

      I have C.Jahangir & he is cool for tournaments, but not as powerful as I remember when on the receiving end!

  6. Hi Old Cynic,
    Thanks for the great breakdown! My alliance-mates really liked it; I think for some of the lower-level players in our crew, it really opened their eyes to the fun and possibilities of putting together good 3* teams instead of focusing all of their energy on levelling 5*s. I like all the heroes you’ve mentioned and have most of them. I’m also partial to Helo and C. Hawkmoon and often use them on tournament defense teams depending on the element limitations.

    Thanks again and keep up the good work!


    1. Hey Dharion, thanks for the encouragement, I appreciate it.

      It’s all about getting the most fun out of the game, and it starts with 3-Stars in my view.

      Plus, they don’t need anywhere near the resources as a 5-Star so why not?

      Thanks for stopping by!

  7. No love for Hawkmoon or Belith? I use both in 3* and some higher level events and have found them really useful. The attak boost from Hawlmoon and Belith’s dealing with buffs (Costume: All Allies are immune to to Buff Dispels for 3 turns, non-costume dispels buffs from all enemies) really help.
    Also, Kailani is awesome and I know of her being used against 14* Titans (likely her costume version).

    1. I like them both, and Hawkmoon with Costume is LB with Emblems for me. But it’s hard to narrow down 10 with so many options available. Who would you drop from this list to make room for Hawk or Belith?

      1. As soon as I level up/finish leveling up the ones I do have I will let you know. That would be Poppy, Kvasir, Frosty, Sudri and Sally.

        PS I love C. Kalaini and even use her against Titans

  8. Just a note to add to your Gunnar description, which is that Dolgoon’s first level now lasts 3 turns rather than 2, which makes him quite a bit better since you can get that defense up very early in the fight and it actually lasts long enough to make a real difference.

    1. Hey Maraj, thanks for the info. I didn’t realise he was buffed. That extra turn looks really useful as you say. I need to re-evaluate the list, with all the new Season 5 heroes, too.

      Thanks again, I appreciate it!

  9. Hello! I have two Bertulf and I’m curious if you think it’s useful to have two? I haven’t powered up the second one yet because I’m not seeing how it would be advantageous, which is why I’m here for feedback. Thanks!

  10. Hey Cynic, I love that this post has a specific line saying when you last updated the list. If you could do that for all your lists that would be awesome, because every time I see the “last updated” at the top changes I excitedly scroll through each one thinking I’m going to see a new ranking.


    1. Hey Holodigm, that’s a great idea. I think the thing is, I’ve updated this one a few times but not really the others. But when I do update them (which I intend to do for the Best of the Best one), I’ll add this line there, too.

      Thanks for taking the time to let me know what works, it helps me make these little changes which people will really appreciate!

      1. Of course, and thanks! If I could insert gifs I’d put one right here if Bill Paxton from True Lies saying “hey…cuz it’s you.”

  11. I love these lists because it gives me a clue of which heroes to consider putting emblems on. I love Poppy and use her anytime I can get away with it. I also use C.Gunnar more often now – I’ll look to see if you have a comparison post on Gunnar with or w/o costume. I forget sometimes to take advantage of Helo’s cleasing because I have other healers that I like better but they don’t have the cleansing element. Thanks!

    1. Hey … girl… Costumed Gunnar does the opposite, so all enemies share damage and receive -44% defense. I’m feeling the same way about Helo, but now I have Faiez, he’s become my go-to 3-Star healer.

      Thanks for reading and stopping by!

  12. I think this list is very beneficial. I used your list as a guide and my 3* heroes are definitely a force to be reckoned with now I don’t have Bertulf but, I have several of the others. currently I use Treevil, Nashgar, Poppy, Greymane, and Belith but I’m working on leveling up Maeve, Faiez, Helo, and Kvasir. I want to phase out Greymane, Nashgar, and Belith with newer and more powerful 3* heroes any other suggestions?

    1. Sorry for the delay Jeffrey! Yes, I’ve been checking out a bunch of new 3 stars and am impressed with C. Bjorn, C. Kvasir, and currently working on Aqeela. I’m always happy to get a new decent 3 star, I just wish Treevil would back off 😁! Thanks for visiting.

  13. Finally I feel accomplished lol as I have most of the 3 star heroes. I like to ream Rekhetre and either Faiez or Grevle. The boosted health can’t be beaten. I’ve even taken them into harder quest and succeeded. Love the listings btw. Keep em coming.

  14. Hi OC. Are these really the top 3* currently? It seems like these are the same ones for the last year, andcso many heroes have come out. I just wondered if you’ve had a chance to try them out and rate them?

  15. I’d like to put a vote in for Dawn, she’s great. Those mana reducing minions really cause pain, especially when there’s only 1 or 2 heroes left on the opposing team and they can never fill their mana bar 🙂
    I usually pair her with costume Kvasir, they make a great team spamming useful minions everywhere!

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