Soul Exchange (Empires and Puzzles) September 2023

Empires and Puzzles Soul Exchange Pin

Empires and Puzzles September 2023 Soul Exchange is in effect, so it’s time to take a run at the Heroes on offer in hope of unearthing the No. 1 pick.

As per usual, I’ll do my best to identify the strongest Heroes in each Tier, with #1 being my pick for the best Hero!

However, at a certain point, the Soul Exchange is really about what you need.

Before we start, if you wanna help me, please share a link somewhere!

Thank you!

This post may contain speculation, personal opinion, and adult comedy. It is not advice and is solely for entertainment and informational purposes.


Empires & Puzzles September Soul Exchange

When I first saw the Heroes listed for this Soul Exchange I was impressed and annoyed at the same time.

Impressed because I think the lower and mid-tier Heroes are much stronger than last time.

And annoyed because it’s gonna be harder for me to differentiate between the better Heroes in those categories.

Overall, there isn’t a “must-have” monster in this group, although a few do come close. There are, however, some really handy, really strong Heroes to own, especially for somebody without a top-tier roster.

The good thing about this Soul Exchange is that we received some early notice about what Heroes would become available via E&P’s Social Media.

That afforded me the time to do a little more research, like looking at Power Stats, my old Hero reviews, and the current Meta (the litany of new Heroes we face today vs. the Heroes many of these guys would’ve fought in their prime).

Anyway, good stuff. Let’s get started.

Soul Exchange House Keeping:

Giving up 10, 15, or 20 Heroes in exchange for 1 is always gonna be a big decision, so please get other opinions, too!

There’s a lot to consider, including your current roster.

For example, you might not have a great 5-Star Ice Hero but might already have a solid 5-Star Holy Hero. So, it could make more sense for you to exchange for the Element you’re weak in, rather than doubling your already strong Holy range.

That said, sometimes it’s best to pick the absolute best Hero you can. Because their strengths may outweigh any concerns about their Element.

There’s also the real danger of overstretching for that top-tier Hero and completely depleting your reserves.

Please note, I’m not judging your picks; we’re just talking here. There’s no wrong or right, so please don’t walk away feeling like you’ve picked the wrong Hero.

Finally, I don’t mind folk disagreeing with me. That’s the whole point, to get opinions from all sides.

All Heroes: Soul Exchange, Empires and Puzzles September 2023

OK, here we go. All of the Heroes currently up for grabs in the September 2023 Soul Exchange:

All Heroes in Empires and Puzzles Soul Exchange September 2023
Empires and Puzzles Soul Exchange Hero List – September 2023

Tier One (10 Heroes) – Soul Exchange, Empires and Puzzles September 2023

The 5 Heroes on offer in exchange for 10 Legendary Heroes:

Tier 1 Heroes in Empires and Puzzles Soul Exchange September 2023

Tier One Heroes in the SE [Empires and Puzzles]

Last time out I was moaning about all the old Heroes on offer:

Marie-Therese, Musashi, Kingston, Ares, and Misandra occupied this Tier.

The nostalgia was nice, but they were all over the hill.

Now, -if you’ve read my blog before, you might be expecting me to segway into some chatter about the nature of time, the essence of the human spirit, and the gravity of ageing…

But I won’t! We’ve got better things to do! Ain’t no time for that!

Let’s check out these 10 Soulers…

#1. Peridot (September Soul Exchange)

Peridot Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Peridot was released back in February 2022, which is when I originally reviewed her.

That means she’s one of the older Ninjas. Significantly, she’s a “pre-2023” Ninja, meaning she did not benefit from the Big Balance Update, like Amethyst did.

Atk: 815 Def: 739 HP: 1435 -Peridot

Atk: 869 Def: 807 HP: 1518 -Amethyst

Peridot’s Power Stats look okay. We all know about the Power Creep, so there’s nothing unexpected here. That said, she does possess 815 Atk, which is very decent considering her speciality.

Peridot also operates like an old Ninja, with her targeting system widening as she advances through her mana charges.

-Her first charge only targets 1 enemy, her second targets 3, and her third targets All.

Looking at the Special Skills, her first charge is the weakest, though provides an early option in battle.

The second and third are still very credible, all this time later.

280% to 3 or 320% to All, issued at 10 or 15 tiles respectively, is awesome.

But it’s the supporting 438 or 764 Poison damage that will really add to her victim’s woes. (And that’s without Limit Breaking or Alphas).

And the excellent -40% or -54% accuracy Ailment on top makes for a significant payload.

I think Peridot represents really good value for money at 10 Souls.

Due to the lacklustre first Charge, she’ll need some management, but the higher payloads are fantastic, -assuming you can get all of it onto the targets.

This is a Raiding/Stages Hero for me. -And a Stacker for Titans.

Worth 10 Souls? Yes.

#2. Kravekrush (September Soul Exchange)

Kravekrush Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

I said this was a stronger group! I could’ve made an argument for 3rd place to be here, but Kravekrush is so unique, that he had to take precedence.

I really enjoyed writing his review back in the day and fully expected E&P to roll out his anti-revive skill a million times as a part of other Specials Skills, but they never did.

Now here we are, nearly a year and a half later, with him being offered for 10 Souls…. Interesting.

Looking at the hit (430% to the target and minor damage to nearby), it’s okay. Very similar to base Master Lepus, although Master Lepus is Fast, while Kravekrush is Average.

Stopping Revive is a powerful skill, but in a game with so many problems to solve, it really does make him a specialist.

We don’t know what the future holds, and a monster Reviver could be introduced at any point, and that’s when we’ll all wish we had picked him up.

I personally won’t take up this offer but can understand why others might.

We all play at different levels with different demands, and Kravekrush could be the right wrench to have sitting in your toolbox.

Worth 10 Souls? Yes, as long as you understand what you’re getting; a specialist.

#3. Iris (September Soul Exchange)

Iris Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

I’ve reviewed all of the Heroes in this lower-tier grouping, so you can refer to each one individually if you’d like to have more to consider.

Iris is the quickest of the last three (Viscaro/Gilligan) and her Special Skills are the most usable in the current game (imo).

She offers a looping Dispell and a decent hit at Fast.

Iris is a simple but effective Hero and if you’re in need of this skill set, she’s worth considering.

These lower-tiered Heroes are definitely better than last time out.

Worth 10 Souls? Yes, for those looking for a quick Dispeller. -Although, you’ll need to wait till the end of the Turn!

#4. Viscaro (September Soul Exchange)

Viscaro Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Viscaro is a Slow Fiend Summoner who has one of the best Passives in the game…

Whenever a Summoner summons a Minion via Special Skill, Viscaro tags them with a big fat Fiend.

…And he’s buried many a Summoner under the weight of his chunky Fiends.

I like Viscaro for anything Rush and as an option off the bench.

Still, with Souls so hard to come by, personally, I’d wait for something better, assuming you don’t need #1 or #2 or #3 above.

Worth 10 Souls? I wouldn’t but can understand why others would. A great, fun Hero.

#5. Gilligan (September Soul Exchange)

Gilligan Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Gilligan is a HotM from 2023!

Wow, that was quick.

I spent an inordinate amount of time explaining how this one worked so please refer to the review.

I do like Gilligan and think he’d be great in Rush, or even against specific teams, but not enough to pay 10 Souls for him.

If he came free, say, like a HotM, then maybe…

Worth 10 Souls? No. His usage is limited by circumstances and also requires Player planning and strategization. -Although, you may be willing to put in the effort to get the most out of him.

Tier Two (15 Heroes) – Empires and Puzzles Soul Exchange September 2023

The 5 Heroes on offer in exchange for 15 Legendary Heroes:

Tier 2 Heroes in Empires and Puzzles Soul Exchange September 2023

Tier Two Heroes in the SE [Empires and Puzzles]

Three of the Heroes in this category are what I’d consider strong, offering an array of options to strengthen your squad.

Starting at the top…

#1. Congalach (Empires and Puzzles)

Congalach Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Congalach just got finished handing my ass to me as Tank in the Rush Tourney.

Of course, I countered with Lord Loki, but that just seemed to p*ss him off more.

I like Congalach and Wolfgang, but both are old, which is reflected in their Power Stats.

It’s Congalach’s unique abilities that edged it for me.

I like the attack mechanism that targets 5 random enemies and the stacking-reduced Attack Ailment that goes along with it.

However, his pitfall is the same as ever; speed.

When Congalach first arrived, he was formidable. But you just have to look at Areax’s Special and Stats (current HotM) to see that time is quickly catching up with him.

And that’s my concern for the Soul Exchange in general, as we move forward into the Power Creep. That the gap between old Soul Exchange Heroes and brand new monsters is gonna widen!

Still, for dynamism and immediacy of effectiveness, I’m giving Congalach the nod as the best here.

Worth 15 Souls? Yes.

#2. Wolfgang (Soul Exchange Heroes)

Screenshot of Wolfgang Hero Card from Empires and Puzzles

Wolfgang is cool in so many ways; his card looks badass, his Special Skill has a dual dimension to it, and he’s Holy, therefore opposes the most powerful element in Empires and Puzzles (the Darkness).

And I think it’s his Holy Element, along with his skill set, that makes him especially appealing to me.

Clash of Knights was executed exceedingly well. From the aesthetics, to the Heroes (3 and 4-Star included).

When the Clash of Knights was first introduced, a bunch of its Heroes took hold of Empires and Puzzles and caused real problems for the old guard, who frankly, didn’t quite know how to deal with Ludwig, Quenell, Rayne, Quintin, Lewena, Ferant, Franz, and Bertulf.

That list still represents a who’s who of Legends in the game today.

And while they all offered a specialism in one form or another, Wolfgang offered balance.

A very respectable hit for the time, and 600 Boosted Healing. It was a combo made in heaven.

The problem is, over time, the hit has lost some of its sting and the healing felt slower as the game got quicker.

In the past, 4-turns was short enough to be impactful. Nowadays, the battle can be effectively over by that point.

Also, with powerful Status Buffs flooding the game, most players are running dispellers as standard, and Wolfgang is just too old in the tooth to be getting away with his long-ass loading time.

~Someone’s gonna get to that buff, my friend.

That said, Wolf Family Heroes have a 35% or 50% chance to make their buffs undispellable. A nice touch for Wolfgang.

Anyway, I still like him, but he may not be as useful on Defense. Although, that still leaves Raids, Stages, Wars, etc.

Worth 15 Souls? Yes. It’s a decent exchange. But he’s not gonna revamp your roster by himself.

#3. Asterius (September Soul Exchange Heroes)

Asterius Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Alright, I need to speed up!

Asterius is the big Hitter who was offered in the August 2022 Soul Exchange (for 20 Souls!). What did I say about him back then?

Asterius is a beast. He’s heavy-handed, inflicts Burn, and delivers some Defense-Down.”

Old Cynic briefly on Asterius

He’s still heavy-handed but since then, the Devs have created many new Average Hitters who are preferable.

But I wouldn’t count him out.

-Asterius was buffed into the stratosphere back in December 2021 [Forum] and he can still do a job.

He also has this nice Family Bonus that gives him a chance to receive 15%, 35%, or 70% of his damage back as healing.

Pretty powerful stuff, if you happen to have a couple of Villains Family Heroes to play alongside him.

Worth 15 Souls? Yes.

#4. Costume Seshat (September Soul Exchange)

Costumed Seshat Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

The struggle is real with Costume Seshat, I really want this Hero!

The card is cool and the skill set would work all-day-long in my setup; with her Dispel and Replicating Minion.

Devana is a beast because she can survive on the Wing without support. And C. Seshat looks just as capable.

I would stick her out on the other Wing and the testing would start from there.

Especially in the current Meta, Dispelling is crucial.

That said, unless you have a plan for C. Seshat, I can’t suggest that she’s worth the 15 Souls.

Man, Dispel 3 at Fast? … And Dispel First, before the hit?!

This is a great Hero. I wish she was on for 10… I’d have taken her. But for 15?

I don’t know how you place a value on 15 Souls, but if you’re anything like me, you want a Hero who’s gonna shake things up. So for that reason, it’s a tough no for me.

If I’m to be critical, my fear is that in the current Meta, she doesn’t do enough offensively.

I am tempted though.

Worth 15 Souls? It’s close. If you did, I understand.

#5. Glenda (Empires and Puzzles)

Glenda Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Glenda was a big name back in the day.

That’s the thing with ranking these Heroes; at one point or another, they were beloved.

But today, no I wouldn’t select her.

I do like +40% attack for nearby allies and the Cleansing of all allies. Both could come in handy.

But not for 15 Souls.

Worth 15 Souls? Not for me.

Tier Three (20 Heroes) – Soul Exchange, Empires and Puzzles September 2023

The 5 Heroes on offer in exchange for 20 Legendary Heroes:

Tier 3 Heroes in Empires and Puzzles Soul Exchange September 2023
  • Khonshu
  • Professor Lidenbrock
  • Liu Bei
  • Hohenwerf
  • Quintin

Tier Three Heroes in the SE [Empires and Puzzles]

Not an OP group for sure, but you could still service your roster needs and walk away with a decent signing.

Let’s go!

#1. Quintin (Soul Exchange Heroes)

Quintin Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

If you know my blog, then you know I’m not the biggest fan of Snipers. But when Quintin arrived, I went ahead and issued him a Diety grade without a second thought.

This is a true Sniper in that he’s likely to cause the victim’s departure from our living realm.

And as the game has evolved over time, where older Snipers have lost their sting, Quintin hasn’t. -Because his Ailment inflates with the egos of the newer Heroes standing beside him.

Quintin also has the Raven Family Bonus in his arsenal, meaning his Ailment could be uncleansable.

I took Quintin first because he’s dynamic and powerful. He has the potential to remove Heroes directly from the field of play… quickly.

His impact in-game is greater than all the others on this list.

Worth 20 Souls? Yes.

#2. Hohenwerf (Empires and Puzzles)

Hohenwerf Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

If you don’t want Quintin, you do have another great option in Hohenwerf.

Even though Hohenwerf was never officially reviewed, he did receive a grading when the new Tier system was introduced (a T1).

I like the quick control Hohenwerf offers (Mindless Attack), but what I don’t like is the fact it’s attached to a Fiend. And that when the Fiend explodes, it only causes 150 damage.

The problem with Mindless Attack being attached to a Fiend is that it offers another avenue of resolution; healing/fiend control.

That said, offensively is where Hohenwerf should be judged, and once his Mindless Attack hits, you’ll be free to plough as many tiles into the target as you can find.

Hohenwerf is a great near-modern Hero with solid Power Stats, a strong Slap, and that Stoneskin Gargoyle super skill.

Truth is, Mindless Attack at this speed, in a Sniper with this build, is all very respectable and would represent a significant addition to many rosters.

In the past, the Soul Exchange has been dominated by blanket operators, but this time we have some spirited Snipers.

And they’re elite.

Worth 20 Souls? Yes.

#3. Liu Bei (Empires and Puzzles)

Liu Bei Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

I can see the home straight, I’m almost there! Mama, I’m doing it!

Liu Bei offers a very solid hit for Average and then duly pumps out counterattacking Minions across the board.

The Minions look a little malnourished to me so maybe layer them with Minions from another Summoner, thereby allowing Liu Bei to gain Mana and health via his Family Bonus (2/4/6% for each Minion summoned for him).

There are other newer big 3-Hitters out there, but then if you had them you might not be considering Liu Bei.

Not as exciting as he once was, but that’s probably due to the passing of time. Still a great Hero.

Worth 20 Souls? Yes.

#4. Professor Lidenbrock (Soul Exchange Empires and Puzzles)

Professor Lidenbrock Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

We all know what Prof. Lidenbrock brings to the table at this stage. Question is, is she still worth it?

I like the Professor because I can see how you could create a never-ending wave of healing on Offense. However, that’s no longer the case in Defense (imo).

Prof. Lidenbrock is a proven Top Healer, but I have to nitpick.

I’m still a fan, just wouldn’t want to pay 20 Souls for her. I’d rather she were in the 15-tier category.

Worth 20 Souls? No. Still a great Hero, just a little overpriced at this point.

#5. Khonshu (Soul Exchange Empires and Puzzles)

Khonshu Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

BOOM! We made it.

Ah yes, Khonshu.

A strong Very Fast Sniper, nice Passive (but at 40% less likely than his comrades), with near-modern Stats.

His main drawback is if he doesn’t manage to Off his target, he’ll sulk and won’t do anything else.

In theory, he’d be great on Offense where you could micro-manage him, but why bother when you could have #1 or #2?

Worth 20 Souls? No.

Empires & Puzzles Soul Exchange (September 23)

I must admit, the final Tier seemed a bit expensive based on prior Soul Exchanges, but we all kinda expected that.

And, there’s no saying it will be any better next time around.

Still, there are some very good Heroes on offer here.

I conducted a small poll in my Facebook Group [Facebook] and here are the highlights:

20 Souls = Hohenwerf wins at 27 votes with Quintin at 23

15 Souls = Congalach wins at 16 votes with Wolfgang at 7

10 Souls = Peridot wins at 17 votes with Kravekrush at 4

Congalach and Peridot both secured clear victories over their competition. It was closer between the two very good Snipers.

Anyway, I’d love to know what you make of it. Who did you pick? Also, who’s flying under the radar here?

As for me? I’m thinking hard about who to take. Maybe 10 or 15 Souls. I need to reflect on my roster and make a final decision.

Enjoy the Soul Exchange, everybody!

If you wanna help me, please share a link somewhere. Thank you!

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

Enjoyed the post? Then please help me, -share it with your alliance!

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  1. I picked Quintin, mostly because I already have Hohenwerf. The gargoyle is great.
    First of all, at fast, he still has 4 rounds of mindless, that is better than most.
    He follows up his special with stoneskin, which can be a lifesaver.
    Also, his mindless cannot be cleansed, it needs to be healed away (for quite a chunk, with 30% becoming increasingly much with all the stat boosts) and also, since the mindless is attached to the minion, it bypasses reflect (looking at you Furdinand).
    Just be aware of Hippo and others that have fiend resist

    1. Fiends are way too easy to remove. I have never had a howen stop me on a defense team. I can see him being better on attack, but I dont find him intimidating at all on defense. Also, my furdinands heal over time can take that fiend out in 2 turns usually. The fiend meta just never took off because they are too easy to deal with and Howen is a good example of that.

  2. Thanks for posting this article within mere hours of the SE; I appreciate your quickness and, as always, value your inputs greatly. 👍
    I think this SE definitely provides a better overall selection of heroes versus the last SE, though it’s still a shade below the first 2 SEs, which had a definitive killer hero in each tier.
    For me, it’s looking like a toss-up between Peridot, Congalach, and Wolfgang. The two greens patch up the lack of herd-hitting power on my Nature attack teams and Wolfgang patches up the outdated overall stats of the offensive heroes on my Holy attack teams (better than Musashi, whom I gave a pass during the last SE). Choosing Peridot will also give me a 5-hero lead for the next SE, which could be helpful (as it did when, again, I gave Musashi a pass at the last SE).
    I’ll ask around a bit more before coming to a decision, but my choice will likely be one of these three heroes.

    1. No worries Nortaneous, I’d been working on it in the background due to the advanced notice… Was just hoping they didn’t swap someone out like last time.

      We’re in a similar situation, in that it’s a 10/15 or a skip for me. I was lucky enough to get Amethyst, who I’m still levelling so Peridot wasn’t really an option.

      Anyway, it’s always a tough call but hopefully this offers some food for thought! Thanks for visiting.

  3. Very detailed analysis OC, I am sure it will help a lot of people to make the right decision, which is sometimes wait for the next SE.

    Peridot is one of the two ninjas I pulled from the Ninja summon, so it made me a bit cranky see it only cost 10 souls now, while in the past we have had regular to bad heroes for 20. But I digress. Actually it is a good thing that decent heroes are offered for lower costs.

    What bothers me is they are offering Asterius again. They do not track this thing? It does not make sense, there is a huge pool to get heroes from, why would yo repeat one?

    I ended up exchanging for the gargoyle, I think its ability is cool, but what makes the difference is the stoneskin effect. On the other hand, I depleted my reserve of heroes, hopefully they will not offer Ruby (or at least not for 20) the next time.

    P.S: I decided to follow your wisdom and I am leveling Malosi over Ithar, I want to be able to stop those Alfrikes on Mana wars.

    1. 😁 Man, Ithar’s trouble. So polarizing that Hero. I will always vouch for Malosi, we’ve come too far, faced too many foes, it’s been too long a journey to turn back now!

      “They do not track this thing?”… And the Fated is around the corner! We’ll see.

      I think it makes sense to offer better Heroes in the lower categories or everyone’s just gonna wait for the next SE or Fated. Whereas now, even with only 10, maybe 15, I’m gonna take a good look at my roster and consider a small upgrade.

      Thanks for stopping by, Mig-El!

      1. Nice info bro. I am considering to take hohenwerf ( i dont have 5* gargoyle before) or quintin ( i have rayne)
        Cant decide atm.
        My main atk raid team:
        Myoin ni-elizabeth/isarnia(wizard free dispel)-
        Leonidas C2-

        Which hohenwerf/quintin will make significant upgrade? Thanks

    2. I don’t like that they offered Asterious again, that just seems like not paying attention.

      I do like that they did reduce his cost since last time, that seems like very much paying attention.

  4. Last time I picked Topaz just to make some space for new heroes. Still have her at 2/60 because I ended up getting Constance and I don’t have the mats to level her up any further. So lesson learned from here is to only pick a hero I can level up right this moment, since it might take 3 months to gather the mats required.

    So yellow is ruled out, and it turns out I don’t have the 4* mats for any other color than purple. I just leveled up Celimene, Grace (!) and Marjana + costume.

    Therefore I picked C Seshat because I already had Seshat at 3/70 from the previous fated summon, and just so happen to have some spare tabards.

    I would’ve preferred to spend 20 heroes since I still have about 20 dupes left after spending 15.

    1. C. Seshat may be the Hero under the radar here. I was/am so tempted myself because like you, it makes sense. Contrats, I think she’s gonna be great!

      Thanks for sharing, Yorka!

      1. I am torn between C Seshat and Quintin. I really like Seshat because of the priority dispel and the passive immunity vs mana reduction – could be a life saver vs Waterpipe and especially Luna who I expect to encounter frequently in the near future. Granted, fortuna could work vs Luna too but it boils down to who hits first. Seshat, though, is a sure bet.

        Quintin we all know what he does best. Damage, damage and more damage!

    2. I agree partially with you.
      If there is someone who will “just” upgrade your roster, think about the mats and emblems.
      But if there is a hero that can take you to the whole new level, pick that one, even though you don’t have mats n emblem, you can find them in the future.
      So many players, until today, regret not picking Ludwig just because they didn’t have the mats.

  5. I picked Khonshu. Why? Because I can. Lol. I already have Quintin and the red Gargoyle in my roster. Though its sad to see he’s ranked lowest among the 20 souls. Haha. Well, we picked based on our roster, for me its worth it as he is the last missing puzzle I need to finally complete my 6 tiles mono purple team. Sergei+double Goretooth+Amethyst+Khonshu.
    Nice read. Gonna share it to my alliance. Seems like they need to read this to decide. Many questions being asked around about SE selection.

    1. He’s a Very Fast Sniper, that’s great! It’s always hard for me to discriminate between these Heroes; someone’s got to be at the bottom. But as you say, you’ve already got Quintin and the Red! 😁

      Thanks for sharing MIB, and for reading!

      1. Khonshu hits for 425% with 863 attack (very fast), while Quintin hits with 420% with 821 attack (fast).

        I don’t see the that Quintin’s secondary or family bonus outweigh those of Khonshu who also has an additional valuable passive.

        But maybe I am blinded because I need a strong purple more than another blue…

        1. I have had Khonshu for a while and absolutely love him. He hits hard and fast…and the passive is a huge bonus. Granted, it does not seem to hit as much as the one on my Sobek, but it still hits a decent amount. The sand damage chance and the mana reduction are nice, but then the chance for extra 70% damage…murder when it hits. If Khonshu doesn’t take out the enemy, then they are hurt really bad and one of my AOE dealers will take them out easily. If he does…watch out because he hits again real soon.

        2. I use Quintin together with Loki c. With all the op Heroes around it’s a devastating combination. Usually the one marked by Quintin doesn’t survive after Loki hits

      2. I have Khonshu, I like him a lot, but I agree that he is the least of the 20-hero trades.

        As you point out, if he isn’t issuing a knockout, then that’s all he does. Because of this, there is always an internal struggle where you think “he can probably KO this opponent, but the sure thing is to be wasteful and overkill this other opponent”.

        He’s best paired with multi-target damage-over-time cards, he really shines when he can KO 2 or 3 cards in 3 or 4 turns.

  6. For me the confusion is between Lui Bei, hohen, Quintin. I’m short on green mats as I have Kai, Tarlak Cristobal Toxicandra Cinisia (level 1). My blues are just Loki Frosth (2x IRis but giving up for SE). My Reds are 2Cazlar (marjana giving up for SE).

    1. It can be a tough decision but you have a couple of days to think it over. There’s no rush. Hopefully this post helps but there’s also your alliance mates, the forum, and Reddit/Facebook for more input. Thanks for visiting!

  7. I’m not sure on this lack-of-love for Seshat Costume. I’ve had her a while now and she is one of the most used heroes I have, and I have a very strong roster. Certainly in purple heavy teams and also 4:1 teams of all colours. Nobody does what she does quite so well, and being immune to mana reduction is icing.

  8. I badly want the gargoyle or Quintin but I don’t think either will crack my top 6( first world problems I know). I’m torn between a second congalach and wolfgang. congalach is a beast on titans when paired with Ludwig and you pop lud with a mana potion. But Wolfgang would fit nicely on my 6th line with my second Ludwig and esme. Little disappointed in some of the hero’s in this exchange compared to past soul exchanges. What’s your opinion of Quintin versus bubbles? Taking Quintin for titan attacks might be ideal but I personally see more from bubbles

    1. Hi Mill, sorry I was busy earlier but wanted to get that out there in case you were about to make a decision. Bubbles Vs Quintin is a close affair and I’ve just sorted this lot above! I think you’re winning either way, just whether you’d prefer control over pure destruction?

      Also Stats… Bubbles is a Pets Family hero so newer & got a Balance Buff.

  9. Well your review is spot on and confirmed my own opinions. I appreciate your valuable insights and I will gladly share. I recently pulled costume Vivica in this costume portal and I must say I cannot see giving 16 orbs for her second costume at slow. I just did this for 2nd costume Kadilen with 16 shields at fast and that about gave me heart burn for days AND she’s not even double LB yet…why do I mention this well because it all comes down to the mats lol. I’m personally going for quintin no second thought and easy choice. I can spare 60 dupes easy and I’m a collector so that’s that. I spend more than I should. I will offer my opinion to you on c seshat I think she is useful to those who are not spenders but maybe have the spare heroes to trade. And Wolfgang is my 2nd choice for second tier. C seshat is the sleeper in that tier just my two cents. Tier 1 is obvious to everyone. The last tier for those who may have quintin and hohenwerf..I have khonshu and Liu Bei. I adore both. I think you can’t go wrong with either one if you’re going based on the color you need and I use them both in today’s world sitting at around 3000 cups average on defense. I cannot see giving 20 heroes for prof lidenbrock at slow unless you need her then great pick. Personally I’m not a huge fan of hohenwerf for the reasons stated already but i could see where others would just not for me. I can’t pick a slow “situational hero” that’s going to remain on my bench never to give mats to. If this was ahmose or Lu Bu well then I’d jump because they are devastating slow heroes that causes an end to the match if they tag you and wonderful on rush, so congalach and viscaro didn’t quite match up for me.
    Lastly OC I always use your LB 2 alpha aether guide/tool to look up heroes powers when I need that extra information before I take the final leap. Quintin with vampire will be interesting because it will be my first vampire double LB hero. A million thanks OC for your time. You are more valuable to us players than you could ever imagine.

    1. Hi DaisyDukes, thank you for your kind words and support! I really appreciated it, it’s really nice to know this is useful. You make many good points which I’m sure will help others, too. Thank you!

  10. Hi OC, thanks again for a great article!
    Was going for Congalach as would pair well with Ludwig, but then read your comments on Quintin. Had never rated him but got to thinking how he’d work with my Nine-Headed Beast. Surely he’d put the mark of death on even the strongest heroes? So a tough choice ahead, without even considering Hohenwerf, Wolfgang or Lui Bei.

    1. Cheers Richard! Tough choice, NHB or Congalach would be great with him. If I had the souls I’d go with Quintin for the purpose of removing the target early. But it’s always horses for courses with the SE. They’re both great in their element. Good luck!

  11. Your reviews are brilliant… I already made my choice this morning, but everything that you’ve said about Peridot makes me glad I picked her… she seems like exceptional value for the 10 tier. I shared your post with my bunch to help with inevitable discussion… thank you 😸

  12. I too was torn between Quintin and Hohenwerf but sometimes mats & emblems make choices simpler (if not easier) so Hohenwerf was the one I traded for. Quintin is still one I want but Hohenwerf will be able to be maxed and emblemed long before Quintin could ever get past 3.70. Great review once again and thank you for all that you do. I look forward for every new posting eagerly!

  13. Anyone who didn’t choose Quintin is delusional. I’ve had it since day one and is the perfect hero. He automatically kills someone on the otherside. Because he hits hard, but then that enemy absorbs 100% of damage for 4 turns from tiles and other hero specials. He is awesome. The rest of the heroes are meh for me this shoul exchange. Keep up great reviews OC, you are the BEST!!!

  14. Looking for some advice my weakness is my ice hero. I like Hohenwerf but I have Cupid. I am building up Lord Loki to fix my ice weakness, but I don’t have his costume . Is Quintin upgrade worth 20 souls over Loki without a costume. Thoughts? Great article as always!

    1. Hi Edward! Thanks for reading.

      Lord Loki is an offensive giant himself. Unless it was for War, where you needed multiple options, I would test Loki first to see how you feel. They are totally different heroes. Quintin is a killer, Loki is a copycat mastermind. Both of them would have similar grades but in honesty, I wouldn’t get Quintin to replace LL, I would get Quintin to complement him and add depth.

      Nobody can tell you who to pick but hopefully this is food for thought.

  15. Quintin is the big winner here. In my opinion, defense heroes are only minimally important. You get nothing for having a top world wide defense. This game’s big three are wars, titans, and challenge teams. Quintin gets the best marks in all three of these categories, though none of heroes are particularly good on titans. Quintin is great in challenge teams when facing annoying heroes and in wars, he is going to give one of your teams the edge it will need to take out that annoying self sustaining hero who will be bombarded on once Quintin fires. Howen’s mindless is nice, especially at fast speed, but if I want the hero dead, and lets face it, thats what I want, Quintin is the man for the job.

    1. Hi Gettruckin84,

      “but if I want the hero dead, and lets face it, thats what I want, Quintin is the man for the job.” Completely agree. That’s the difference maker. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!

  16. First time Not real Long time (18 months). Always enjoy the takes you put out. More so the deeper I get into the game. Now on to my reason for posting.
    I wasn’t fortunate enough to have the souls the first two rounds. And since, as noted by basically everyone, it’s been a weak showing. But now I’m to the point of having 26 or so repeats and could really use the space (as well as an upgrade in talent). And I’m a C2P player & in an Alliance that favors Blue Centers for Wars. And currently Ascension mats are not an issue for anyone o choose to level.
    Looking at my options, my 5* Heros are as follows:
    Arfanias (85)
    Hannah (85)
    Bera (4/70 & working to 80+)
    Sartana (80 without emblems. Was my first 5* Purple)

    C-Roc (85)
    Prof Lidenbrock (85)
    Uraeus (80qith emblems)
    Malosi (80 with emblems)

    Silvaria (80 with emblems)
    Lianna (85 but no costume)
    Elradia (80 with emblems)
    Bertila (80 with emblems)
    (And just recently picked up Kalo…)

    Red (I think my weakest color @ 5*)
    Santa (85)
    Zimkitha (83)
    Guardian Kong (3/70)
    Elena (3/70)
    Skargremar (2/60)

    Blue (maybe my strongest or deepest color)
    Mr. Pengi (85)
    Ariel (85 without costume)
    Morel (80 with emblems)
    With the following at base level:
    And… Lord Loki (with others not worth listing)

    So with all of that, I think it pushes me to the direction of going with Hohenwerf instead of Quintin because of depth… but even with being weak on red… it’s really a tough choice (even with the help of this post).

    1. Sorry Questions, but I can’t answer roster questions like this because I would be overwhelmed with requests and it takes a lot of brain work and time to consider everything… especially the way my mind works.

      I’ve left the post in its entirety for anyone who wants to offer some tips tho.

      I do have a free Facebook group where you can post this sort of question to garner a response from the growing community there.

      You can find the link to the group in the post above, at the end where I say I conducted a small poll.

      I hope you understand.

      1. I more than understand. The price one pays for being respected for their insight and opinions. And my apologies if I overstepped of violated any standing rules (written or otherwise).

    2. First thanks a lot for your comments Cynic.
      I picked Congalach — seems well respected by a lot of reviewers, my green offense is very weak, and I have a lot of fighter emblems. Seems like Congalach wanted to come in an join.
      I tried a 10 pull and got 1 rock, 3 gramps, 2 moles, and 4 S1 3s so . . .
      Hopefully my TC20s can make about 10 5s before next exchange.

  17. Thank you. OC, for your detailed super helpful review. Every soul exchange I vacillate between heroes and your guide always helps me ( and my alliance). We need you!! I’m between Quintin, Howe, Kravekrush or Conga. Will see what emblems I have!

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