Soul Exchange (Empires and Puzzles) August 2022

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Empires and Puzzles August 2022 Soul Exchange is here, and there’s an array of heroes up for grabs, so let’s check ’em out.

Giving up 10, 15, or 20 heroes in exchange for 1 is always gonna be a big decision, so please get other opinions, too!

There’s a lot to consider, including your current roster.

For example, you might not have a great 5-Star Ice hero, but might have a solid 5-Star Holy hero. So, it could make more sense for you to exchange for the element you’re weak in, rather than double your already strong Holy range.

There’s also the real danger of overstretching for that top-tier hero, and completely depleting your reserves.

Finally, I’m not judging your picks, we’re just talking here. There’s no wrong or right, so please don’t walk away feeling like you’ve picked the wrong one.

Also, I don’t mind folk disagreeing with me. That’s the whole point, to get opinions from all sides.

Before we start, please consider sharing a link to this post with your alliance or on social media. It really does help.

This post may contain speculation, personal opinion, and adult comedy. It is not advice and is solely for entertainment and informational purposes.


Empires and Puzzles Soul Exchange August 2022

Here are the 15 heroes up for grabs in the August 2022 Soul Exchange:

All Heroes in Empires and Puzzles Soul Exchange August 2022
Soul Exchange Hero List – August 2022

Let’s go through the tiers, and I’ll offer my personal opinion on the best heroes from each.

Please note, due to the immediacy of the Soul Exchange, my opinions are off the cuff and without the same detailed research I would normally conduct for my other reviews.

*** August Soul Exchange Poll ***

Before we get to my 2 cents, I saw this Poll on the E&P Forum, which was conducted last week, based on the *Leaked* information shared on Social Media.

And in short, I agree with the results.

But as I’ve referred to it before giving you my opinion, it’s only fair that I acknowledge it.

OK, let’s go.

Tier One (10 Heroes) – Soul Exchange, Empires and Puzzles August 2022

Here are the heroes offered in exchange for 10 of your legendary heroes:

Tier 1 Heroes in Empires and Puzzles Soul Exchange August 2022
  • Khiona
  • Ranvir
  • Lady Locke
  • Natalya
  • Raffaele

All much of a sameness…

I’m not really a fan of any of these heroes listed in the 10 Souls exchange list.

Raffaele may be the most utilized in the game, but he’s not doing much for Slow.

He could be an asset for Rush Tournaments or Wars.

The interesting heroes, which might have moments to shine, are Ranvir and Natalya.

Ranvi because he could give all allies +195% Attack under the right circumstances, and Natalya because she has an odd, unCleansable, Ailment: -54% Mana generation for 4 turns.

I’d love to stick that on some top-end heroes.

But overall, it’s a bit rough down here in the trenches.

Tier Two (15 Heroes) – Empires and Puzzles Soul Exchange August 2022

Here are the heroes offered in exchange for 15 of your legendary heroes:

Tier 2 Heroes in Empires and Puzzles Soul Exchange August 2022
  • Senan
  • Aouda
  • Zeline
  • Captain Kestrel
  • Theobald

#1. Theobald (Soul Exchange Heroes)

Theobald is awesome. If he goes off, there can be a lot of confusion as to what in the f#*k just happened.

First, he slaps everybody; 405% to the enemy with the highest remaining HP, and 260% to the rest.

Then, he buffs all allies with a ridiculous GREEN counterattack:

  • 115% Damage, and
  • All Status Effects return to sender

Then, he gives all allies +45% Attack, plus a further 20% each time they’re hit for 4 turns.

A great hero for Rush Tourneys and Wars, but he could also find synergy and purpose in Raids/Defense, too.

#2. Senan (Empires and Puzzles)

A lot of what I do here on the Old Cynic is technically described as, ‘Chewing the Fat’.

It’s like thinking aloud, offering an opinion as food for thought.

We recently witnessed the return of the Slayers, and so I updated my post. And that’s relevant because, while most of the other Slayers took a demotion, Senan managed to hold onto his Deity grading by the skin of his teeth.

You can find lots of ‘Chewing the Fat’ and my reasoning in the comments over there, for right or wrong!

So, if you’re interested, head over.

I still like Senan, and love the Slayers Mana potential.

#3. Zeline (Soul Exchange Heroes)

Zeline doesn’t hit for much. As we know, 220%+ is what we’re currently seeing from new Fast hitters.

But she does have one Skill, nestled among her bounty, which raises an eyebrow.

Along with an OKish hit (143% to all), a -34% Attack Ailment, and a Mana-based Element Link, Zeline has the ability to Dispell all buffs from all enemies.

And that’s a nice touch which really does add value.

Tier Three (20 Heroes) – Soul Exchange, Empires and Puzzles August 2022

Here are the heroes offered in exchange for 20 of your legendary heroes:

Tier 3 Heroes from the August Soul Exchange
  • Onyx
  • Director Zuri
  • Quenell
  • Asterius
  • Morel

#1. Quenell (Soul Exchange Heroes)

Screenshot of Quenell Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

When I first saw Quenell, I thought she was gonna break the game. She was one of the first Fast heroes to really go crazy on the Slapping Front.

Quenell is listed as No. 4 on my countdown of the Biggest Hitters in Empires and Puzzles (at the time of publication), -and that’s the Pound-for-Pound category.

Only Goseck, Penolite, and C. Show White, outrank her.

Hitters are so powerful in this game because they have the ability to end battles. And it won’t take a lot of brain juice to find the right synergy to make Quenell’s slap the last action before the Defeat Dong sounds.

If you need a hitter, a Green hitter at that, then the stars have truly aligned because Quenell’s an amazing option.

But if you’ve got hitters lined up around the block, then maybe SG can interest you with…

#2. Director Zuri (Empires and Puzzles)

Screenshot of Director Zuri from Empires and Puzzles

Director Zuri recently topped my Best Healers in Empires and Puzzles list, and she’s a fantastic Healer.

Director Zuri is a statistical powerhouse, Healing for a vast amount following a couple of rounds of buffing from SG.

What I really like is her tendency to help the weakest in the Party, healing that sorry soul for a staggering 65%. -Much like Healers in the Classic games I used to play back in the ’90s.

If you need a Healer, the good Director may just be the one for you.

#3. Morel (Soul Exchange Empires and Puzzles)

Morel Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

I picked up Costumed Roc a few months ago and then, soon after, I got Morel.

The problem for Morel?

He didn’t fit into any of my teams, whereas C.Roc was able to walk in and take Point.

That said, as I was recently reminded by a reader, and it’s true, if you don’t have an elite Defense-Down hero, Morel is still worth his pixels.

Empires and Puzzles is moving quickly and Morel might be losing his foothold at the top end, but the facts remain; he’s a Fast charging, blanket-hitting and blanket Defense-Down superstar.

C.Roc was a game-changer for me, but if I didn’t pull him, Morel could’ve easily been that, too.

This Soul Exchange is all about your roster and that is no more seen than with Morel.

PS. I really like Onyx. A seriously useful hero if you don’t have that sort yet. I would love to get him. Also, Asterius is a beast. He’s heavy-handed, inflicts Burn, and delivers some Defense-Down.

Empires & Puzzles Soul Exchange

There’s a great array of stars to choose from in this Soul Exchange, however, I do think the last round was stronger.

But, picking a hero is all about trying to fill a gap in your team or roster.

And if that hero is listed, well, that’s all that really matters!

Anyway, that was my opinion. What’s yours?

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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  1. Thanks for a great review. I went with Quenell, I already have Wolfgang and Ferant maxed for family bonus. I just got Xnolphod so I passed on healer. I wanted a strong red but Asterius just didn’t move me. Good luck to all, always hard choices.

    1. This sounds like me. I SHOULD take Asterius but he doesn’t give me the happy feels. I have Xnolphod, Arco, C Ariel, Quartz, Aino… plus half a dozen 4 star holy healers. So probably not in dire need of Zuri.. leaning Quenell.

  2. Had Quenell from before, and picked Asterius up during Challenge festival. Too many blue projects (Cao Cao and Sobek among them) and have Frigg, so Morel takes a back seat.
    Too many dark also. I think Theobald is very interesting because the coveted reflect ability, but so far I am leaning towards Director Zuri.
    Have Prof who gets used every war, but I always need more heroes. Usually use two each attack, and a cleanser who heals so heavily at once is great against the big fiends out there with 700-800 hp

    Will think a bit more, but fairly certain it will be the Director

    1. Sounds like a great roster Tobov, Director does punch out some serious healing, and with the Minions alongside, looks a great option for countering Fiends. Good luck in whatever you choose, and thanks for reading!

  3. I am just skipping this exchange, I don’t have the emblems for quenell with c alasie and the next one should be during the winter event so i expect them to give a stronger set of choices.

  4. I agree with your write up and as a Quenell owner, I can higly suggest her. I am even considering 2nd one, she is that good.

    On another note Zuri does seem interesting but I feel like I am good on healers and short on Sorcerer emblems.

    Thinking about getting an Asterius.. Guess I”ll sleep on it or wait for next SE as none of them excited me as last SE when Loki was featured.

    1. Cheers Berdy, the last SE was propper ridiculous. Grimble, Devana, Lady of the Lake, and Ariel… on the mid-tier! Mother North, Black Knight, Lepiota, Sif, and Lord Loki on the top tier.

  5. I decided on Director Zuri as costumed Vivica is my only yellow 5* healer (yes, there are some awesome 4* yellow ones) and I have green hitters galore. I was hoping to get her at the Challenge Festival II, but no luck there so this was the next best thing. With the Elemental competition looming I am prioritizing yellow heroes and, along with your review and ranking, Director Zuri seemed the best logical choice. I have Ranvir on another account and he has always underwhelmed like Wu Kong and misses far too often and already have Aouda maxed and emblemed. And roster space is also a huge consideration as I had only 7 open slots before Soul Exchange but now have 26 and that is welcome, especially now that the 10 hero cap on leveling was removed. Great article once again and looking forward the next one!

  6. Thank for the great review! It was a no brainer for me this time, I took Zuri. She has a big pain in the neck for me lately. Keep up the great work, Cynic! I love your reviews!

  7. Can’t disagree with Quenell as#1, I have her and she 100% lives up to the hype. I managed to pull a second Quenell at the summoning festival and so far she’s the only 5* I would even consider working on a dupe for. Just amazing.

    That being said, I have two, and three of her is ridiculous. So I went for the Official Undisputed Best Healer in the Game. I’ve been wanting to play with an all minion defense team for poops and giggles and was working on Zhuge Liang. But with Zuri? Zhuge is officially back on the bench!

    So who did YOUUUUUU pick?

    1. Hey Holodigm, I’d have to run a summoner alongside Zuri too! I didn’t get anything this time around… the last one spent all my spares and now I’m in rebuild mode. I took LotL last time and am over the moon with her but…. I could have got Mother North or Loki if I was willing to sell the farm. I hope to have some stock for next time tho.

      1. I use loki in synergy with quintín in my Blue team. Those two together have the ability to finish off the opponent. If I would have 15 héroes to throw away i’d definetely go for theobald this time. I think he’d get along perfectly with my loki, quintín and ariel. Zuri is great too, but I already have some, really good holy healers with d’andre and Prof lidenbrock. Ranvir’s been sitting in my Bench for a year now, he looks great but I really hate those hit and misses Thanks for your view

  8. I’m surprised in the lack of love for the buffed Asterius. Hitting 3 for 360%=1080% in total, and 101 damage to 3 for 3 turns is 909 total. And reducing a 900 def tank to a 576 simp in the third round…. Quenell only hits…. Like a meteorite, granted.
    My position is biased as I have 2 full decent lines of green heroes, first of which has some proper good ones, and my reds are in seriously bad need of TLC. That was the main reason I considered BK last SE, but went with LL as I wanted someone to counter slow monsters like Alf. (Side note, have him maxed and LB’n now and is a bit underwhelmed by him, but not unhappy either).
    But I digress, simply reading the stats and no better knowledge, I don’t see why Asterius doesn’t get the love Quenell does?

    1. I don’t know if it’s necessarily a lack of love, it’s just prioritising a bunch of very good heroes. For me, it’s Quenell’s second whack and speed. Asterius’ Defense-Down opens a tight window that’s difficult to fill. But you’re right, he issues a truck load of damage and I’d welcome him into my squad.

      Whenever you get to top tier judgements it can get contentious. Problem is, who do you put him above? I really like what Onyx has to offer, and for me personally, I’d definitely prefer him for my personal roster over Morel, but again, at this level with so many to choose from, I think the metrics are real close. At the end of the day, blanket DD is a clear game winner.

      Anyway, you gave Asterius the shout out he deserves! And thanks for doing so Callous!

  9. Another great write up full of helpful insights. I shared it with my alliance to help them as well. Of the 15, I use 2 all the time – Zuri (amazing) & Morel (a simple yet really solid hero). They anchor both my defense & offense. Lady Locke & Raffaele have been on my bench for a while and I just pulled Senan (3x) in the last Challenge Festival.

    That leaves me Asterius, Quenell and Onyx if I want to drop 20 cards. They are all great in their own way. I’ve always wanted Q but have 2 El Naddaha & Guan Yu in green, used my ranger emblems on Morel & Bastet, and only have Esme, Bertulf & Ferant for Wolf family; thus, not sure Q would make a huge impact for me. My purple is strong with Rayne, Goseck, Hannah & the black cat (plus only Cobalt for ninja and I don’t use him much). Asterius may have great potential synergy with my reds… the idea of putting Asterius along with Wilbur, G. Falcon, Saiorse, Sun Shangxiang, El D, c.GM, c.Khagan, Tahir in different arrangements is exciting (if only I had c.Marjana!). Then there’s the pairing with DL for the Villains family bonus!

    I’ve read good things about Asterius, especially since the buff but no formal hero write up by anyone. Anyone have Asterius and can speak to his awesomeness or lack thereof? Am I missing anything on Q or Onyx? Thank you!

    1. Hey Antdip, we just had Callous through highlighting the strengths of Asterius! He may be the dark-horse in this line-up (tho for me it’s Onyx).

      Your Greens are insane, I can’t imagine you’ll miss Quenelle with El Naddaha and Guan Yu 😁

      Hopefully, others will answer your request, but thanks for your support and for reading!

    2. I have Asterius LB, he is awesome, great at war, tournaments, Raids and titan. I usually pair him with C Marjana and Ruby(Saoirse sometimes) in my 3-2 or 3-1-1 attack team, if I can make 3 red matches the game is usually over.

  10. Love the blogs and greatly appreciate the work you put in! I’m going to go for Quenell since I had Ludwig and just got professor Lidenbrock a couple days ago. Roll out Ludwig, quenell, costumed Finley, prof L, and zagrog!

    1. I also have asterius but I was unsure on maxing him out. Currently have zagrog and costumed gravemaker broken and max emblems and am on the final ascension of Elizabeth. Of those 4 who would you recommend for my red hero?

      1. 😂 No fair, they’re all good! For me, Asterius or Elizabeth. Her Fiends are a menace. Asterius hits like a truck and offers a window of DD Q could take advantage of. Anyway, all caveats apply, -your mats and your choice, but that’s my 2 cents!

  11. Nice rundown & thanks!

    Raffaele is IMHO worth it for a player looking to round out a rush team or blue team with some staying power. He still holds a spot on my blue mono team.

    My only complaint: you were supposed to give me the one, singular answer of the best hero in this SE. 😂 I’m still stuck on who to get. I know, I know… it’s roster dependent. But ugh, too many reasonable choices.

  12. Pulled Mother North the last SE, and listened to your advice and pulled Quenell this time around. Have a maxed out Ludwig so I figured they could work together. Still lacking in red heroes – was tempted for a hot minute to pull the scantily clad Natalya haha – but Quenell clearly is the superior hero, loved your review on how hard she hits. Thanks again for your advice!

  13. You rock man. Always come here for good content. Sharing to my alliance’s chat as per usual. lol.

    Anyway, new updates coming in. Got some decent buff and controversial nerf. Will you do any post about that? I really hope you do.

  14. Great stuff as always. Already have Q and DZ, recently got around to leveling them. Thought VERY hard about another Q. Pairing her with a twin and Almur would make for a kill team. But my purples are kinda weak so I got Onyx. Looking forward to some extra dark “punch” and buff control.

  15. How can you not like Lady Locke? She plays you a moonlight serenade! =

    Being enchanted by her wistful melodies I exchanged 10 heroes for her. Pick me! Pick me, she sang.

    And hey, she cleanses! And although she may seem less relevant these days, she can still be devastating if people can’t cleanse her curse.

  16. I went Quenell over Zuri as I already have Prof as a yellow healer but I wrestled with it! Thanks for your review as always, appreciate the hard work

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