Soul Exchange (Empires and Puzzles) December 2023

Empires and Puzzles Soul Exchange Pin

Empires and Puzzles December 2023 Soul Exchange is finally here and it’s time to check out the runners and riders to see if we can pick a winner!

As per, I’ll do my best to identify the most beneficial Hero in each Tier, with #1 being my pick for the best Hero.

However, at a certain point, the Soul Exchange is really about what you need.

Before we start, if you wanna help me, please share a link somewhere!

Thank you!

This post may contain speculation, personal opinion, adult comedy, and human error. It is not advice and is solely for entertainment and informational purposes.

Empires & Puzzles December Soul Exchange

I normally like to keep up with the forum, but they’ve got a Poll for this Soul Exchange that I’m trying to avoid.

It’s incredibly easy to be influenced by someone else’s opinion so I’m humming “la la la, I can’t hear you” whenever I enter the site.

And this new crop of Soul Exchange Heroes is strong. -You could easily make an argument for a bunch of them being “the best”.

That’s the takeaway for me, the fact that there are so many great Heroes on offer. Especially the middle Tier, which was exceptionally difficult for me to order.

As a point of reference for this countdown, I’ll be valuing general use over specialisms. But if you already have a great Healer, for example, maybe a Hitter would work better for your roster.

I will be personally partaking in this Soul Exchange and will pick up my own #1 choice after all the words are out.

It’s worth noting that while most Heroes here won’t disturb Meta-teams in any way, a few of them have the potential.

As always, this is a complex game, but it’s bloody marvellous to have it on a phone and in your pocket.

Anyway, one after the other. Here we go!

Soul Exchange House Keeping:

Giving up 10, 15, or 20 Heroes in exchange for 1 is always gonna be a big decision, so please get other opinions, too!

There’s a lot to consider, including your current roster.

For example, you might not have a great 5-Star Ice Hero but might already have a solid 5-Star Holy Hero. So, it could make more sense for you to exchange for the Element you’re weak in, rather than doubling your already strong Holy range.

But if you Stack, maybe improving your Stack is the way to go.

That said, sometimes it’s best to pick the absolute best Hero you can. Because their strengths may outweigh any concerns about their Element.

There’s also the real danger of overstretching for that top-Tier Hero and completely depleting your reserves.

Finally, I don’t mind folk disagreeing with me. That’s the whole point, to get opinions from all sides.

Please note, I’m not judging your picks; we’re just talking here. There’s no wrong or right, so please don’t walk away feeling like you’ve picked the wrong one.

All Heroes: Soul Exchange, Empires and Puzzles December 2023

OK, here we go. All of the Heroes currently up for grabs in the December 2023 Soul Exchange:

All Heroes in Empires and Puzzles Soul Exchange December 2023
Empires and Puzzles Soul Exchange Hero List – December 2023

Tier One (10 Heroes) – Soul Exchange, Empires and Puzzles December 2023

The 5 Heroes on offer in exchange for 10 Legendary Heroes:

Tier 1 Heroes in Empires and Puzzles Soul Exchange December 2023
  • Costumed Jabberwock
  • Mica
  • Eiora & Fluffy
  • Noor
  • Frosth

Tier One Heroes in the Soul Exchange [Empires and Puzzles]

The Heroes on offer in the first 2 Tiers are as good as we’ve ever seen.

To compare, last time out we got:

Viscaro, Gilligan, Peridot, Kravekrush, and Iris here.

Let’s check out today’s 10 Soulers…

#1. Costumed Jabberwock (December Soul Exchange)

Costumed Jabberwock Empires and Puzzles Hero Card LB2

It was close between Costumed Jabberwock and Eiora & Fluffy. But C. Jabberwock is quicker, targets 2 (most of the time), poisons, and slows Mana generation.

When things go his way, Jabberwock can kill from the outside and work his way in, just like how you’re supposed to use cutlery at fancy restaurants.

He will then double up his attack for any single targets left over.

I like him as a Stacking option for Raids and also as a reasonable prospect for Defense.

Oh, and we can’t forget the impressive Costume Stats, as seen above.

Costumed Jabberwock represents a generous exchange rate for 10 Dead Souls.

Worth 10 Souls? Yes.

#2. Eiora & Fluffy (December Soul Exchange)

Eiora & Fluffy Empires and Puzzles Hero Card LB2

If Eiora & Fluffy were released today, I suspect she’d be Fast, or Very Fast.

And that’s really the only caveat here. In fact, the same argument could be made about many of the Heroes on offer.

I love E&F’s Special, the Minion dismissal, the massive hit, and the max health control (which is for all enemies).

And looking at the Meta and the changes we’ve seen of late, all it would require for Eiora & Fluffy to be an absolute superstar is for a powerful Minion Summoner to arrive.

Just look at the last HotM, Leadria. If Leadria was stronger, people might be clamouring to get hold of Eiora & Fluffy.

Also, the way the game deals with Boosted Healing now only adds to E&F’s worth.

Anyway, as it stands, I like really her and think she’s worth the 10 Souls, but I’d take C. Jabberwock if given the choice and forced to decide.

That said, she could be a sneaky under-the-radar type of pick.

Worth 10 Souls? Yes.

#3. Noor (December Soul Exchange)

Noor Empires and Puzzles Hero Card LB2

I need to speed up! Or it’s gonna be Christmas by the time I’m done.

Noor offers a little healing and a wave of heavy-set Minions. -And the Minions destroy all Minions from any target they hit.

A big reason for putting Noor above Frosth, given the speed difference, is that Noor’s Minions are said to be able to reliably kill off Mega Minions, as this YouTube video by Blade Runner shows.

Noor is a good Hero but is simply too slow. Still, worth the 10 Souls? I’d say so.

Worth 10 Souls? Yes.

#4. Frosth (December Soul Exchange)

Frosth Empires and Puzzles Hero Card LB2

Frosth is another good option at 10 Souls.

The key is understanding that he’s all about Minions.

So if you have, or are planning, a Minion Squad, then consider Frosth because he’ll make them all better.

I suspect Frosth is one of those Heroes that everyone wants on the payroll because he provides synergy opportunities that are hard to come by.

I’d be tempted myself if I had some decent Summoners on staff.

Worth 10 Souls? Yes.

(PS – Mr. P is the same speed and also loves Minions)

#5. Mica (December Soul Exchange)

Mica Empires and Puzzles Hero Card LB2

Mica’s second and third charges look solid, but the first isn’t doing enough.

I can see him on Offense, but I just don’t think he’s dynamic enough.

I do like the idea of +50% Defense and +33% Mana generation, I just don’t know that I’d spend 10 Souls on him, rather than keeping them for next time.

The thing is gonna be that early defensive buff. That could help against all these OP Hitters out here.

Even a quick +25% Defense buff would offer some protection. Better than being naked, right?

Though I wouldn’t use up 10 Souls for it.

Worth 10 Souls? I wouldn’t personally.

Tier Two (15 Heroes) – Empires and Puzzles Soul Exchange December 2023

The 5 Heroes on offer in exchange for 15 Legendary Heroes:

Tier 2 Heroes in Empires and Puzzles Soul Exchange December 2023

Tier Two Heroes in the Soul Exchange [Empires and Puzzles]

This category took forever to work out in my mind.

I was like Neo trying to bust out of the Matrix! Numbers were flying everywhere.

I had more conflicting voices in my head than when entering a bakery and looking at all the cakes!

With this Tier, you must consider your roster because I am very much basing my countdown on the concept of a newish player looking for the best, most universally useful, Hero on offer.

If you already have a solid Hit-All Hero, #1 may not be the right choice for you.

Anyway, starting at the top…

#1. Kemeny (Empires and Puzzles)

Kemeny Empires and Puzzles Hero Card LB2

Kemeny is my #1 here because of his hitting strength and Gargoyle tendencies.

Kemeny is an elite Hitter with his primary attack (330%) coming in at the 13,662 mark (ATK value from his levelled base card, so 828).

Xiamara’s score, for reference, is 15,285.

With 1 Ailment, Kemeny’s Special attack should increase to 395% and equal 16,353 hit points (now we’re cooking).

His maximum hit (655%), although unlikely, would produce an earth-shattering 27,117 hit points!

Of course, he’s gonna fare better against Heroes who inflict Status Ailments.

My Brimstone review is a great place to compare him.

Kemeny has the potential to really lay the smackdown and at Average speed, is the most universally useable Hero in this group.

There’s no niche here, well, besides the general concept of Ailments… to which he also enjoys immunity (Poison with only 1 Gargoyle).

The other protection Kemeny enjoys is his Gorgoyle Skin which will drop all damage to 1, 4 times following his Special activation.

As I mentioned above, this Tier was difficult to order so there are more Heroes for you to consider.

This is a strong group, many of them worth the 15 Souls because they offer some angle that you can use to get an advantage in battle.

Worth 15 Souls? Yes.

#2. Winifred (Soul Exchange Heroes)

Winifred Empires and Puzzles Hero Card LB2

When I saw this list, I wanted Winifred.

And if it wasn’t for a certain somebody at 20 Souls, I’d have most likely taken her.

I would’ve been willing to work around her Slow speed to see if she was more than just Rush… Which I suspect she is.

Winifred looks like a star to me. Had it not been for her Mana speed, she’d have been the Jewel of the Exchange.

…But as it stands, she’s simply a tremendous catch.

Let’s go over Winifred’s Special Skills:

First, the target gets 550% damage and the rest get “minor damage”, -aka half the main hit, aka 275%.

Next, all hit targets get -54% attack for 5 long turns!

Finally, all hit targets, and this is the Home Run folks, all hit targets are immune to new Status Effects (buffs) for 5 turns!

I’m loving that.

And there’s more; her Passive:

“Defense Ailment Reduction – Reduces the effect of defense ailments by 50%…. applies to this character and all its allies”.

I remember when Winifred was first released when this Passive was buggy, but that appears to be fixed. [Forum]

As I say, if you don’t mind Slow and already have a strong Dark Hitter, then why not?

Winifred is a great pick.

Worth 15 Souls? Yes.

#3. Eloise (December Soul Exchange Heroes)

Eloise Empires and Puzzles Hero Card LB2

In the Age of the Minion, Eloise was elite.

We just ain’t in that Age any more.

I used to have this sick Jeri Curl [Wiki] back in the late 90’s, (back and sides were faded), but I can’t bust that today, -coz no one would understand!

I’d be dripping on the bus and folk behind me would be all confused!

But if that style ever came back into fashion, I’d get some Hair Gel pronto and would be ready to go.

Same with Eloise, that’s what she represents (and you can tell her I told you so).

Decent hit, even without Minions.

With Minions, a superstar.

Worth 15 Souls? Yes.

#4. Costumed Athena (December Soul Exchange)

Costumed Athena Empires and Puzzles Hero Card LB2

To reiterate, there’s a lot of talent in this Tier!

Costumed Athena has an OK hit (290% to 1 and Minor to nearby 2 at 882 base ATK), and is a one-woman Defense-Ailment machine.

The target and nearby get -41% reduced Defense and all Fire enemies get -34% Defense against Ice.

Her Element Link gives +15% attack and Defense for 6 turns and can’t be dispelled.

And her Passive is awesome, too: She dispels the newest buff from all enemies when she uses her Special Skills.

C. Athena looks to be a great Titan or Stacking Hero, and her Power Stats are impressive.

That said, it is worth noting her speed (Average), as one might automatically assume she’s Fast being a 3-Hitter of this type (I’m thinking the Tinsel type).

And that matters because, conversely, for an Average Hitter laying 290% on the target, you might expect her to hit-All.

C. Athena is all about Defense reduction. If you want that, she’s worth it. But it’s niche.

Worth 15 Souls? Yes, although not the top choice and is a little expensive.

#5. Costumed Vanda (Empires and Puzzles)

Costumed Vanda Empires and Puzzles Hero Card LB2

Since my early review, Empires and Puzzles has moved on a whole heap. And Costumed Vanda has certainly benefitted.

In today’s Meta, some quick and timely protection against Status Ailments would be a great help.

And at Very Fast, it’s hard to argue that Vanda isn’t a strong Card to have in the deck.

However, I wish she had some healing instead of the 110% hit.

And her own healing, which she steals, is only beneficial if the enemy heals.

That said, I can see some great synergy possibilities, even with my own small roster, so I imagine she could really thrive elsewhere.

To be frank, Ludwig is who I use to get some early protection via his Aether Power. And I imagine C. Vanda would be great to extend that time of safety.

Still, I wouldn’t part with 15 souls for her.

Maybe if I had some other strong Fire Heroes to Stack her with, or the Hippo or something.

Worth 15 Souls? Really depends on your roster and desire for early Ailment protection. I would say this is too expensive.

Tier Three (20 Heroes) – Soul Exchange, Empires and Puzzles December 2023

The 5 Heroes on offer in exchange for 20 Legendary Heroes:

Tier 3 Heroes in Empires and Puzzles Soul Exchange December 2023
  • Diaochan
  • Costumed White Rabbit
  • Phileas Fogg
  • Garnet
  • Tethys

Tier Three Heroes in the Soul Exchange [Empires and Puzzles]

Nearly home…

Let’s go!

#1. Diaochan (Soul Exchange Heroes)

Diaochan Empires and Puzzles Hero Card LB2

I had the most fun writing Diaochan’s review back in 2022 and I think she still represents a top-tier Healer.

She’s aged well, as Healers often do. 35% at Fast is fantastic for team preservation, and then you have her sticky-fingered mates!

The downside is that they’re only 16% of her HP. Oh, and it would be nice if they were summoned for All-Allies.

You also have that recent change [Forum] via the Version 61 Update that saw Dispel Block and Cleanse Block now prevent buff reallocation.

-I don’t have Diaochan (yet), but imagine this will impact her Minions.

But that’s it. Otherwise, I can’t see anything wrong with her. Maybe the pointless ‘Attack Up’ Aether Power?

The Family Bonus looks solid; a nice 2% Mana and 3% Heal for each new Minion.

When you consider the war against Boosted Healing we’ve seen, it makes classic healing valuable again.

And as Heroes become more HP dominant due to the Power Creep and new Troops, you’ll always be able to depend on that steadfast 35% healing.

Don’t know what else to say.

Diaochan is the type of Hero who can change the tide of a battle… by herself.

…and she’s finally coming home.

Worth 20 Souls? Yes.

#2. Costumed White Rabbit (Empires and Puzzles)

Costumed White Rabbit Empires and Puzzles Hero Card LB2

Costume White Rabbit is a great 3-Hitter with an uncleansable reduced Defense Ailment.

The duration of the Ailment resets if the target is healed, which is a nice touch, too.

I used to run 3/2 Holy/Dark in Raids, with 3 Holy to counter what had been the Meta for a long time. And White Rabbit could have easily subbed in for one of my other Holys.

I can’t fault the damage (260% at 866), the speed (Fast), the unique Ailment, or his Costume Bonus.

Also, his Special Boost Aether Power lasts for 6 turns, likely to boost his Special Skills by +30% the first time around.

It should be noted, as mentioned in the comments, that there is a gap in my mind between Diaochan and the others in this top tier.

So if you’re on the hunt, I’d also consider the stars of the other tiers, like Jabberwock, Kemeny, and Winifred.

Worth 20 Souls? Yes.

#3. Garnet (Empires and Puzzles)

Garnet Empires and Puzzles Hero Card LB2

Man, dinner’s waiting… I gotta hurry!

Garnet is a long-standing coveted Ninja who was all the rage back in the day.

She offers Boosted Healing and immunity to new Status Ailments (the lurgies).

It’s a super combo that can be frustrating on Defense or a benefit as she keeps triggering on Offense.

It’s the sort of Special Skill that will make completing Stages a breeze.


  • The Boosted Healing isn’t as impactful at 180 and 400 on the first two triggers. And,
  • her Power Stats look dated. I’m guessing she didn’t get the buff (BBU) like the other Ninjas. Let me check… No, she didn’t. [Forum]

She’s still a great Hero and if she fits your needs, pick her up.

Worth 20 Souls? Yes.

#4. Tethys (Soul Exchange Empires and Puzzles)

Tethys Empires and Puzzles Hero Card LB2

Tethys is a solid 3-Hitter with Water damage to boot.

In short, I wouldn’t pay 20 Souls for her but she’s still lingering around that elite area.

Problem is, the real “elite Heroes” nowadays, do a million things.

So while they may cause this level of damage, they also contribute to the cooking and cleaning.

Tethys does have some nice Water damage, and if I had her, I’d prize her. But we’re talking 20 Souls in the Land of the Giants, here.

Under those circumstances, I can’t suggest she’s better than the 3 above.

Worth 20 Souls? No. I wouldn’t. 15 would be better.

#5. Phileas Fogg (Soul Exchange Empires and Puzzles)

Phileas Fogg Empires and Puzzles Hero Card LB2

And then there was one.

Alright, someone please explain this one to me… Why 20 Souls for Mr. Fogg?

Titan Hero, although the Dispel suggests more.

420% on 832 ATK after the Dispel…

Massive Sniper?

Let me know what’s up in the comments below!

Worth 20 Souls? Not for 20 Souls. 15?

Empires & Puzzles Soul Exchange (December 23)

Alright, I’m off to pick up Diaochan.

I may burn a couple of fully levelled Heroes, coz my team is old and needs something fresh!

I’ll probably get some gel first, you know, so I look the part. Hopefully, she carries tissues.

On the subject of Diaochan, has anyone noticed how many Minion controllers we have on offer? Do you think it’s their way of trying to keep the E&P world in balance with Diaochan’s popularity in mind?

Let me know, along with your Hero selection, in the comments below.

And don’t forget to read my Christmas post, and to have a wonderful Christmas yourself.

If you wanna help me, please share a link somewhere. Thank you.

Please remember, this is just an opinion.

Enjoy the Soul Exchange, everybody, and Peace!

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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  1. Hey old cynic, thanks for the review! If i wouldn’t have gotten phorcys a while back it would have been Kemeny for sure. But now i Found myself more in need of A really good nature Hero to replace or compete with… Eiora😅. So i chose winifred, i’m so happy they didn’t swap her place with Phileas. Think she’ll do great! But to break a boon (or how do you type that?) For eiora: i’ve been using her since she came out and she never let me down, even now with the current meta she still competes. A real bargain for f2p and c2p . Same with costume jabbie. Before phorcys he was my tank in war. He’s fast, great against titans and sturdy enough in these times thx to his costume bonus.
    Enjoy your holidays!

  2. La verdad es que ha sido un intercambio de almas curioso. Yo también he optado por deshacerme de héroes nivelados para obtener a Diaochan, ya que no tenía sanadores oscuros (salvo Rigard). No sé qué tal enlazará en un equipo monocolor con Goseck, pero seguro que va bien en el equipo principal con Liu Bei y Sun quan.
    Como siempre, muy agradecido por tus post!

    Translated: The truth is that it has been a curious exchange of souls. I also chose to get rid of leveled heroes to get Diaochan, since I had no dark healers (except Rigard). I don’t know how he will fit in a single-color team with Goseck, but I’m sure he will do well in the main team with Liu Bei and Sun quan.
    As always, very grateful for your posts!

    1. No worries Rudruskus! I hope you enjoy Diaochan and have a merry Christmas!

      Translated: ¡No te preocupes, Rudruskus! ¡Espero que disfrutes Diaochan y que tengas una feliz Navidad!

  3. Excellent write-up and analysis as always. I am going with Winifred. I love the idea of sitting her next to Ludwig (another steal on Soul Exchange) on my defense team and watching her wreak havoc. While the mana speed is a concern, I think it becomes much less of a concern with the bard mana bonus and a mana troop. Should be fun to use once fully leveled and LB. Thanks again and happy holidays!

    1. “I love the idea of sitting her next to Ludwig” ~ That was my plan too. I hear you on the FB and the Troops as well. Excellent choice. Hope the tiles fall in your favour and she charges every time… unless facing me. 😁

      Happy Holidays!

  4. I have been waiting on your opinion all day since soul exchange opened. What took you so long? Lol. Ok seriously I am glad I waited to choose because I couldn’t agree with you more. I would rank all 3 tiers exactly the same. I did just break out 40 bucks on yesterday’s tabbards as I needed them for DIAOCHAN. And for the record I did just get the blue fast 5* owl. Working on that first. You are the bomb digity OC thanks and Merry Christmas. Enjoy DIAOCHAN. I know I will. Xo

    1. “What took you so long?” ~ I know! I did this one all wrong, uncertain if they would change anything.

      Ended up working on it from after breakfast. But I’m happy we lined them up the same, coz it’s a lot of brain food that goes into trying!

      Merry Christmas Domne!

  5. If I hadn’t, I would have picked Diaochan too. Not only because purple is my weakest colour and I really love the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, but I agree she is the best of the pack.

    Someday, Lu Bu, someday.

    But I digress. I had to make my decision between Kemeny and Jabberwock and I was waiting for your review, but I decided to follow my instincts and went for the Jobber… wait. I made that decision thinking the 5 heroes I saved can be used in the next one.

    I completely agree this was a great pool. I’m afraid they can offer Waterpipe, Ruby and Lu Bu in the same SE and I will not know what to do. I mean I will choose Lu Bu, but it will be the hardest 2-second decision ever,

    Have a great holiday season OC!

    1. 😂 Always next time. Someone told me gotta live for today, but then that’s not always the best advice!

      Both are great picks, C. Jabber looks awesome.

      Only 3 days til Christmas and a humongous meal… Hope it’s good!

  6. Ahoj Starý Cyniku, recenze hrdinů je super, ale zeptám se na Diaochan a její rodinný bonus se Sun Quan a Guan Yu a třeba Zircon, Arco, Motega, Nadhezda, C Freya…..mají dnes šanci odolat ve war těm top hrdinům???? Moc děkuji za odpověď. Myslím, že na duhový týmy o síle 6600+ (OP bojovníků) je asi těžký postavit obranný tým 😂🙈

    Translated: Hi Old Cynic, the hero review is great, but I will ask about Diaochan and her family bonus with Sun Quan and Guan Yu and maybe Zircon, Arco, Motega, Nadhezda, C Freya… they have a chance to resist those top heroes in war today?? ?? Thank you very much for your answer. I think it’s probably hard to field a defense team on 6600+ strength rainbow teams (OP fighters)

    1. Hello Willik, I don’t think this translated the best but with regard to the Family Bonus it says ‘Each time a Minion is summoned…’ So that will aid her no matter the Summoner.

      I hope that’s the point. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Holidays!

      Translated: Ahoj Williku, nemyslím si, že je to přeloženo nejlépe, ale pokud jde o Rodinný bonus, říká ‘Pokaždé, když je vyvolán Minion…’ Takže jí to pomůže bez ohledu na vyvolávače.

      Doufám, že o to jde. Děkujeme za zastavení a přejeme krásné svátky!

  7. I have a 10 spot I’m going to trade in. I would love Diaochan, but cant swing it.

    Eiroa was my second choice, but Jabber’s costume might be the clincher

  8. As someone who has owned and used Costume White Rabbit for quite some time now, I’m worried people might be a bit too optimistic about his utility. The fact is that he hits like a wet sponge, and his -defence isn’t that great at only -34%. He can only shine in conjunction with an elemental debuffer such as C1 Leonidas followed by a decent-hitting yellow such as Jove or Topaz. If you raid with 3-2 teams like anyone with hero depth, then every 1-2-3 stack should be able to kill an enemy outright, and Costume White Rabbit is only a very small part of any hitter stack. He isn’t the most important or effective piece in any stack.

    The -def reset on heal can and should be ignored, because it is extremely situational and you never want your opponent to heal in the first place.

    He is good on titans though, unless you are willing to 2LB Bogart.

    1. Hey Yorka, thanks for the fair caution that you spell out. Hopefully this gives others some insight.

      There is a gap in my mind between #1 and #2 & below on that tier.

      Thanks for taking the time to share and happy holidays!

  9. In the end, its all about your own roster’s situation. In my case, I took c.athena within 1 minute SE was on. Lol
    Blue and yellow are my weakest colour and she fits perfectly there in my blue mono team. I was considering Kemeny but recent luck from TOL gave me C.Hel and already have a few decent hit 3 and hit all for purple. Somehow the option for yellow does not excites me. So c.athena it is. Haha. Good read OC. Sharing to my alliance as some of them still haven’t made their pick. Congrats on getting diao chan!

    1. 😂 This is all moving and fluid opinion on the fastest moving element known to humanity; the Empires and Puzzles Meta!

      It really is what works for you.

      C.Regard is my best Dark Healer so Diaochan makes sense. I also have Ludwig, Lady of the Lake, and Kai, so Winifred looks like a missing sibling.

      It’s what works for you with some food for thought from an old cynical blogger!

      Oh, Merry Christmas MIB!

      1. Well .. to be honest, c.rigard is my best healer too. Lol. But in an attacking minded person. Its all about killing them before they kill me. Offense is the best defense. Lol. Merry Christmas OC! May you have a good one.

  10. Hi there.
    There’s nothing wrong with your review, only like to point that Thetys gives +60% attack to all blue heroes, wich is the highest and stacks very well with other 2 blue hitters, like hippo.
    Healers will always age better, but for me Thetys will do fine for events for a long time too.

  11. Hi Old Cynic, this time I waited for your review. I have to agree that Diaochan is in his own league among 20s, but I already have Hawthorne, Charon, Hulda, etc. And the rest in 20s are not worthy of 20 souls, i.e, Tethys is my bench rider. Therefore I would really like to hear your opinion about Gargoyle team, pairing Kemeny with Arco, Hohenwerf and Gaillard. I know, Penolite is missing, but Cleopatra can fill the gap?

    1. Hey Relentless, I like the FB, that would be cool. But 3’s all that’s needed from looking at it. Also the united harm reduction after Special use is cool.

      That said, you could get more ideas by asking my Facebook group. Of course, you’re on the clock.

      Sadly, I can’t go into Rosters or I’d be overstretching myself. Sorry, but Merry Christmas!

  12. Thanks so much, Old Cynic!
    I run 2 accounts, but social media :(… love to speak or email with you some time.

    Lormnac has Hawthorne and (2c) Rigid so picking up Diaochan might be ideal for 2nd mono purple….1st is Bera, Khoshu, Ludwig, Amethyst, Hawthorne…

    Astinarax is lucky enough to have Hulda and Xnolphod with a Griffex to pair with each… so almost 2 deep in healing and support…. Go another direction?

    3 other notes have Garnet and don’t trust her on defense (85, 20 emblems), have Tethys and she crushes :), and Phileas runs on my mono green… MN, Hammertusk, Phileas, Quenell and 2lb Kalo.

    ‘Nough about me, thank you! And happy holidays!

    1. Cheers Lormnac & Astinarax, as you know running two accounts, synergy is based first on opportunity. If we don’t have the right Heroes that completement each other we can often tend to end up with a different view on the same Hero.

      Of course, some are just bad…

      Anyway, thanks for stopping by and Happy Holidays to you too!

      1. Hey OC and thanks again.

        Update… Lorm picked up Diaichan and Asti went with Kemeny to pair with Arco…

        Tis the season and peace be with you and your readers!

  13. I was hoping this Soul Exchange would give me a 20 hero trade-in as I desperately need roster space but, alas, it was not to be. Already having Diaochan (the cream of the crop), Tethys and Phileas Fogg for some time now and not needing a red healer (Hathor, Phenexa and Flip on the roster) it came to White Rabbit and I was not convinced. So I looked to the 15 hero row and saw Kemeny and Winifred. The other 3 I either already had or did not fit well so it came down to those 2. While I love the Gargoyle’s Stoneskin my secondary account has had Winifred for a long time and she is a stone-cold killer. So my choice had to be Winnie, paired up with a level 27 Styx troop for 20% mana speed boost + 2% with emblem level 19 and she is now average speed (and beyond when legendary troops enter the equation in a few weeks and/or paired with a mana boost hero). Great review, as usual, and helped me back up my decision for this selection. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

  14. Merry Christmas OC!

    Thank you for all of your hard work. I didn’t wait for your review this time, as my choice was clear to me. I really like the dark gargoyle, but like another commenter, just pulled costume Hel who I have listed after since her release and again since her series of buffs. Holy, Dark, and nature were weak for me, in that order. Winifred looks great, and I love the Bard family bonus. However, I had 20 souls easy, have been lacking healers other than Milena and Ariel (until recently getting Xnolphod and more recently Hathor) but Diaochan was a clear choice for me. I can’t wait to test her out, and I think maybe a great tank for equalizer war.

    Anyway, thanks for listening, and for doing what you do. I hope the game doesn’t break you the way it has more and more players lately. A sense of humor and healthy perspective goes a long way, so I expect you’ll be fine. Hope your big meal is the best! Watch out for that mistletoe!

    1. Good choice! I got my copy late last night and look forward to some fun, too.

      A sense of humor and healthy perspective ✓ Although, very cynical.

      Hope your big meal is the best! ✓ Yes, and more, I love the music, the movies, and the sentiment leading up to Christmas Dinner

      Watch out for that mistletoe! ✓ 😁 I will!

      Merry Christmas Gabrielle!

  15. Already having Diaochan, I went for C-White Rabbit. I already have a regular WR leveled so can easily level the costume for little materials. And I could potentially level a second C-WR as well.

    Happy Holidays and thanks for all you do to keep us informed and entertained!

    PS – I do use Fogg quite a bit against teams that have a taunter plus other buffs. I use Fogg to debuff the taunter and then another debuffer to take out the rest of the buffs. I do agree though that 20 hero cost is too high.

    1. Hey Ariana, congrats on the pick! I hope he’s fun. The costume is a bonus.

      I had to re-read the Fogg to make sure I wasn’t missing something. No idea. He definitely has value, just a little expensive for 20.

      Happy Holidays, hope it’s good!

    1. I had her and that was my thought concerning application. But they’re just in different weight classes imv. That said, it’s what works for you. Eiora & Fluffy is a great option too. Lots of choice in the first 2 tiers which I like about this SE.

      Or as the wise would say, saving souls for the next SE might be the best course of action.

      Whatever you do, have a Merry Christmas!

  16. I was considering the stretch to 20 for Tethys to complete my mono blue team (Loki, Tinsel, Azmia, Pengi, currently c Magni) but for 10 less heroes I think Frosth can do an almighty job in that team as well!

    Only using 10 heroes will hopefully mean I’ll get another shot in March for the next SE.

    As OC says, this is a game of opinion and synergy, your lineup will have different requirements. One of my factors when considering heroes now is the amount of emblems in stock, a half baked hero isn’t much more useful than an untrained one against the big guns!

    I don’t understand Fogg for 20 heroes, maybe 15. Doesn’t he have a costume now as well which would have added value at 20?

    1. Hey Slider, I completely agree. It’s all about your roster and playstyle at the end of the day.

      Of course, there are Heroes like say a Ludwig who could win you a battle innately, but roster and playstyle are really important.

      Happy Holidays!

      1. We all need more Ludwig in our lives! I didn’t have enough heroes when he was in the soul exchange.

        I wonder if a hero will appear next year to usurp or nullify him. Neema hasn’t done it yet for me any better than a good old fashioned debuff!

        Merry Christmas.

  17. I have fogg and eloise but diochan is really the first hero i have seriously considered sacrificing some of my wanted 5* heros. Magni, leonidas, rumpelstiltskin, sartana, marjana and zenobia. I was considering keveny, but i have khepri and he is consistently devastating. Then i realized in this article the diochan is fast which is a big draw for my defense team. I really appreciate your articles as they make for a good place to easily compare heros. thanks O.C.!

  18. Man I feel like I’m second-guessing myself at this point. But I spent the entire lead up to this event deciding that I was going to go with Kemeny. I needed the roster space and I hit all hero at average even at his base damage of 330 is crazy. But I’ve also learned to think long-term when choosing in Soul exchange. Jabber has better base stats given the costume and the buff that that family received. Plus he also does some other stuff. When I allowed myself to get turned around and went with him and now I’m regretting taking him over kemmeny

    1. 😂 What is done is done. Much easier said then practiced though.

      You still got a good Hero at the end of the day. I picked up Diaochan but was still considering Wini.

      Have a great Christmas Joel!

  19. As I have Diaochan… I was between the CWR and Kemeny. I have Christine, so at the end I picked up Kemeny – hit all, many ailments around and if he left alone in the field with lets say two or three enemies on wings, he still can win the battle alone with the passive, hit all and good board :)))

  20. Tethys is the best teammate for hippo. In current meta because of the shields and the taunts it is very hard to do def down without debuffing, so for hippo teams attack up is the way to go. And tethys couldn’t be better with 60% attack. I play hippo-tethys-ceto in top 10 wars and this team doesn’t miss. 7 blue tiles, bye bye

  21. Always love reading your reviews and insights; this one was no exception. I’m in a bit of a quandary. I want to get one of the heroes, but not sure which would be best option for me. I think I’ve whitled it down to Winifred, Diaochan or Kenemy. I’m probably leaning toward Winifred to pair with Ludwig, Rhys and Cupido or Nadezhda. Not sure which Blue. Anyway, I recently got Edwin, and just getting ready to level, so maybe I don’t need another Nature hitter but combining on a Green Team would be devastating too. Presently I use Rigard C2, leveled with emblems as my Dark healer, so not sure I need Diaochan but perhaps one doesn’t negate the other on a Dark Team. I’m not sure she’d replace Ludwig as my go to tank. I could use a good Dark hitter, but just got Costumed Hel from Legends Summons, so not sure Kenemy makes sense. My Blue team is weak, so Costumed Athena may make some sense but just got Frida from Fated Summons and subsequently got Ceto from recent Untold Tales Summons, so wouldn’t be top priorty in leveling. If I took Winifred, I’d probably level her before Edwin but am torn. I need some bench space, so can’t let another SE pass without a pick. I like the thought of stiil having a few dups left for next SE, just in case, but maybe that’s not good enough reason to pass up on Diaochan. Just to say I’m totally lost. Thanks again for the time you take, lending insights into the game.

    1. Congratulations on getting a good one before they are gone. I think it’s because you only get 1 selection. After making a pick, nothing else is available to you. Cheers.

  22. Great review. I too was puzzled with Phileas at 20 but they buffed Underwild recently to include him making him a boosted health killer. If that makes him a one shot killer then 20 souls is a bargain but there is no chatter at the forums and by the time we find out, SE would be over.

    1. Hey Raydar, you’re right. It was the Dec updated:

      ‘Increased Damage Against Boosted Health: After Special Skill cast, all allies’ normal attacks and Special Skills deal +70% damage against targets with boosted health for 4 turns.’

      Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas!

        1. Yes, I think that’s it. Here’s the wording from the forum:

          ‘Ability (if costume is available): Increased Damage Against Boosted Health
          After this character casts their Special Skill cast, all allies’ normal attacks and Special Skills deal +70% damage against targets with boosted health for 4 turns.’

  23. Great review once again! I would like to add something about Athena to consider, That new passive dispel is a Ludwig counter, it ignores taunt. So if you hit Ludwig after he fires you remove his defense up AND remove the mana boost to his flanks. So all he does is taunt without protection. (Assuming no family members around to make it undispellable).

    Happy Holidays!

  24. Merry Christmas Old Cynic!

    I missed out on this Soul Exchange because I got only 1 duplicate 5* hero from my TA20s (yes, plural) since the previous Soul Exchange (when I took Peridot for 10 souls) on top of my existing 6 dupes. I have no regrets picking Peridot, however – I think she was a good choice. Besides, I’m STILL levelling Dark Lord from…how many SEs ago? That said, he’s 4-78 now.

    Thinking about who I would have gone for if I had souls, I’d take Eloise, and ONLY Eloise. I’ve never saved enough souls for tier 3, and my Holy roster still needs someone who can do more than just Onatel, Leonidas without any costumes, or LB1 Li Xiu with a partial C2 bonus.

    Funnily enough, if I had only 10 souls to work with, I probably would have given this SE a pass anyway – these tier 1 heroes may be a much better selection than the previous SE’s, but none of them have any synergy with my roster or are essentially redundant.

    Since the last SE, my most interesting summons have been Lexi (4* Dark Super Elemental), C2 Li Xiu, C2 Caedmon and Neema from premium portals, C2 Justice *without* the C1 costume from HA10, and that 1 dupe 5* hero from my TA20s. It’s not that bad when I recall everything, but there’s no flash, so it feels like the RNG is peeing into the wind. 🥴

  25. thanks for the review, it’s a great roll for all.
    I’m probably the only one to pick Tethys. She’s not worth 20 but she fits into one of my attack teams perfectly and I already have Diochan. I have guardian hippo and costume Perseus paired with either 2ñd costume Magni or Azurite I think Tethys will be a better fit.

  26. You did an incredible job on the review of the Soul Exchange heroes. Thanks for the MULTIPLE messages stating that this was an opinion piece. Diochan was my favorite pick as well but seeing as I am purple heavy right now and I needed a 3rd on my blue team.

    I was surprised that you had picked Athena to be so low considering her stats at time of publishing are so high. I thought she was an absolute steal at 15 souls but I agree, Winifred & Kemeny are solid hitters as well. As for putting her below Eloise that just incites my geek rage.


    (Where did that come from? I think I need a snickers or something)

    I hope your leveling with Dio goes swimingly!

  27. I took Thetys.
    For me she’s worthing the 20 souls, but it’s just because I got the 2nd costume of Magni last month, and now I got 2 Magni and 2 Costume for them.
    1st is fast defense down, and second ist fast defense against CS down, all that for 3.
    They just need a fast blue hit 3 friend to ensur a 3 kill in 7 blue tiles.
    As f2p, that’s really hard to get. So they might never get a team without Thetys. That’s why, for me she worth 20 souls.
    But I understand that’s not the case for most of players

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