Soul Exchange (Empires and Puzzles) June 2023

Empires and Puzzles Soul Exchange Pin

Empires and Puzzles June 2023 Soul Exchange is here, and it’s always fun to share who you’ve got as the No. 1 pick. I just wish this thing didn’t appear on the same day as the new HotM!

As per usual, I’ll do my best to identify the strongest Heroes in each Tier, with #1 being my pick for Best!

However, at a certain point, the Soul Exchange is really about what you need. What areas in your roster need strengthening?

Before we start, please consider sharing a link to this post with your alliance or on social media. It really does help.

This post may contain speculation, personal opinion, adult comedy, and human error. It is not advice and is solely for entertainment and informational purposes.

Empires & Puzzles June Soul Exchange

House Keeping:

Giving up 10, 15, or 20 Heroes in exchange for 1 is always gonna be a big decision, so please get other opinions, too!

There’s a lot to consider, including your current roster.

For example, you might not have a great 5-Star Ice Hero but might already have a solid 5-Star Holy Hero. So, it could make more sense for you to exchange for the Element you’re weak in, rather than doubling your already strong Holy range.

There’s also the real danger of overstretching for that top-tier Hero and completely depleting your reserves.

Please note, I’m not judging your picks; we’re just talking here. There’s no wrong or right, so please don’t walk away feeling like you’ve picked the wrong Hero.

Finally, I don’t mind folk disagreeing with me. That’s the whole point, to get opinions from all sides.

All Heroes: Soul Exchange, Empires and Puzzles June 2023

OK, here we go. All of the Heroes currently up for grabs in the June 2023 Soul Exchange:

Screenshot: All Heroes in Empires and Puzzles Soul Exchange June 2023
Empires and Puzzles Soul Exchange Hero List – June 2023

Please note, due to the immediacy of the Soul Exchange, my opinions are off the cuff and without the same detailed research I would normally conduct for my other reviews.

Tier One (10 Heroes) – Soul Exchange, Empires and Puzzles June 2023

The 5 Heroes on offer in exchange for 10 Legendary Heroes:

Tier 1 Heroes in Empires and Puzzles Soul Exchange June 2023
  • Marie-Therese
  • Musashi
  • Kingston
  • Ares
  • Misandra

Tier One. Tier One.

Why so Old, Tier One?

I believe that retaining your Spares for the next Soul Exchange is nearly always better than settling on a Tier One.

That said, there are a few cool old Heroes here:

Power Stats aside, Musashi looks super cool with an incredibly OP Element Link 😜.

Marie-Therese, -she was extremely fun back in the day. I’m almost tempted to get her just to roll her out for the odd Rush event.

And Kingston! He was a star, and his numbers don’t look that shabby. If you can’t stop the monsters from slapping you, why not tame them?

I’ll cut to the chase, last time around, we had some decent options at 10 Souls, but this group is just too old to sacrifice 10 Souls for, especially when you could wait for better options next time around.

Unless there’s a Hero you’ve always wanted sitting in this tier, I wouldn’t.

…Nostalgia is a powerful thing.

Tier Two (15 Heroes) – Empires and Puzzles Soul Exchange June 2023

The 5 Heroes on offer in exchange for 15 Legendary Heroes:

Tier 2 Heroes in Empires and Puzzles Soul Exchange June 2023

#1. Elizabeth (Empires and Puzzles)

Screenshot of Elizabeth from Empires and Puzzles game

We’ve come a long way since I reviewed Elizabeth. That was in September 2021!

And back then, she was on every noteworthy Defense.

In fact, I used to write this MAG spin-off thingy, and she was always on my “Top 10 Defense Heroes” countdown.

And while she’s no longer That Girl, many of her qualities are still valuable today.

But it’s true, her 175% hit is a little weak compared to all the freaks we’ve been seeing of late.

And, of course, the flood of new Heroes has made Elizabeth feel a little redundant.

Nonetheless, I still like her. I like the hit-all and the Mana slowing Fiends.

Of all the Heroes in the 15 Soul category, she strikes me as the most useable in today’s game.

And when weighing it up, I was tempted to stretch to accommodate her myself.

But I won’t.

I can see some great synergy, and it’s tempting, but on her own merit, and at this late stage in her career, she’s no longer that solo star capable of leading a roster. (And that’s what I need and expect!)

If I had more Souls than I knew what to do with, didn’t want to wait for the next SE, or didn’t want any of the 20-tier Heroes, I’d go with Elizabeth.

#2. Alberich (Soul Exchange Heroes)

Alberich Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

It should be noted that Elizabeth aside, I wouldn’t trade for any of the 15 Soulers ’cause they’re expensive!

I mean, if Alberich were in the 10 Soul group, I’d be over the moon. I’d probably take him. But 15 is sooo close to 20, and he’s sooo dated.

Still, Albrich has a 33% chance to revive the dead, and that’s really powerful.

It’s just slim pickings.

Sure, if you don’t have a Reviver, at least Alberich offers something. But at Slow, he better revive something, or you’ve got a long wait ’til he’s motivated to try again.

In short, a decent Hero whose Special includes the most sacred Skill in the entire game, however, in a tiny dose… Below the threshold of probability.

#3. Drake Fong (Empires and Puzzles)

Drake Fong Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Drake Fong used to be a Boss, and he still looks good.

He’s no longer elite, but his Mana speed is impressive for what he does.

It’s worth noting that the June 23 HotM (Skargremar) is not too dissimilar, so you may well end up with a more up-to-date version of Drake Fong (with a few more perks –albeit slightly slower).

But it comes back to Speed, and Drake Fong has that. And with his Element Link, he looks like a great Hero for Stacking.

You could argue him over Alberich, but it’s really about what you need. I ranked Alberich higher because he could… could… make dreams come true.

#4. Master Lepus (Empires and Puzzles)

Master Lepus Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

I know it seems like I’m always putting shade on good old Master L, but we got bad history.

Truth is, he still gets played every now and then.

But another truth is, in today’s E&P, you really need some Bells & Whistles about you.

You need good Passives and LONG worded Specials, you need strong Family Bonuses, and you need a high number in your Power Box.

Master Lepus can Slap for sure, but I don’t think it’s enough and don’t think the fluffy bunny is worth 15 Souls at this stage.

But he’d call me a “hater”, so…

#5. Costume Sartana (Empires and Puzzles)

Costumed Sartana Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Alright, time to get this thing out!

It’s 4pm already.

I like Costumed Sartana, I just don’t like Snipers.

Still, her 532% damage looks mighty impressive, even if it does come with 685 Atk.

Anyway, she’s not worth 15 Souls, in my view.

She will have a Costume Bonus… Let me check… It’s:

5% Attack, 5% Defense, 10% Health, and 5% Mana.

BTW, check out the difference between Master L’s Stats and C. Sartana’s:

Master L: 795 | 690 | 1194 (763 Power)
C. Sartana: 685 | 771 | 1558 (798 Power)

Anyway, I need more from my Heroes, to the point that even the newly acquired Kai is lucky he has a Dispel in his arsenal!

Tier Three (20 Heroes) – Soul Exchange, Empires and Puzzles June 2023

The 5 Heroes on offer in exchange for 20 Legendary Heroes:

Tier 3 Heroes in Empires and Puzzles Soul Exchange June 2023

OK, onto the big boys and girls! While these Heroes are good, they’re not stellar. Anyway, the best all-around Hero in this Soul Exchange for me is…

#1. Costume Guardian Kong (Soul Exchange Heroes)

Costumed Guardian Kong Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Costumed Guardian Kong is a solid, top-end Hitter who not too long ago, was defending Cups in the Top 100.

The Meta has since moved on, and C.G. Kong has become somewhat reclusive.

But the 300% slap was/is very respectable.

Still, the hit alone isn’t enough to surpass the others on this list. –For they are specialists, who when in their elements, are truly gods!

And the 300% hit can be found in other places.

However, the Dispel that goes along with it, well, that’s more unique (especially in a fixed Charged Unit).

The big problem for Kong is the order of his Special, but you can forgive him that when he’s generating so much force.

And Kong’s hit-all nature makes him perfect for Offense and Defense, Minions or not, Tourneys and Maps.

His Counterattack and Reflect against Ice are also nice touches, although admittedly, situational.

You also get his Base Card, which will give you the option of a Cleanse (albeit with less damage).

At the end of the day, you can add C.G. Kong to a lineup and get results without thinking too much.

However, in their element, #2 and #3 on this list may be way more valuable to you than C.G. Kong is.

After all, just a few months ago, we were all being smothered with Minions, and at such times, the following would prove to be much more advantageous.

#2. Guan Yu (Empires and Puzzles)

Guan Yu Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Guan Yu is a powerhouse Hitter who has a talent for using Minions against his enemies.

At one point, when Guan Yu was brand new, he was 10th in my countdown of the Best Heroes in Empires and Puzzles.

And while times have moved on, Guan Yu still looks fantastic.

He beats out Topaz for me because of the Ninja Mana Charging System she relies on, meaning she’s less valuable on Defense.

That said, I like the offensive options Topaz provides, too.

It’s Guan Yu’s sheer destructive power and charging consistency that sets him apart.

#3. Topaz (Empires and Puzzles)

Topaz Ninja Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Ninja Charge aside, Topaz is a simple Hero in that she just gets rid of Minions. And I really like that.

She also packs a solid punch and distributes Mana for each Minion destroyed.

The main issue is that she’ll only target one enemy on the first charge. On the second charge, it’s three, and on the last, it’s all enemies.

I like Topaz and would love to have Topaz, but for the purposes of ranking these Heroes, she sits here.

–Element may also play a part in your decision-making process.

#4. Agrafena (Soul Exchange Empires and Puzzles)

Agrafena Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Alright, nearly there!

Agrafena is a solid Statistician.

I wish she healed for a little on the first charge. I really like the second, tho.

A truly powerful Offensive Hero who is too easily managed on D.

I wouldn’t give up 20 Souls for Agrafena, but that may be because Malosi is consistently in my ear, badmouthing Heroes like her.

#5. Gaillard (Soul Exchange Empires and Puzzles)

Gaillard Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

YESSSS!!!! We made it.

Gaillard is a powerful Sniper with Fiend protection.

We’ve all been waiting for the Fiend Wars to begin, but they’ve never really materialized.

If they ever do, Gaillard will look like a smart pick.

As it stands, he’s a monster Sniper with that impressive Gargoyles Stoneskin.

Empires & Puzzles Soul Exchange (June 23)

Done! That’s the way I see it.

I’ve noticed that this Soul Exchange is weaker than we’ve previously seen.

And that may be down to the proposed Nerfing of prior Top Picks:

In the first Soul Exchange I covered (May 22), Lady of the Lake was available for 15 Heroes, and Lord Loki and Mother North for 20.

In August 22, Director Zuri and Quenell were made available for 20 Heroes.

In November 22, we had Ludwig for 15 Heroes and Alfrike and Frigg for 20 Heroes.

And last time out, in February 23, we were offered The Hatter and Dark Lord for 15 and Milena and Arco for 20.

They were all much stronger than what we have today (Soul for Soul).

But I guess that’s the problem with putting Giants into the SE; the Masses might jump onto a Hero like Ludwig or Milena and go ahead and shift the Meta. 😁

Anyway, I’d love to know what you make of it. Who did you pick? Also, who’s flying under the radar here?

As for me? I’ve got 10 Spares, and desperate as I am for a new Hero, I don’t think I could squeeze 15…

Enjoy the Soul Exchange!

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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  1. Good news for you if when you are short of souls, the pool is weaker.

    I had the 20, none of these heroes is in my wishlist, but I needed a Nature hero and the 20 slots, therefore I took Guan Yu. It means I have -by sacrificing 5-star heroes on 2.60 or even 3.70- 8 souls for the next exchange. I am changing my TC to produce more at level 20 and I will stop the Academy for a while.

    I am happy with my option and I hope I can have 20 souls in August or September in case one of muy favourites come.

    Nice job OC.
    You are our real oracle.

    1. Hey Mig-El, thanks for reading!

      Yep, the pool is definitely weaker. There’s not stand out star here for me. But still, a nice range of solid Heroes to strengthen a squad.

      It’s always difficult with this sort of countdown because the top 2 or 3 are pretty much on par so it becomes an argument of pedantics. It’s really what you need.

      I actually really like Elizabeth for 15… If I had an overflow of Spares I’d pick her up, but for someone like me, I need a T3 for 15/20 Souls!

  2. I picked Guan Yu. As he is a Deity+2 according to your ratings and is therefore the strongest of this round imo. And I also needed a strong Nature attacker.

    Sacrificed my both Balurs, HotM2023 dupes, S1 5 star lacking costume heroes and Victor. Only 3/70 I used was Mariana (no costume).

    I’m happy. Keep up the good work O.C.!

    1. Congrats Frostbite, Guan Yu was a bad man when he first showed up, and still is! I don’t think I ever graded C.Kong (I’ve written a lot of words over the years so never say never 😁), but he would sit with Sobek, a T2, too. He’s no T3, -there are none here in my view. Just really what you need.

      That said, I do rank these countdowns with the best overall use in mind for newer players who need the most solid, versatile option.

      Also, it’s worth noting that over time the grades degrade as new Heroes take the place of the old.

      Thanks for reading!

  3. As always, thanks for the great analysis!

    I’m super disappointed in this set of heroes. Last SE was the first time I had enough heroes to participate. I got Grace and am very happy with the exchange. This time, I can do 15 easy or 20 with a little pain, but I’m just not seeing value. Outside of Elizabeth, everybody seems priced 1 tier too high. And unfortunately, red is my lowest need and where I’m least flush for mats.

    I’ve been limping along with very little roster space for feeders, so if I don’t trade here, I’ll need to spend (a bunch of) gems for roster slots. If I do trade, it will probably take 6-12 months to accumulate enough 5s to participate again. The next SE can’t possibly be worse, can it?

    I was really hoping they’d get around to including some EDD somewhere – Evelyn, G Panther, King Arthur, c1 Leonidas … all are old enough and past their prime, yet none have appeared in SE or FS. (But we have Misandra in both, Ugh)

    Anyway, thanks again for your post and your thoughts.

    1. That’s the smart choice IMO.
      I think Elizabeth is cool, but in my heart heroes without their costumes are obsolete.

    2. Hey Xyfell, I make you right, this is the weakest SE I’ve covered.

      No one can say what they’ll do next, but I always saw the Soul Exchange as the premium option to the Fated Summon. The Ludwig/Milena situation must surely be relevant here…

      -I just think they went too old… These Heroes are all old. And none possess that real special magic (well, Agrafena does of course /s.. (for any new players… It’s coz she’s a Magic Hero… see)).

      Anyway, good luck with your decision and thanks for stopping by!

  4. I opted for Guan Yu, as well, before your review was up and am glad to see it was a good choice in your estimation too. I considered both G. Kong and Topaz and rejected them for the exact same reasons you did. I was going to take Topaz before Guan Yu replaced C. Kadilen (I have both costumes already maxed and limit broken). Alberich was a contender, but having both C. Mother North and C. Heimdall, and needing as much roster space as possible, I stuck to the 20 soul level. Another awesome foray into the E&P universe again and keep up the good work. Would love a review on the new critter Ninjas so keeping my fingers crossed!

    1. Hey Dave, good to see you! Congrats, Guan Yu is much loved. All 3 are great Heroes. C.Kadilen should’ve been in for 15 – She would have been the steal! I like Alberich, I guess it shows, he was 2nd. But yea, with C North and C Heimdall, no need!

      Thanks for stopping by. (The new Ninjas are awesome!)

      1. That’s good to know. I pulled Kushanku on my main account along with Skargremar and got super lucky on my second account and pulled both Kushanku and Azurite with 4 coin pulls.

        1. Kushanku is the more complex while Azurite looks the more fierce, he’s the easy win for me. I love the Miss penalty.

          I like Kushanku but hide can be a net negative sometimes. I’d really need to take the time. If I get a chance I’ll go over them in more detail. Congrats tho, proper jammy!

        2. I thought I’d come back round to this as I’ve had a chance to look more at Kushanku and realise my comments are more reserved concerning him. It was just a matter of getting a chance to consider his special, which I hadn’t properly done, whereas Azurite’s special was immediately relatable.

          Anyway, just to say that I do rate Kushanku on reflection and wanted to clear that up.

  5. Thanks Old Cynic for making me see reality. I would have destroyed lots of work for Elizabeth. I do not have 15 spare heroes to exchange except heroes that I have built up, but rarely use. So I will have to be patient. Cheers!

    1. 😀 That’s a tough call right? I’m right there with you. She’s a great hero but not great enough to blow up the entire roster for… well, imho!

      Thanks for reading Rokkbiter!

  6. Great to see you jump in at this topic OC! Jej here, replied to you at the last SE for advice on the Ludwig/Alfrike debate. Well, that Ludwig has been on strike for numerous occasions now because of being overworked. Feed the hungry, rest the poor!

    Here in this SE I was leaning towards Topaz (not having charge heroes), then Guan Yu decided to rear his exotic head. Wondering (after having read your review) if the defense down would make it easier to remove minions by someone else? Defdown in my book means minions would get hit harder, is that assumption correct?

    I don’t know the chances of Topaz charging up to x3 but in a defense team she would feel quite weak, because of the randomness. Not an all-out hitter too often, like the blue healer (Alexandra?) with x2 toasting everybody.

    My choice to soldier on and sit this SE out, is not set in stone because I have 23 obsolete 5*s lying around, plus approximately 9 hidden in 3x TC20s (with around 180 pulls x 5%). Then I would be getting around 7 in the next 3 months until next SE, hoping to be sure to have 20 again just in case.

    1. Hey Jejking, Ludwig was a great option. Re. Guan Yu and any other Defense Ailment, we share the same assumption, -that it effects the Minion too because the Minion itself doesn’t have Defense -only HP. The Minion is like a HP extension to the Hero. At least, that’s how I think about it.

      So, I believe that with GY, you’ll reduce the number of Minions more easily, which in turn, will reduce the Defense Ailment.

      If anyone wants to confirm/chime in, please do.

      ‘plus approximately 9 hidden in 3x TC20s (with around 180 pulls x 5%)’ – Wow. Good going.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  7. I was really expecting (hoping, really) that they’d continue the trend of including the clash of knights heroes. Quintin would round out my team really nicely, but I guess they learned some lessons are being extra cautious with what appears in the exchange.

    Took Alberich due to not having a reliable reviver but I’m kinda meh about the whole thing this time round

    1. Hey Tony, yes, The Clash of Knights was a cool event and those Heroes are still badasses. They are nice. Wolfgang or Rayne for me please.

      Congrats, as they say, better something than nothing. Alberich was serious talk before the influx of Heroes. Easy to forget that!

  8. Thanks for all your insight-I refer people to your blog all the time! I’m going to wait until next time…sigh. I can only scrape up 10 heroes and while I’ve always wanted Marie-Thérèse, she won’t help my lineup. Her artwork is just so cool, though! Lol

    1. 😆 As I was alluding to above, my internal voice was talking up those older Heroes. We remember them being great and it’s hard to shift that sometimes.

      I loved the way she created Zombies. They should use that again!

      Thanks Cassandra!

  9. I need to free up roster space. My T 2 would be C Kong and Agrathena who I both have. Do not underestimate the later, she’s good on titans and pairs great with Xenophobe if you have him.
    I’m debating between Ares (for titans) and Gaillard. Nice thing about Ares for titan is I wouldn’t necessarily need to use 4 tier accession items to get desired affects (hitting 14 titans). Just my thoughts

    1. Snap, well almost. I had a line about Ares still being useful for Titans but shortened it… cutting to the chase, but I can see that. And I take your point about Agrafena. Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Thank you so much OC!

    As a long term player (Oct of 2017), I think that this SE is one of their weakest offerings, as they’ve bowed to pressure (they created) to have it before the massive rebalancing,

    I have “easy poker” of 12 5* heroes (and limited hero space), and as hard as Kingston can hit, I’m going to save to the next SE where, presumably, a more worthwhile toon will be affordable.

    Thanks again and would love to share additional information with you for feedback.

    All the best,

    Astinarax (of Not Addicted)

  11. I’m sitting on exactly 10 S1 5* heroes to work with. At the last SE, I stretched 15 heroes to get Dark Lord partly because I needed something better than non-costume Sartana as my only 5* Dark sniper (but more because I really like Dark Lord 😂), so it’s taken me the time between two SEs to get just enough heroes for Tier 1 SE. In a sense, I’m also stretching here because my HA10 is currently not running.

    My senior alliance member reviewed my roster based on his recommendation of getting Kingston or Musashi for 10 souls and we both agreed that I should go for Musashi if I’m going to commit 10 souls. The reason is because I have no 5* multi-hitter, only obsolete hit-alls and snipers – Justice, Leonidas and Hu Tao without costume, C. Chao and LB Li Xiu with 1 costume, and Onatel. Kingston ends up in the same camp as The Hatter from the last SE because I have enough Nature snipers (mainly 2x C. Caedmon, Peters, and C2 Lianna).

    However, I also have the roster space, so I’m also thinking of holding out until the next SE, whereupon I might be able to stretch for Tier 3 assuming I get more dupe/obsolete/useless/unbuilt 5* heroes at my current rate. The one thing that this SE has in common with past SEs is that there are at least 1-2 Tier 3 heroes who are *far* better than most 5* heroes in my roster right now, so I can expect that to continue for future SEs. Furthermore, Musashi’s stats are a bit old and I have no 2017 HotMs, so his Element Link won’t affect all allies, and he fills a gap in my roster that (from what I see) doesn’t urgently need filling at this point (I’ve opted out of wars while waiting for Bera to be fully upgraded and to restore my own confidence in using all flags, and I don’t actively raid other players, although I do still participate in W3K). If the planets align, I’ll eventually get Musashi from HA10 anyway.

    The decision I need to make now is whether to get Musashi for 10 souls or wait until the next SE.

    1. Hey Nortaneous, I can see the appeal. It’s tempting to pick up one of those old legends. I don’t know what the future holds, but I’m personally holding out because I have a hot Holy/Dark bench, and just got Kai. And those are the 3 that look fun and somewhat useable for my roster.

      You gotta do what’s right for you. There will always be more Souls in time, and always more Soul Exchanges (we hope!). In my case, I’ll need to work to get the further 10 Souls required for the next exchange, and I don’t have to make space.

      And for me, they won’t improve my roster. -That’s the key point for me in the SE.

      Anyway, good luck and as always, thanks for stopping by!

  12. Mr. Cynic, my Alliance ran into an issue with being confused about whether or not these heroes came with their costumes or not. The card shows the costume icon, but only one hero, C. Guardian Kong, allows you to preview both the original stats and abilities and the costume ones. This leads me to believe that only Kong comes with a costume, the others don’t. I feel like this is somewhat deceptive on SG’s part. Several of my teammates chose heroes thinking they were getting the costume version and didn’t. Anyway, I just wanted to bring attention to that. I didn’t see anything explicitly saying that the costume was not included, which I think is somewhat disingenuous. Thanks for letting me spout off a little.

    1. Hey Scott, I agree that it could be clearer. I had to go back and forth to check myself. I think if you have the Fully-Levelled preview at the Portal, it shows the Costume.

      Anyway, maybe E&P read this, maybe they don’t! Thanks for highlighting the issue tho!

  13. On my part, I chose Agrafena. 6 tiles gives a several nice little ailments to the enemy team, and 12-13 tiles gives my team huge buffs and also regenerates 1400+ health. I already have three other Magic Heroes (Motega, Cristobal, and Milena), so the Family Bonus will come in handy. I’ve actually wanted her for a long time, ever since Mr. Spock did a video with her and he admired her contributions.

  14. Nice work! Your analysis is greatly appreciated. Everyone in my alliance is a fan of your website. Your stat analysis and humor is outstanding!

    As much as I wanted to select C. Kong, I lack a 5 star minion killer. I selected Topaz, I finally have a way to clear out minions. Even though this is a weaker group, I am thankful I finally filled a huge roster need. I think that’s the main theme behind this SE, you probably can fill a need to complement a team.

    1. Thanks Jerry, I appreciate it, I love getting to say silly stuff. If it makes me laugh I’m hopeful someone else will!

      Topaz is a nice nice Hero, congrats! Clear cut and versatile on offense.

      Cheers Jerry, and your alliance mates for all the support!

  15. I’m with you OC! It is a weak class and I am relieved. I only could exchange 10 heroes comfortably. Any perspective on Elkanon with both costumes? Not sure whether to keep him or sacrifice him!

    1. I guess we’re holding strong!

      Re. Elkanen, I just went to have a refresh of his skills… Middle of the road stuff, possible solid synergy, and fantastic Power Stats.

      This is the Cx1:
      280% to 3, + 61% healing applied

      This is the Cx2:
      230% to all on 805, + -50% healing for 3 turns

      Neither is top-end, but he could find synergy with the Cx2 due to the -50% healing. It’s difficult, because the hit isn’t enough and the window for decrease healing is short. But the potential is there. Also, that’s a Cx2, that power card is 862 unemblemed (from what I can see at the forum).

      Also, with the Big Balance Update around the corner, it’s not 100% certain were all these Heroes will land.

      In short, if you’ve got a bunch of elite Fast powerhouses and don’t see synergy here, then why not. Otherwise, at least wait to see how the world looks after the update. After all, he’s a X2 Costume.

      Also, don’t forget to get other opinions elsewhere, too – just my 2c! Thanks for reading!

      1. Hey, thanks for your perspective. I occasionally come up against him raiding and he is a bit of a nuisance. I guess that says something…

        I hope you finally get Freyas costume T the upcoming costume portal. I want Hel or Heimdall. Ciao!

  16. Great review as always sir OC, I went for guardian Kong just for the way im shaping my defence up he seemed the best of a bad bunch really keep up the good work and keep your eyes peeled for the legendary and unstoppable mighty mooingjuggernaut! Coming to the global number one spot soon! 🙂

  17. Hi Old Cynic!
    Thank you for your anylises, always helpful and fun to read. I chose Topaz, I love those Ninjas and a yellow Ninja is missing in my rooster and i think she will be very useful.
    Keep up your great work! Greetings from Germany!

  18. Thanks so much for the post! Always helpful. I wonder if you or others might offer advice. I love revivers and overhealers, and my top side has Mother North and Gullinbursti (soon to be replaced by Heimdall) with Ludwig, Roughian/Nurgib and Magni. Also training a C-Ariel. I was tempted to get Alberich but realistically it takes most enemies in alliance wars ten goes to beat me twice- do I really need another reviver? If I have MN, Hemidall and Alberich in the same defence team I am very susceptible to red team attacks, I assume? Is 15 souls a bit much for someone I might just use as a second tier healer in alliance attacks etc? Guan is green as well, doesn’t help much

    1. Hey Davelovescheese, I wouldn’t personally, not with the other 2 already. But at the end of the day, it’s a decent reviver for 15 souls. Hopefully others will offer a view too.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  19. I only have exact 20 to trade so I was extra picky this round.

    Topaz – good minion killer but I already have a strong yellow and I have Penolite. In the current meta, Peno got irritated a lot and thats been good for me. lol.

    Guan Yu – I have 2 of him. SG been blessing me with dupes and no one else from that portal.

    Kong – Kinda want him compared to other pick but, my red team… maybe okay-ish. solid hitter to all and technically fast with the right troop.

    My decision – pass. lol. I dont want to pick now and then regret it later at the next SE. haha. Spent gems to expand my roster.

    Good read again Old Cynic. Thanks!!!!!

  20. Passing on this SE.

    I have 20. But this lineup is a bit too mediocre for me.
    TBF though, i’m holding on to these 20 until Charon shows up again! LOL
    It’s gotta be him, or some other that can make me ditch Charon!

    I knew all that before coming here. But reading OC posts has become a favorite habitual past time now.

  21. Being a F2P player I am always in need of the more premium heroes and your reviews really help me find the best bang for the buck. It’s also helped me with my own analysis. I ended up getting Elizabeth (before your review came out) because she seemed like a a solid choice (I didn’t have 20 souls) and it looks like I chose wisely. My reasoning, at around <2500 cups level of play a fiend spammer can make a difference and unlike some of the other tier 2 heroes she has a passive and family bonus. Mo skills mo betta.

  22. Hi Old Cynic, I wish I read your comments earlier. Joking aside it looks like I am one of the few if not the only one who chose Gaillard. Since Agrafena, Elizabeth and Ray are my latest development projects, and Topaz is already fully developed and LB, I was choosing between G. Kong and Gaillard. Guan Yu doesn’t look to me as a hero who can decide the battle. (Here I stand to be corrected). It was a tough decison (G. Kong is a powerhouse) but need for a strong blue (Ice) hitter prevailed. When fulIy developed and LB he will share his duties with Mr. Pengi. I think the he can fit not only in raids and titan (aka turkey) hunt teams but also in defence since he is fast and doesn’t need special protection due to his Gargoyle stoneskin (combining him with Arco) as well as Fiend protection.

  23. You persuaded me to pick Loki. You were *so* right! 🙂 I am having *so* much fun with him! I used to avoid opponents with newer flashier heroes. Now I am sort of looking for them in order to have fun with their specials 😀

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