Empires and Puzzles Pulls: Underwild Portal Summons

A large image of Hulda at the Summons Portal before Pulls

I decided to do some Empires and Puzzles pulls and wanted to mark the historic occasion with you all.

Now, this isn’t an endorsement or a promotion designed to influence your pulling habits. That’s your private business.

This is just a factual record of what occurred when I took 20 spins at the Underwild portal.

Oh, if you’d rather watch events unfold on video, please scroll to the bottom of the page.

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This post may contain speculation, personal opinion, adult comedy, and human error. It is not advice and is solely for entertainment and informational purposes.

Empires and Puzzles Portal Summons (Pulls)

Truth be told, I don’t like to open my wallet for much outside of food and rent, and that comes from a lifetime of frugal living.

But my roster is getting old and grumpy and we’re in desperate need of some fresh blood.

So, with the logic figured out, I decided to dust off the wallet, warn the bank of an unexpected charge, and let it all hang out with a set of pulls.

WOOOHOOOO! YA, what a rush!

Why the Underwild Portal?

Simple. The Heroes.

I perused the catalogue of portals available to me and like any refined connoisseur, I took my time with it, weighing up the Pros and Cons like a maestro.

But I kept returning to Season 4, –their names flashing before my eyes:

Prof. Lidenbrock

“Yes”, I thought. Underwild, it is!

Next, I had to find my money, which was last seen in my wallet, hidden in a small safe under my bed.

Now, I don’t mind telling you, I nearly backed out a few times, as Bane’s shadow weighed heavy on my mind.

But, I convinced myself to go through with it, and then…

BANG! What have I done? Is it too late to back out?

Onwards! I cried.

… It was time.

The Underwild Portal – Empires and Puzzles

20x Empires and Puzzles Portal Summons

Alright, wish me luck. Here we go.

Empires & Puzzles Pulls #1

Gan Ju Summons image from Empires and Puzzles
Gan Ju – Empires and Puzzles

If you watch the video later, you’ll notice a delay between each pull. I’m sorry about that.

I was using the time to pray.

I don’t know if it’s common practice or a decent strategy, but it’s what I tend to do.

Wanna know my special E&P Summoning Prayer? Sure:

“Please, Please, Please”… It’s also important that you squint your eyes and clench your fists at the same time.

(PS. I tried to get them coming out of the Portal but Gan Ju slipped by!)

Empires and Puzzles Pulls #2

Helo Summons Card from Empires and Puzzles Portal Pulls
Helo – Empires and Puzzles

Helo’s a duplicate for me. Great little healer, tho.

Please, Please, Please…

Empires & Puzzles Summons #3

Gramps Summons card from Empires and Puzzles
Gramps – Empires and Puzzles

Duplicate – Overhyped reviver, -mainly because he doesn’t like reviving.

Please, Please, Please…

Empires and Puzzles Pulls #4

Zila Lei Summons image from Empires and Puzzles Portal Pulls
Zila Lei – Empires and Puzzles

Duplicate – Fantastic 4-Star Hero, but can’t shoot straight. Just saying.

Please, Please, Please…

E&P Summoning #5

Helo Summons Card from Empires and Puzzles Portal Pulls
Helo – Empires and Puzzles

Duplicate. It’s OK. Let’s go!

Please, Please, Please…

Empires and Puzzles Pulls #6

Hu Tao Summons image from Empires and Puzzles
Hu Tao – Empires and Puzzles


It’s Cool. We got this!

Please, Please, Please…

Empires & Puzzles Pulls #7

Morris Summons picture from Empires and Puzzles Portal Pulls
Morris – Empires and Puzzles

Come on, f*#k off!

Please, Please, Please…

E and P Summons #8

Vollermork Summons screenshot from Empires and Puzzles Portal Pulls
Vollermork – Empires and Puzzles

It’s OK, still loads of pulls left. Just stay positive.

Please, Please, Please…

Empires & Puzzles Pulls #9

Oberon Summons image from Empires and Puzzles
Oberon – Empires and Puzzles


Please, Please, Please…

Empires and Puzzles Pulls #10

Tettukh Summons image from Empires and Puzzles Portal Pulls
Tettukh – Empires and Puzzles


Please, Please, Please…

Empires and Puzzles Pulls #11

Morris Summons picture showing his belly


Empires & Puzzles Summons #12

Poppy Summons screenshot from Empires and Puzzles Portal Pulls
Poppy – Empires and Puzzles

Poppy’s a Duplicate, but she’s a keeper.

Empires & Puzzles Pulls #13

Mack Summons screenshot from Empires and Puzzles Portal Pulls
Mack – Empires and Puzzles

Duplicate. Mack was awesome before Ferant showed up.

Please, Please, Please…

Empires and Puzzles Summons #14

Friar Tuck Summons image from Empires and Puzzles Pulls
Friar Tuck – Empires and Puzzles

He’s laughing at me, right?

… What’s there to be so chirpy about?

Please, Please, Oh, f*#k it. Let’s get this over with…

E&P Pulls #15

Helo Summons Card
Helo – Empires and Puzzles

Hello Helo, back again, I see. Not busy today, no?

Any 5-Stars back there?

Please, Please, Please…

Empires and Puzzles Summons #16

Tettukh Summons image from Empires and Puzzles Portal Pulls
Tettukh – Empires and Puzzles

I don’t know guys. I’m not feeling so lucky today.

I was a fat baby, it all started there. They said I ate too much.

Please, Please, Please…

Empires & Puzzles Pulls #17

Zila Lei Summons image from Empires and Puzzles
Zila Lei – Empires and Puzzles

There’s still time – calm down – Breathe.

Things can’t get any worse.

Come on, Re-centre your energy… Find your positivity… and, attract Xnolphod to you…

Please, Please, Please…

Empires and Puzzles Pulls #18

Gramps Summons card from Empires and Puzzles Pulls


Empires & Puzzles Summons #19

Oberon Summons image from my Empires and Puzzles Portal Pulls
Skeleton with hat on

Saving the best for last.

Here we go. Big wishes…

Please, Please, Please…

Empires and Puzzles Pulls #20

Helo Summons Card from Empires and Puzzles Portal Pulls


My 20x Empires and Puzzles Portal Summons

That was a thoroughly unfortunate affair.

Where was Bane?

I was always intent on sharing these pulls, but I really wanted something to ‘show off’.

Still, it’s important to see the bad as well as the good. After all, it’s just a reflection of the odds which present a very narrow opportunity of getting anything for 20 pulls.

Anyway, I hope you found the whole thing useful and entertaining… and as always, thanks for stopping by!

Question: Who’s the last 5-Star Hero you’ve pulled from any portal?

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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  1. Sorry man! I did 60 with the 3 kingdom portal, and 60 now, and got nothing both times. Feels like such a ripoff.

      1. I feel your pain. Better luck next time.
        Did about 40 something odd pulls and got the forgotten hero Garjammal. I’m sure you’ll be asking who that is. Yep. That’s the Sheeva from Mortal Kombat lookalike.
        Some 17vor more Bunny pulls and nothing there.

  2. On the flip side of all this negativity, I did 5 pulls, got nothing exciting until suddenly, bonus pull and I got this months HOTM!! Zagrog is going to be an excellent addition to my line up.

  3. My experience is to never do a pull unless the machine provides a 3* troop from the daily summons portal. I did a single pull 2 days ago after getting said 3*, got Rokkamush then got the HOTM. Right after Springvale started I got a 3* troop and used my saved tokens (enough for 3) and pulled Jack O’Hara with costume…not a 5* but very good 4*. I picked off 2 Vizcario HOTM in a similar fashion with a 10 pull…2! It doesn’t work each time but I have found better success by waiting for a glitch in the system and that’s my signal.

      1. Good luck following that tip, it has NEVER worked for me.

        No amount of Voodoo beliefs or waiting until the sky blackens, and the seas rise and dead awaken is going to help you.

        Either your luck is in or its not.

        1. Hahaha ok…just pulled Elizabeth…patience is the key. I spend hardly anything. I believe in God, Christ Jesus my savior and would love the privilege to discuss our savior with you any time, God Bless!

  4. Underwild portal before this, I used my coins I had save up from finishing S4 on hard. Got a duplicate Xnolphod and Kravekrush. Randomness can be a cruel mistress

    1. That’s Beast mode!!! I JUST finished S2 on hard after nearly 1.5 years of playing and felt like Leo on front of Titanic.
      I think I’ve done 2 X10 pulls ever & will never again – the odds are so stacked against us non- whales.
      I’ve talked with some folks & if you won’t commit $1109-$200 per month, anything less is just gave for SGG. I’m ok w PoV & VIP, but Ive been cold turkey otherwise for 3 months.

  5. I watched the video first and was rooting for you. Was fully expecting you’d get a couple and was bummed you got nothing. Last 2 weeks have been good and 38 pulls gave me Liz dupe and Hulda. January was particularly painful with 130 pulls with nothing in one event. Thanks for sharing with your great sense of humor. Better luck next time. Please please please 😉

      1. Thanks. At 3/50 on the offensive side I’m plowing through S4 hard stages withe her as the only healer. On defense her minions only heal (def+, mana+), and while they’re beefy there’s too many counters. She replaces Killhare def down with +54 def and costume ML -24 mana with +24 mana. One thing it’s not clear in the card is that each minion heals for 11% so if she fires twice it’s over. Definitely fun

  6. Mala suerte compañero,yo hice 10 invocaciones y prof lid……repetida,no es un buen día por lo que veo,seguiré guardando fichas….

    Translated: Bad luck mate, I made 10 invocations and prof lid…repeatedly, it’s not a good day from what I see, I’ll keep saving cards….

    1. Hola Dergoden, gracias. Me vendría bien un nuevo 5 estrellas, especialmente algunos de los más recientes. ¡Creo que volveré a la rutina y trataré de obtener algunos tirones gratis!

      Translated: Hey Dergoden, thanks. I could do with a new 5-Star, especially one of the recent ones. I guess I’ll get back to the grind and try to get some free pulls!

  7. Big oof 🙁 I feel like the sting would have been taken out if we at least had a few more interesting 3 and 4 star heroes in Underwild. It feels like the forgotten portal for lower tier heroes and is the main reason I tend to avoid it.

  8. I had 50 EHTs saved and pulled both Master Lepus & Killhare (I already had both heroes but wanted the costumes) along with Jack O’Hare (and costumes, of course). I had enough gems saved to do a 10 pull for Underwild and got a duplicates of Phileas Fogg and Magni. Soul Exchange must be revving up with incredible heroes since I just got 4 more duplicates to give me a total of 42. My luck to get 5 stars has been excellent lately but seem to get dups a lot. Lepus and Killhare were expected so no bones about that.

  9. Pulled Eiora & Fluffy in last Starfall and was very pleased with that. Also pulled two Zagrogs on bonus during that event to give me a grand total of four. I like the looks of Zagrog but frankly the idea of having a quartet of him makes me feel a bit zagroggy.

  10. I had a little bit of cash this month and decided to go moderately P2P just to see what it’s like. My rule is I take them up on every offer that was primarily gems/coins (ie hard pass on “200 gems + aethers for $49.99”).

    So far it’s been moderately successful, definitely enough to beat the listed odds. I got Marie-Therese and White Rabbit from the Challenge Event (with costumes), Ratatoskr, my boy Lu Bu, Phileas Fogg, and a few S1 5*.s. I also cleaned up on the 4*s (Gullinbursti, finally!) and have pulled literally 7 Zagrogs so far. At 7, he’s just annoying lol.

    But the thing I really seemed to notice, and why I’m posting this, is that almost every single event 5* I pulled was within the first 24 hours of the event going live (MAYBE first 30 hours for Lu Bu). It had me wondering if they front loaded the chances to bait you into buying more.

    I definitely hope to go out with a bang on Clash of Knights, but this is something I’m definitely paying attention to next week.

  11. Wasn’t planning to delve too much this time in the Undermild, but curiosity got the better and managed 2 pulls hoping to jag Conglach but no 1st pull Hulda and the 2nd Morris was pretty disillusioned with Hulda at first read but after looking again I think she will be a formidable tank that both heals and add mana to a team. My dark roster got so much better.

  12. You tried! I was very lucky yesterday, i was going to spend my 800 token because elizabeth and at first pull akkarog appeared in front of me. Glory, joy and stopped pulls 🙂

  13. Had 20 pulls on Vallhala and nothing to write home about. Pulled 3 of Iris awhile back. 10 underwild pulls this go and no 5*. Maybe I’ll try the 3 star daily summon strategy or start of event strategy. Cheers!!!

  14. Did 10 pulls. At the last draw, out comes Justice. Doing the pulls in the car and a few moment later, i heard from the radio that Justin Bieber is coming to my country. Its called Justin Bieber Justice Tour. I blame him for my pulls. Lol

  15. Hi there, here’s a lurker introducing himself eventually.

    I’m sorry to see this pull result, but as far as I know it’s pretty usual in game, so…

    As an f2p guy, have invested quite some time in researching on pulls, mine, friends’, online videos from people spending salaries (you have all my heart).
    Knowing quite a bit statistic analysis I’ve even tried to spot models deriving from what I’ve seen. I’m then sharing something that may come to use.

    1 Forget the ‘heath of the moment’ pulls: there’s no way you’re getting something good if got seemingly lucky on another portal. It just doesn’t work that way.

    2 Single pulls work way better than x10 , x30. There’s no real logic on this, even ‘statistic memory’ notion is against what I’m stating, but this is the feedback of my data on pulls so far.

    3 Specific event coins work even better! Like if willing to pull S4 portal, Underwild coins seem to be best option.

    4 Pull in the very moment lots of people are, better if at the very beginning of events, when glittering new heroes have been just released.

    Of course there’s no guarantee of result; I only can tell that I’ve taken use myself of these tips and got unexpected good stuff, mostly if facing the pretty small amount of pull I’m given. I do hope it’s helping.

    1. Hey LeCrush, you’re more than welcome here. Thanks for commenting.

      You’re right about it being the nature of the game, and I find your 4 tips interesting, so thanks for sharing. It’s all luck, but it’s useful getting personal experiences.

      I don’t know if I’ll pull again, but if I do I’m gonna reflect on all these comments, Mystic or not!

  16. Nice pulls!

    I decided to go hard this time. Did 35 pulls on the first day and got nothing but duplicates and figured my best pulls don’t come in the morning but on late afternoon and evening. So, I bought that 3000/1000 offer and around coin pull 25, *bam* Elizabeth showed up! Got greedy and used gems for a ten pull. Got nothing- felt really stupid. Greed is not good for you! So, all in all, 70 pulls and one Elizabeth. Was waiting for around 500 pulls to get something other than S1 or HotM so I’m super excited. I know your feeling about spending money. Had a hard time falling asleep afterwards. Excitement over Elizabeth and having spent so much this month on E&P gave me mixed feelings which kept me awake late rolling in my bed.

    1. Wow, thanks for sharing Kenji. Sorry for the late response, I’ve been so busy, but your comment cheered me up… in a, we’re in the same boat type of way.

      Congrats on Elizabeth, she is a fantastic hero. So, there’s that!

      ‘Had a hard time falling asleep afterwards.’ .. I feel that.

      I have mixed feelings too if I’m honest, which is why I don’t do it so much. However, it’s nice to get a shining new 5-Star hero for the roster, once-in-a-while.

      Thanks for visiting, and for reading!

  17. Hey cynic! Sorry you had a disappointing string of pulls. Alas, it is the ole E&P slot machine.
    I had saved up roughly 15 tokens for Spingvale and the same for underworlds when I finished the season I managed to pull Sir Roosley, but nothing of consequence from underworlds.
    Not too disappointed with that results. Dropped about $40 on war of 5 rings and came away with 2 new 4*’s and no 5*’s.
    As they say at the carnival, “you pay your money, you take your chances!”
    I feel the rare quests are popping up more often. E&P figure that nobody will spent money on pulls if you don’t have the mats?
    Anyhow, take care and better luck next time!

    1. Cheers NurglesGift, sorry for the late reply, I’ve been so busy.

      I agree, it’s clearly a slot machine and there’s no promise of anything. And it’s also easy to Hero hunt (search for that one special hero you want).

      Still, as I was saying elsewhere, I’d love to get a fresh 5-Star for the roster, but there will be plenty of opportunity for that.

      I’ll take that good luck offer, and offer the same to you!

  18. I also did 20 pulls from the last Underwild hoping for Hulda and got two five stars!

    Vivica and Richard

    Somehow it’s even worse knowing I got “lucky” but the luck being absolute trash.

  19. Just did a 10x Underwild last Friday and got both the Professor and Elizabeth. Beyond ecstatic as my current project heroes are weak and my free/earned pulls for the past 2+ months have been brutal. Better luck in your future pulls – love the blog btw.

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