Fated Summon (Empires and Puzzles) September 2023 Hero List & Opinions

Empires and Puzzles Fated Summons at Old Cynic Poster

The Empires and Puzzles September 2023 Fated Summon is finally here, so it’s time to dive in and discover who’s the best Hero on offer.

However, when it comes to actually choosing a Hero, these things are often more complex than, “Who’s the best Hero”. Because your roster and playstyle are vital to the decision-making process.

Well, most of the time.

Let’s go!

This post may contain speculation, personal opinion, and adult comedy. It is not advice and is solely for entertainment and informational purposes.


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Empires and Puzzles Fated Summons September 2023

This is one rag-tag bunch of Heroes we’ve got this time in the Fated Summon.

Not all bad, but nowhere near as appealing as the last Fated Summon (April), when we had Lord Loki, Bera, Malosi, Grimble, Sif, Heimdall, and Gefjon.

Unless you’re a very new player, only a few of these Heroes will be of any use in today’s Empires and Puzzles.

There is one Hero who may be flying under the radar, but most are destined for the Soul Exchange.

For this countdown, due to the lacklustre Power Stats of the Heroes involved, I won’t solely rely on their prior reputations.

-Because an old Hitter is nearly pointless in the modern game, whereas someone with a decent skillset, may still be useful.

For that reason, you may not get the list you’re expecting.

How This Countdown Will Work:

For this post, I’m going to rank the Heroes in each Element, highlighting my favourites.

And at the bottom of this post, I’ll be sharing my Top Picks regardless of Element. And this time, I’ll give you a tiered hierarchy so you can take your own roster needs into account.

Please note, for the Fated Summons, my opinions are off the cuff and without the same level of detailed research as I would normally conduct for my other reviews.

Let’s get this started with all the Heroes currently available:

All of the Heroes in the Fated Summon September 2023 Empires and Puzzles
OldCynic.com – Empires and Puzzles Fated Summons September 2023 Hero List


Put your teeth in Grandma, we got guests!

Red / Fire Heroes: Fated Summons (Empires and Puzzles)

Here are the Fire Heroes offered in this Fated Summons, followed by my ranking (#1 is my pick of the bunch):

Red - Fire Heroes in Empires and Puzzles Fated Summons September 2023
  • Khagan
  • Anzogh
  • Red Hood
  • Baldur

#4: Anzogh (Empires & Puzzles)

Anzogh Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

On the same day that the new Goblins appeared, with their Wither Skill and massive Mega Minions, I’m stuck reflecting on Anzogh!

Anzogh is a HotM from 2019 who has an impressive Special Skill and animation.

Problem is, as will be the case across the board, he is old and his Power Stats suck!

I do like the 250% damage to all enemies on paper, but his base Atk of 698 doesn’t garner much confidence.

At one point, I would have loved to have had Anzogh, but his better days are well and truly behind him.

I wouldn’t level this card because I can’t see how it would help me.

#3: Khagan (Empires & Puzzles)

Khagan Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Khagan and Anzogh should help to illustrate where I’m going with this countdown.

In the old world, I might have ordered them the other way around due to their mana speed, but in today’s world, Khagan is more beneficial.

  1. He buffs nearby teammates for +63% Defense and +24% mana generation for 5 turns, and
  2. He might have just enough left in the tank to be useable in Rush Events

Funny thing is, even after taking the time to justify their order, I still wouldn’t recommend either.

If you’re at the point of picking these guys, I’m assuming you’re holding them over for the Soul Exchange.

#2: Baldur (Fated Summons)

Baldur Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

That is a looong Special Skill! I hope the Dev wasn’t paid by the word.

I’ll let you into a secret, I’m writing some of this post on the 17th Sept 2023… Yesterday.

It’s like I’m talking to you from the past!

-Alright, not as exciting as talking to you from the future, but it’s something.

Out of interest, if I were talking to you from the future, I’d be saying,

“It’s not the AI; it was never AI”.

Of course, that isn’t very clear when out of context, just like Baldur’s Special Skills.

But once you see the entire picture, it makes perfect sense.

So, is Baldur worth levelling in 2023?

Well, all he really does is p*ss people off, -keeps hitting them between the eyes, -ain’t civil, no matter how you paint it.

Then comes the backlash, when his victims come calling for revenge.

Then he stops…

And no one really knows why, or how the whole thing got started in the first place.

But I mean, 1000 HP Boosted for himself is nice.

Maybe you can Stack him and use him in Raids/Stages.

Do I recommend him?

Recommend is a big word. Not really, but here he is, in at #2.


I wouldn’t level him at this stage, although he could be useful for those without anything better.

#1: Red Hood (Empires & Puzzles Fated Summons)

Red Hood Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Just like Baldur, Red Hood has received a buff since her heyday and now her Minions weigh in at a healthy 20% (same as Freya and Bera).

But while they’re Fast, she’s Average.

Oh, and her Minions are a bunch of pacifists.

Also, you’ve got Hulda and Arco sitting over there on the side, looking like much better options.

Still, I like the idea of Red Hood, of layering her Minions and getting something out of her on Offense.

But this is pretty low-level stuff.

If you’re new with nothing better, this Hero could help you complete Stages and whatnot.

However, I would think very hard before levelling any Fire Hero here.

Green / Nature Heroes: Fated Summons (Empires and Puzzles)

Here are the Nature Heroes offered in this Fated Summons, followed by my ranking (#1 is my pick of the bunch):

Green - Nature Heroes in Empires and Puzzles Fated Summons September 2023
  • Elkanen
  • Margaret
  • Morgan Le Fay
  • Frigg

#4: Elkanen (Empires & Puzzles)

Elkanen Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

I’m not a classically trained writer, as I’m sure you’re aware.

But even my words feel wasted on Elkanen.

I’ve always believed that our Human bond is born in the expression of our experience.

So if you’ve ever experienced pulling Elkanen, then you can consider yourself bonded.

Not in the biblical sense you see.

But because I too have felt the joy of seeing all five stars lit up at the sacred gates, only to then have fallen into the deepest despair upon seeing that old Crescented Spear.

No. Don’t pick Elkanen. Do better.

#3: Morgan Le Fay (Fated Summons)

Morgan Le Fay Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

I had to YouTube Morgan Le Fay because I wanted to see her awesome Special in action. Check this out. [YouTube]

Cool right?

But all I’m saying is, try that nonsense on Luna, or Sha Wujing, or Aradia. You can’t tell these kids nothing these days.

-It’s a new generation out here.

Worth levelling now?


#2: Margaret (Empires & Puzzles Fated Summons)

Margaret Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Margaret is the only Hero that might be flying under the radar. Now, that don’t mean she’s a world-class athlete, coz she’s not.

However, she has a use, especially because her Dodge is based on the power of the incoming hit… and most hits nowadays are properly OP.

Margaret can grant you an early Dodge and quick hit, and each Dodge is worth +24% Mana!

On the right team, this Very Fast Hero could be of service.

Of course, if you have real premium Heroes, then Margaret’s not for you.

But again, if you’re new, Margaret may be worth the investment.

All that said, Frigg is the better, albeit, more offensive, option here.

#1: Frigg (Empires & Puzzles Fated Summons)

Frigg Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Frigg is no longer a Deity: T2, as time has passed and better Heroes have arrived.

That said, Frigg is Old Meta. And Old Meta is like Old Money in that she has a really inflated sense of her own importance.

But you can’t take anything away from her, because she once ruled as the Queen of Valhalla!

And I’m sure she could still do a decent job today.

In my view, Frigg is the best Hero on this list.

She’s just more useful across the board.

(Although, still not stellar in the current game.)

Blue / Ice Heroes: Fated Summons (Empires and Puzzles)

Here are the Ice Heroes offered in the Fated Summons, followed by my ranking (#1 is my pick of the bunch):

Blue - Ice Heroes in Empires and Puzzles Fated Summons September 2023
  • Thorne
  • Frida
  • Rumpelstiltskin
  • Fenrir

#4: Thorne (Empires & Puzzles Fated Summons)

Thorne Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Man, it’s now the morning of the 18th of September, and we all can’t believe this actually happened.

The Fated Summon really doesn’t have anything special this time out.

I just can’t see who I’d be really excited to pick up.

Anyway, Thorne.

#3: Fenrir (Empires & Puzzles Fated Summons)

Fenrir Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Fenrir’s claim to fame is that he once had the potential to be one of the Hardest Hitters in Empires and Puzzles.

I had Fenrir back in the day and found him to be unreliable and slightly annoying.

No, don’t pick him.

#2: Rumpelstiltskin (Empires & Puzzles Fated Summons)

Rumpelstiltskin Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Rumpelstiltskin, no. Too random.

I know people love random, and I have no problem with that, it’s just not for me.

Like that sketchy, erratic, guy from college.

-Just don’t know what’s gonna happen next with him. Which sounds fun, until you hit your 30’s.

#1: Frida (Empires & Puzzles Fated Summons)

Frida Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Frida looks solid:

Great hit for the time and clean Dispel for the target and nearby.

In the middle, we have -54% Defense against Ice for 4 turns for the target and nearby, which would be fantastic to tag onto a Titan or to aid an Ice-Stacked Raid/Stage Squad.

The Elemental Defense ailment will stack with a normal Defense ailment, making Frida a fan favourite from this Fated Summon, for those wanting to improve their Titan Teams.

Oh, and a nice Element Link (+46% Defense against Nature).

Power Stats aside, Frida looks great… Still wouldn’t wanna put her in the ring with Hachiko.

Yellow / Holy Heroes: Fated Summons (Empires and Puzzles)

Here are the Holy Heroes offered in the Fated Summons, followed by my ranking (#1 is my pick of the bunch):

Yellow - Holy Heroes in Empires and Puzzles Fated Summons September 2023
  • Leonidas
  • Bai Yeong
  • Guardian Owl
  • Norns

#4: Leonidas (Fated Summons)

Leonidas Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Base Leonidas isn’t useable in my estimations.

⚔️ Soul Exchange ⚔️

#3: Guardian Owl (Empires & Puzzles Fated Summons)

Guardian Owl Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

One could argue that Guardian Owl has a use in Rush Wars and Tournaments.

However, I wouldn’t bother.

#2: Bai Yeong (Fated Summons)

Bai Yeong Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Bai Yeong just got a pointless buff, improving his hit from 320% to 370%.

I have and still use Bai Yeong, and he currently gets more usage than Norns, on account of trying to stop the big hitters in War.

That said, I wouldn’t pick and level Bai Yeong unless you really have nothing better for managing the monsters out there.

Bai Yeong is far from an ideal solution and any team expecting protection from him will be sorely disappointed.

#1: Norns (Empires & Puzzles)

Norns Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

I had high hopes for Norns when I first pulled her, but she couldn’t live up to them.

On paper, the hit is good and changing the weak-against Element is great, but in practice, it’s not impactful enough.

At the end of the day, not only do you need to change the weak-against Element, but you also need the tiles to take advantage of it.

-It just feels rare for the stars to align so you can get the best out of her.

Norns will also flip the weak-against Element of the Mythic Titan and could also help with Stages.

Norns shouldn’t be over-credited for being #1 on this Holy list, because there really isn’t much competition.

That said, she possesses one of the most unique Skills in E&P. A Skill that might gain even more value as the game unfolds.

Purple / Dark Heroes: Fated Summons (Empires and Puzzles)

Here are the Dark Heroes offered in the Fated Summons, followed by my ranking (#1 is my pick of the bunch):

Purple - Dark Heroes in Empires and Puzzles Fated Summons September 2023
  • Domitia
  • Khiona
  • Sargasso
  • Salmon Loki

#4: Khiona (Fated Summons)

Khiona Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Khiona is in my Most Disappointing Heroes Countdown, which is well worth a read.

She’s not horrendous and I’m sure others have got some good use out of her over the years, but I can see no reason to bother now.

Nope. Zero.

#3: Sargasso (Empires & Puzzles)

Sargasso Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Sargasso looks cool but it’s not gonna cut it in today’s game.

-90% decreased healing does have a niche value, but not enough to level this bag of bones.

Most of these guys would be killed by one slap from a modern Sniper.

They’re 4-Star Heroes that you can’t actually use in 4-Star Tourneys!


#2: Domitia (Empires & Puzzles Fated Summons)

Domitia Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

I worked with Domitia for the longest time. A consummate professional, always had some spare arrows if you forgot your own.

That said, I really wouldn’t bother levelling her at this stage, even if I were a new player.

#1: Salmon Loki (Fated Summons)

Salmon Loki Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Wow, I made it!

Double wow, Salmon Loki is #1 on something other than a shopping list.

Good for him.

At this stage, with all his buffs, he is useful.

With a LB2, he will damage Holy Heroes, at the end of each Element change, for 799 each.

That’s after the 250% initial damage.

And that’s where most of his buffing has gone… into that flat damage.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, I’m not saying he can compete against the current Meta. Only that he has a niche value.

The funny thing is, as Tank (or in support of a Dark Tank) he can cause problems.

-Because you would be inclined to go in against him Holy-Strong, and his design, from the first pixel up, was meant to deal with that.

It’s also the Shifting Elements that can cause confusion which could lead to an unexpected loss.

Although Salmon Loki was once a big joke, I wouldn’t get too cocky around him nowadays.

Anyway, there’s something odd about the Fish and he seems to have the favour of the Devs.

I wouldn’t rush to level him, but he’d be a fun background project for me.

However, please bear in mind the competition here: It’s non-existent!

This Hero will not be of any use in many areas of the game so unless you have a plan, you really shouldn’t pull him.

Empires & Puzzles Fated Summon, September 2023

To be clear, I think this is a weak group and I would be analysing my roster carefully before committing resources to level any of them.

OK, now I’ll share my Top Picks regardless of Element. As mentioned above, this time I’ll be sharing a tiered hierarchy because so many of the Heroes hold a similar value.

Hopefully, this allows you to consider a worthwhile Hero in correlation to the needs of your roster.

Tier A (The Best):


Tier B (Decent and Somewhat Useable):

Norns/Margaret/Red Hood/Salmon Loki

Tier C (Fun but not really worth it):

Bai Yeong/Rumpelstiltskin/Morgan Le Fay

I think that’s a fair assessment.

Anyway, who’s your favourite?

Hope you enjoyed the post, please share a link if you did!

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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  1. An absolutly ridiculous bunch of heroes, all of them out of date. At least we had Lord Loki last time. Just extremely expensive Soul Exchange food.

  2. I picked Frida, indeed because of the titanhelpfullspecial and i can still see her in my Blue warsquad/raidteam from time to time. I have enough globes to LB her once which should help a little for the stats. And, considering the buff, who knows she’ll get a costume next time around and i’ll even be Lucky enough to get it (if you can’t dream, then what are we?😂). If i get to 100 again it’ll be frigg for sure it just wait for the next one, depending on how much time there’s left. Overall i feel this is a very dissapointing fated summmons. Except for these 2 really no one i’d let using space

  3. i was a little disappointed with the choices in FS. but I would get Frigg once i have enough points again to pull one. thanks for the review.

  4. I had been keeping all my tokens from any event for when the new Fated Summons opened. Excitedly I opened up the game this morning only for a crushing sense of disappointment to overwhelm me.
    What a load of dross – apart from Frigg who I already have and Frida who I will take and keep. ANY others are just fodder for a future Soul Exchange.

    I feel genuinely let down by the game over this selection.

    Thank you for the review. I wish it were more positive but I can’t see how it could have been.

    1. Thanks Steve, I do try to keep things light hearted but at some point you gotta call a spade a spade.

      I’m glad I got L.Loki last time but would’ve also loved Bera. I don’t see anyone as useful here.

      Thanks again for stopping by!

  5. This is, by far, the weakest collection of heroes offered unless there is some scheme to do a mega-buff of them. But since the September balance update just went live last week I don’t hold out much hope that such a scheme is in the works. Out of this entire group there are only 4 I don’t already have; Red Hood, Margaret, Anzogh and Morgan le Fay and as irony would have it I just pulled Frida from the elemental event. At least these are freebees that are just incidental to other summon portals and require no direct expenditure. Hopefully the next batch will be a more useful group but until then we have to live with this. It’s better than nothing I suppose and it does offer the opportunity to get something guaranteed, like a usually next to impossible to obtain from the Tavern of Legends old hero of the month.

    1. “I just pulled Frida” – Congrats Dave!

      “unless there is some scheme to do a mega-buff of them” – I wouldn’t be surprised, stranger things have happened. But it doesn’t help buffing heroes after events once everyone’s skipped them…

      Hard to understand the thinking behind the last FS Vs this one. Who knows. But thanks for visiting Dave!

      1. Definitely Frida for Titans, to replace Nordri. Beyond that I can’t see anything useful, given the heroes I currently have. At least I’m certain to have collected 100 for the next FS! A bit disappointed though; the last one was way better in my opinion.

  6. I picked Frigg because I’m short for green hitters.

    Now working on Haulstone so she gets a nice spot on the bench for now.

    Great list. Looking forward for the goblins review.

  7. I was so confident they would give Alfrike…

    Since I have Frida and Frigg does nothing for me, I think I will pick for designs and then for the soul exchange. I like Red Hood and Morgana, if I get a third pick, it will be someone I already have just to restore my already depleted reserve of Heroes.

    Sometimes I am sad with the game we share and play, my friend OC

    1. I saw that earlier list and thought it was a little strong, and now we’ve swung the other way, with too weak!

      Oh well, there’s always next time… and the SE. Good to see you, Mig-El!

  8. One of my only non season 1 costumes I got was cBaldur, so that’s a little bonus for me. He’s Atk 1068 Def 997 HP 1993 at 4/85/20 attack path with the buffed costume bonus he got last time. I only have 3 leveled 5* reds atm, so that will help against all the Heimdalls and Mother Norths I see at my level in war.

  9. Once again you made me laugh so hard especially about that guy from college when you’re 30…ha ha you are the best OC. Anywho I am grabbing frida first. I have them all except 8 which I will adore simply for collection purposes. Then the other 12 will be feeders. Really hard to believe each soul exchange and fated summons that comes out seems to get worse. How many on this list do you have already and who are you picking? Many blessings for your time and I will share your post with my friends tyvm!

    1. I’m glad it made you laugh! That’s my hope. I have or had 9, but I may have ignored or SE’d others without even noticing. I will take Frigg, then I’ll probably wait… My Nature group would benefit from her speed, but I’m not thrilled by the options here.

      A few would be fun to own but I’d rather get them some other way. Not like this!

      Thanks Daisy Dukes for all the support!

  10. I’m soooooo glad I picked up Bera from the last fated summon list last night with about 35 minutes to spare. Man, oh man, not impressed with this list at all.

  11. Hey OC…always enjoy your stuff and am retiring soon so might be interested (maybe you won’t be?) in supporting you by writing for fun of course. Anyway, I waited for 11 days with 100 summons for this crap! What a complete drag, not even a costume to boost someone? Horrible…I pulled Red, because she’s cute…


  12. The day when they release some of the most OP heroes in the game they drop the worst possible fated summon… you couldn’t make it up really. Do they actually play the game? I very much doubt it at this point. I actually don’t think it’s cynical either, I just think it’s off the cuff decisions made by people who have absolutely no idea what the heroes do or how to balance the game, or even care anymore as all they’re interested in now are the pound/dollar signs at this point. Pretty sad! I’ve spent almost 5 years of my life playing this game every single day and it’s now exclusively p2w; – older heroes just can’t compete anymore. Such a shame but at least I’ve made some friends along the way albeit many have now left. Ahh well.

    1. Hey Anonymous, you make some great points.

      “Do they actually play the game?” – I hope they do. At least enough to realise that these are bad heroes!

      Yes, old heroes really can’t compete…

      Thanks for stopping by!

  13. If the costumes were included, this FS would be a much better group. Instead we get food for the next SE, which at this rate will be awful too. I’m sad.

  14. So, I assumed that one of the reasons SGG/Zynga/whoever created the Fated Summons was to entice people into doing more pulls by (finally) offering a guaranteed payoff for each 100 misses. I wonder if that didn’t work for them last time, so they aren’t motivated this time around. Or maybe they are confident that people will pull anyway in November and December. Either way, it’s hard to imagine this group of heroes enticing anyone into making more pulls.

    Personally, I’ll get Frida for titans, and that will likely be my only catch from this crew.

    As always, thanks for your analysis and wit.

    1. Cheers Xyfell.

      It’s hard to know what’s going on with a business this large, re. the perceived impact to players at the portal, but there’s now an entire 6 months until the next FS! The data will collect somewhere.

      Thanks for sharing, Xyfell!

  15. “P*ss”? I know what you’re getting at, but do you know how many letters can substitute that asterisk? 🤪

    I agree entirely with your assessment and tier rundown, which is amazing because I usually have some reservations over your opinions (mainly so that I can entertain the opinions of others). That’s how bad this selection is.

    Unless I choose to slack off on premium summons, it looks like I will eventually pull 1 hero from this summon, so it’s likely going to be either Frigg or Frida. Frigg can still burn teams with the right boards, but Frida would be an upgrade from Nordri…although I’d also need to free up a slot on my ice stack for her.

    That said, I probably would have taken Salmon Loki for the memes if Frigg and Frida weren’t in the selection. Just because it’s legitimate Norse mythology doesn’t make it sound less stupid when saying his name. 🤪

    1. “P*ss”? – I’ve had a good think about this one Nortaneous, and it’s tough.

      I can’t sub the “s”, it don’t look right and that leaves the “i”.

      “I probably would have taken Salmon Loki” – I suspect Salmon Loki is gonna be sitting on a lot of benches. They should buff him again, that would be wild.

  16. I sooo wanted to pick a red hero from this FS. Waited 3 weeks. I have 29 rings and wanted to strenghten the team (Phenexa and Sekhmet). The only other unleveled red heroes I have that are worth something are C Black Knight and Skargremar. Not a fan of taunters but I might give him a chance.
    On the other hand I have just 8 telescopes and 6 of them are booked for Nine-Headed Beast. Frida would be a nice upgrade to Nordri. I’ll probably take her, once I’ll gather another 100 summons.

    I went with Frigg. Fast mana defense down (although a bit conditional) will pair well with El Naddaha. So far Marcel kept her company. I picked Guan Yu and Congalach from Soul Exchanges and Grace got buffed recently. The greens will be fairly solid.

  17. Hi Cynic, after long time I am commenting, I hope you are fine, I have been playing This game for now 4 years, and loved your analysis, I have one questing, if I stack EDD 54% with Normal defence down 54% , I th8nk I cannot get more than 70% total defence down, I think its limit,so if I use ferrus who is having 60% EDD, without hero having normal defence down I got almost same score, I’d say normal defence down 34% and EDD 34% with stack greatly, but 54% EDD would not effective stacking with Normal defence down , better to use other hard hitter, any comment on this?

    1. Hey Wolf, thanks for the support over such a long period of time.

      I’ve learned a lot doing this blog, and much of it comes from questions like this, because it spurs me on to find out.

      Yes, it appears there’s a limit on reduced Defense, but I’m not sure what it is. I wouldn’t be surprised by -70% to -90%. Here’s a post I found on the forum pertaining to the subject.

      There are a lot of unwritten Programmer rules that most players are happily unaware of, myself included most of the time.

      It reminds me of the Minion limit which SG recently made a statement about.

      Still, as a result of the ambiguous nature of the information, I couldn’t offer an opinion either way. I’m sure someone’s tested it all, but sadly I haven’t, nor do I have access to it! Sorry.

  18. Always a joy to read your reviews! Anyone who created that freaking list must be joking! I m gonna slow down my summoning habits that much that I will take only one hero from this FS (i m alreadt at 93/100) and then wait for the next one…it was about time cause FS really explodes the way I was summoning (and my money spent). I have taken great players from FS – Ariel, Freya, Skadi, Lord Loki, Bera, Malosi, Sif and it’s about time to stop supporting this game as much as I do!
    I was thinking of Frigg, Baldur or Margaret but even though they are Ok I don’t think they will really add smthng new to my roster. I m thinking of going with Salmon Loki just cause I kove his silly face and he might be fun sometimes to play I guess! Glad your review sees some worth on him!

    Overall, none of these heroes worth 100 summons they should at least lower the bar at 50 or 30 so they would really help as get SE food.

    1. Thanks Grigoris!

      Absolutely fair assessment, problem is only 1 or 2 of these Heroes will realistically impact a roster. Unlike the list of heroes you have already taken.

      Salmon Loki can do a job and I’m sure he’s happy to be in contention… They should buff him again!

  19. Im getting Frida. My Nordri called up to fight against 14 star red titan for far too long. lol. The titan always seems to know to 1-shot him first right at the start. The list sux but at least there’s finally an elemental def down hero.

    1. Hey MIB, how does the Titan know right? I’ve also been seeing it in Raids, where it just so happens my charged Hero gets the Mindless Attack…

      Anyway, Frida makes a lot of sense for a lot of people. I hope she performs way beyond your expectations!

      1. I suspected the AI have targetting system. lol. 1 time I was so pissed. During war, the opponent’s Barkley is charged and ready to go. On my side, I have Arco ready to turn the fiend to minions. All 3 missiles “randomly” goes to Arco. that 1 guy that can counter Barkley’s minion. Random? yeahhh right.

        Right now Im just waiting to splurge my untold tales coins I’ve been hoarding. If I got good heroes, nice. If not, at least I can get Frida from FS that time.

  20. This list is so poor that when I get Frida (only 4 away) I will intentionally hold summons to not get another 100. Frigg would be ok but my greens are fairly loaded compared to other colors. So I got about 103 summons til a new fated list half a year away, usually I get it twice so going to be very selective when I use free summons so this may end up being a painful process. Certainly need to shift TCs back to 20s for soul exchange focus and restart HA10 cause I need to slow down leveling heroes or I will be bored fast.

  21. I’m coming back with one more comment cause I think I now understand why we got that bad FS list!

    The winter is coming…and for Small Giants this means that our festive selves usually summon more than ever! With Morlovia, Black Friday and Christmas coming (and Chinesw New Year, Valentines and others) SG must be thinking that players will summon either way so they don’t need a good FS list to entice more summons (and also they don’t want us to take easily good ones now that they can use them later to make us want to pull when summons usually are lower). That’s also why December HOTM usually suck :’)

  22. Hi OC,
    Thanks for your post as usual! Wit and charm!

    I’ll echo everyone else’s disappointment. I waited 20+, maybe even 40+ days ready to select a hero, after getting Loki, Sif, Malosi, Inari,and Bera from the previous one. I didn’t want anyone else. Figured I’d be excited to grab my favorite one right away from this list, but alas…. disappointment!

    Well, I took red hood because I’m blessed with costume perseus and don’t need Frida. Frigg doesn’t do it for me on offense, I hate having the power of the special being tied to the number of that color tiles left on the board.

    I’ll not wait when I fill up a 100 summons again, as I’m always looking for 5* for the SE.

    Before I go, change your green avatar! Terrible my friend!


    1. Thank you Gabrielle!

      It’s a pity, I wonder what the Devs make of the reaction…

      Avatar changed, thanks for the feedback. For every person who mentions it, there will be others feeling it. Cheers.

      Thanks for sharing!

  23. OC, the commitment you continue to show amazes me again and again. I fully agree with you that the heroes offered this time are a bunch of nitwits mostly. Most of the pulls people with bigger rosters get from this are probably food for SE.

    I also believe that Fated Summon was more meant for newer players or FTP/CTP people that wanna have a go at a 5* hero every now and then. Furthermore it’s just a gathering of heroes that are nice if you don’t wanna play at high level. It’s more looking for the ones that have some utility than ones that actually do a lot of damage. For example, with Margaret at very fast, you can basically get dodge on 3 out of 5 team heroes indefinitely, which is no small feat.

    Also, while we’re at it. Frida has this massive EDD (54%), but I also have cAthena, who offers both Defense down (41% and rising) and EDD for fire(34%). I really love cAthena for red titans, but should I replace her once I get Frida?

    I believe Frida and Margaret are solid heroes. Frigg for me personally isn’t that interesting anymore because fate granted me Ma’at a while ago. Otherwise she would be great.

    1. 😁 It gives me something interesting to do. I quite like writing so it works well enough if I don’t get carried away.

      Btw, your comment was held in spam, no idea why. Sorry.

      Costume Athena, wow. They really did make Heroes different back then.
      290% and minor to nearby, all 3 get -41% Defense and All Fire enemies get -34% against Ice for 3 turns. +EL gives +15% attack to Ice allies.

      It’s about replacing the normal Defense down and +attack that C. Athena brings. I won’t pretend to be a titan junky, cause I’m not, but C. Athena looks like an all-in-one titan killer. An easy plug & play titan solution (wish I had her!).

      If you have the other heroes to fill the gaps than I think it’s worthwhile, otherwise, it needs testing, so ideally someone who’s already made the transition to chime in!

      Thanks for stopping by Wifverdim.

  24. Thanks for the review, I’m probably gonna hit 100 in a couple months so this is disappointing lol

    Thought of a question on Margaret though, how does evasion stack with accuracy debuffs? Could Margaret get to 100% dodge if the incoming hit was strong enough + the hero doing the hit was debuffed?

    1. Hey LucklessF2P, they won’t stack and Margaret is limited to the 90% for the dodge. Margaret’s a hero I’d like to own but really don’t want to get this way. In fact, she should be made available for 10 Souls at the SE in my view!

      Hopefully the next lot are better. Thanks for stopping by!

      1. Hi OC. Haven’t posted in ages, but I’ll just echo the others and say that the work you do here is still very appreciated 🙂

        Re: Margaret. Wouldn’t the SE be a much more expensive way of getting her, even at 10 souls? I mean, the odds of pulling 5*s are only 2.5%, and my three TC20s just gave me something like 13 souls after 9 months. Plus, spend 10 on Margaret, and you won’t be able to get another hero from that SE. If I wanted her (still on the fence), I’d much rather get her from Fated.

        1. Hey Kharas, it just depends on how many pulls you take from the Fated. I only took one last time so for me I’d prefer a real potential game changer. Like LL, Bera, etc.

          10 in the SE, while still not something I would likely take, would be more appealing as it represents fair/good value based on what we normally get offered in the 10 Souls range (last time out being an exception).

          In truth, I wasn’t trying to create any scenarios, just emphasising that she’s not great value in the Fated for F2P/vC2P…

          Thank you for reading and supporting my blog!

          1. Same. I got Ariel from the first Fated, and Loki and Malosi from the second. This one will be Frida and then maybe either Frigg or Margaret.

            As strictly F2P, I think it takes me 4-5 months to fill the Fated counter (probably a bit faster now, with more keys from ads). I just checked my notes, and I actually got 18 souls in 9 months. So yeah, about 4-5 months to hit the 10-soul tier as well. Pulls add to that, of course, but the Academy subtracts.

            So far, even as F2P, I haven’t picked any 10-souls from the SE. I’d rather save my souls for the bigger fish. 20 souls for Loki last year, so now I have him twice.

            I think my point is that I’m only considering Margaret this time because she’s one of the best of a relatively poor selection. While the SE will always have a better selection, so I’d never consider her there.

            And yes, definitely supporting. “Old Cynic says tha-” “Who?” Maybe one day they’ll know who. If they don’t, it certainly won’t be for lack of educating on my part 😉

  25. Hiya OC

    Thanks for another awesome review. You’re really doing the grunt work for us plebs.

    I’d appreciate your more-expert-than-me opinion. As an F2P player, I’m rolling with either Guardian Kong (attack) or Jean-Francois (defense) as my primary fire heroes (Xenobia too but she’s situational e.g. titans). Would you rate any of these fire heroes as upgrades? Red Hood is likely redundant as Hulda is my crown jewel by a long margin. But I have a summon available and don’t see the point in waiting six months for the next one.



    1. Hey Jay, sorry for the late’ish reply, I’ve been busy. No, looking at it I would suggest Red Hood, but not with what you have. I do think Baldur has potential but he’s niche imv. So no, no reds.

      You could layer with Red Hood, but I’ve never tested it and can’t speak to any conflicts. And it would be a risk running two summoners on the same team.

      I’m not saying wait for 6 months tho. Maybe another element?

      1. Thanks a ton for the thoughts – much appreciated.

        Quite honestly (and as much as I hate to admit it), I’m leaning towards Salmon Loki at this point, if only for novelty value. Maybe a defensive combination of him on the flank with Hulda tanking and leaving a fire hero out completely could move that headache on to my opponents instead. Not as much fun as Lord Loki, but there’s potential.

        Thanks once again, for this and all the advice and content you churn out.

  26. I appreciate the analysis, but wowsers these are garbage. I have a healthy bench, so I’m not suffering from this, but it was nice to be able to pick up usable heroes in the last FS. I’ll be summoning less until the next one, which is good for my wallet anyway. I have 20 souls ready for an SE, so I’m good. In terms of game health and F/C2P players though, I think they underegged this pudding.

  27. Hi, great review, i have a question for you if you can help me. I have only 2 5* heroes at this moment, Cinammon and Kalyden. Who shall i pick? I am betwen Red Hood, Bai Yeong and Sargasso, (yes, i know your opinion about him but i am not sure from the point of view of a weak player with only 2 5stars by the moment.

    (note: i have enough mats for max a dark hero but i dont want a fish on my roster 🙂 and as Cheap to play player i prefer leave Domitia to see if she comes to me by epic token)

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Welcome Rulo, congrats on Cinnamon. Kalyden is Kadilen I think?

      Anyway, Red Hood is the easy winner for me. She should help with completing Stages, offers Team-Wide assistance, and will be an excellent partner for Cinnamon (who will gain 5% health and mana when a Minion is summoned).

      Of course, please get other opinions too.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  28. Thanks for making this list! I’ve been regretting the choice lol. I pick red riding hood. She’s either soul exchange food or will help bolster my challenge 1 and 2 5 star party. Depends on how I feel when the SE pops up!

  29. Frida was one of the first 5s I ever pulled in this game, pulled her when she was the hotm. Still use her frequently for titans of course, but also paired with Morel/Himeros on offense. Frigg will be a nice addition, but then I’m holding off and saving summons in hopes of a brighter future. Thanks for all you do!

  30. Here’s a thought about what stood out for me for what might be otherwise pretty lackluster red choices:

    both Red Hood and Baldur grant protection from mana reduction.

    There are a fair number of mana-cutting heroes out there, so being able to deny that kind of denial, while niche, is possibly still significant.

    It is a bit curious that both heroes in this FS who grant this protection are (1) red (2) rangers and (3) Average speed. Baldur’s protection is linked to overhealing (his own, or granted to him by others), while Red Hood’s is linked to her minions… possibly the former has fewer direct counters (though both are vulnerable to just enough incoming fire, of course).

    1. Yeah Bob I was just going to say that the big thing for baldur is as a counter to people like Lady of the lake. That’s about the only time I break him out anymore. Unless I put him on a team with an attack up stat. If you get an attack boost in your facing a taunt or he can be pretty devastating because those hits do add up if you’re adding 40 year 50% to the attack

  31. I hated all of these heroes so I thought of going with the most niche skills that were missing in my roster…my first pic was the Fish! I really like this guy! 2nd I went with Margaret cause I dont have any dodger or VF green…now I thought of going with Frida which is everyone’s n.1…but still her skill while useful seems kinda boring to me…strongly thinking of Baldur too…he is weak but the main reason I would decide him over Frida is how niche (and useful nowadays) is the immunity to mana reduction…a counter to Luna, Waterpipe and Lady Lake…really hard to decide!

    1. You do seem to have the best here and I don’t have anything to add to the post, so I would if I could (if you won’t hit the limit again). Maybe there will be a better set next time?

  32. I got Frida and Salmon. I didn’t think I’d take Salmon as far as I did, but he’s frankly really helpful in raids. He almost always flips someone to yellow by surprise and there have been countless times I’ve won stuff I otherwise wouldn’t have because I had Salmon on my team. I’ll shelve him once I finish with Deadboot but he’s more useful than he looks.

    He’ll also flip the tank to the color they’re normally strong against and in most cases, you’ll be flush with tiles to attack them with for that turn.

  33. Hi, am i correct that they have added costumes for the fated summons heroes. Does that change your ranking? I got frigg before the costume was added for her but i will pick again soon.

    1. None of the heroes in current fated summon is coming with the costume.
      What you see is only a potential because your preview button is on.

    2. Anonymous’ comment above is accurate — nothing in Fated Summon comes with a custume. Soul Exchange (coming on 12/22) WILL have costumed heroes, such as Costumed Jabberwocky.

      My 20-hero trade in will undoubtedly be Diaochan. If I could get two (tons of classic crap clogging up my slots,) I’d get White Rabbit, too. He’s not a top pick, others will want Garnet or Tethys, I’m sure.

      I love the underdog heroes and healer heroes — the biggest of which (underdog, that is,) is Frog Prince and he’s going to be FEATURED in the 12/28 event and I’m stoked!

  34. Hi,
    Great job!
    I have a qustion. I’m using Ginger and Thethys. I should take from that Frida (because Thethys give 60% more power) or Frigg (becasue she have fast mana and also deff down). At this moment I’m using Tiburtus, but I’m start using Xnolphod instead of him – then no one do that… Which choise will be better for war and missions…

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